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there is someone harassing and terrorizing my discord. can anyone help ol pharma bro discover who they are? here is some evidence that might be helpful. i am trying to get this person's information so i can help them get better. i am worried about their welfare, they seem quite crazy.

my discord is discord gg martinshkreli

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did you see vitalik's big schlong yet?

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fuck you

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why did you pump and dump all those innocent people

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Pharmabro is already out ???

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Shkreli got turned woke by BBC in jail, fuck him.

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Bruh, I have people follow me around the internet and real life about a fucking video game that hasn't even launched yet. Ask Monero General and get it sorted if you can't handle the pressure.

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shrekli is a fag

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This isn't the same place it was before you went to jail unfortunately. I'm sorry.

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I think you’re overestimating the average 4channer’s intelligence

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Fuck off I'm too busy admiring Vitalik's Dick

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Post a picture again, but this time with your unique I.D in this thread, and I may be able to assist you. No wasting my time for a LARP

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not your personal army
fuck off

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post aesthetic images

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Sir please buy Kleros, is dispute resolution system that Proof of Humanity relies on

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you aren't needed

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clean you room, you wont get anywhere without a clean room

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At least it existed fren

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why are zoomers like this? kys

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Not your personal army, Jew

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Is this for real?

What's your opinion about oil and gas stocks?

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Write /biz/ on the time stamp and we can talk.

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Jewish rat faced faggot

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Biz can't do shit you moron.
Maybe offer some monero to somewhere more useful.

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why is your room so messy, aren't you a billionaire or some shit?

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I'll do it for 50k American Dollars

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This lil nigga made me so much fucking money. He taught modeling for free, all you needed to pay was attention. I checked on his release date quarterly while he was locked up. Glad the streams are back, same apt, same trashy cat, but he's not the same person anymore. I get it though.
Yup. Early release & he's in a supervised situation until mid sep

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fuck off jew

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Not your personal army, fuck off

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I liked him.
And then as the shkreli coins poped out I jumped into one of his twitter live chats and heard him being genuinely interested in what some artist roastie had to say about NFT and how she is passionate about this technology.
I was in utter disbelief.

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i actually liked this guy for making redditors seethe, but that pump and dump was some lowlife shit.

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Lmfao someone please harass him even more on my behalf, will pay 5000 internet computer thanks

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He’s not the same guy anymore. He’s woke (unironically uses “latinx”), and melted down because destiny didn’t believe him about not scamming MSI holders. Could you imagine Martin of 2016 crying that DESTINY “betrayed” him?

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You're right but the latinx thing was an obvious joke. You mean the onions maricon story?

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who the fuck is des tiny

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a twitch homosexual

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do u remember 2017, when all the boards were filled with images of this man, they were making fun of him, "dunkin' on 'em" is a term i learned today

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Martin, I can absolutely help you but I'm not going to. Not unless you post a different pic. You know the one
>The Sharpie, Martin

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>1 post by this ID
>37 low iq retarded newfags from /pol/, r*ddit and twitter keep posting ITT
Holy shit /biz/ is fucking dead.

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>there is someone harassing and terrorizing my discord

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Hey Martin in case its actually you I recommend you ask /pol/ for help. Maybe /b/ if you manage to catch some oldfags around.

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send a gift the album

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Pay me slut I'm not a jannie

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Also get a tripcode at least you fucking braindead cuck

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Sorry, Martin. There's barely any info there, not enough to work with.

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another image with /biz/ in and I'll get your guy

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im tired of eating toasties Martin its been 5 years

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tits or gtfo

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I'll help, if this niggerkike gayface PAYS ME.

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>you will never experience 2017-19 /biz/ again

Martin, just want to say thanks for exposing the (((phama))) and (((insurance))) cartels before they took you down

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This fuck is going back to prison for that rugpull. No one buys the "I got hacked" shit.

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You're an evil cunt, and an incel to boot. I really, unironically hope you blow your own fucking brains out with a shotgun.

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Couldn't you just make a new discord?

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It's probably Emin and his avalanche of slime

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you really think anyone in prison is "woke"? post that could only be written by an utterly sheltered retard. shkreli was always politically expedient.

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Fuck you, nigger. You walked everything based you ever did after getting out, pussy faggot bitch

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I actually have a feeling I know exactly who that is. If you post their discord pfp I'll know for sure.
Seethe more baggie.

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>He taught modeling for free

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this is server is run by transvestites and women. don't join this shithole, you have to give them your phone number and get banned for using the word retard. the most retarded server I've yet seen since it's for shkreli who would shit and convert these holes to his potty buddies.

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boomers just don't understand aesthetics

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shkreli is a God

I literally made 50k on put options in small pharma companies realising meds. Then I got unlucky and Lost like 10k in one short but I still made good profit.

But most times price drops 20-30% after bad news on meds

Actually I need to do that shit again

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what's up shrekli do you like techno

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Yeah biz zoomers are sleeping on Skreli and jerking off to that bald no chin top g faggot

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This guy looks like Brian Peppers

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Shorting pharma is the most dangerous gambling game

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I can help but you have to put sharpie in pooper

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shills are pushing this faggot again, after their latest Tate shillings.

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I believe they go by the name "Candyman" , they've been known to harass people publicly before

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Checked. Fuck this jew and any faggot that worships him. >>51173384

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i would help you but i sent you friend request on discord few years ago, back when i still used that shit but you never accepted and never even declined you simply ignored me. so no martin shkreli the pharmajew i will not help you and you are alone. i hope that guy does his best!

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