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get some new material Shlomo

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It wouldn't ever even need be close to that amount, it would barely even need to be into the triple digits, assuming mass adoption.

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Fuck off.

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based, this guy knows whats up

XRP is gonna be used globally by all banks

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What price do u think it goes to anon? Is triple digits gonna happen you think

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first its gonna go to like $589 then $2000 then $37500

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No memes aside

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Its not a meme you retard newfag

Maybe you should lurk /xsg/ so you know what's happening behind the scenes. Or go to youtube and look up extravod

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Extravod is ai darpa bot, if u were in xsg this morning we covered it, it’s a lie

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The worst part, we tried to warn you faggots that your shitcoin isnt going anywhere, but you didnt want to listen, instead I got "2k eoy" "dyor spoonfeeding season is over" "Mr LArp said this year so it must be ok!" Thats what you get when you marry your bags, let it be a lesson. I remember shilling Avax, Sol and Doge while it was cheap and all I got was insults. These tokens minted so many millionaires its incredible, meanwhile your shitcoin only helped fund Ripples lawyers and Chris Larsens attack on Bitcoin kek. I know most of you will look past it because your emotions are attached to your investment and truth hurts. Anyways...

>2 more years

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There is literally no realistic way for it to go from barely 30 cents to 5 figures

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What coins are the next move anon

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sirs buy GIEZWACOIN bich basterd

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You're doing Genslers work for him. Good work mate. Seriously well done.

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Tell me exactly why you think that?

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If it went to that price, I'd be worth around 1950000000

That's how I know it's not happening

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Why do you think it's going to $37,500?
Honest answers only.

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dude spoonfeeding season is over

if you have to ask just go to /xsg/ or look up 'XRP' on youtube

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try breaking $0.375 first LMAO

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Haha so no answer then. Good to know.

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I just looked at XSG. Apparently it's going to hit $2000 at the end of 2020.
I might have to get a flux capacitor so I can buy some in time.

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I've been looking a bit more on XSG. We should moon as soon as Jed finishes dumping. Do you know how much left he has?

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shut the fuck up you fucking retards just leave this thread if you dont got anything better to say

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XRP is the standard. Non-XRP holders on suicide watch :D

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based this guy gets it

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You told me to do look on XSG and youtube. Now you're telling me to leave when you don't like what I found out.
I haven't even started on YouTube yet. I'm sure extravdo will have some great points to bring up.

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what does this even mean?

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