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>VIENNA, Aug 28 (Reuters) - Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer backs a European Union-wide cap on runaway electricity prices, he said in a statement issued by his office on Sunday.

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based nehammer, wonder when hes going to be replaced

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that's gonna do it, yep, just like all the price caps worked for Venezuela

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>commie leftist kikes are tyrants

more news at 11

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the electricity isnt getting more expensive to produce, its actually just extortion by power companies preying on desperate people

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>natural gas prices aren't rising
If this is the intellectual level of EU problem solvers, the EU is fucked.

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relax fags, european social democracy will fix this
nah, we are absolutely fucked

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just raise taxes and pretend it's free, like your healthcare system

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stop larping mclarper
el. price is driven by the price of liquid gas from mutts

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don't worry the EU people are actually even more retarded

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Man just price cap everything at free. Best way to deal with demand way higher than supply is just make it free. That way there are no evil profits and everyone can buy infinite ammounts

Genius Europeans about to show capitalism who is boss

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and what power companies you absolute tool. All powerplants in eu are owned by the state excluding some non-relevant sun, wind and small ass hydro

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>natural gas prices aren't rising

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According to basic economic theory, a price cap below the market clearing price should result in shortages. It will be interesting to watch the EU try this experiment using their population as guinea pigs.

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remove gas powerplants from the equation and poof just like that the price falls back to 60 mhw

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You do realize it's being imported through ships right?

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Ah fuck's sake.

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Maybe yurofaggots should have listened to Trump

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It's unironically better to have to experience power shortages than having to pay the jews 1€/kWh for electricity.

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Oh yes, they are storing the electricity in burlap sacks.

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price controls, very nice. Truly a time tested method that worked from diocletian to USSR without problems.

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The USSR didn't have the jews running predatory futures market driving the prices to stratosphere.

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When there's too much speculation in derivatives markets, the solution is to increase margin requirements, not to implement ham fisted price caps.

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>British Gas owner Centrica profits increase five-fold to £1.34 billion as energy bills soar
>Centrica reinstates dividend after suspending it for three years

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I don't understand why frenchmen with a lot of nuclear power pays about the same as krauts with their fossil fuels and "renewables".
Pls enlighten.

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There are few commodities that can't have such speculation. Energy is one of them. Speculation by jews in energy markets can fucking destroy the world economy in couple of months.

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get a load of this moron.

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>cap prices
>electricity stops being sold

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Here in germany they want to introduce a 'Übergewinnsteuer', excess profits tax. So that companies like Exxon need to pay more tax because they made excess profit. They unironically say that this would be fair and that we should do it cause of solidarity. Also they are talking about forbidding demonstrations cause it's the left & right extremists who are doing them.

We are completly fucked. I don't know how to escape this commie shithole

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Powerplants make energy from nothing? Is this the fabled zeropoint energy?

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france is a socialist country with a 50% tax rate on income and literally every item and good is taxed through the roof to pay for niggers of the african continent that migrate there illegally

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Okay, I know that but that's a non sequitur.
What about the disparage in power cost, it makes no sense than the frogs are paying same as much as krauts, isn't this result of some sort of wacky competitiveness policy from the EU, right? If so, wth France, they should leave asap.

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profits are not accounting for inflation costs after the aftershocks of the inflation.

Memezuela had record oil profits when the oil industry collapsed because it also had record oil extraction costs.

But the costs had a delay relative to the price so price controls fucked everything up

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Rolling blackouts incoming.

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Well why wouldn't they increase prices when they have gullible retards like you defending them for free?

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>Natural gas price goes 2x
>Electricity price goes 20x

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This didn't work in the past, won't work now either. Get ready for tons of shortages.

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This doesn't have anything to do with shortages though.

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>price cap
I really hope when the EU ends, it will be in such a catastrophic way that nobody will ever try to repeat this amount of retardation.

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EU deal Germany insisted on equalizing power prices in France on par with Germany lest they had an economic advantage.

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you're a fucking brainlet retard for drinking the media koolaid
yeah no fucking shit theyre going to make record profits when the price of the commodity they sell goes parabolic
>what is profit-margin
most energy companies have ~10% profit margin you absolute moron

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>EU is same as venezuela, therefore what happens in Venezuela after this decision will be the same for EU.

Are you a faggot, or doyou just want to suck dick for free?

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Countries with a price cap:

Countries using the money printer:

Countries manipulating tax rates (stealth money printer):

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Yeah, I don't why people keep comparing a shithole like the EU to Venezuela

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this is literally just like weimar wtf
fucking scriptwriters have no creativity

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USA enacted price controls during world war 2. don't believe everything you read on /pol/.

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>lets brankrupt companies who produce electriity so they stop producing electricity

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>No Poland
>No Finland
>Ottoman Empire
Almost perfect, just get rid of Serbia.

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>let's protect jewish billionaires so tens to hundreds of millions of people can slowly freeze to death in winter

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>let's have shortages and blackouts

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nigger if it costs me $2 to make a pizza and the government forces me to sell pizzas for $1, i am going to stop making pizzas and there will be no pizzas for anyone

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I learned in my first year economics course in university that price caps cause shortages.
There was also rationing during WW2.

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did you even read the article? spare me your 85 IQ analogies.

>The market price for electricity must come back down and must be decoupled from gas to bring it closer to actual production costs, Nehammer said.

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The Apple guy unleashed this kind of "person" onto the internet.

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i studied mathematics and not economics because i'm not a brain dead nigger retard. read the news article.

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if youre unable to lower your costs, it's not my problem you're a retard who thought managing a business is like playing monopoly

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>must be decoupled from gas to bring it closer to actual production costs
Holy fucking shit, who wrote the article?

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>record heats and drought during the summer
>solar panels everywhere
>still non existant solar power storing solution to evade events such as these

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I did learn euro electricity prices are fixed to the highest bidder:

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>solar power storing solution
So what's your idea? They tried storing solar power in molten salt but I think it's not operational anymore.

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I studied both,
you are a fucking retard
die asap

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EU has ridiculous rules on setting electricity prices, probably because of ESG and wind farm nonsense:

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You must be one of these new WEF shills

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everyone with room temperature iq ITT can see this is going to fuck europe's economy for years

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Oh yeah that will work. Fucking retards.

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anon, where exactly do think electricity comes from?

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>Price Caps
surely that'll fix it KEK

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You needed a ration note in order to purchase gas during ww2 dumb fuck

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Isn't it due to draught? Nuclear reactors require a lot of water. I remember reading somewhere that in summer Nuclear power cost goes up due to there being less water.

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>UK pays more for gas than Germany
>UK Russian gas imports are 3% and German Russian gas imports are 50%

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>due to there being less water
No, it's due to environmental regulations on river water temperatures. They can't dump excess hot water. The plants built alongside rivers normally don't have cooling towers. As temps drop, nukes will be back to full power.

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> They are not eating the bugs and owning nothing.
Institute zee price caps.

>> No.51148256

I just did a quick google and found this:
>In 2006, the Department of Energy warned that consumption of water for electricity production could more than double by 2030 to 7.3 billion gallons per day in the US if developers continue to build new power plants with evaporative cooling, an amount equal to the entire country’s water consumption for 1995. Thethree stages of nuclear fuel cycle—uranium milling and mining, plant operation, and nuclear waste storage—all consume, withdraw, and contaminate water supplies. Due to this large need for water resources, most nuclear facilities cannot even operate during drought conditions, and in some cases can actually cause water shortages.

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>what is LNG

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I wish I could remove their kneecaps for acting so smug

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So the companies will just shut down so they don’t lose money?
It’s not like it’s strictly corporate greed responsible for the hikes.

>> No.51148423

I guess he’ll magically find a supplier that’s willing to lose money so he can stay in business.

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I gave the reason why the french limited their nuclear output. Don't know why the Department of Energy is blaming nuke plants for water consumption. Nuclear power remained at 20% for the US. It's the "green" nat gas plants that are being rapidly built.

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Cause the difference between a collapsing socialist state and a collapsed socialist state is just one step away
cap = shortage = rationing
it’s not rocket science

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here comes the assigned globalist shill to shitpost on /biz/

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the price will be capped and everyone will be allowed to purchase 2 hours of electricity rations a day as suppy craters.

>> No.51148745

They also implemented rationing. Don't believe everything dumb libtards like you say.

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nice bait

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>LNG price goes 2x
>Electricity price goes 20x
Holy shit you are retarded

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No. The cost to produce electricity hasn't gone up too much yet still the price of electricity has rocketed 10-20x. It's so fucking annoying lookin at mouth breathing bootlicker retards like you spouting bullshit all over the internet.

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>price caps

Your average western yurotard leaders. Can’t wait to hear you retarded niggers brag about your free healthcare and free college educations as you freeze to death. Faggots

>> No.51151319

Anon why do you think government allow free markets to exist?

>> No.51151341

check the coal price, nat gas and oil aren't or generally aren't used to make electricity, coal is and that has increased substantially too
mining companies are making bank, electricity companies are losing money if they have enforced price caps or making slight profits
i bet these articles are lying again and looking at their massively inflated income and ignoring their equally inflated costs

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>have 100 units of something costing 1 shitcoin as a result of supply&demand
>supply go down, therefore price go up to 3 shitcoin
>artificially put price cap to 1.25 shitcoin because 3 is "too expensive"
>supply dries out in 2 minutes

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Stop building your entire grid from solar because it’s retarded.

>> No.51151362

>the extortion myth
These companies were operating more or less fine for decades but suddenly they all decided to """extort""" people? You retards are something else. If only I knew how to profit off of my fucking country going full communist woke and destroying the basis for prosperity and security.

>> No.51151363

Lets just say that there isn't any magical wand that just farts up electricity generators from thin air after increasing the price 20x. They still have the same generation capacity, the same equipment and facilities while gas and oil have increased in price somewhat. The price to produce electricity sure as hell hasn't gone up 20x, so someone is leeching off big time somewhere. And since there are no wide spread blackouts the assertion that somehow there isn't enough capacity at the moment is fucking false.

>> No.51151381

>Increase prices by 20x
>Slight profits
Spotted the jew. No, this isn't about making the price of electricity be 0.04€/kWH. This is about preventing it from being fucking 1€/kWh.

Please tell me which raw material has increased in price 20x to justify this gouging. Not to mention there are other costs involved, so the price of the raw material won't even reflect 1:1 at the final price of the product.

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Price of electricity hasnt gone up 20x you braindead retard, the price of gas has, electricity has at most 3x'd (33-100cent p/kwh) in Germany.

>> No.51151396

Only that in this case the the demand is not going up OR down, the supply is not increasing or decreasing at the moment, there are not widespread blackouts yet still the price goes fucking 20x. In energy markets if the supply and demand don't match you'll get fucking overload unlike in normal markets.

>> No.51151401

Gas is 10% of german energy production and in times of peak demand probably 20% or more, now theyre turning off the nuke plants, putting another 5% of strain on the grid. The price of gas has 10-20x'd easily in the last year, this means the overall price of energy production in the grid has to either get 2 or 3 times more expensive.

>> No.51151402

Probably the fuel your retarded faggot countries seem to think you don’t need

>> No.51151403


>American education

Gas is not the same as electricity

GAS is used for cooking, showers, and comes through PIPES

POWER is used for computer, lights, television and comes through WIRES

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> doing price fixing unironically in 2022


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>the demand is not going up OR down, the supply is not increasing or decreasing at the moment

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Lol nah bro it’s just energy companies price gouging!’ It never our retarded gay western bureaucracies constantly fucking us and making our countries dependent on foreigners because we are all retarded lazy yurotards that don’t actually produce anything of value! I’m a typical gay yuropoor faggot and I always defends our shitty policies no matter what! We just need more communism because I am your average yuroqueer.

>> No.51151423

disgusting greens... never voted for those fuckers

>> No.51151431

Yes it fucking has for a lot of people you braindead fucking nigger. Previously you could have paid 0.05€/kWh, now it's 1€/kWh. Oh and if the price of electricity really was 0.33€/kWh in germany they were already getting absolutely fucking gouged.

>LNG goes up in price 2x
>The fucking price of all electricity goes to 1€/kWh

>> No.51151442

>Fuel price goes up 50%
>The price of electricity goes up 10-20x

Fucking retarded ape.

>> No.51151446

Yeah you dumb fucking retarded commie bitch, if you want to buy surplus energy from others you pay the fucking going rate, not your wannabe dream price. And yes, that was the normal rate for consumers in Germany, be grateful you faggots paid less, no doubt subsidized by our tax money, as everything is in the EU.

>> No.51151459

Right because before all of this there was exact 1 to 1 ratio between your power bill and the price of fuel you dumb fuck. You think natural gas and fuel are the only materials that go into energy production don’t you dumb fuck?

>> No.51151464

Just vote for MOOORE reforms and price caps and regulations, that will absolutely end these CRIMINAL practices of these evil corporations that suddenly decided to squueze our balls in the worst of times ;_;

>> No.51151466

Yes, the demand for energy is quite constant. Russia already cut off it's export of energy so the only producers are European ones. People won't just immediately turn off their electricity so the demand is not instantly affected. Since there has not been any widespread blackouts it means that there is plenty enough of capacity to produce electricity even when the prices were lower. You see, in electricity markets if the supply and demand won't meet there is either overload or blackouts and the demand side is not really flexible.

>> No.51151478

>Right because before all of this there was exact 1 to 1 ratio between your power bill and the price of fuel you dumb fuck.
It's actually fucking lower than 1:1 because the fuel only accounts to some of the costs and not nearly all of them, such as salaries. You're fucking retarded ape if you think 10-20x price can be remotely justified by fuel increasing 50%, especially when fuel is CHEAPER than it was in 2008. Fuck you fucking shit-for-brains!

>> No.51151480

speculators have increased the price of all energy commodities
oil price has increased the transport costs and manufacturing costs of machinery
we had a chip shortage too, increasing repairs/new vehicle costs
the euro has dropped in value massively
coal price increased 5x main electricity source
natural gas 3x - many industrial uses to produce heat, at home is used for cooking and heating as well industrial farming through fertilizer
germany refusing to buy from russia and instead import LNG from US through shipping that uses longer and slower route instead of pipeline/railways, while euro down and USD basically 1:1 now, you get less LNG for your euros makes your heating bill increase more than what the simple 3x of the natural resource increased
use your brain and buy a new coat, thermal clothing and electric heater or better - a log burner

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You are aware of how electricity is made, right anon?

>> No.51151518

You know what, whatever. Keep crying about muh power companies. Elect more bureaucrats to regulate them. Maybe they can force them all to convert to wind power and all of your problems will go away, or maybe you can try powering your electrical grids on anal sex and free college educations

>> No.51151520

Maybe we shouldn't give a fuck about what am*rica wants and keep trading with Russia

>> No.51151533

So after Ukraine wins the war, Russia will sell gas to Europe at prewar prices right? Why aren't we sending more support to Ukraine?

>> No.51151544

>Gas is not the same as electricity
non american here, with no american education.

Dummy nigger, I hate to shit on you for this one. But here in europe we pay for electricity based on the most expensive option. Thats just how it works for some beurocratic fucking reason.

Natural gas is absolutely fucking up our electricity prices. No denying it. Its true. Its the most expensive option, henceforth all the cheaper options like "solar" (which is the cheapest according to the EU) , will cost just as much as one unit of power from Natural gas produced electricity.

Read up and stop arguing with people from the stance of ignorance. You're pathetic.


From the EUs own website :

"The wholesale market in the EU is a system of marginal pricing, also known as pay-as-clear market, where all electricity generators get the same price for the power they are selling at a given moment. Electricity producers (from national utilities to individuals who generate their own renewable energy and sell into the grid) bid into the market: they establish their price according to their production cost. Renewable energy sources are produced at zero cost, and are therefore by definition always the cheapest. The bidding goes from the cheapest to most the expensive energy source. The cheapest electricity is bought first, next offers in line follow. Once the full demand is satisfied, everybody obtains the price of the last producer from which electricity was bought."

/T. Europoor

>> No.51151558

That was the most obvious bait ever how did you fall for that dudes troll? fucking ESLs man

>> No.51151591

In reality most of the price increases of electricity are purely caused by speculation in the futures market. The cost of production was just a few years ago less than 0.1€/kWh for most ways to generate electricity. Wind was and IS less than 0.07€/kWh. USD:EUR has an effect of less than 10%, so nothing in the list can account for the price increases of over 10x.

>> No.51151592

No, this war is meant to redirect Russian resources to China + make those resources cheap by making China a monopolist buyer for Russian resources market. The goal is to power up China.
>Keep crying about muh power companies. Elect more bureaucrats to regulate them.
This is exactly what they will do. I am afraid there is no salvation for those goyim (cattle).

>> No.51151598

yeah, windmills turning and turning, water flowing and turning rotor at a dam, sun shining.

>> No.51151605

and gas

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i forgot about this brand new exciting initiative too that will obviously save the world from very dangerous carbon dioxide

>> No.51151662

Yes, lets just let jews speculate on vital commodity that will destroy nations. That a good solution! Look at how well it's working!

>> No.51151677

Oh yes gas as well. The price to produce electricity with LNG was like 0.04€/kWH a year ago. Now it's doubled so the price to produce LNG electricity might be like 0.15€/kwh so the price of electricity should be... 1€/kWh! That sounds about right!

>> No.51151699

>just let jews speculate
The Jews are already in control. They can speculate and take your money directly, or introduce regulations and force you to reduce consumption while also taking your money indirectly (via taxes).
It's too late, goy. 80 years too late.

>> No.51151759

fishy af

>> No.51152054

this is disgusting on so many levels

>> No.51152063

Here in bonglamd prices could reach 6k by next April, add on top of rent/mortgage and a lot of people are going to struggle unless the government steps in which is looking unlikely with the current bunch

>> No.51152163

I mean what is the government supposed to do? Inflate your currency away even more? Youre already looking at 18% inflation YoY, they cant empty their coffers, every single pound/euro/dollar spent is inflationary because these governments cant keep a budget if their lives depended on it. They monetize debt, this is 1:1 inflation.

>> No.51152173

Well that’s not very kosher of you

>> No.51152205

It's not like the production costs of electricity have really gone up even remotely close to what they are gouging the customers for. A year ago LNG plants price to produce electricity was like 0.04€/kWh so no matter if LNG tripled or quadrupled it wouldn't drive the price of electricity even close to 1€/kwH. These prices are pure speculation and gouging.

>> No.51152224

>Venezuelan commies in a jewish monkey jpeg speculative marketplace

>> No.51152328

You dont understand how much the EU is willing to pay for LNG deliveries. Electricity as a whole is going up because there is a lack of supply and extremely high (on paper, due to buyers overbidding) demand. You cant pretend it's all muh price gouging but the fact of the matter is, the only ones that profit are oil&gas providers, the guys that turn it into electricity arent, theyre going bust left and right

>> No.51152360

>price cap leads to rationing
Ok so why hasn't this happened in the uk? We've had price caps for a long time and only now they're going up

>> No.51152455
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>no electricity is better than expensive electricity

>> No.51152534

>UK being the shining example of how to run things
No thanks, I'd rather not have muh price caps. As you can see, they will raise them accordingly, basically your prices have doubled and you just didnt pay up until now, now youre going to pay even more to make up for the losses the state has incurred on itself (most of your utilities are state run and in heavy deficits)

>> No.51152562


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>coal price increased
in August EU banned direct export of russian coal

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>so after Ukraine wins the war
>Russia will sell gas to Europe at prewar prices right

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If you think they're doing it to drive up prices you're an idiot. Shit like this requires fucking maintenance and every country is panicking because nobody could predict how far United fags of NA will push the ukraine case to the point that they're willing to cutoff from russian energy market completely (oil in autumn).

>> No.51152680

Yup. Smoothbrained marxists on here don't get it... I'm most probably going to get the hell out of Europe for the winter. Going to go somewhere, where you at least won't freeze to death.

>> No.51152720

This sums up the delusion of the eurotroons in this thread. I'd actually feel bad if they weren't so pathetically delusional like this. I've never seen a thread so full of 0 iq reddit takes

>> No.51152789

You could also say that if the government don't step in and do something then the people will be on the streets rioting when they can't afford to pay the bills and are on the brink of homelessness.

>> No.51152814

and what are they supposed to do? can't print more gas, oil or electricty and price cap on utility companies will result only in shortages, this shit has been tried a billion times before and always ends the same way

>> No.51152850

Nord stream 2 is up and ready to go, shmoogle that shit nigga

>> No.51152900

It's not linear you fucking retard, if everything in the logistics chain gets more expensive to run, the price increase is exponential

>> No.51152907

How about making peace with Russia and working out a deal to get trade to resume?

>> No.51152918
File: 982 KB, 1744x997, Screenshot_16.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this, what literally is happening
>we are going to provide MORE weapons to cuckraine
>please take the turbine and resume gas
who's going to fall for it, like really?

>> No.51152922

they can't because Joe Biden says no

>> No.51153108

why cant they ration the power?
also, stop the stupid marginal pricing system

>> No.51153117

>the electricity isnt getting more expensive to produce
True, it's the free market dealing with a reduction in electricity production. Essentially when the demand exceeds the supply, the price will drift upward until the demand starts falling.
To exemplify this, if the cost of never turning off your computer, even when you are not using it, is 2$ a day. If the price surge to 4$ a day, some people that otherwise never would turn off their computer might start to turn it off in order to save money.
So the demand is dependent on the cost, what is the price of running your computer 24/7 - if the price increase the demand for this 24/7 feature falls.

With a price cap, you now have to find other ways of reducing demand, which will be done on a political level. In the case of a scarcity of electricity, it will most likely be "controlled" blackouts.

Furthermore a side-effect of a price cap is that it could further decrease production, right now liquid natural gas is being shipped from around the world to Europe, this shipment has increased significantly since the significant increase in prices, if there is a price reduction there most likely will be a reduction of LNG exports to Europe, and vice versa an increase in prices will probably result in an increase in LNG export to Europe.

However i do think that the free market is not ideal to deal with such a shortage, some centralized scheme could be preferable, akin to the oil shortage in the 70s where the centralized solution was probably preferable to a free market solution.

>> No.51153172

EU has marginal pricing of electricity, so megaexpensive stupid russia-dependent gas electricity sets the price of all other, cheap electricity such as nuclear and hydro. It's clown world tier.

>> No.51153180

Wind farm people (probably owned by gas) wants wind power to be profitable, so they lobbied the EU for these rules.

>> No.51153199

Fuck speculation and finance. All basic goods should be off-limits for speculation and only traded in long-term contracts.

>> No.51153234

>"The wholesale market in the EU is a system of marginal pricing, also known as pay-as-clear market, where all electricity generators get the same price for the power they are selling at a given moment. Electricity producers (from national utilities to individuals who generate their own renewable energy and sell into the grid) bid into the market: they establish their price according to their production cost. Renewable energy sources are produced at zero cost, and are therefore by definition always the cheapest. The bidding goes from the cheapest to most the expensive energy source. The cheapest electricity is bought first, next offers in line follow. Once the full demand is satisfied, everybody obtains the price of the last producer from which electricity was bought."

This is the scam

>> No.51153342

Already insolvent lmao

>> No.51153416

Is there any write-up on what led to these rules? The German financial leeches responsible for lobbying the EU into such antisocial rules.

>> No.51153723

cmon USbitch Union, it's not even autumn yet

>> No.51153780
File: 7 KB, 229x220, 1645909103247.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

based Nehammer
I bet he also locked his BTC at 69k
What a Chad amirite boys

>> No.51153800

hopefully they genocide the baltics and pole subhumans this time

>> No.51153806

What happened that made Europeans absolute regards in regards to economics? My 4 year old could fix this shit before they could

>> No.51153822

True. This system fucks the EU atm in terms of electricty. The gas "shortage" is mainly a heating problem, but it also ruins electricty prices. And these guys have enough time to react to it, had the whole fuckin last winter when gas prices already surged for no fuckin reason and still didn't do a thing to change that.

>> No.51153842

Marxists think all businessmen are liars, cheats and crooks. It's called projection.

>> No.51153848

they are just doing their jew overlords bidding

>> No.51153886

Absolutely no clue how electricity is priced in Europe, Uncle Sam

>> No.51153954

For once I'm all for government intervention here.
Oil and gas companies are raking in record profits as oil and gas prices explode for regular people; PROFITS.

Fuck them right in the ass.

>> No.51153963
File: 416 KB, 735x1078, SoyDuck.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Price caps
Do it. Become Venezuela so I can never have to hear about how things are so much better in Europe and America should be more like Europe. Please hurry up with the slow suicide and just end it already.
>Set price caps
>Companies can't afford to produce energy at those margins
>Companies go out of business leaving higher demand to fewer producers
>Those companies can't keep up with demand
>Rolling blackouts in the dead of winter
>Equipment goes without repairs because they can't afford it
>Last power plant is shut down due to mechanical failures
>Millions of dead retarded Europeans
>They all have free healthcare to treat their hypothermia as they die of hunger
A man can dream

>> No.51153964

>Memezuela had record oil profits when the oil industry collapsed because it also had record oil extraction costs.
t. doesn't know what the word profit means.

>> No.51153972

>>Companies can't afford to produce energy at those margins
Anon, energy companies are posting record profits.

>> No.51153985

Record profits with record inflation means nothing. Read a book, nigger.

>> No.51154003

Everyone is impacted by record inflation, not everyone is posting record profits.

Also, a massive chunk of inflation is caused by oil and gas prices; a huge part of which is composed of the very same margins that make up the current record profits.

>> No.51154004
File: 57 KB, 736x393, image_2022-08-29_075339179.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.51154019

That's one of those gay middlemen that don't actually do anything but suckle at the government's teat in order to process paperwork.

>> No.51154021

An Anon already blew you the fuck out noting that these companies are state owned. Go ahead and advocate for price caps. I want to watch Europe collapse Venezuela style.

>> No.51154029

90% of energy companies will be able to sell their product at the price of the 10% that actually have a reason for high operating costs. You should read about how the European electricity market works instead of posting doomerbait on an incel forum.

>> No.51154051

And electricity producers aren't state-owned for the most part. Please look for some sources that aren't 4chan, you are actually clueless.

>> No.51154052

No current electricity price has gone up 10x you fucking retard. 1 year futures (a prediction of next year) have gone up.
The actual electricity prices have gone up around 50% depending on where you live, which is to be expected with cheap Russian gas not being around anymore.
Source: My electricity bill. If you would like to know more about how much electricity and gas costs at the moment ask your mommy

>> No.51154068
File: 339 KB, 1153x930, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>noting that these companies are state owned
There are a lot of state-owned middlemen that all want their piece of the pie, yes.
Which helps explain why energy prices are so incredibly inflated.
That and rampant corporate profit margins (see pic) and government taxes on fuel (about 50% where I live).

Governments have a massive hand in the oil prices, and it makes sense for them to act on the matter.

>> No.51154133

But did he say anything about removing jews?

>> No.51154204

Haha, this is a business board, you got dunked on

>> No.51154211

Blaming kulaks

>> No.51154215

>no no not THOSE energy companies

>> No.51154222

>hurr durr implementing short term cap on goods and rationing during a global conflict is the same as doing it during a.. fake war in Ukraine and flu

>> No.51154240

Remember how Shell moved its headquarters for tax reasons from Holland to the UK in 2021? Almost like they had advance knowledge or something.

>> No.51154242

That's right. They're middlemen that are somehow required by governments to be there, they don't do anything other than paperwork and cashing in on government money.

Actual oil and gas companies are posting absolute ATH record profits.

>> No.51154259

>fake flu
>fake war
>shut down energy plants
>food processing plants, poisoned rivers, chinks shutting down supply for the same flu everyone is vaxxed against in China
yeah they totally aren’t destroying the global economy, energy and food supply

>> No.51154265

Energy refiners like shell aren't the ones generating electricity in Europe. Setting price caps on electricity producers means they can buy less fuel. Setting caps on refiners means they tell you to fuck off because there's more demand than supply.

>> No.51154269

I know that you are just baiting for replies
But the fact that this is a genuine opinion a significant portion of the population holds honestly pisses me off
You fucking retard. You stupid ass moron. Holy shit.

>> No.51154298
File: 842 KB, 1662x1017, Screenshot_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why germany is so retarded? why germany can't shut the fuck up?

>> No.51154311

Shell is one of the very biggest players in the world and Europe when it comes to gas.
An electricity price cap naturally implies capping/taxing the record profits posted by companies like Shell.

>> No.51154328

>lets force our electricity companies to lose money for each KW they produce

THAT will solve our problems!

>> No.51154342

This. It’s jews projecting their behavior on kulaks

>> No.51154346

That's probably someone who buys russian gas as UNIPER, who is fucked also.

>> No.51154359

then, i'm gonna cap my debts too

>> No.51154369

Because non kosher Germans are not bankrupt yet

>> No.51154380
File: 590 KB, 665x871, belgium national electricity company record profits.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Electricity companies are posting record profits.
Pic is the national electricity company for Belgium, they literally doubled their net profits.

This is exactly why Belgium is one of the main proponents of an EU electricity price cap.

>> No.51154413

That would only be true if Europe were the only market on earth. They'll just not sell to Europe under costs and raise prices in the third world filling you dumb niggers with even more migrants.
Please do it.

>> No.51154424

>That would only be true
What would only be true?

>> No.51154475

It makes Putin and by extension his paid Ivanposters quite angry. These Ivanposters then come to this board to seethe about it in threads like these where it can be seen by all citizens. Mrs Baerbock is not responsible for entertainment, but she is doing an admirable job.

>> No.51154481

It would only be true that they'd be at the whims of European price caps is they couldn't just push the cost off in the rest of the world. Europe isn't in the position to negotiate on energy and everyone knows this.

>> No.51154496

>It would only be true that they'd be at the whims of European price caps
There's no question that they'd be at the whimes of European price caps.
If Europe enacts them, they have to comply.

>> No.51154524

>Joe biden says no hahhahaha get fucked
>Trump said you are dependant and you done nothing hahahahaahah get fucked

mental gymnastic of /pol/tard within /biz/

>> No.51154554

Ok. Go tell your mep to push for this. When Europe collapse in the winter be sure to stay over there. Send the women though.

>> No.51154577

>Europe will collapse if governments finally do something about the massive profits raked in by companies they helped put in monopolistic positions

haha ok lol

>> No.51154635

Trump was absolutely right when he called out Germany for being 60% dependent on Russian gas.
And it's true that Biden absolutely will not abide any kind of rapprochement between Europe and Russia.

>> No.51154651

Not sure why you're trying to convince me. Go do it since you're so sure. Not like we have examples on powerful countries setting price caps on energy and then collapsing to nothing. Not like Europe has a history of retarded energy policies that the world told them would see them shafted that they smugly laughed about. You're all so smart.

>> No.51154652

I see you are already getting roasted on your misrepresentation of the facts, so I'm just going for another angle: You aren't stupid, so you don't trust the state media to report accurately how the "special military operation" is going. So you read about it from independent sources online, right? When you see young recruits of your country being forced to shoot at people they have no conflict with (hell, they might have relatives there) and seeing the senseless destruction your president has brought to the world: What made you take the job of pushing his agenda online? Don't you see that this is wrong? Aren't you a decent man?

>> No.51154665
File: 80 KB, 590x590, Russia-gas-EU-4043653.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Price controls = more supply
Who knew it was that easy?!

>> No.51154767

It's extremely obvious that ordinary citizens are paying record energy prices to fund record energy company profits.
That is a very retarded situation, in large part caused by governments and their retarded policies.
It makes perfect sense for governments to act against this, lest they suffer outright uprisings.

>Not like Europe has a history of retarded energy policies that the world told them would see them shafted that they smugly laughed about.
Are you talking about Trump telling Germany they're retarded for depending so much on Russian gas?

>> No.51154885
File: 665 KB, 1076x1078, 1655909589849.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ordinary citizens should seize the means of production and get rid of the the greedy power company. Then ordinary citizens can run the power plants for the people! Then, those same ordinary citizens can run the power plant finances and make their own deals for nat gas.

>> No.51155043

Not reading that wall of ramble

>> No.51155050

Ordinary citizens should advocate for nuclear instead of communism.

>> No.51155135

You already did, I hope you can find other work that doesn't cost your integrity as a person. All the best, anon.

>> No.51155191

Very much so.

>Ordinary citizens should seize the means of production
They shouldn't but they will if the current situation continues.

>> No.51155432

seething belter lmao

>> No.51155477


liberals always find a way to misdirect

>> No.51155489

its handy that they have record profits since now they will need to invest heavily in new sources of energy to remain competitive

>> No.51155560
File: 40 KB, 225x350, 10827.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

partly true, gas produces only little of eu's electricity

>> No.51155704
File: 26 KB, 640x349, o56n1esmfan71.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Be ordinary citizens
>Be mad about capitalist
>Seize means of production
>No nothing about production because ordinary citizens
>Freeze, starve, die
Yep. Pretty much a speed run of communism.

>> No.51155764

Governments put their people in this mess to begin with. It's up to them to solve it.

>> No.51155788

too bad that pricecaps don't work. why would an energy company sell below it's buying price?? won't work. soon politicians will swing from lanterns

>> No.51155809

>why would an energy company sell below it's buying price?
Energy companies are making record profits, they're selling higher above their buying price than ever before in history.

>> No.51155892

>Russia forces more neighbours into nato for their protection.
>in the diseased mines of vatnicks this means nato is expansionist.
I don't even bother asking how many of them consider themselves uber redpilled /pol/tards yet now they support mongol communists killing white Europeans?

>> No.51155936

Who joined NATO recently?

>> No.51155958


>> No.51155991

It says oil in your cuckolded twitter screencap. The problem is gas. Germany is off Russian oil for months. Zognald once again proven to be a braindead kike moron

>> No.51156034
File: 595 KB, 976x549, _102479176_trump_gas_quotepic-nc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're a retard

>> No.51156072
File: 13 KB, 500x332, topkek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Energy companies are making record profits
This nigga answers every question on Earth with this statement regardless of what was asked.

>> No.51156261

>why would energy companies sell below buying price (if price caps are enforced)

direct rebuttal:
>energy companies have never sold this high above buying price, so a price cap would not make them sell below buying price

Sometimes I forget how so many people on here are just plain stupid.

>> No.51156481

Probably a bot.

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