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The more Ethereum you hold the bigger your cock

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damn so imagine where BitDao will be at since its the 26th largest eth holder, and is holding one of the most diverse crypto treasuries (bit, eth, usdc, usdt, ftt, peep, xsushi, weth)

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damn i went back to BTC at 0.077777 thinking wed head back down to 0.070000, now we at 0.078300

ETH strong

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the image is fake

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The Merge is upon us, dummy. You should be accumulating more ETH now.

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7.5" here
21 BTC
100 ETH

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Tfw only 18 ETH

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actually you should be selling right now because there will be a massive selloff as staked funds are made tradeable and looking to buy back in around 400 dollars in 1 month

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Staked ETH won't be able to get withdrawn for at least another 6 to 12 months post-Merge when another protocol update is applied. You obviously don't know shit.

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If I get 32 ETH what do I have to do to make a node? That's the best way to earn passive income from ETH right?

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how big is BitDAO’s shaft?

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well coinbase gives you the option to convert to wrapped cbeth and sell right now and i certainly just did, other exchanges are sure to follow suit

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I hold 11 ETH how big is my cock?

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I was told the same thing with shinja and now I'm just an asshole who cuts bread with a fucking katana

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You're just slightly below 6 inches

I used logarithmic regression and came up with a formula that can estimate cock size (y) using ETH stack size (x)
My formula is
>y = 0.6*ln(x) + 4.5

value table for easy reference
x = 0 is undefined
x = 1 returns 4.5
x = 11 returns 5.94
x = 32 returns 6.58
x = 100 returns 7.26
x = 1000 returns 8.644
x = 355000 returns 12.16

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Thanks for this, finally know my penis size

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big blocks big cocks, always been

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>tfw mathematically impossible for me to be a 15 inch mega cock chad with my wealth

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looks like a tiny femcock, when is that gigafag transitioning?