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We won't realistically see any major XRP price movement until 2026 - 2027. That's when CBDCs will be implemented. Be prepared for the lawsuit with the SEC to drag on for years. I'm hoping we can still get involved in this bullrun and see $1 EOY.

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SWIFT moves around $5 trillion dollars per day. $5 trillion divided by 100 billion XRP = $50 dollars per XRP, and this is assuming that SWIFT owned all the supply.

XRP will handle much more than SWIFT; it will eliminate the need for nostro accounts (worth $27 trillion), tap into the $2.7 quadrillion global transfer market, as well as interact with other blockchains and technologies. In other words, if XRP’s price was low, it wouldn’t be able to handle the trillions/quadrillions within its 100 billion coins.

XRP will likely be pegged to precious metals and/or a basket of assets to make the price even more stable and liquid over time, likely by governments, central banks, and institutions like the IMF.

Market cap is the multiplication of last trading price x circulating supply.

In other words, someone could create a coin with a 100 billion supply and buy a few of the coins for $11 dollars and its market cap would exceed a trillion dollars. Does this mean that a trillion dollars have been pumped into the coin? No, not even a hundred dollars, yet its market cap is over a trillion. This simple example illustrates how naïve market cap discussions are when it comes to crypto.

XRP’s price will be determined by utility, not by market cap. For example, SWIFT moves around $5 trillion dollars per day. $5 trillion divided by 100 billion XRP = $50 dollars per coin, and this is assuming that SWIFT owned all the supply. XRP is going after more than just SWIFT, it is going after a $2.7+ quadrillion market.

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lmfao I was going to do this

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XRP to $37500

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New unit of currency for Scotland: the Krankie

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XRP is going to be the digital bridge currency to all the CBDC's. It will be the top dog and the new reserve currency.

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>clickbait title
>never anything of substance
>”believes they scb should act quickly”
Why is every xirp schizo article the same

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I dated a Scottish girl who looked like Carrie Fisher. I can't wait to get back there. Just something about those girls and that accent. Love it.

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Wow all this shilling is totally organic given the nothingburger of an article

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Clare Rothschild
Julia Windsor

Still owning the world, ffs ....

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so you're saying David and Brad are here posting?

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kek, the absolute state of xrpcucks

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Nothing burger. Damn you dumb nigga. HAHA!

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The WEF fucking loves it. That's kinda all anyone needs to know. Don't believe Bitcoin Maxis who say they aren't holding it. Left leaning libertarianism only goes so far when it comes to the bottom line.

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XRP is the standard. Non-XRP holders on suicide watch :D

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they hold it but they want more so they fud like parasites over and over again , even celebrities' got XRP, but you never NEVER heard about it after one time. And the networking with more than 40 banks? Insane.

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It's nothing

t. english

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> Scottish crypto startup ALBA have created a cross border settlements currency in collaboration with the Scottish Central Bank to anticipate the coming political separation of Scotland from the United Kingdom.
Kek. Classic xrp schizo legalese nothingburger.

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>CBDC is being built on the XRP LEDGER.

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some startup did a POC with the Scottish central bank, one of the people in the startup is an XRP cultist

this is a nothingburger, otherwise we'd have to accept that swift will use link like the link cultist believe

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>Disclaimer: The text below is a press release that is not part of Cryptonews.com editorial content.
>ALBA have a strong, capable team
wtf, who wrote this?
>Whatever happens with the referendum, it’s clear that Scottish investors are preferring the ALBA to the highly inflationary pound
This is something they wrote themselves, and very badly at that. Embarassing.
One more for the road...
>Head of Interbank relations Clare Rothschild.... After resigning from the bureau of Engraving, Clare received an award for her role in helping in the design of the federal reserve notes
Claire sounds like just the sort of person we want sorting out our Digital Currency matters. Onwards and upwards!

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just like Gensler is what you're saying?

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Reminder that a single ZERP can be used over 17,000 day conservatively and that all price points must be divided by 17,000 to accommodate this.
The irony of it all is that because the standard is so efficient, it can and does work at $10 for all practical purposes.

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>the higher the price the more stable the price
we are going higher than btc ever reached

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if you know you know

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>bankerinos will NEVER use le banker coin!!!
>central banks begin announcing XRP usage
>uhuhhh it’s not happening heh it’s not snopes fact checked by bitcoinnewsdotcumTake your meds
Seething bitfucks can’t keep screeching about muh Jed dump whole My Gox whales are dumping on them kek

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Wow, let's check the price guys.............oh......oh........kek.

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What kind of retarded nothingburger article is this

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>Scottish crypto startup ALBA

A prayer for any cripplet that got excited seeing this OP in the catalog

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I just recently started watching star trek with Picard and I see a lot of these JUST RECENTLY
weird as fuck

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this "article" was written either by a 12 year old or a 70IQ ESL
this is fucking embarrassing

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This is the dumbest thing ive read in a long time on /biz/.

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Wow based and checked

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imagine thinking you will not get scammed by central banks for some reason

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Alba YouTube, bye goys I just got aids from this.

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ah yes the Scottish central bank and the Scottish national currency, heroin

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