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Whatever said and done the market is just crashing and crashing. Wtf is this? My portfolio is done for? I need to buy a house it's leaking and I have stables saved up what should I do?
My kids need to study, my wife is working for an ass hole. Man I'm not happy need help.

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I'm afraid you're built for BBC, its over

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Anon I feel for you, don't worry why don't stake stables the returns are good these days. You can get your house fixed as well.

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Come on don't make fun of this guy he is sad and he is going through trauma. Check out good projects with good returns it might help you.

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But gold it's the best to do. It will give returns in the long run

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Sell off your remaining asset and invest in real estate

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Stable staking will get you rekt as Anchor

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Don't mention Link or SOL. Those aren't going anywhere

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You have two kidneys, sell one and live happily ever after

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Consider staking anon, you can check out Freeway or Maiar DEX

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Play web3 games and earn from doing it

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It won't be that high. Metabonding and metastaking RIDE and UTK will give a higher return

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I tried playing Axie and incurred a lot of loss from it

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Is SOL still existing even with all its downtime?

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There is also onchain staking of UTK with a juicy APY

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Imo 25% to 30% APY at this market conditions is really good. And elrond network is having a good development.

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Of course what do you expect kek don't get rekt faggot I got myself a redmagic gaming phone to play Pubg. I paid for tye phone with my stables and it was a good experience for me.

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The recent hack affected it badly.

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SLP has no value any longer. The circulation supply keep increasing

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Sol kek it's taken my soul already not any more. I prefer elrond the are consistent and faster. Now for my crypto payments are much faster with Utrust and tye transaction is fucking cheap

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I'm looking forward to watching Benfica match and I also got the tickets using crypto

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That's why I don't like p2es. The rewards ain't worth it

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Vitalik tweeted about crypto payments few days ago and he said that they are currently underrated despite their potential

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Ahhh I hear you. I even heard that a merchant who designs apparels for sports celebrities called the Sacoor Brothers. That's dope right?

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Save yourself the stress buy a house now. The real estate sector has been affected by the bad economy , so it is cheap.

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That was really nice and it will bring in alot of traction. In US almost more than 75% of merchants are ready to accept crypto as payments.

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Binance even struck a deal with Argentina recently. Utrust, Cronos, Alchemy Pay, and several of them are just making waves

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That's true I completely agree but now we have merchants like Kingston, Fortera and many other real estate merchants are accepting crypto as payments. This is really nice.

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They are dead on arrival. Nothing to write home about.

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That's dope but I am excited about the cashbacks I get from the doing the transactions I do Through the crypto payment gateway

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WTF is this?
>BBC is actually cool.

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Stay in the market bro.
Don't allow your emotions to give you cold feet.
It's gonna take a short dip for the next month or two but it'll all recover next year.

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Any crypto payment solution that's operating in the US will have millions of merchants using it depending on the incentive

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It's over. Miners can't afford the electricity, crypto hasn't caught on with the general public and 99.9% of coins have no use case.

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That's a huge number. Imagine if Amazon or eBay accepts crypto. That will boom adoption.

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And now the web3 crypto payment solution is what we need. More secure, transparent and a better tech. I ahve personally used cryptodotcom, bitpay, zoidpay and Utrust.

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Is this entire thread pajeet bots?!

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Use those stable to pay for your kids tuition. Paying tuition is a thing now because some Universities accept it. Don't be a normie who pays with cash.

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Cronos and Binance pay offers a higher cashback percentage amongst all of them

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Do they offer as high as 5%?
I know Cronos used to offer up to that, but they reduced it months ago. Now it is almost nothing

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That's right. Take off emotions when trading crypto. Don't check the charts often, just buy gems, hold and sell when the bull market comes.
I'm staking some of my tokens on maiar. I think it is better than just holding.

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I have a big bag of link. Link is the most based project and blockchain will be nothing without it.

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Do these work in Dubai? I'm looking to buy houses here with a shit ton of crypto and resell them later.
>I don't want to convert my crypto to fiat.

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Cronos used to, yeah. Binance doesn't. Utrust currently doesn't either, but they are implementing it in the new cashback system.

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Try yourplace. It's a Dubai real estate company that accepts payment using stables, BTC and some other coins.

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I live in Texas and I pay with crypto in a store nearby. I hope to find ecommerce sites that will allow me order groceries with crypto though.

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Borrow crypto from a lending platform.
You are automatically forced to hold the ones you used as collateral.
Use the borrowed one to pay for your kids fees.
Stake the rest and wait for bull market.
Now you can take the profit from the collateral and liquidate the rest. You also earned from staking.
Your wife can finally quit her job, so she loves you more now.

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Hi, that's cool! Everybody knows that crypto is the future, but have you tried Life Beyond?

>Fun action gameplay
>Open Alpha Reward Program
>CEO, Benjamin Charbit, was the Game Director for Assassin's Creed: Blackflag
>Upcoming NFT Drop

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Wow. Bros. I got my phone from their store too. I got it with ETH during the time of high gas fees. I'm not doing that again. Next time I will use EGLD or UTK.

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I live in Australia and the taxes that you pay for mining and exchanging crypto make me near suicidal.

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lets make gay porn

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You are one hell of a fucker aren't you, Just do one and forget the rest ah ah, If I were you I will buy a house pay with BTC through Utrust, get cash back from that then gamble some of the cash back into shitcoins. I hope you make it

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Let me fuck your wife for 100 grand, I will pay cash

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Hmmm that make some sense anon but I feel he get his ass some juicy shit,like staking, cashback an all, this benefit are on the web3payments platform it could make his dick feel horny again.

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Why buy a house now when inflation is high as fuck, I will suggest you DCA into BTC, ETH, and a few mid-cap like UTK and MOVR, wait till the bull run then you can buy whatever you fucking want

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You such a faggot anon fucking pussy will only make you broke,get your ass some shit and be useful dude like you can buy now buy a house some nice vintage clothes jewelry an iPhone Tesla and even Pay bills with crypto using any of the web3 L1 payments gateway

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Try making some research on some juicy project like shiba,LUNC,MATIC it could make get back on you feet

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Yea that shit got me off some cool $ like I can now shop and get cashback staking it token, it denm fast, easy to asses,it like a wet pussy experience lol

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Fucking pussy gives long life, I'm speaking from experience

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I heard Utrust trademark is now registered in the US, that bullish, hopefully Merchants start coming in soon

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This is some sweet freaky pussy anon i think this was a perfect time to have successfully gotten that registered in the US, at a larger extent, helping businesses really know and utilize the power of crypto to hedge against inflations,

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So he can suffer the inflation
>From fry pan to fire

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Wtf anon payments with crypto can never go wrong with any of the web3 L1 technology,

>>The platform modernizes the payments industry by combining blockchain and standard currency system features seamlessly for merchants & users.

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> I need to buy a house
Cyprus is a good location, warm environ but with a crystal blue sea. It is like a paradise here. Kensington accepts crypto payment, I bought my house a few weeks back and I paid through Utrust

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You dude get horny over some shit that might make you rekt anon, holding the assets on to extreme volatility is one of the hardest things in the world.
But if you sail your ship through these storms, you will reach the treasure island.get ur horny and some BTC faggot

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Yea that's true anon, i think most of the younger generation are adopting crypto and prefer to use crypto. It's much easier, faster, and cheaper, and way more transparent, besides that crypto is a way to hedge against inflation and web payments platform got your ass covered.

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This shit looks scamming I fell for this and I got rekt anon guess I need to do a research,

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that is a woman

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Fiat charges way too much plus all the payment is centralized and Limited, Gov don't like Crypto payment that much cause its decentralized, and they can't manipulate it

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start an OF now. your trashy slut gf will love to suck niggers for shekels. do it now before people have no more discretionary money to spend on porn and filthy degen whores like your gf

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Nice one anon he could still get some juicy shit selling NFTs,not even the bear market stop UTK from expanding into the NFT market.you can buy and sell minted NFTs on it platform it so freaky sexy anon

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Not only that, but we are getting some incredible new features as well.
buyback, burn, on-chain staking program, additional staking options to unlock features & cashback.

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I heard afg pays well for that shit

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I stopped using Cronos after it cashback reduced and I switched to Utrust since I heard it will offer up to 5% in it new tokenomics,

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You will probably give him some pice of $than all this shit I guess he could still spot some green candle on ETH and BTC

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Fait can be so fucking stressful,especially when you've to make some quick payments and the network is down denm it's killings man,using crypto is like a wet pussy on a hard dick, and Utrust makes it a sexy experience

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It took close to 2 days when I made Payment with Paypal the last time, its not always easy for merchants to wait that long
>Web3paymet is the future

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No its an hermaphrodite

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Last time I checked, Coinbase is in the US and only has 8K merchants while Utrust despite not being in the US has over 10K merchants already, Imagine when they fully start operating in the US

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Consider getting ALBT and staking it on the Fundrs. Dua and Bonq token launch coming soon.

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please leave, i dont know what race you are, your advertisements are not welcome, you shit up EVERY thread

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People fail to see the advantages of lowcaps, 100x is pretty easy with a lowcap project. ORE,UDO and SOV look quite like ones that can make it that far.

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I got over 50% in the ORE-ETH pool. OP aint searching far and wide enough.

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>dollar is getting stronger and stronger
Answer is right in front of you retard

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when you buy real estate during a volatile market you're trading in uncertainty for certainty in utility value. no matter what way the housing market goes, a house keeps the same utility value. you can live in the house all the same regardless of value. and if you buy and hold for 10 years while living in the house it will almost certainly raise in value over that 10 year period unless you get chernobyl'd or something.

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web3 micropayments have always been around in some Eth dApps like Sylo's.
I bet a good number of so-called enthusiasts didn't know that.