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Mt.Gox is was planning to release a huge sum amount of BTC. If that happens and if people start panick selling it will be shit. Man I just too worried about the current market situation. What's the best way to stay afloat chads? Help me out.

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>Mt.Gox is was planning to release
Kek they have been saying this for years

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Crypto is dead

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If it happens it happens we can't do shit.

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Any coins being returned is actually fantastic news

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Dream fuck

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Pervert go out somewhere

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Crypto is dead newfag. Go get a life

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They've actually started releasing it but it won't be a one time release

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A Brainlet has been sighted

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You don't know a shit about the market

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I suppose we have to...get a job

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Qday will be worse than this. I hope you are getting prepared anon

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Wtf is this? Are you horny?

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What do you mean by Qday?

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Only post quantum cryptography projects will be surviving it. People are yet to understand the magnitude of this problem

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That's fucking true anon. With companies like IBM and Google building the quantum computers it's fucking scary. It would be really nice to have a quantum resistant blockchain.

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Macdonalds is still open for roles

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That's a fucking myth I would say it's best to go with privacy blockchains

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A day that quantum computer will be able to crack cryptography. That day will be disastrous

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Always hiring kek just get a job there

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Buy Duck and lay eggs faggots

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Anọn is right. The bubble will burst soon. Don't say that you weren't warned. Crypto is on a free fall

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Even world powers are paying very close attention to it. There is definitely something huge brewing

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Faggot I see you soon getting rekt. Any blockchain using the CRYSTALS-Dilithium signature will be the one to survive. Post quantum cryptography is the solution

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The QVM is what I am surprised because the devs can build fucking smart contracts in any programming languages for all we know. It's a future tech desu.

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How many have they released as of today, I want to understand why the market is dumping?

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Then the fight for domination will be between the ones with stronger post quantum algorithms. The ones with primary recommendation of NIST will definitely be the king

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The market is dumping because of the bobos and not because of the Mt.gox release or something.

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The pay is good and you wouldn't want to worry about the market any longer

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I heard a launchpad called Quantum leap is interested with Qan and Cellframe was like pretty shitty as they treated them like some stupid guys. Whatever let's see how it goes.

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Fucking A. The developers will get royalties for building those smart contracts. I really hope the mainnet goes live soon

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There are still many other signatures that will likely survive according to NIST, the most likely one is this.

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Sell your BTC. After they dump, buy back.
Simple process like a degen

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For me it's the fastness of the transactions and they offer 1600tps and predictable fee which will be comfortable to me.

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Just DCA into ETH and wait for market recovery

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Akbar, are you also a dev? I code in Go language, but haven't been able to build any blockchain with it yet.

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DCA is the best and it will pay us later. I m just doing that with bag of ETH, QRDO, METIS and QANX.

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Having its own consensus protocol called PoR is also a flex, which makes it an ecofriendly blockchain.

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Anon Golang , I heard about it some where recently. Using the QVM the devs can build the smart contracts with any programming languages at ease. So golang cam be used there.

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Projects are now starting to know the importance on building on post quantum blockchain. I hope the big caps will follow suit

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Vitalik knows too. He is helping to make ZK roll ups and snark to be quantum resistant.
Unfortunately QR is more important in layer 1.
>ETH 3.0 loading, to be completed in 2058

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They are not releasing the damned thing. I've been waiting to get my bitcoin from them, but I gave up in 2020. I knew this would be a prank

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Just checked this and it is true. I'm surprised a team could build something like that. I follow Cartesi and they are the only ones that come close to this, but they add the languages one by one.

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China is building a powerful quantum computer and the US has already ordered all agencies to upgrade to the latest quantum resistance algorithms.
Now I come to 4chan and see chads talking about it. What is going on?

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That's a man!
>Women pubs are never bushy.
>Women boobs are large

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Fucktard, there are no such things. They are ghost stories. Quantum computers will be used for good just like normal computers are used for good.

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>Makes the second floor earthquake proof.
>Leaves the ground floor to be vunlerable.
>Asks everyone to move to the second floor to be safe from earth quakes.

That is the shit Vitalik is doing with quantum resistance. Everyone will get rekt.

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Delusional faggot kys

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I use normal computers to hack dapps and smart contracts. If I can get quantum computers, I will be able to break all elliptic curve cryptography. I will double spend everyone's crypto. My North Korean friends will be amazed.

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kek. If you can get quantum computers you can also hack banks and government databases. Practically everything internet and telephone will be accessible to you.

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Why is everyone behaving like quantum computers aren’t a thing? Isn’t it likely that government agencies have functional quantum computers right now?

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Imagine Quantum computing comes out. This would trigger a nuclear war. That's end game shit.

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Fags, go enlighten yourself.
Financial institutions, governments and everyone else involved is already talking about migrating to safer algorithms. They will be safe well before then.
Blockchain does not even know what quantum computers are, but they use elliptic curve. You are gonna get rekt.

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Fortunately, some blockchains are aware; QANplatform uses a quantum resistant algo. They are one of the few blockchains that will not be rekt. >>51152952

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Just like a wet sweet pussy, no poor Indian can ignore. It has figured out a way to be quantum resistant and Ethereum compatible through XLINK.

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A real representation of buying the ATH and selling Low, you fuckers don't always listen
QANX is my second largest bag atm, good degens are bullish on it

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Being able to break most asymmetric cryptography related schemes, including the digital signature scheme used by Bitcoin and Ethereum are the worries on ground... You fucking devil ain't gonna make it out of life.

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13K coming in Hot

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Fuck! Is this not how LUNA got crashed?The Lattice-based post-quantum cryptographic algorithm implemented in Rust programming language ain't going to make life easy for faggots like you.

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My best guess is China might have something up there cleaves and will hit crypto really hard

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Who's this godforsaken pajeet?

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I want to be inside this boy

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I really commend what China is doing, The People's Bank of China ban on cryptocurrencies is to curtail financial crime and prevent economic instability.

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Idiots still buying to get bags filled? Get your ass and mine and stop wasting for time

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A moron will always remain a foolish moron, you can actually be a validator and not a miner and still gain massively with QANX.
You'll be able to validate with as little hardware as a Smartphone or a Raspberry Pi

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Asia bitches are good on bed

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PoR seems to be better than PoS and PoW combine I guess since it offers low energy consumption and even remains decentralized.

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While y'all are crying because of the market conditions, retards are looking at becoming a developer and earn during the bear and the bull.
Look here OP, developers can cut their smart contract upload cost by 80 percent. Isn't it worth getting dicks hard?

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Kys qajeet

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No best way than to DCA, also get a fucking job too, I'm a dev and the earning I make a year is enough, earning on crypto on the other hand is more like the passive income
> QVM the devs can build the smart contracts with any programming language at ease
Isn't this better than EVM

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Heard the QVM deployer hotfix is up for developers, no fucking time for butt lickers.

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I'm keen on an L1 Hybrid Blockchain... That's my focus

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Do they have some pussies?

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Hey bastard, Didn't you fuck your mama's stinky retarded pussy today?

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Sounds inviting... I better look towards this path anon

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What if after selling then it pumps, you lose
IBM aims to launch 1121 qubit next year, that's still the closes there is now

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>is was planning
>I just too worried

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You smell.

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What a good way to start a good decision pajeet, enterprises can define which of their information like data transactions should be stored privately since the Qanplatform can be used as a hybrid blockchain, like Ethereum.

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Like your mama's wide oil-less pussy

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Most still don't believe in this, I attended the last Blockchain summit in Istanbul and QCT was been discussed there plus the US white house has started preparing too, who knows maybe it's near

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Delusional faggot seething so hard on idea of crypto being dead what a low iq nigger.
No motherfucker maybe it's your family tradition to fuck your own mother

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Mentally deranged faggot is feeling threatened here.
Fuck off if you've got nothing to say.

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Cry more nigger
>feeling threatened of what
Low IQ mentally handicapped fag

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Developers have got lots of fun to achieve. I don't know if there's any other blockchain with this vision.

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That's how handicap keep fucking your old mom, Bastard.

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Stfu subhuman monkey whose family tradition is to fuck own mother

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>Motherfucker starts losing argument
>starts insulting someone's mother
>classic mentally ill faggot move

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Oh yeah anon, even end-users can pre-register for the free Librescan blockchain explorer on Librescan.org to have a feel of this juicy pussy.

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Certainly, it must support the development of Web3 just like some Quantum resistant projects.

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Y'all should register for UFC, I'll like to see who's gonna kick asses lol

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Several series on Xvideos

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The new era of a more decentralized, user-controlled Internet is here and it's taking control from a handful of tech companies and hands it back to the people.

>> No.51156432

people mtgox owes coins would know about it if that was on the horizon.

>> No.51156471

Vitalik is more focused on the coming merge than on QR
I streamed it on youtube, Johann talked extensively about QCT

>> No.51156571

>posts porn to contribute nothing in discussion proving my point you're just subhuman low iq fag
>anon consider kys if you have nothing of value to add in discussion

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The flexibility to ensure data privacy and transparency at the same time is the ultimate of it all, thanks to the L1 quantum resistant blockchain.

>> No.51156645

I really admire the team behind the army. There's hope for the future attacks that's coming to be resisted

>> No.51156664

This is a payment calculator for the MTGOX solvency. Victims of the hack will only receive at most 22% of the original bitcoin that they held before the hack


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Is ETH still relevant like this?? Every project seems to rape it

>> No.51156797

Might happen 2 years from now or less. Quantum resistant layer 1 blockchains will lead the next bull run

>> No.51156840

>EVM compatible.
>NFT, metaverse, web3 and DAO.
>Quantum resistant general purpose layer 1 blockchain.
>Validator, mining and node rewards and more.
Trannies here are getting a better life that's secured and flexible as a developer.

>> No.51156915

Wtf are you idiot

>> No.51158177

Buy the fucking dip, there are cheapies in different niches. check out
>Identity management
>Asset management

>> No.51158228

Can you speak english there are retards on this thread you know.

>> No.51158272

Solid strategy but a diversified portfolio has more leverage, MATIC, SOL, ZIL and ORE are good picks too cutting across all MCs.

>> No.51159107

What the fuck is Quantum resistant projects, the most important support web3 needs are data and identity management.

>> No.51159282

Sounds like Ore protocol, a blockchain for identity and asset management,helps users get full control over their identities and assets.

>> No.51160572

if you owned any seekers nft, you'd have enough liquidity from nodes rewards coming on the ecosystem

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The MtGox news is fake, you fags are so retarded that you fall for fake rumours so easily kek.
anyways staying afloat means you need not to be a paper hand bitch.
I've got RIDE on sale for cheap, product is launching later this year and it's gonna bang hard.

>> No.51161866

All an attempt to crash the market
We fall for it all the time

>> No.51161890

Dude is speaking in web5

>> No.51161950

I don't, I don't sell, you won't too if you understood how things work.

any eta on the product launch? they be saying before eoy, holders are running out of patience.

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buy and go enjoy your life. It's that easy.

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sell now, cry later..
makes no sense to go out of patience when you're already down heavy lmao

hold, stake that shit and keep sipping your daily dose of hopium.

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You do realize what they will release is only 10% of a typical daily candle for btc, right?
This is the biggest nothingburger in all of crypto

>> No.51162295

>subtle jeet thread
sick of these vague threads where the OP jeet says something about staking and the jeets just reply with their call center scams

>> No.51163721

All in on privacy and no going back, only OG knows this is the next big thing.

>> No.51163754

What are you selling pleb.

>> No.51163921

Greedy muthafuckers have no hope.

>> No.51164291

Data privacy, Transaction privacy, security and transparency should be the top features of any project focused in web3.

>> No.51164495

A diversified portfolio is always better ETH, MATIC,RAIL and BAT are my DCA bags.

>> No.51164860

After selling, hope you'll be smart enough to commit the stables into making passive income like staking it?

>> No.51165276

it's benched for the next few months, expecting Audi models to feature the product in Europe and the US by then, eyes on the prize

>> No.51165293

He'll be smart enough not to cos following that path would get him rekt. Fucking jeet.

>> No.51165570

It's okay to keep quiet when you're uninformed about a topic. How many persons have gotten rekt from staking on Curve, Balance or Aave? NONE! That's why I'm not scared to tell anyone that cares to listen to stake on Spool since its a middleware routed to these yield protocols.

>> No.51165585

IF they break sha256 with QC THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD is broken. bitcoin is just a joke to the rest of it.

>> No.51165653

it was a hoax. they will trickle it down and it will take months - years. even fucking reddit knows better than you guys. this boards has gone to shit.

>> No.51165679

Hate saying the "priced in" meme, but Mt Gox is priced in. We will crash next month regardless of whether or not a single Mt Gox coin is sold.

>> No.51165990

Is there some sort of special fee for staking here different from the fees on the yield protocols themselves?

>> No.51166426

Just performance fees which is capped at 20% of the profits accrued.

>> No.51168665

Based. Web3 and NFTs are leading to mass adoption and I currently have eyes on Ore Network which bridges web2 identities to web3.

>> No.51169019

people will panic sell when they're not sure of what they've invested into. I mean, you don't expect me to panic sell an asset like ALBT, when I know its latest products are game changers in DeFi.

>> No.51169339

Only weak hands panic sell... Kek, I don't even hold nothing, I've been yielding from Spool for months now.

>> No.51170779

Privacy would always be a sector of interest in crypto and the saturation of the space with privacy systems would help users keep sensitive data private and prevent hacks.

>> No.51170786

Don't be a dick. Bitcoin is based

>> No.51170816

Not bad. My picks for the long term are web3 assets like FIL, DOT, ORE, and MATIC.

>> No.51170863

Privacy is definitely a major need in crypto and protocols like Railgun which enable privacy on Defi and smart contracts interaction is a good step forward in the right direction.

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Dump BTC

It's that simple. If you don't dump, Mt Gox will dump on you.

>> No.51171023

Kek. I heard mt gox hasn't even sorted out the accounts yet, so the distribution would come much later.

>> No.51171055

Assets security and identity management are big topics in web3 and blockchains chad. Projects that focus on providing them would thrive in the coming months.

>> No.51171062

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Janny spotted

>> No.51171613

glowing kike death to israel

>> No.51171625

>name shitter
>thinking its any type of authority and not just an autistic faggot force larping on everyone.

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I'm not going to sell my BTC, DOT, MINA, or FWT for less. I've got high expectations on them

>> No.51171636

A passive income stream would be a good way to stay afloat. I'm currently LP mining on Ore Protocol for a decent yield. I might add staking on Binance to the list pretty soon.

>> No.51171668

Many projects have gone way below their ATHs. Selling at this point would definitely be at a loss

>> No.51171670

You've got a nice bag their anon. I also have DOT from your list. Mine is staked on FreewayFi. With their supercharger staking I'm getting 20% fixed APY on it

>> No.51171682

Perhaps staking might just be a way to hold off from thinking about the dire state of the market. Really hard not think that everything is going to shit.

>> No.51171685

Yeah, the best I think is to buy low and sell high. But wise nommies also choose to stake in a reliable network

>> No.51171708

There's no sell pressure when you invest in assets that would survive the bear market. One I've spotted is ORE which bridges web2 identities to web3.

>> No.51171720

I think People that stake btc and other cryptos at this moment really have eyes that see's tomorrow.,

>> No.51171809

A game changer in defi would be the Railway DEX which enable private swaps and trades for users.

>> No.51171865

Based list chad. Although I'd be replacing MINA with RAIL which has help up well and has a lot of potential.

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Dumbass nigger. Get some UTK and stake on maiar. BTC dump will not affect the locked up tokens, plus you keep earning 25% APR

>> No.51172117

DCA is a good strategy anon. I do mine on assets like FIL, ORE, SOV and DOT which have a lot of room for growth.

>> No.51172139


>> No.51172179

This is the time to focus on platforms that would survive the bear market anon. I have my eyes on cross-chain interoperable platforms like Ore Network which gives users easier accessibility across blockchains with a single ID.

>> No.51172232

Yeah, I don't care about pump lately. I've being making some gains from staking. That's the way out anon

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What's good about that shit coin

>> No.51172308

I stake whenever I can. Especially if it's a project that is worth it. Best way to stay in relative gains.

>> No.51172325

Yeah. BTC and ETH especially. Eth is likely getting to 10k by the end of next year

>> No.51172361

While trying to stay afloat it would suck to lose any of your funds to hackers. It's one of the reasons why I use privacy solutions on all my assets and transaction to keep sensitive data out of the wrong hands.

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You can't kill casino, because you can't kill desperation.
But beside this yeah. Nobody is pretending anymore shitcoins are anything but a lottery ticket with very limited chances to escape wagedom if you are lucky.
Adoption is null, the tech is trash, it's full of scammers, kikes and greedy devs lying about (((exploits))), the gubment is stealing half your gains at gunpoint, the whales are in total control, nothing is organic, your banks and CEXs are doing globohomo's bidding and conspiring against you to prevent you to make it, glowniggers are trying to trap you, you can lose everything for doing the most begnin mistake like clicking once at the wrong place, and overall everything is complete and utter shit.

Shitcoins are the worst thing who ever happened to mankind. But this is great, because it woke up a lot of people to how retarded, corrupt and degenerate our entire system is. The complete decay of meritocracy and work ethics can't be better encapsulated than with shitcoins. Beside maybe Onlyfans. And now they refuse to participate to society altogether.
Shitcoins are peak accelerationism. Just like Onlyfans.

>> No.51172799

>Crypto is dead
Far from it. The narratives will change as account protocols that are easing authorization process facilitate mainstream adoption.

>> No.51172893
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Another option is focusing on lower caps, especially the ones with fundamentals that stand a big chance of making it big in the next bull market. Bifrost, Coral, ORE etc. are good examples.

>> No.51172904

4Chan lecture. Pay attention faggots!

>> No.51172919

>ORE on top gainers' list on Bitmart
Well, despite the crazy state of the market, some tokens still managed to make it to top gainers' list despite being a low cap

>> No.51172985
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How about a blockchain that enables developers to easily build on-chain and off-chain applications without having to sort through multiple keys across different blockchains. I am sure developers have more to gain with such innovation

>> No.51173041
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The fact that you would panic sell tells me that you are a beta cuck. Real men ride out the storms and have a plan on when to sell you greedy fuck.
>Daily reminder that just because a thread gets posted and makes front page don't invest the same way the retards on this website do.

>> No.51173190

If the blockchain can also allow developers to use any coding language like QAN to deploy, that will be very e

>> No.51173308

Checked and BIZjeetfilter pilled

>> No.51173963
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I don't fucking dwell on speculation. I do what I am convinced to be great and powerful. That's why I disregard any news coming for MT. Gox or whatever the fuck anyone thinks of. Focusing more of my energy in Cosmos and the chains living in that universe such as Secret Network, Juno Network, Evmos or Shade Protocol.

>> No.51173989

Oh damn, you've knocked him down

>> No.51174823
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fucking yes, I've been bag holding more eth and literally hero, Ride and Vet, and have zero worries till now

>> No.51175337

ORE ID is doing a perfect job of that; One account serving the function of controlling multiple identities across multiple chains.

>> No.51175562

Solidity shouldn't be the only coding language. Giving all developers the opportunity to explore web3 with any programming language is actually cool

>> No.51177104
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>I stake whenever I can
Kek, it's a winning tactics that works more for me, recently had to try out sylo farming on uniswap, it turned out fine with around 61% apy

>Best way to stay in relative gains.
that's the whole idea

>> No.51177447

I'm still holding my BTC tight benchod. I also added privacy alts like RAIL, MINA and BEAM to the list for their relevance in the space and long term potential.

>> No.51178098

Like a wrecking ball

>> No.51178156

When it comes to fundamentals, Ore Network takes the cake for me with its cross-chain functionality and ORE Vault for securing user assets.