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Will NA or EU collapse first?

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Your mother's cock will collapse first.

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eu, not a close race at all

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Hopefully the EU.
>t. Native European

But what the fuck anon, North America is a physical place and a geographical area, the "EU" is an artificial political and legal and bureaucratic thing which doesn't actually exist in physical reality.

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EU, if they don't stop following the US into the abyss.

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The North American boomers actually had kids and it is an energy exporter. Meanwhile the European boomers had no kids and import energy. EU is dead.

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NA literally cannot collapse. Europe is a house of cards.

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Europe, price ceiling and shit decisions will annihilate us.
t. spaghettifag

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EU will last until the winter of this year

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>North American boomers actually had kids
so much this

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EU first, USA forever.

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EU, NA controls the reserve currency.

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EU. NA is self-sufficient in most critical resources and has better demographics.

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EU will collapse peacefully and dissolve.
USA will collapse in a catastrophic war and Balkanize violently.

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Europe honestly has the potential to be catastrophic.
I'm actually getting pretty scared about the next few years.

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EU is made of countries with parlamentary powers. Collapse of the union is good as it is in the wrong tracks. Just dont long euros or political jobs in Brussels.
US on otherhand is going to be interesting if the state dies.

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jpy was first, eur is second, usd will be last

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Anon, Oil wells aren't going to suddenly start popping up in Germany if they dissolve the constituent assembly.
The country i live in isn't even in the EU and we have the worst forward looking energy prices on the continent.

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EU will collapse peacefully and dissolve.
I was just thinking about how Europe's history over the last 2000 years is characterized by all those countries just peacefully coexisting even when they aren't forced to by some hegemon.

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EU, what kind of question is that?

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EU collapses 2023
German industry goes bankrupt because of energy inflation destroying their economic models
ECB tries to save the EU by printing infinite money brrr
Euro goes to zero, ECB insolvent, EU is over
screenshot this

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lmao. US has enough power and resources and military might to survive 200 years.

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its basically USSR ver 2.0

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Neither, everything is planned, you will own nothing and be happy

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whichever falls first causes the other to fall regardless
so order matters little

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>yield curve control already started
>energy prices through the roof
that's an easy bet

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Stop it anon I can only get so hard

T. European. Crash it all. A EU without the inflated federal garbage that goes with it is best for us all.

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>The year is 2032
>Some kid asks you what Europe was

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this, but after eu collapses i'm expecting bigger institutions to step in, not smaller ones
e.g. wef/g20 government
that's literally (((their))) plan

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>Will NA or EU collapse first?

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Nothing ever happens

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Wtf putin used to be skinny

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To answer your question, the USA will likely flip to being some kind of dictatorship before being anywhere close to some kind of Yugoslavia-style breakup. Meanwhile, the EU has already been collapsing for the past six years.

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>Oil wells aren't going to suddenly start popping up in Germany if they dissolve the constituent assembly.
It's 1951+71, there are nuclear plants available. You just need to publicly execute all green agenda promoters for treason against the state and the citizens.

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>the USA will likely flip to being some kind of dictatorship
Hasn't it already? I mean, voting by mail is the textbook example of election rigging.
There will be no dictator, though, the corpocracy works best when the system is faceless.

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>the corpocracy works best when the system is faceless
From that perspective we're already there for many years now, though I'd say they're starting to lose their grip with how much unions have been coming back in recent years.

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NA has a while before anything serious happens. EU has six months.
>t. Knower

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Could have just said woman leaders.

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EU only way to reverse is with nuclear energy and its too late at this point due to mass boomer retirement.

Euro boomers fucked the post war golden age so bad it's unreal.

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Those guys are just cultural entropy, the same green shills against nuclear are the ones pushing to ban cash and crypto.

It's the kind of retards that get power in a late stage civilization like caracalla

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