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This looks pretty bad. What does this mean for the economies in Europe? What does average business normally pay a 10 week period for power?

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>What does this mean for the economies in Europe?
you vill own nothing

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Its a small price to pay :^)))
If anything he should be glad hes on the right side of history!!

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>bill in english
shit ass fake news

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he's irish dipshit
also this lmao

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I pay 60€ each month. Around 0.17€ kW

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What is Ireland?

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>Ukrainian flag in username

They supported this lmao, those cute little Ukrainians aren’t going to find themselves

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Your sister's cunt

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Irishfag here in Dingle, energy costs were 1/10 of what they are now so they'd be paying about 1k euros

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Would the bill be less if Irish didn't use the Euro? Do you think this is a reflection of real usage or did the company Fuck up somehow on what they charged them?

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haha, turns out that Ukraine flag on twitter had a price ? A price of some 10 000 euros.
Go woke, go broke ! Cya you dumb bitch!

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Could the decimal point be wrong?

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>What does this mean for the economies in Europe?

people will not be able to afford mortgages with these electric bills. Foreclosure and evictions soon. Real Estate collapse

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Couldn't they install a solar panels and backup battery for the price of this bill?

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Coffee shops are stupid.
If they also have high electricity consumption that should be banned.

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How about just collapse, as in everything.

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hey, fuck you.

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This, small price to pay for gaycracy.

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Why is this the 20th time I've seen this today

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>he's irish dipshit

>never heard of irish

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There will be no business left but mega corps.
We shadow run now

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Prob x/30

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Need to start having freezing cold coffee to fight putin.

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Coffee machines actually do use stupid amounts of electricity. Then everything else in fridges etc. There's also (nearly) no reason why the electricity and gas prices are somehow magically linked - British Isles DO NOT import fucking electricity from Russia. Someone's at it here, and it won't end well.

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never heard of it

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If they use drip though Desu or just do pourover, it barely takes any power!

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they tried to do that with covid but obviously didnt count on the vax stopping it. irony is that the idiots were right - they are trying to kill our world - but they were wrong about the method - its not the vax its the economy. lockdowns dont work? ok pump up the costs till they all capitulate

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Consumer prices are subsidised (capped). Allot of businesses are not. Small businesses are gonna close and layoff like crazy setting up the domino effect

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with every sip i say, "Take that, Putin!"

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>If they also have high electricity consumption that should be banned.

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basically this

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No, it would make more sense to increase electricity production.

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>What does this mean for the economies in Europe? What does average business normally pay a 10 week period for power?

>Winter comes
>Mass unemployment
>Mass trade unbalance
>DXY Goes up
>Only ETH post merge holds against usd
>Welfare goes on steroids in europe
>People vote hard left and hard right as if it were 1929
>Welfare unironically causes more inflation
>Average wage in bongland does a 20x in a year and a 15x in the european union
>people making 20x more while same ammount of btc is being mined and same ammount of eth being created.

The fire rises.

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Oh no no no will he remove the virtue signalling Ukraine flag??

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Why are they doing this to Ireland? Is it because they stayed on the Euro?

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>Value Added Tax

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Is that Vladimir Putin?

That vatnik has been on my mind. No cap, I been thinking about that time when I barebacked him raw in a Boca Raton Air BnB. That shit had to be the tightest, whitest, wettest boy pussy I've ever laid pipe into. I swear to God, the most heavenly high is gargling that wonderboy's nuts while going fist deep into his shitter. I had Vladimir Putin screaming in the sheets with head too ridiculous to ignore. That vatnik frotted my cock until he busted on my mouth, I had to return the favor. That vatnik Vladimir Putin and I been fucking non-stop ever since, but keep that shit on the DL. He does that shit for free. If you're gonna ask me how to "long" Vladimir Putin, I'll be deadass. All you gotta do is ask, be straight up, and get physical real quick. Touch his nuts, get on ya knees, talk your shit. He doesn't play around with no pansy-ass vatniks either. He likes his men manly, and his dick thick. White skin, 6'5 is the minimum and I ain't talking about height boy.

That vatnik Vladimir Putin stole my heart and drank my seed.

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Just ask the government to make electricity free like your healthcare :)

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to sugar coat it I did not pick the peaks for the high price. (one probably should include them)
week 35 2022
496 EUR per 1000kWh
791 EUR per 1000kWh
(makes 0,49 to 0,79 per kWh)
you could hope it's only temporary.

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my guess is their average cost was something like 1k per month (if the price went 3x)
or 600 if it went 5x.
at the moment this business it at 3000 a month.
which if reported correctly could be rooted in a price hike of the per kwh price.
look at the 0,17 per kwh anon.

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I should have looked up it first
the price went 2,5x

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>She has been an active energy switcher in recent years and moved from Bord Gáis Energy to Iberdrola, a Spanish-based energy provider at the end of last year.
>That company exited the Irish market earlier this year citing challenging market conditions in the face of rising energy prices.
>As a result of that Decision, Ms Dolan’s cafe was automatically switched to Electric Ireland — the supplier of last resort in the event that a company pulls out of the Irish market at short notice.
So the electric provider she was with exited the market and she wasn't paying attention and got put on the supplier of last result because of it. Energy prices are whack but this bitch was literally not paying attention to the utility that supplied her business and got put on a shit electric plan as a result. That's entirely on her.

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none of these windowlickers see the relation, they only repeat what the media puts in their mouths and right now it's that this is all pootin's fault, because if he didn't attack le ukraine then everything would be nice and dandy and the harsh sanctions wouldn't need to be in place.

no, they don't even remember the lockdowns anymore or that it might have something to do with that either.
everybody on the left dug so deep in their own arses, it's like they live on a completely different planet now. the gap has never been this wide on the political spectrum because even in the weimar republic, both a commie and a nazi shared a basic value of socialism at least.

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>woman lacks foresight and pays the price

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>both a commie and a nazi shared a basic value of socialism at least
Anon, please. You're embarrassing yourself.

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Not everyone lives in Germany.

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you can argue this way, but if you want to make a contract now you get way different conditions.
you cannot by from the market for 0,17 if the market price is higher than that, and possibly even x times higher than that.

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>British Isles DO NOT import fucking electricity from Russia.
if they use natural gas they kinda do. or they are fighting over the same supply of non-Russian natural gas.

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Ukrainian flag....
Fuck that grifter Zelensky. You guys get everything you fucking deserve.

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Yikes is this why Europeans are so poor?

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Based af, i am gonna fap to Eurocucks realizing they fucked themselves. The salt will be delicious

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have some gold stranger!

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Own Nothing. Be Happy. Refugees Welcome. They wanted to be in the EU right?

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>she wasn't paying attention
C'mon now.
Her electricity provider, who also own Scottish Power etc, quit on her. At that point, she was fucked no matter who she went with, assuming she even had a choice. Ain't no-one supplying cheap contracts, esp. not for commercial customers, and everyone who is coming to the end of their previous contracts (aka, everyone) is getting fucked now as well. Its pain yesterday, now and tomorrow, with only a few managing to miss yesterday.

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I can unironically only afford to shower once a week

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Businesses don’t get the same protection consumer shit has, and even small coffee shops still use a fuckton of electricity. All those machines, the fridges/freezers, lights, computer cash machines, HVAC systems, wifi, and so on add up really quick. Big businesses obviously can handle it, but smaller ones are going to be gutted like a fish over there.
>should have went nuclear or found a less unstable gas source you retarded fucks

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>>should have went nuclear
in Ireland?
its not a large island, and they dont even own half of that.

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>800 bucks VAT


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>"How is this possible? We boil water all day long! How can OUR electric bill be high?"
Then be more of a faggot hipster shop and burn wood for fire. You know fire boils water? You can even charge more.

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>Western Euros making themselves homeless to own the Russkies
Interesting tactic.

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That they have that flag flying is hilarious. What did they think your "patriotic donation" would be?

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homeowners will get a government-sponsored price discount
business owners will be told to pay up or close
they will close, and gigacorps will be the only ones able to pay and will have total monopoly (even bigger than they do now)
transfer of wealth (yes another one) commences
source: I have inside sources at the jewish illuminati, this is how the plan goes

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The EU should definitely turn off all their nuclear power plants. Oh wait, they already did. Take that, Putler!

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One of my clients just got 600% increase in their electricity price. They are a fuckhuge logistics center with dozens of packaging machines and shit. Welp, guess the bonuses are off the table for their wagies now.

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>fuckhuge logistics center
thye should be coasting, if not, they doing something wrong.
Its the third-generation 'family butcher, with 12 cold displays and a walk-in freezer or two in the back..' that are fucked. Liked, absolutely, totally and utterly fucked.

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top advice: never open a coffee shop in europe if thats your solution. mamma mia

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>t-take that p-putin!

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No solvency? No problem.

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>Only ETH post merge holds against usd
hey retard, BTC/ETH is literally loved by the WEF. they're going to cull you, too, and collect their 5% per year for free for literally just holding, and dump that on you, too.
buy monero before CBDC comes out. or pay 10k/coin when it does, i don't care.

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Pay up, wagie

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fake news boboid chud

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pic rel

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Don't they generate most of their electricity by burning gas? Combined cycle gas turbines are more efficient and lower co than coal. Gas prices have gone through the roof of course.

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gas companies are posting 400% profit increases. Must be all that war in Ukraine..
this what happens when you sell all your gas to chinks

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ok, go ban them

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Those people just have to scream TAKE THAT PUTIN each time they receive their energy bills.

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Apparently over here an average household will have to pay 10.000 euro anually for gas and electricity on average as of now.
That's around 10x what it was.
But Europe is thinking about meeting up and doing fuckwhat about it.

As long as they keep demonizing oil and gas exploitation and being suprised why these companies are not drilling new sources nothing will change.

Now they are also angry that the energy companies are handing out profits in stead of investing it to aleviate this crisis.

But it's all Putin's fault.

I hate it here.

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my country is just filled with autistic retards that latch onto moral causes
>sanction putin
>global warming
>import a bunch of sandniggers and niggers that will destroy us
while killing our nation. Slow burn suicide.
And then they're jealous of you if you earn more then 50k and consider you "rich"
t. kraut from Berlin, where the fuck should I flee to?

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when can we start griefing their minecraft servers? I can't take much more of this

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Turkey. I've heard Turkish girls love German sausage

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Support of Ukraine will unironically dwindle as the winter months set in

>> No.51189098

They thought it would be a couple of weeks or a month at most of 5% higher prices. Support for Ukraine will be questioned seriously by the time winter comes and people would rather stop the discomfort. It's too much to bear for so little a cause to most people. Plus the next "world ending" emergency will be running in the news by then so they will have forgotten about Ukraine anyway

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fake. twitter is fake dude.

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what type of roids did sam use btw? he became C rank pro wrestler in six months

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Nice. Hopefully that VAT pays for more bullets in Russian skulls. I would pay double what I am paying now in tax if I knew that it was being used to kill Russians.

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This is showing that government is failing. This shit is red-pilling so many people. Great stuff. WW3 soon.

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So should I even bother asking how many of you consider yourself uber redpilled /pol/tards that now support mongol communists killing white Europeans?
Don't bother spewing mental gymnastics or RT talking points.

>> No.51189665

The backstory to this tweet is that the cafe's original electricity supplier went bankrupt, one of the providers of last resort stepped in (As legally bound to) and gave their new customers something silly like 6 hours to decline to take the new rate, which was 5x or 10x higher than the previous. Those customers next opportunity to get out of that rate was sometime in Sept or Oct.
TLDR shady practices from an electricity supplier, all legal, but dumbfuck owners with the ukraine flag in bio arent really paying attention to shit like that because muh putler hecking wholesome chungus wont happen to me

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XMR is great too

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>Don't bother spewing mental gymnastics or RT talking points.
You're just going to call anything that breaks your worldview as RT talking point so don't bother asking a question if you're not really looking for an answer.

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>i love giving away all my wealth and all my freedom to kill my first degree cousin Dmitry which has the same ethnicity and live 20km from my place just across the border

>> No.51190064

>mongol communists killing white Europeans
russian and ukranians share the ethnicity, it's literally the same race, and most of them have parents, grand parents, friends, cousins, brothers living in both sides
you are either brainwashed or an actual glowie

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>tfw still living off of the free electricity gibs they government gave out to people with metres in their house
Feels good lads

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>small coffee shop
>last bill is N/A
These retards deserve the rope. They went in blind and are gonna get rekt.

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spbp kek, can't wait for the unavoidable 1000s of europoors death by winter

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They sanction russia but at the same time expect them to play in their favor? lol lmao

>> No.51190509

>ukraine flag

Your sacrifice won't be forgotten sweaty x

now pay up teehee

>> No.51190808

All capable germans come to zurich, switzerland

>> No.51191017

I literally had these conversations with people back in March. Endless insults thrown in my face and ranting about how all decent human beings had to stand up to Putler, just like in 1939. Same people now facing losing their jobs and businesses, pensions inflated into nothing, being unable to pay bills, losing their rental places when tenants can't afford rent, etc. Same shit as with covid lockdowns 'any price is worth it'. Well, now you're paying that price...

The best part is that they still won't learn. Eveyone in Britain thinks the government can wave a magic wand and send us back to 2003 with handouts, but just don't want to. UK is going to go Hard Left and give the 1970s another try-out. Fun times.

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Again, it's all a plan designed by america in order to sink europa which is is competitor on the international markets. Nobody understand this. Ukrainian nazis financed and backed by america. Russia intervene in ukraine. Western sanction against russia. No more russian gaz. The sanctions hit europe harder than russia, who can still sell it's natural ressources to other countries. Europe energy prices rises. Europe competitivity goes down. European prices of production go up. America has it's own energy sources. America prices of production stay the same. America win. The enemy of america on the international market has always be europa.

>> No.51191145

This also. For all those who glorified the small entrepreneur, you have to understand that they will disappear in the next coming decade. They cannot compete against big firms.

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Reminder that the nord stream 2 has been completed since february. It's operational. All this artificial and manufactured energy crisis can be solved very quickly by stopping the sanction against russia, which are really sanctions against europe, and making the nord stream 2 work.

>> No.51191198

I need a smug wojak freezing to death in his home saying “take that putler”

>> No.51191278

only 1 reply to this post, biz really lost it
but this is the shape of the days to come, the eu will hyperinflate from this point on, nothing can stop the collapse that is coming
it start with small business going completely insolvent in the next couple of months, then real estate tanks as all the mortgages or rents are now not being paid, then the banks that issued all these now npl will top over, then money printing that will make the coof look fiscally responsible, then global contagion across the entire financial sector 2008 on steriods tier
absolutely no idea what our leaders where thinking with these sanctions

the inverse correlation between dxy and crypto prices will also falter, hope you loaded up your bags because the shit is about to get very real very fast

>> No.51191497

Bong generates quite a lot of electricity via coal, nuclear and renewables - basically, enough to cover their own electricity needs without importing gas. Here's where electric and gas prices being linked - because fuck knows why - causes issues. If you ran a windfarm and were selling your electric output for £50m, you are suddenly now getting £500m for the exact same shit, because the entire market is interlinked and all kinds of fucked up. It's just a situation now where some generators, or in fact a lot of generators, are fucking coining it, this for no reason at all, while the country fucking collapses - its really, really not sustainable.

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Lmao this

>> No.51192289

I hope they remembered to also check the environmental impact they made with all of that energy usage :^)

>> No.51192385

I don't think economists are smart enough to orchestrate something like this. It was obviously an opportunity for US to get EU hooked on US oil/gas but I don't think they knew how bad it would get. Those are the people who expected ruble to go in the opposite direction from where it went they don't actually know what they're doing

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>value added tax

>> No.51192533

Nuclear energy is to blame for the high prices right now. France had to turn off nuclear power plants due to maintanance issues. Unreliable nuclear energy is sending prices sky rocketing.

>> No.51192579

>Only ETH post merge holds against usd
sure thing:

>> No.51192637

Just import more third worlders, specifically Muslims, that's the European solution to every problem

>> No.51192690

It's just another term for sales tax. Most places have it.

>> No.51192724

horse blood

>> No.51192876

That should make it even easier. They tried to open plants in the past but GreenPeace niggers stopped them

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>you will own nothing and be happy

>> No.51192939

Do not go to coffee shops. Something like 20% of the price of menu items go to paying their rent, making you a rentcu ck by extension.

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my favorite waifu of all time is a Turk.

>> No.51193073

The news doesn't even report it 24/7 anymore. Probably some agreement will come in December like in December 2019. Everyone will be joyous and say the West saved the day. Repeat the script in 2-3 years time again.

>> No.51193428


>> No.51193489

based granpa

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>> No.51193922

What? You don't like whites supporting other whites against kikes and their subhuman golems?

>> No.51193983

What do you think Zalensky is? Ukraine are as golem as it gets

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>> No.51194003

Is zelensky the people, idiot? vast majority of which are white christians in what was a white ethnostate of decent famil

>> No.51194023

Is zelensky the nation? A nation of white christian families. Attacked by subhuman scum.

>> No.51194090

don't you love capitalism? well, this is what you get for your love :^)

>> No.51194149

>These slavs are white but those slavs aren't

>> No.51194164

>I don't think economists are smart enough to orchestrate something like this
it's not economists, it's politicians. and they aren't smart, they are Machiavellian enough to pull it off

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7/10 bait but the entirety of Eastern Europe is a lost cause all the same.
Don’t think for a second that political powers aren’t posting pro-Russia propaganda, and pretty much every other end of the spectrum, on this Burundian berrypicking forum. Know that there’s a lot of money and power that can be made off of impressionable teenagers and young adults.
Remember who the real enemy is and why our disparities, shackles, and hatred toward one another even exist.

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ITT americunts who never heard about Dugin's book even though it has been directly affecting their lives for decades.
Europe dug its own grave by falling for all that bullshit.

>> No.51194595

>Ukraine flag in the name
This is what you get for being a faggot

>> No.51194634

>Be shitlib globalists
>declare economic war on your largest energy supplier
>they stop the gas
>become poor
globalist liberals need to go extinct real quick before they get us all killed

>> No.51194858

the last bullrun will commence when there is some agreement in ukraine that allows both sides to save face

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File: 3.78 MB, 4171x3211, 1661960830552451.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.51196317

do they think they'll rule a wasteland?

>> No.51196380

>be manlet despot
>declare actual war of aggression against your neighbour
>International community condemns your actions and imposes sanctions
>retaliate against your own interest by ceasing to export gas
>you shill for free because you fell for cheap propaganda
Russobots need to go extinct real quick before they get themselves killed

>> No.51197517
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>> No.51197602

134.75 Euros per day to run a coffee shop? What the fuck are they mining in the back office?

>> No.51197687

>wages are already shit
>severe lockdowns yet still high deaths
>euro now worth less than the dollar
>electricity going up
the absolute state of europe

>> No.51199743

You tried, lad
You tried

>> No.51199763

That absolutely will be temporary
Expect it to go up yet again soon afterwards

>> No.51199796

>absolutely no idea what our leaders where thinking with these sanctions
It was engineered. European "leaders", are controlled by the american deep state. A week europe means america take over the international market on the behalf of europe.

>> No.51199848

America try to sabotage europe since the rapallo treaty in the 1920s.
It's all written in the great chessboard by zbinew zbrezinsky.
America is trying to prevent any european-russian alliance. Such an alliance would sign the end of anglo-american hegemony on the world.
They knew that european sanction against russia would backfire toward europe, for the benefit of america, who has energy independance with their coal and shale gaz reserves.

>> No.51199851

>we’re a small coffee shop in westmeath
Looks like the price of a LINK will go up

>> No.51199858

>France had to turn off nuclear power plants due to maintanance issues.
I think this was done on purpose, in order to weaken france. Macron is a controlled by america, it is known.

>> No.51199879

Also destabilizing the middle east fucked Europe hard with millions of rape prone migrants who will only further impoverish Europe, while America remains unscathed by the wars they started and profited from.

>> No.51199949

More like:
>european union announces to tax to hell all crypto to make up for lost money
>massive bank run
>most crypto exchanges close due to liquidity issues and hold their clients crypto as collateral for future lawsuits

>> No.51200606

Europe followed us into all of those wars.

>> No.51200746
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Fuck if vatnigger shills. You niggers are so poor that you can't event afford 1 ETH token

>> No.51200900
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That's what I've been trying to say. People calculated their mortgage payments when everything was still cheap. Now that everything costs more consumption will collapse and the layoffs will worsen. Its a big web, you cant tug on one strand without disrupting the others.

>But muh qualified buyers
Those qualifications are based of the assumption of future performance of the buyer and the economy.

>> No.51201112

>europeans constantly flexing on america, hehe universal healthcare hehe
>get $10,000 monthly electric bill


>> No.51201195

Willingly? Lmao. Europe was roped into it.

>> No.51201260

shows how retarded you are, the mainstream media has been doing this exact thing for the past 2 decades. Blaming russia for the jewish media, now I've heard it all

>> No.51201788


>> No.51202030

>my face and ranting about how all decent human beings had to stand up to Putler, just like in 1939. Same people now facing losing their jobs and businesses, pensions inflated into nothing, being unable to pay bills, losing their rental places when tenants can't afford rent, etc. Same shit as with covid lockdowns 'any price is worth it'. Well, now you're paying that price...
>The best part is that they still won't learn. Eveyone in Britain thinks the government can wave a magic wand and send us back to 2003 with handouts, but just don't want to. UK is going to go Hard Left and give the 1970s another try-out. Fun times.

one carbon credit deposited to your account

>> No.51202074

Damn. If only there were a cheap abundant carbon neutral source of energy that could solve this crisis.
Eat shit and die euro cucks.

>> No.51202111

Irish fag here. Listened to this bint on the radio. It was a temporary, u-negotiated tarrif she was on when her previous energy supplier left the market. Kwh is about 25c here if you find the best deal.

It's a non story due to the wench's stupid not to negotiate

>> No.51202272

Lots of greens are useful idiots or literally work for Russia.

>> No.51202299

It is literally a PRIVILEGE to pay directly for your own genocide, citizen.

>> No.51202460

If your supervisors find out that it's just been a whole bunch of you guys, talking to each other in a thread that nobody is going to read, they won't pay you, Ivan. How are you going to destabilize the tight bond your President created between citizens like this? Anons are making fun of your embarrassingly transparent shilling, next thing they might try to sell you on shitcoins. Aren't there any better jobs?

>> No.51202499

White privilege

>> No.51202629

(((Maintenance issue)))

>> No.51202975
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It hurts to know that someday this war is going to end...

...and these Eurofucks will be able to eat again.

Here's a funny joke, while they're waking up and pouring kerosene into space heaters to warm that one precious room... will they say to themselves "I love the smell of napalm in the morning."?!

Bet they shut the fuck up about lithium then.

>> No.51203059
File: 1.52 MB, 3000x3160, 1658604136225057.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

51202975 (You)

>> No.51203535
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take that, putin!

>> No.51203634

>internet libertarians and hacktivists are Russian agents!
>occupy was Russian agents!
>every terror group are Russian agents!

lmao there's nothing quite as funny as when a 90-IQ /k/eddit schizo gets hooked by CIA propaganda

>> No.51203644
File: 2.55 MB, 404x720, Volodymyr Zelensky is dancing in heels.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ukranians and russians are the same type of subhuman. zelensky is literally a kike.

>> No.51203747
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Does anyone remember 2020 when greencels were so confident that the era of fossil fuels was over and that we had reached peak oil demand? You can still google articles from during the pandemic that talk about how green energy and electric cars are the future. They've given up that narrative entirely now kek now that Europe is getting bussy blasted.

I was treated like a gigantic r-slur two years ago when I told everyone that fossil fuels still have an important role to play in the global economy and that everyone is getting ahead of themselves.

>> No.51204261

>coffee shop

Someone is removed from the market to make space for a starbucks

>> No.51205852

imagine this is your president