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When is Cyrpto winter going to be over?

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Only 2 more weeks!

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Early 2023.

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Lunc is immune to crypto winter is been pumping on btcs dumps

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This time is different unironically. Actual recession with actual reasons.

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I btfod this multiple times
1. 273 is random
2. Start date of count is random
You're a midwit

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REtard, start buying dont post pink pepes

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Coinbase: Member FDIC

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Not before the global economic crisis is over.
Fucking idiot.

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Late 2024

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>he thinks it’ll ever end

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Literally doesn't matter you fucking retarded midwit faggot. All that matters for BTC is the chart and TA, the sooner you learn this the sooner you will start making money.

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Imagine actually believing this. The truth is, BTC has been fully subverted. The price goes up or down for seemingly no reason as far as any typical trader is concerned. Your TA won't do shit.

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considering how volatile this shit can be, I think we're going to be here for a couple of years.

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When the fed turns the money printer back on.

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Q1 2023 but only if inflation is nosediving

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2 more years


Get fuckdd.

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Til winter next year at least, yuropoors and amerimutts need to get squeezed

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Just say you're a midwit instead of spewing all that garbage.

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(needless text because 4chan thinks its spam)

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My sources say 2 weeks

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Uhh yeah except it literally crashed all year right along w the nasdaq. Much harder of course

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It hasn't even started lmao

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When you sell.

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Your astrology for dudes is why you've lost most of your money, dude.

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Midwit fucking retards, the news is used after the pump or dump to provide midwits with an excuse. TA and the chart don't care about your feelings.

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>he thinks the winter has started
The wojak harvest this year has been rather disappointing, but I expect that to change soon

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It hasn't even started

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People are now proud of being... dumber than the average?

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No one knows, so to avoid this kind of pain in the next bearish market, I'd say you only invest in projects that are building for the long term.
AllianceBlock launched a product that will assist startups to get funding when launching. This is a revolutionary one, cause I expect a load of value-adding projects to, launch from here.

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That's your fucking problem, cause thanks to Spool, I'm having the best bear market ever.

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You should be asking yourself when it has started. BTC hasn't even tested its previous low in 2022.

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There's no fixed date as no one can predict these things. However, I feel we might see good price action after the ETH merge. Right now I'm focused on platforms with potential like Railgun which is the complete privacy protocol with defi and smart contract integration.

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Just stake your coins and let go.

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I got mine staked, all long term. ADA, SCRT, DOT

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It hasn't even begun.

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Why don't you fools invest in Bone???

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You havent seen crypto winter yet

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>Literally doesn't matter you fucking retarded midwit faggot. All that matters for BTC is the chart and TA, the sooner you learn this the sooner you will start making money.
news doesn't matter to an extent. do you think the charts will continue following meme lines if russia nuked new york tomorrow?

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We went below the last cycle top for the first time ever and you say this is disappointing? Kek bobos are literally watching the death of crypto and they aren't satisfied, really tells about the nature of a person.

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Privacy might not survive long term, look at tornado cash.

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Some are auditable unlike tornado, dumb ass.

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i'd be laughing at those who aren't buying now when the bull season finally rolls in
I went in on eth, One, Ride, and hero during the dips.
we're so close to a green market im happy :)

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Based. Staking on spool is for chads.
I'm also staking my ESDT tokens on maiar. BHAT UTK RIDE. I'm getting 28% APY on each of these.
Everyone should be staking in winter.

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Privacy is needed. I saw Vitaliks wallet transaction through Etherscan just few moments ago. This wouldn't have happened with Librescan and that's why privacy is very much needed

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Mathematical correlation with nasdaq of 0.9 is surely coincidence, I asked Pisces and the 1800 BC moving average ichimonji testuya cloud

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The moment you sell

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Thank you fren, i'm already earning passive returns on Sylo and Cardano.
But i'm yet to understand Hive ecosystem.
any YouTube to recommend?

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The merge is closing in so it should be any time now. I also have my eyes on privacy solutions which would aid in mass adoption as many VCs and institutions like to keep transactions confidential.

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Somewhere between October 2022 and March 2023

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Exposing wallets is a security risk and should really to worked on

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Obscuro fixed this as an Eth L2.

It’s R3 Corda’s project. Huge

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You have a point chad. Imagine people on payroll that have their salaries visible to anyone who cares to look at the public ledger. It is wrong. Such things should be confidential, that's why we need privacy systems in the space.

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My point exactly. Good thing there are privacy systems in the space like Railgun which helps users keep shielded balance.

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Most blockchain explorers are centralised, which is the reason for this. Only a decentralized blockchain explorer can take care of this

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till 2025 dead serious

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Depends how long this crab-market continues on for. If it goes on for a few years, then unironically it will be Link that starts the bullrun.

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2 years to go newfriend, but you'll capitulate/quit way sooner. That's how I make money and thanks for playing

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I don't think it would be too long now, especially after considering the ETH merge coming up. I'm also holding assets like ALGO, SOV, DOT, ORE, and MATIC for the long term.

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I haven't heard about this platform. I thought it was only few privacy projects and Qanplatform that was solving this

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>RAIL staked.
Fee distributions in line for stakers will mean something big for those involved.

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It's not even a fucking question. Privacy will stay relevant in any form of finance, most especially in the one where decentralization is a keyword

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Well, when it comes to shielding transactions on any block explorers of any kind including etherscan, Railgun is a better option in my opinion. Regardless of the chain (either ETH, BSC or Polygon), you can make anonymous swaps of coins compatible with the respective chains.

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How does that even make sense. An explorer is an explorer. Don't beat the word 'centralisation around it'

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The biggest risks of all: censorship, theft and the risk of targeted hacks and scams, not to even talk of the risk of exposing vital information to competitors when corporate institutions and businesses are involved.

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Crypto is evolving but fools keep waiting till they die poor. Now devs can contribute to the open-source project where they can connect any blockchain platform with LibreScan, secure access to a blockchain explorer without being tracked.

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And this fool is talking about Lunc, you've got to worry about your life.

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What else do pajeets expect from an L1 quantum resistant hybrid blockchain, Businesses can use the QAN private blockchain for their internal transactions & then send that to its public blockchain.

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Two more weeks but unironically after eth merge

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Wow, what's this shit I'm hearing? So developers can contribute to the open-source project where they can connect any blockchain platform with LibreScan?

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Privacy would be as timeless as crypto itself. Owing to the fact that there would always be users and companies in the space that would want to be discrete and keep txns confidential.

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This is a man isnt it? Are you trying to make me gay? I dont even care anymore if they look like that.

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Mid-to-late 2023

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more like 2025-2030

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But Crypto payment methods will, Like Zoidpay and UTRUST. If those don't survive then I don't see any point in crypto

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it didnt even start yet

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when you sell, ofc

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Winter implies that there will be a Spring or Summer.
Really, crypto is just over. There is no hope of coming back. Just sell what you can and get out.

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>The moment you sell
I sold at 25k, then it dumped. Not buying until sub-10k.

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Late 2023. Interest rates will be so high next spring that no market will be able to make gains in that environment.

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Web3payment is the future, I have used Utrust before but haven't tried Zoidpay yet
Maybe when more countries legalize crypto payment and we stop using fucking PayPal that charges us an arm and leg fees for transactions

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Quit wasting your time with low-life wannabe privacy solutions. You can get things done on the blockchain without being visible on block explorers through actual privacy protocols built using the zero-knowledge technology.

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Thanks for watching out for all of us, greatest ally. I will sell everything I have for fiat and watch my savings dwindle day-by-day regardless.

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You're welcome comrade. I do what I can to support my fellow man's best interests. Stay safe out there.

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Did I just get raped again without even getting out of my car?

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Once VINU stops its concentrated bullrun and it begins dumping. That's when I will know that we are in fact fucked.

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>he looks at his shitcoins for counseling

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Once Vitalik or CZ are assasinated.

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It will end after you must have adopted crypto as a means of payment. Stop changing to fiat whenever you want to pay. This will drive up adoption which will end the bear market

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no one knows, but either ways, we gonna be okay, just keep the DCA going as long as you have the fiat
>Hive is promising, Ride with the upcoming game is going to be unstoppable, so is Ethereum with the upcoming merge
>record breaking profits in the next bull.

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>He thinks it will end

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After winter lol

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wait for european sell off so we can pay for energy this winter

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Binance has taken the lead here and closely followed by Bitpay and Utrust

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You cannot judge the future of the entire privacy niche because of one platform ban, there are better privacy protocols out there.

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Secret and Railgun are perfect examples, anon is just a retard.

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I dont care about vitaliks' transaction I just want my transaction details hidden to avoid hackers tracking it to my wallet. I guess that's not much to ask.

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Privacy shouild be a right for everybody both individual crypto users and institutions, Its more of a safety measure IMO.

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Prioritizing security is an individual decision, there are security tools perfect for shielding wallet like the ORE ID.

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I have heard several stories about salary earners getting hacked after their salary payment, I think its enough justification for privacy in the crypto niche.

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When you sell. We're all waiting for you to sell then we'll start to buy back in.

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Shielded balance is one thing while shielded transaction info is the main security for wallets.

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2025 q1

my condolences

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Keeping your assets on a centralised platform is the most unreasonable decision anyone can make now.

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By the end of 2023

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Bottom will be in November imo. Or about there. Thats capitulation.

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Cashback on Utrust is worth it, I saved more this year paying with crypto than I spend on an Asian chick

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They both work hand in hand I guess. Another security measure I take is to store my assets in the ORE Vault.

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here's the thing its already late 2022. at this rate it could be 2025 before the top of the 5th elliot wave. the 4th wave (down) could continue for another year peaking at 8.6k if its to be as brutal as 2018

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No high cap alt will start the bullrun,memecoins are mostly known to start a bullrun or as I suspect this time it will be a lowcap in any of these niches
>Asset management
>Identity management

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yea bottoms in November and it stays down there for 3 or 4 months just to prove how brutal it is

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The longer it goes on, the more rich we will be. I don't mind too much, I can't wait more than 2 years max to be rich.

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> it will be Link that starts the bullrun.
Lowcaps and memecoins are the decider of bullruns. Personally I got my eyes on some lowcaps already SOV, TXA,ORE and UDO.

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Privacy protocols are based but other solutions are definitely available in the space, you just have to be open minded.

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I'm a Linkie, winter started two fucking years ago.

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I almost missed out on this one, the railgun team are really pushing hard.

>> No.51183156

The future of Defi depends on many factors including security which can be achieved by privacy.

>> No.51183227

Perfect catch, Rail is one of my best privacy protocols with ZK tech. Its also available on SOL and hopefully DOT and NEAR pretty soon.

>> No.51183249

It will be very messy.

>> No.51183281

Winter ends when we get a -30-45% day on Bitcoin. That's the bottom and we still haven't reached it

>> No.51183288

I have been seeing alot about QAN, should I ape in while slurping ORE?.

>> No.51183370

Crypto was originally created for payment so I think its still the future of crypto tho alot of things needs to be put in place like identity management, security and interoperability.

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LUNC will unironically end the crypto winter. It's going to restore faith in the market and bring in a ton of new investors. It still is going up despite the bear market and when the real moonshot happens, a lot of those insane gains will be parked in top-10 coins.

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Not anytime soon. For now staking helps me generating some passive income. Started of with the UTK I bought them recently.

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>Web3payment is the future
No lies, but for web3 to scale there's need for access to be seamless and the best way is to link web2 to web3.

>> No.51184275

ZK tech is the best there is for privacy. Polygon ID, SCRT and RAIL all use the zk tech.

>> No.51184362

There are lots of activities coming up which will boost the market hopefully, even the NFT niche is not left out as ore protocol offers seamless access to creator looking to onboard web3 and also NFT management.

>> No.51184463

Good strategy pleb. I've done a little staking on coinbase but I recently started exploring LP mining and the yields on Ore Protocol are pretty decent.

>> No.51184497

Seamless access to multichains should be on that list, projects offering such services or products are going to be hot picks in the nearest future.

>> No.51184542

That will be a foolish thing to do with the state of security of centralised platform. I got most of my assets in a non-custodial wallet secured by an Identity management tool for extra security.

>> No.51184564

The demand for privacy systems in crypto is increasing and most companies would want to keep their transactions private and away from competitors.

>> No.51184615

Polygon ID now ORE ID, its beauty to see protocols are taking wallet security as a top priority.

>> No.51184642

Another great meme ruined by you braindead faggots regurgitating it incessantly. Put it in the same normified trash bin as
>dunning Kruger

>> No.51184707

hardly any of them do. most of them look like 40+ year old fat balding guys in their grandmas moomoo, but they want to point to rare specimens like this and be like "would you tell that to use the mens restroom", nope i'd tell them to line up against the wall.

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Based. Good thing there are protocols that enable privacy on Defi like Railgun through ZkSNARKS cryptography.

>> No.51184852

Kek, another retarded news cuck. Go lose more money trading based on news.

>> No.51185032

It might take a while chad. But you should be fine as long as you invest in platforms with long term potential. The top on my watchlist is Ore Network for enabling cross-chain access with just a single ID.

>> No.51185062

The only wahr answer so far.

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In the spring after tax season ;)

>> No.51185117

this but unironically. year of shmitah is almost over

>> No.51185236

You could stake or explore other passibe income streams. What works for me is LP mining on Ore Network, Although I'm always open to diversify my investments.

>> No.51185253

When this shemitah year ends and then wait for the transitory period (year 2023) and the fun should begin again late 2023- early 2024.

>> No.51185384

No anon. There are many privacy solutions in the space. The most innovative I've spotted is Railgun which integrates Defi and has a DEX for private trades and swaps.

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Lp mining I don't prefer because of Ils. I would prefer to stake onchain and get a pretty decent APY with Utk in maiar. Solves the purpose.

>> No.51185574

>t. retard

>> No.51185862

I get your point anon. But IL changes and it's even better when solid assets are involved.

>> No.51185870

I'm really not sure I want this to be over soon. For now accumulating with UTK for now. I see huge adoption of crypto payments soon as utrust got them registered with US recently. Hope it pays off.

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Anon Impermanent losses are not Ok. I would say I rather earn passive income by metastaking in elrond. It pays me pretty good especially with UTK.

>> No.51186077

IL is just a risk and not constant in every LP. And it's not permanent either. But do what works for you.

>> No.51186530

I think the bullrun would start with the ETH merge. With more adoption would bring security concerns and a lot of users might get hacked. Privacy systems would help keep sensitive data from getting into the hands of hackers or bad actors.

>> No.51186796

You're right anon. Considering the rate at which users get locked out of their funds a DEX is the best option. My choice is Railway which enables private trades.

>> No.51186870

Fair enough. I think Web3 platforms would start things up and I have my eyes on DOT, ORE, FIL and HNT.