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Give me a quick rundown on what the fed is, I forgot.

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sage faggot

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Basically it's the cannanite jews

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Basically they conspire to trap wagie in cagie and keep them from ever escaping the hamster wheel until all useful energy has been extracted from their being.

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mandate: keep employment high
other mandate: keep prices stable

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Other mandate: make the rich richer, the poor poorer, and destroy the US economy.
In the case of the Bank of Canada, Canada,
In the case of BOJ, Japan
etc etc.
many such cases.

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a jewish private bank that lends money on interest to the government who then have to pay said interest through taxes.. a devilishly clever scheme.

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The Federal reserve is owned by a conglomerate of banks.

This is how it works.

JP Morgan buys 1,000s of acres in Ukraine cheap on the Russian border.
They lease it out to farmers and start raking in money.

Putin decides he done getting played and takes the land.

This is where the Federal Reserve steps in.
The bankers will write a loan to the U.S. Treasury and put U.S. tax payers on the hook for defending JP Morgan farmland across the world.

It's really just a big jewish trick that people have fallen for over 100 years now.

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A way to steal wealth from the working class

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Based Picrel

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money is like pure energy and the fed is like the sun or the black hole in that it has Infinite amount of energy/money
the life cycle of a star is that it will inflate into a red giant (bubble) and then goes supernova (crash) then collapse on it's own gravity (interest rate) to form a black hole (hyperdeflation, great depression and US sovereign default)

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Basically this. They can print infinite money backed by nothing and the goy/goverment has to pay for it.
I kneel jew bros, the perfect bussines

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A terrorist organization that should be treated as such.

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Its basically the king of the US.

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Its not even clever. It's fucking retarded. There is exactly zero benefit to the citizens or even the government.

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we live in hell no patriots left in this shit box country

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Where jews congregate

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They are Khazarian Counterfeiters and extortionists.

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Based Macro Systems parallel Bro. I like the economy as a circuit board narrative but you one upped me going Solar System Size.

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You sound like Sam Tripoli

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it's an international cartel