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You have no idea

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Western world is collapsing, time to celebrate

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Europoors stay losing lmao

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some energy analysts I follow are claiming this is literally worse than lehman in 08'. Don't see/know what eventually triggers the waterfall, though. Germany -4% GDP print? German CPI 20+%?

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The end of abundance

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not my problem

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you will never be white
but keep crying if it makes you feel better about that fact :)

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Where to go and hide, anons?
Every country on Earth is turning to shit.
And no I am not going to go hide in the forest, retards.

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guys this is because of how energy prices are calculated: they essentially take the highest price for all types of energy at that point and forward this price to the customer, completely cashing in on any energy they bought for less than the maximum price. usually this system works fine but with the high gas prices it doesnt and energy providers get rich, which explains the call of more and more politicians for some type of extra tax on these massive cash rainfalls for energy providers.

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so how the price is determined is all a scam. I got it! is there anything in this world that's not a fucking scam / illusion ? holy fuck

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boomers had it so nice and still found a way to fuck everything up

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If you're referring to Ben Hunt I don't think you really understand what his meaning was

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ان شاء الله اخي

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soft men make hard times

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Good, accelerate.
People will do NOTHING about ANYTHING while bellies are full and there is entertainment.

No power will put a nice dent in their entertainment. Shame the food shortage front has gone quiet past couple of months.

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well, hard science is the least refutable ive found so far. Or become a pragmatist, thats also fine

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>More taxes will REDUCE the price of energy
Europoors get what they fucking deserve

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It's so easy, just stop sanctioning Russia and Iran, and tell the us to go fuck itself.

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i'm not

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It will get worse. Most EU energy companies have a "stock" of gas (mostly because of political nuances and infrastructure issues). But it will not last until winter...
Honestly, just get used to wearing a coat inside and stockpiling firewood (good luck trying to cook without gas or electricity). When shit get real, EU will withdraw all their support from Ukraine, and proclaim whatever they manage to negotiate with Russia. Who knows, maybe they even send the Americans back home, ending almost 80 years of military occupation...

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Also. I want to drop a bomb that no one talks about.
Norway's petrol reserve is almost depleted, but they "forget" to update their reserves.
I shit you not, if you take a look at Norway's discovered reserves, over the last 40 years, you will see that recently this number stopped going down. But the number of barrels extracted per day DID NOT!
>but they just found more oil
Here is the thing. They don't. I took a look at the Norway petrol surveys, and no new reserve was found in the last few years.
Someone is lying about how much oil they have (maybe they do have that amount, but lie about it early to keep the price high enough to be profitable, who knows)...

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unironically Japan

oh wait, you can't, they're full

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>And no I am not going to go hide in the forest, retards
it's over anon...Agenda2O3O is being implemented on a global scale. We schizos have been warning people for a decade

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>How did it come to this

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Does this mean power companies are making tons of money

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ye they should change the calculation of the maximum price asap

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Macron should be guillotined outside the Paris Mayor's office

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Unironically Thailand or Vietnam

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>Just turn away from the one world government less than 10 years before America becomes unchallenged ruler of the planet, it’ll work our great for you, we promise!
Why do you think this is a good idea?

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Christ is King

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Only if people pay their utilities :^)

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Come to Brazil

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Are you ready to buy xrp and those ISO20022 coins yet?

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I'm all in Bitcoin and Chainlink

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Good. You bitches deserve it for letting America be your pimp.

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This is an instance of stupidity masquerading as malice. Once the yuros actually start to feel the heat from this, the hesitation the fossil fuel industry has sowed about nuclear with decades of fear mongering will evaporate. It will never fully recover, but not even the most incompetent leadership can completely suppress the natural effects of supply and demand.

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Exactly this, Europe made a huge mistake in being fooled by the traditional energy companies to say no to nuclear. Now they are feeling the pain.

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>Once the yuros actually start to feel the heat from this

Or, in this case, feel the cold

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>before America becomes unchallenged ruler of the planet
uhh where you been the last 70 years bucko?

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Just build more nuclear power.

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Crypto will crash
I guarant fucking tea it

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>we were afraid of being called racists, sire

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they can end it any time by removing sanctions against russia.

But it seem they enjoy bleeding the small man to its knee so biden son can keep its high paid job in ukrain.

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the final redpill is that whites deserve to be genocided.

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That's racist.

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>they can end it any time by removing sanctions against russia.
Maybe not even that. The time where Russia acted as good little submissive good goys towards Europe and sold them cheap energy is over. Even if tomorrow Europe wanted i don't think Russia would sell them energy at pre-war prices, as well as more concessions like stop the support for Ukraine....
But we have to always consider the possibility of Putin cucking out.
meme and cope all you want, but the weakness whites not only exude, but even worship, will come around and bite it in the ass. In the end, it is social darwinism, you either fight for survival, or you get outcompeted by those willing to do it.

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Go to some country in Latin America that has a lax tax code and welcomes foreign immigrants. Try to find an area that isn’t too dangerous but isn’t in the tourist areas. Costa Rica isn’t bad.

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That's fair, looking forward to the coming genocide of the semites though

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right here buddy, watching the rubber meet the road time and time again

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Kikes fight for their survival, Israel is a living statement of it. There is no equivalent to a Israel for white people, a white homeland.

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>Europoors stay losing lmao
Whatever it takes for the dumbasses in Europe to rid themselves of the cancer of the world - America, the better.
Let not forget that it was risky american ventures (as per usual) that caused this entire mess in Ukraine.

America, a country by and for the fat losers of the world, and you fit right in, ameripig

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And now whites are fighting for their survival, and a homeland will arise. And with it the extermination of the semites. Internet was the final nail in their coffin as the truth can finally spread faster than their lies

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I am american and I hate modern america

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pam-euro whiteness is a modern American concept, Benjamin Franklin didn’t see German’s as white

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We should all go to Vermont or Maine. Or maybe out west? Maybe northern Idaho or British Colombia?

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cry me a river

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He also said Join or Die. Maybe if he was so intelligent he could have foreseen the pan-european movement as inevitable.

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Pacific Northwest

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Are you already there? Which state is best?

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Washington or Oregon are both kino but are held hostage by the large metropolitan areas, same as any other state I guess. I'd look in to northern Idaho

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no, he didn’t see germans as white and your head cannon doesn’t change that

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>And now whites are fighting for their survival,
By marching by the millions over some drug addicted negro from America? By importing even more non whites into their countries by the year? By making "racism" (i.e. any sort of white ethnoracial manifestation) a crime punishable by law? Whites unironically fight for their own destruction, and the few that try to stem the tide are persecuted literally by whites (and (((whites)))) themselves.
> as the truth can finally spread faster than their lies
Not when the internet is controlled by a few mega corps controlled by anti-whites.
The concept of "white" is modern, yes, because for most of history, until the 16th-17th century, 99.9% of people only ever engaged with people of the same race. So race wasn't something that crossed anyone mind, because everyone was of the same race.
Even before USA existed as a country, Spaniards and Portuguese were colonizing the rest of the continent and dividing themselves by race, because they were living in a environment where multiple races interacted daily (whites, indians, niggers...)
Same thing about modern Europe. Up until the 2000's Europe outside of some places was 99% white, so race was sort of a foreign concept here. But not anymore, because Europe is no longer overwhelmingly white.

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no way germany isn’t infested with russian agents

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>By marching by the millions over some drug addicted negro from America? By importing even more non whites into their countries by the year? By making "racism" (i.e. any sort of white ethnoracial manifestation) a crime punishable by law? Whites unironically fight for their own destruction, and the few that try to stem the tide are persecuted literally by whites (and (((whites)))) themselves.
No doubt jews have had a good run, but as the veils get lifted more, more whites are taking the opposite stance. The types of white to march for Floyd for facebook points won't also pick up a rifle to stifle a rebellion at a capital

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Idaho. OR, WA, and BC are all beautiful but the handful of coastal cities fuck everything up for anyone who isn't an urbanite bugman.

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Nobody cares what some old fart thought about Germans. America considered Germans as white, because USA had a explicitly white only citizenship policy, and Germans received citizenship from the get go.

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italians spaniards and germans aren’t white

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Irish weren’t even considered white until the 20th century, your id pol is fucking retarded

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These retards getting poorer makes me relatively richer. Thanks Merkel retard

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I've been hearing that from 2012-2016, and after that the circumstances for us have only been declining. And declining really fast. Maybe whites will finally wake up one day, but i wouldn't bet on it. We are far too domesticated, far too old, far too cucked to do anything on a societal level.
Just replace germans with whatever white group you want to claim isn't white

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>just rewrite history bro
>just engage in identity politics with no basis in reality bro
>just test Europe as a homogenous mass bro

kys, Europe doesn’t share your muttmerican concept of race

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>Maybe whites will finally wake up one day, but i wouldn't bet on it. We are far too domesticated, far too old, far too cucked to do anything on a societal level.
I know I wouldn't want you in any revolutionary group of mine

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You also don't understand muttmerican concepts of freedom of speech but that's okay

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European governments slept for a whole 2 decades and expected globalisation to solve all their needs

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>>just rewrite history bro
America had a white only citizenship policy. Can you show me instances of citizenship being denied to these groups on the basis of race? Of course you can't. Because it didn't happen. It did happen to niggers, to Indians, to natives.... but not to any of these white groups.
>kys, Europe doesn’t share your muttmerican concept of race
Of course it does. Can you show me how it doesn't? Europeans marching over Floyd isn't proof enough?
I'm European btw

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Stay out of eastern oregon. We don’t like niggers.

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The fact that the example you give me happened 8 years ago, and never even had any sort of explicitly pro-white messaging says alot about the state. You can cope all you want, but it wont change reality.

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That's fine my statement still stands

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Why don't europeans buy oil from Iran? Iran only hates americans and jews. surely american and jews do not rule europe.

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They will cuck to russia for cheap energy. Thats my guess anyways

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Maybe the EU will be forced to strike a deal and Ukraine will forced to accept whatever terms, but I honestly doubt it, either way we are fucked

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>Guys this is totally due to this and that, the fact that energy prices were never this high in 50 years really shows why we need to tax these greedy corporations more so that prices can get cheaper you guyse!!!
The average eurocuck ladies and gentlemen

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>just engage in identity politics with no basis in reality bro

Why not? the latin races formed a successful political union on similarly shaky ground.

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Habibi! Come to Dubai

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>gas + electricity bill for the month came in
>Last month: £60
>This month: £240
What the FUCK. And it's not even cold outside yet.

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just eat takeout at nandos

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i think it’s too late to talk it through

>> No.51128526

I was too young to enjoy the Big Mac priced Greek ladies, but now I can't wait for my next trip to Europe :)

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Indeed. And the krauts are going to shut down two out of three of their last three nuke plants in the middle of December.


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I come from a rich family in India (top 1% I think) I was in US for 1.5years and have valid visa to continue being there if I wanted to. Anyhow, my family has made me realize that I would have a much better life here in India as we are rich and everything is so damn expensive in the US.

Here are the pros of living in India over US (as a rich person):

Everything is nearby. Grocery stores, restaurants, street food, cafes are in walking distance from home and office
2 wheelers are common, no hassle of having and maintaining a car
Labor is cheap, so you can easily hire a maid, cook, driver, nanny, secretary and what not. It's impossible to have such facilities in US even if you have a high paying job by US standards.
For 90%+ of issues; you can just bribe someone and get out of trouble
Everything is relatively much much cheaper, so your money goes a long way.
You don't have to worry about exuberant delivery charges.
Less chances of issues with wife over household work (as we don't have to do it)
In case of any national level issues such as economy collapse, political instability, terrorism from Pakistan - chances of easy migration to canada or another country with liberal migration policies.

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Good. Stay there you corrupt dothead motherfucker.

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the US is to get rich, not to live as rich

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> top 1% richest in India
> flees the US to avoid uber eats delivery charge
Superpower 2020

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It's just the beginning
T. Electrician

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I only need one year of stability more. PLEASE I BEG YOU, let me save one more year so I have my home in the rural set up and yeet off from normie world. I'm so fucking close to making it, don't take this off me.

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Best of luck to you bro. All of us plebs are in the same boat, that is sinking.

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Most western nations won't survive this century, all that secular rationalism has achieved, is to persuade us that life is not worth living. Infact we are on the verge of great extinction of the peoples in which 90% of the world's six thousand languages will disappear within next century century or two, including most of the nations of Western Europe, what has destroyed us, is a loss of faith, and a loss of the culture that used to sustain faith. Human beings cannot stand their own mortality without the hope of immortality.

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Norgay has plenty - but the interns playing politicians thinks manbearpig will kill their sex slaves if they don’t fuck it all up.

>> No.51129251

>Grocery stores, restaurants, street food, cafes
do they have amazon prime

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moNEGRO - token not needed
use CoinJoin, chud
>reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee links to falsehoods and FUD placed on a WEB PAGE which proves them right

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May Allah destroy them. I sold my Euro ETF during the fake pump.

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Just going to leave this here


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Reminder that the Nord stream 2 pipeline is finished since early 2022, and fully operational. Reminder that the western "elite" are not opening it, in order to sabotage europe.

>> No.51129898

>they can end it any time by removing sanctions against russia.
This. they really take the europeans for idiots.

>> No.51129906

>implying this is hard times
>implying this generation will be hard men

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Contract address?

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People will revolt.
Politicians will leave office or get voted out.
The new politicians will make everything better.
If you don’t need the money for another 10-years, now is an excellent time to invest.

>> No.51130003

>almost free in early 2020
>now no one can afford it
How do these things just NATURALLY keep happening.
Capitalism is to blame.

>> No.51130018

So how did prices rise by 1200% when Russian imports only accounted for 20%. Explain to me like i'm 12

>> No.51130044

lol, I hope the EU tries to fix energy prices

>> No.51130045

Argentina. Join your huwhite brothers

>> No.51130070

It'll kick in. The dominos are still falling into place. The effects of expensive fertilizer, international supply chain collapse, and malicious policy against farmers will have a delayed supply shock. The worst is yet to come.

>> No.51130082

How do I profit from this?

>> No.51130108

The US won already broseph. I can hate them all I want but I respect strength when I see it.

>> No.51130359

Goddammit Carlos

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>> No.51130488


>> No.51130550

>Most EU energy companies have a "stock" of gas
Open the nord stream 2.

>> No.51130657

As if your country isn’t kiked, good job not focusing on the real problem and doing what (((they))) want

>> No.51130660

and that's a good thing!

>> No.51130666

It's worth it for Ukraine to be able to join NATO.

>> No.51130677

Is it too late to join the Mujahideen

>> No.51131413

I’m in. Addy?

>> No.51131468

Bring back horse and buggies unironically

>> No.51131560

Inelastic demand: https://www.investopedia.com/ask/answers/012915/what-difference-between-inelasticity-and-elasticity-demand.asp

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this but a glimpse of the third world experience get comfortable

>> No.51131620

How many megawatts of energy do I need for a harem of Euro gfs?

>> No.51131861

This is a good thing. Mainland Europeans are Americans without the soul. Who cares what happens to Europeans?

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>switch to wind and solar because it's clean energy (and shut down nuclear too because your lobbyists aren't profiting from it)
>import dirty energy from russia anyway, negating any positive environmental effect of shutting down your own industry
When will yuros learn?

>> No.51132385

Yeah it's called a pay-as-clear market
Demand is high and energy suppliers will keep selling higher and higher as long as someone keeps paying more, it's now highly profitable to have more power producing infrastructure but first you need to invest in infrastructure and that takes time, this is if they think that it's not a risky investment due to the highly volatile situation, if the EU strikes a deal with Russia then investors are on a potential loss, not only that but because the energy crisis is set to get worst and last years it creates a cycle where material prices for infrastructure will get higher because of the higher energy costs and also due to the regulations that limit non-renewable forms of energy production meaning that short term you are left with installing wind turbines and solar panels and that cut it for the winter, specially at higher latitudes.
Meanwhile companies are filling their pockets and the incentive is more to buy politicians than do something about it. Not only that but many people have infiltrated to be key politicians and only work to fulfill of some group's agenda.

>> No.51132485

That's the spirit, most likely you will still have better conditions than 99% of the persons that ever lived
And as bad as it gets most people will still manage to get the essentials, maybe a little cold and less fat but that's fine

>> No.51132502

End of abundance for the normal citizen
Macron and his family and friends will continue to live in their heated mansions, paid for by the tax payers.

>> No.51132512

yeah, they wanted to tax power plants because of this here, but they struck a deal with the energy companies that would get rid of that tax and instead the energy producers would cap the max price at around 61 eur/MWh till 2024

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File: 8 KB, 413x131, Screenshot 2022-08-26 at 20-52-28 _biz_ - WHY THE FUCK DID I BUY THIS SHIT - Business & Finance - 4chan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Eyyyy Carloooooossss

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Archived the post just in case
>eth under 1500
>BTC under 20k
Just in case.

>> No.51132704

Cope harder loser.

>> No.51132726

You're not wrong but imagine simping for europe.

>> No.51132737

>This is an instance of stupidity masquerading as malice.
Only a retard fails to see that it's the exact opposite

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File: 874 KB, 2347x1272, organic meme.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

uh oh, something got mixed back in the shill squad

>> No.51132777

>He hasn't figured out that Monero is king of the dark net markets in the current year

>> No.51132792

The US is for freedom. GTFO.

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>> No.51132870

Spain has low electricity thanks to being disconnected from the rest of Europe and getting their gas from Argelia. Also cheap food and rent compared to rest of Europe.

>> No.51132954

checked and chuckled

>> No.51133014

So if i'm reading this right, energy suppliers know they can basically charge whatever they want knowing Governments are forced to pay regardless?

>> No.51133017

> we have an energy shortage, time to punish the producers of energy

>> No.51133023

>The US is for freedom.
Do you also believe in the Great Pumpkin and Santa Claus?

>> No.51133053

The Marshall plan was a mistake

>> No.51133074

Pretty much, the demand is there regardless of the price

>> No.51133328

Get ready to die for Ukraine
"energy die"
filter by last week
The media is starting to run these articles
It's finally happening, take a last deep breath and prepare to sink

>"It is going to be truly, truly horrific for a large number of people," Keith Anderson, CEO of Scottish Power told STV, a Scottish TV station, on Monday, referring to the price increases.
>"This is bigger than the pandemic. It's a big national crisis," he added.

>"10,000 people die every year in the UK directly because of a cold home. That number is going to skyrocket," Mr Scorer said.
>Mr Scorer warned the new price rise was a "disaster" that could plunge 9 million households into fuel poverty, which occurs when a household spends more than 10 per cent of its income on power bills.

>People will die this winter because of the energy price cap rise, Martin Lewis has said.
>“If we do not get further government intervention on top of what was announced in May, lives will be lost this winter.”

>> No.51133495

polcels predicted 15 of the last 0 EU collapses

imagine thinking a block of developed nations with 12 times the russian GDP will be a loser in an economic war in any way, shape or form

>> No.51133511

>50 rubbles were wired to your account

>> No.51133600

What are you doing to prepare bros?

>Stockpiled 3 months of food, aiming to double it
>Energyefficiencymaxxed appliances
>Quality camping setup with gas stoves
>New shed for firewood

I know I'm fucked anyway but I'd like to last a few months longer without suffering as much.

>> No.51133639

>muh gdp
fake and gay
>imagine thinking a block of developed nations with 12 times the russian GDP will be a loser in an economic war in any way, shape or form
imagine not seeing writing on the wall
you will see when the wall falls on top of your head

>50 days of cold showers were deposited on your head

>> No.51133663

Reserves are just vague guesses, based on nothing much, can't go by that

>> No.51133718

Isn't it what they want? Too many "useless eaters"?

>> No.51133738
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>trump warns the germans about becoming dependent on russian oil
>germans are seen laughing at him
>now germany is literally fucking dying because exactly what he warned could happen did happen

>> No.51133766

>Oy vey, it's too expensive to have a proper energy policy using nuclear technology
>Let's just tie ourselves directly to one major fossil fuel energy source instead that even Trump criticized us for

KYS. America warned you niggers.

>> No.51133873

They are not wrong
I say fuck it at this point
Bring it on pussies
Fuck drumpf
Fuck the walking corpse of Biden
Fuck america

>> No.51133886

Northeast China, Mongolia, Siberia, Hokkaido. Climatically, the great lakes region is one of the best places to be but North America will almost certainly be a land of bloody civil wars.

>> No.51133892

>Europeans freezing and dying over the winter will affect Americans.

LMAO just get a few blankets faggot.

>> No.51133900

at what point will the people stop paying?

>> No.51133909

Wow that's cute

>> No.51133959
File: 252 KB, 693x605, dmitry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The issue is that Putin doesn't have long left, He's the only faggot that wants good relations with Europe.
If he steps down or is killed, literally every single other politician in Russia will HURT Europe. Most of them fucking DESPISE the west.

And those are the moderate ones, if any of the extremist Russian's get into power, there's nukes in London TOMMOROW

Lavrov and his posse will never forgive Europe for the humiliation he had to face

>> No.51134009
File: 144 KB, 1800x820, Uranium_Reserves.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Muh nuclear energy
Unless Europeans are willing to pay a premium to import Uranium from Canada or mine it themselves, they're stuck in the same problem that they were before.

Europe is a fucking shit continent for actually extracting any resources

>> No.51134029

Don't forget that many people have loans, (((banks))) will just collect and people will own nothing

>> No.51134095

You dense motherfucker the energy companies CONTROL the SUPPLY
They've done it before and they will continue to artificially keep the supply down on a necessity so that WE PAY MORE

>> No.51134160

There are actual "people" on /biz/ who trade based on news like this and not based on TA lmfao.

>> No.51134204

I think I speak for everyone when I say "fuck Europe"

>> No.51134207

Imagine how much money European cou tries could save if one or two of them were just like, "yeah fuck niggers, no more tax payers' money for immigrants and poor retards, instead all of that money will be used for securing new domestic energy production, homeless niggers can leave" I would invest in that country asap.

>> No.51134356

>play right into Putin's hands
>trust me it'll work great guys!

>> No.51134400
File: 269 KB, 1440x1080, 1657169079515.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Friends of the world, cooler heads need to prevail if we don't want to continue the endless (and ultimately needless) cycle of pain and suffering. We have all the technology, wisdom and ability to truly create a "pragmatopia" on this planet, weren't it for what historian and anthropologist Riane Eisler termed the "Dominator Model" of society, wherein the excessive worship of the "warrior" archetype and "might makes right" meme are enforced and seen as the way to interact with one another.

We have so much in common and any differences or animosities are mainly the cause of the crudeness of language (nevermind translating between different languages) as well as trauma incurred during our lives which we never resolved and continue to subconsciously or otherwise blame outwardly on "the other".

Indeed, we would do well to try as we can to make those near and dear to us aware of the needlessly dire situation we find ourselves in, created by a select group of psychopaths who as some might put it "made a pact with the devil" for mere power and material wealth.

Ultimately, we all have much more influence over this world through our actions than we care to admit and it is only through the ancient fear of the unknown and the luxury of apathy if we find ourselves in material comfort, that we do not exercise our abilities to bring about change. I suggest all to look within themselves and see the child they once were and how bright, mysterious and full of wonder the world truly is. Traumatized as we all might be, cynical apathy is not the answer and we all can say "we are not going to take this anymore" and together forge a world beautiful beyond our imagination. This is not merely a hypothesis, but a truth just beyond the horizon. Will shapes fate.

All the best and, as it were, Godspeed

>> No.51134402

Sounds like the EU won't have much to lose then and it's all because of Russia. If everything is going to go to shit why not take Russia with them? Let me guess, you're going to cope with:

>Russia army strong no way the EU could destroy Russia EVER noooo

Is it though? Looking at how they're doing in Ukraine what do you think is going to happen if the EU actually joins the war? If Russia is struggling this hard with Ukraine alone what do you think Ukraine+EU/NATO is going to look like?

>> No.51134413
File: 11 KB, 413x243, soyboy 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.51134429

Nigga thats like 5k pages give us a tldr
Well i read the first 3 pages but my brain cant focus any longer
And yes, its over. We saved boomers lifes by locking down the whole world and now they rug us to enjoy their last 20 years we should just slaughter them all

>> No.51134608

Thanks anon, great reading so far.

Money printing can't stop impending economic collapse from lack of resources is my take away so far

>> No.51134812

>poor people will die

good. cheaper housing because less people.

why would I be sad?

>> No.51134877

South America after getting rich is freedom. You would never know

>> No.51135028

>ان شاء الله اخي
ٱلْحَمْدُ لِلَّٰهِ

>> No.51135220
File: 128 KB, 800x971, Gilbert_Stuart_Williamstown_Portrait_of_George_Washington.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey fuck you buddy.

>> No.51135356
File: 26 KB, 680x680, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.51135405

CNBC debunked this in 2018. Russian oil only supplies a mere 20% of Germany's energy needs. Any increase in electricity prices beyond 20% is pure price gouging and can be fixed with price controls.

>> No.51135408

They laughed when Trump warned them about relying on Russia kek. Eufags have this coming.

>> No.51135425

>have the most clean and ample source of cheap energy available by today's technology
>shuts down half of it for who the fuck knows why, probably talmudic reasons
Kek they get what they fucking deserve

>> No.51135557

>what do you think Ukraine+EU/NATO is going to look like?
every even remotely white civilization on the planet a pile of smoldering ruins

>> No.51135585

>AAAAAA the the Bogdanoffs are pulling the strings from beyond the veil!
This is literally just incompetence from ideologically dogmatic leadership.

>> No.51135629

>CNBC debunked this in 2018.

CNBC has never debunked anything, ever, goy.

>Russian oil only supplies a mere 20% of Germany's energy needs.


>Any increase in electricity prices beyond 20% is pure price gouging and can be fixed with price controls.

yeah because price controls famously work so well. fuck off

>> No.51135641

> remove 20% of supply
> prices must increase exactly 20%
Good stuff anon, that’s exactly how it works! I knew coming to the famous 4channel board for business and finance would be a great idea, I’m already learning so much about math and economics!

>> No.51135706

The nuclear renaissance that’s going to come of this is going to be biblical, fortunes will be made of anyone who owns the right property in the right places. Soon countries will be paying any price for high yield uranium mines to secure their future supply

>> No.51135744
File: 906 KB, 720x720, doom_paul_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Damn, RIP yurobros. You were fags, but didn't deserve to be done this dirty.

>> No.51135762


>> No.51136505
File: 586 KB, 952x1024, average-day-ahead-market-952x1024.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Just build more nuclear power.
France has 56 nuclear reactors yet the average electric bill for a french citizen is the same as German. Also with the droughts(which will only get worse) they are having trouble cooling the nuclear power stations. The world is fucked until we solve nuclear fusion.

>> No.51136520

It's called surplus profit. Read theory.

>> No.51136536

I’m not really using electricity anyway, so who cares

>> No.51136543
File: 329 KB, 500x775, 607E88F7-16B4-4F39-92BC-315AA5104873.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.51136545
File: 177 KB, 2056x722, germany vs france energy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

France is almost 20% gas as well. Also, the economies are interconnected; even France was 100% nuclear, Germany facing skyrocketing gas prices would mean that their domesticate production and export costs would go through the roof, and said prices would still be passed on to France in various other forms. It's amazing how many greentarded people there are that can't recognize the fundamental truth that almost the entire reason for the prosperity of the modern world is that it's leveraged on 95% of labor being performed by machines running on non-human power. Environmentalists are the most psychotically apocalyptic religious fanatics in world history.

>> No.51136547

>getting worried near the top

buy high sell low

>> No.51136558
File: 2.33 MB, 1324x1668, 1651741553491.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Putin shills are in full force.
Here's some advice from an commie state: Europe will face some difficult times for the next 2 years, then will come back stronger.
Meanwhile, Vatnikostan will continue being a shithole and will collapse and balkanize again (just like 30 years ago)
Europe will be fine.

Stack BTC, stack ETH, stack your shitcoin of choice and don't forget to laugh at coping and seething vatniggers. Even during this ApOcAlYpSe the average Europoor will live a much better life then the average R*ssian.

>> No.51136572

America is everbody's pimp nigger

>> No.51136586

israel is solely sustained from american taxpayer money you retarded subhuman, if america goes down (it will) israel will be finally annihilated by the surrounding arab states

>> No.51136632

Wouldnt low supply raise the price of cheap power, too, in absence of marginal pricing?

>> No.51136680

It is well known in Norway that oil production has peaked. Now it's mainly gas.
t. Norwegian

>> No.51136698

Too close to China

>> No.51136712

Find a country that doesnt rely completely on imported energy for its energy needs

>> No.51136768

when and what were those predictions, dumbfucks?

>> No.51136800

I'm not dying for gay sex in Ukraine and my political officials fuck ups.

>> No.51136818

France will be producing at capacity in winter when it really matters. Still won't be near enough, but it's something.
The prices are all similar across several countries because they all have large interconnections and power purchase agreements.
Fusion is a pipe dream. Fission works right now at scale. Stop grasping for next tech to solve problems. We have everything we need to create long term stable abundance. It's just that the current cultures of the world are too chicken shit to do it.

>> No.51137095

>they are having trouble cooling the nuclear power stations. The world is fucked until we solve nuclear fusion.
Ah yes because fusion is so cold lol

>> No.51138046
File: 74 KB, 745x592, 1624477254511.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

putinshills are shilling against nuclear not wasting time on the gas fud.

Which is real i may add because the pipelines can't be reversed easily, all the cope abaout us natural gas is just that cope.

Monke has the eu by the balls and the usa has the eu by the balls which means the eu will have two different forces pushing their balls to the opposite sides until they are crushed.

It's really bad, really really bad, as a lover of history i am starting to wonder if chernobyl was literally a soviet inside job attempt to denuclearize western europe.

All the pipelines lead to russia and they can't be reversed easily, i think the eu wanted to make most pipelines reversible some years ago not sure if they actually made it, the fact that nations like hungary are sucking so much vatnik cock is not a good signal on that regards.

What i find worrysome at most is that the rusky pumping capacity will go down due to sanctios and the eu will go down due to lack of energy

But both sides best strategy is to larp that they don't care which will make things worse.

>> No.51138072


Can someone who actually knows about economics answer me this because reddit goes into some autistic rage whenever I bring it up,

The only way to deal with this is either (a) do nothing but pretend you're giving some handouts to keep the proles happy, or (b) print a lot of money and either hand it out as a direct stimulus or pay a means tested percentage of everyones energy bills.

If every time there is a major crisis Governments increase their debt why are we even pretending that any debt will be paid off? No western country will ever get their national debt to a lower point than it is now. Have we all agreed that in 2100 we switch to new currencies or something?

>> No.51138085
File: 169 KB, 720x720, 1628981905146.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes fission works but only when it's mass produced like france did in the 60s and 70s.

The problem is that politicians are retards, for example the apollo program machinery like the command module had more capabilities than the space shuttle and was cheaper.

Literally the tech for going to the moon was cheaper than the fucking space shuttle but the problem was that the apollo tech was not reusable so it needed a constant demand so providers were able to survive so it needed mass production.

The shuttle only needed mass ammount of shekels of maintance but not constant orders.

The entire nuclear industry has this problem, if politicians were to built 60, 4th generaton reactors it would probably be cheaper than expected due to economies of scale.

Instead they will use 7 different techs because they are fucking imbeciles, the fact that we don't have shit like thorium reactors despite people like edward teller telling to invest in that more than half a century ago says a lot.

We built reactors that were literally prototypes in the west and improved those a lot and when we finally had the ones that could be mass produced and were safer we abandoned the whole thing.

Only china is building those and they were literally developed in places like leafland that never built them.

>> No.51138115

>If every time there is a major crisis Governments increase their debt why are we even pretending that any debt will be paid off?

Because in europe they force pension funds to buy bonds that give return below inflation.

So eurocucks are literally paying to lose money when they pay their pensions i am not making this shit up.

The whole welfare state system either vatnik nazbol shit or eurocuck keynsian meme welfarestatism is a massive scam.

The next year inflation in europe will literally rugpull boomer pensions, because all the money they save for retirement will be worth shit.

Tough at this point with milennials owning nothing it's literally the best option since this one at least will force boomers to sell assets and move wealth to the youth.

The only way to deal with this is either (a) do nothing but pretend you're giving some handouts to keep the proles happy, or (b) print a lot of money and either hand it out as a direct stimulus or pay a means tested percentage of everyones energy bills.

This won't work at all, sure you can give gibs for energy but that won't make energy magically appear you are talking about what venezuela did before collapsing, oil and energy was literally free but there were daily blackouts and 400 meters lines at oil stations.

The problem is that the whole post 1971 system is based on larping for the most part the inflation down, one of the funny reasons they stoped building nuclear power in the 80s is because despite more efficient reactors appearing everything was going overbudget.

The reason for this is because after bretton woods fell so did the capacity to accumulate capital so the base layer of industry like energy, and goods like steel was bottlenecked in the west.

This is why the 1971-2022 was all about alrping inflation down by fucking cpi index or their other national equivalents down by removing stuff like housing.

The era of larping is over

>> No.51138116

Nuclear power will kill humanity. There is no safe, long-term nuclear waste disposal solution.

>> No.51138122

Yes Hans! More tax money to fund the government importing 3rd world shitskins! Ethnic replacement of sll Europeans will absolutely bring down the price of power.

>> No.51138134

have they considered burning third world immigrants as fuel?

>> No.51138145


>> No.51138154

Hello fellow frenchmen

>> No.51138180

literally nobody on the continent beside 10 butthurt poles is willing to kill themselves over some slavic shithole known only for exporting their women

>> No.51138189

Nuclear power was ended by regulators alone. After the NRC was established, not a single new reactor was started and finished
From fucking 73 to today, not a single one

In the USA at least, dunno about other places

>> No.51138199

Which is a good thing. There's no safe long-term nuclear waste disposal solution.

>> No.51138221



The 150iq brains on Reddit say that debt is a good thing and that a Government should have a certain amount of debt on the books as part of it's normal operations. They also say that there is a difference between fiscal and financial and you shouldn't be budgeting to reduce Government debt to 0 but at the same time it seems that the ability to endlessly inflate a currency means that the currency stops being a measure of actual value and starts being a measure of political value.

In terms of option b I'm talking specifically about Sunak/Truss policy in the UK. She's on about cutting VAT to 15% but the only meaningful way to combat the crisis would be to pay effectively 90% of everyones energy bills if they were earning less than say 25K pa

>> No.51138226

now that would be something
actual proof that democracy failed as badly as monarchy

>> No.51138228

If it's still radioactive, it can still provide power, the rest just needs to be buried in a desert

>> No.51138246
File: 98 KB, 1200x996, 1650680382073.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the fuel is literally reusable and the whole waste meme is insane most plants literally store it in place due to leftist retardation not wanting to use the storage places designed for it.

also i know the source may not be neutral but read this


the whole waste can be recycled same as lithium batteries can be recycled.

The thing is that the 60s and 70s nuclear startup was an apollo tier project done by multiple nations.

The retards now want to spend 7 billions and think that's a lot.

The fucking f35 plane has cost 12 times more than the apollo program inflation adjusted for fucks sake literally 1.7 trillion usd.

China is selling this one for 8 billions


that's 212 reactors for the cost of the f35 plane program

And that's assuming you don't get economies of scale which you would get by using a single design, you are talking of perhaps 300 reactors for the cost of the f35 kek.

It's fucking insane how insane our societies have become, you could probably need 800 reactors to power the usa.

The usa is spending 1.7 trillion in the f35 and spent 4.5 trillion on corona gibs.

You are talking about 2.7 to 3.5 trillions to run the entire country on nuclear energy, the numbers are not as insane as green peace wants to make people believe in fact they are absurdly low giving that we are talking about an entire country running on nuclear energy.

>> No.51138304

Kek you are talking about more than 90% increase in energy bills it's apocalyptic for europe probably 400% increase if you are lucky we have not even reached the level were nations start to scam each other as they did stealing masks when coronameme started.

As for policy you are asking the wrong question, the western nations since 1971 have not invested almost anything in building shit, the entire west is running on existing momentum, neither gibs or tax cuts will fix the fact that there is a massive hole in energy production that will also impact food production and transportation costs and move the entire chain.

The fact that the europeans are talking about giving 15% reduction in taxes or a few gibs in money to the poor shows how fucked up things truly are.

The current generation of progressive neokeynsian leaders either if they are neolib progressives or conservative neokeynsians seems to be only viewing the world in monetary terms.

Money won't fix a serious problem in societies having a massive energy production problem, only long term investments will but the world is inverted now, the cocksuckers first world leftits that want more government support descentralization in stuff like energy with solar and wind but openly attack any centralized solution with economies of scale like gas, nuclear and even hydro.

The conservatives that want descentralization on the economy openly support nuclear which is a centralized tech that would need more government spending.

The entire western world has a serious mental problem and it's showing in it's political choices everything has inverted.

There are reasons why we use economies of scale you can get more water on a pipeline than if you buy it at the supermarket but descentralization also is good on stuff like finance to keep fees low.

Keynes and Hayek were friends and talked about a lot of stuff meanwhile you can't talk about building a nuclear plant now without being called satan now.

>> No.51138333
File: 1.69 MB, 1920x1080, 1620295492866.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The usa also stoped going to the moon close to that, that's because of


not of regulators, basically they started to go overbudget on everything because after 1971 capital accumulation costs started to rise every year.

So things like new production of steel, concrete oil refining or any base material peaked.

This was hiden by importing deflation from china which they accepted because they needed food from the global system anyway.

The era of deflation importing is ending fast as fuck and the retards in power have not realized this.

There are some signals of the us leadership waking up to this but europe appears to be braindead and without anybody at the controls.

>> No.51138338

Nail on the head. Our societies are terminally retarded.

>> No.51138349
File: 75 KB, 640x742, 1661670872988105.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Great website OP. GDP is directly corellated with energy outputs. Almost makes you think this whole euro energy crisis was manufactured

>> No.51138413

Perhaps that's part of it, but proposed reactors drive companies into bankruptcy before the first bit of concrete is poured due to a decade long permit process, it's a different situation

Going to the moon stopped because the shuttle had like 1/8th the payload of a Saturn V, and a heavy upper stage means stuck in LEO.... just physics

>> No.51138451
File: 4 KB, 173x200, 1603001277135.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is an interesting part

>Creating incremental monetary ‘claims’ on the economy doesn’t increase material wherewithal, any more than printing a lot more hat-checks can create more hats when checks are presented at the end of a function.

He is right but he is ignoring that this all goes back to 1971 for a reason.

He is pointing this as a ecological resource problem ignoring that it's a monetary problem, the usa for exampled even mined most of the rare metals in the world and now it's only china.

There is a reason why resource extraction collapsed in western nations post 1971 you need to accumulate capital to invest in new extraction and refining.

Since 1971 companies earn more money but if they wanted to invest in increasing production the inflation they would experience would be far higher than the official cpis, they would overbudget every time because after 1971 we moved to a larp monetary system that is larping inflation down to keep the financial system going up.

At the same time they have used interest rate policies to keep the economy going with the same production than in 1971 with far more people by slowing it and increasing it to prevent inflation as the money bid for the same quanity of goods and in some cases even lower than in 1971.

He think it's an enviromental problem ignoring the monetary cause of the whole thing, tough at this point with so many knowledge lost in the west after 1971 it may even be a resource problem since you will lack the knowhow to restart the whole thing without mass inflation as you lack the people with the skills to do a lot of stuff at this point.

>> No.51138500

>Perhaps that's part of it, but proposed reactors drive companies into bankruptcy before the first bit of concrete is poured due to a decade long permit process, it's a different situation

That's because since 1971 inflation has been larped you can have 10% inflation on concrete and steel or anything needed to expand production but the cpi said 2% for 50 years.

>Going to the moon stopped because the shuttle had like 1/8th the payload of a Saturn V, and a heavy upper stage means stuck in LEO.... just physics

You miss the point after 1971 the whole west moved away from economies of scale to efficiency because we are living using the same resourced than we did in 1971 but with way more people.

The usa is literally refining the same ammount of oil than in 1971 maybe they built a few refineries in the 90s and one or two in the 2000s but 97% of the capability is before bretton woods fell for a reason.

btw look at this article of 2005 pointing that since around the time bretton woods fell 0 new refineries were built kek


i just found it trying to found another to show you.

>> No.51138583

>cheaper housing because less people
they'll just fill up the houses with immigrants.

>> No.51138759

thats only for perfectly elastic goods
electricity is inelastic

>> No.51138960
File: 275 KB, 811x501, you have no idea how bad it really is.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.51138984
File: 112 KB, 349x307, RUSSIA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

great posts

>> No.51139028

>didn't cross anyone's mind
This is based and fits E.M. Jones categories of the mind argument. At first I thought it was bullshit but the more I pondered it, the more it made sense. Granted this is /biz so this probably should be moved to /pol. JANNIE Come come!

>> No.51139369

2 more weeks!

>> No.51140665

>forward year chart
haha speculative mania never corrects you guys are totally right
germany will just simply collapse instead of piping in dirty energy
it's THAT easy!

>> No.51140753

I always see retards like you blaming the victim. The greatest crime of the "white" is to be too good natured and trusting. To create times SO good that they became far too weak to resist to forces of decay and destruction. That weakness was taken advantage of and you blame those who are being attacked, rather than the psychopaths doing the attacking.
You'd probably blame a child for some pedo raping them too.

>> No.51140791

>instead of piping in dirty energy
they haven't yet and people are already paying 5x bills on their electricity as of september and november
so the question is if or when they will capitulate and suck the putin cock to prevent their economy from collapsing

>> No.51140885

>we cant even afford power!
>whatever it takes to rid us of america! Ha take that!
Cope seethe and dilate eurocuck

>> No.51141202

>Europe is a fucking shit continent for actually extracting any resources
They extract taxes just fine tho

>> No.51141209

Uranium mining is such a small part of the value chain and so logistically efficient your criticism makes no sense, you can easily switch suppliers and you can ship them in fucking shipping containers instead of being bottlenecked by LNG terminals. You can also stockpile them for years. You're letting pure semantics of complete self-sufficiency get in the way of pragmatism.

>> No.51141214

High energy prices will just force Europe to transition to green energy. Europe will be a world superpower in 20 years since they will have basically free energy from all the solar, wind, and nuclear that they are building now.

>> No.51141254

We could just pour all our waste in the middle of Antarctica for a thousand years and nothing bad would happen. You got meme'd into thinking nuclear waste is a big deal. It's not. Nuclear fuel is one million times more energy dense than coal. The waste volume is insignificant, easily handled, and easily made inert by vitrification in concrete. Contrast with all other fuels which just vomit their waste all over the goddamn place because there's so much of it that keeping track of it all would be more expensive than mining and refining it in the first place. Tens of thousands of people a year die from coal related illnesses, and zero from nuclear energy. It's safe. Stop being retarded.

>> No.51141255

THIS. Just watch and learn.

>> No.51141290

>imagine thinking a block of developed nations with 12 times the russian GDP will be a loser in an economic war in any way, shape or form
cant into heating. just imagine

>> No.51141320

>t. post financed by gazprom

>> No.51141323

>economic war
Can't print energy bro.

>> No.51141348
File: 2.59 MB, 2456x1107, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Europe doesn’t share your muttmerican concept of race

>> No.51141384

getting raped on purpose to become stronger? i am not sure

>> No.51141394
File: 314 KB, 1024x676, 1660690941369918.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>pay a premium to import Uranium from Canada
oh no! 50 cents/ton in shipping!?! but... each of these yellowcake drums is only enough energy to replace 55,000 barrels of oil or 380,000kg of coal!!!
lmao you have no idea what you're talking about

>> No.51141435
File: 3 KB, 264x219, please-continue.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what's with all this fag ass r*dditspacing

>> No.51141546
File: 73 KB, 731x592, 1655183695064.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sorry it's just that posting so much real info on the retardation of our current civilization pisses me off anon.

It makes my blood boil to know that the corona gibs spending would be enough to power the usa for an entire century with nuclear energy.

Human civilization is in total decay and the boomers that caused this are still celebrating everything that they destroyed as a triumph in human rights, you can see documentaries on stuff like nuclear energy and hippie boomers that bought their house working without an university tittle when they were 20 year old are still celebrating how they destroyed nuclear energy 50 years ago.

It makes me puke that this degenerate generation did that, the cherry on top of this pie of shit they left us is that nuclear physicists like edward teller were the first ones to warn about global warming and that we needed to move to nuclear energy asap.

It seems the more one knows about how we reached our current degenerate state as a civilization the more angry one does become because it's literally all self inflicted poltards will cope blaming minorities, jews, women or whatever the fuck they want to blame that day, but it's literally all self inflicted.

We went from a human civilization with hope landing on the moon every few months and building nuclear plants every few months to one were people no longer believe we went to the moon and want to destroy all sources of energy with high return of investments and invest in the ones with the lowest return on investment.

It's sad really all so boomers could larp as heroes for a few years.

>> No.51141943

You can't stop me, I'll buy a crappy two story house just for myself and enjoy my retirement.

>> No.51142388

Nice time digits

>> No.51142543

>another greentard
you did more damage to europe than russian army ever could

>> No.51142787

the Ozarks or the Appalachians (You ain't welcome)

>> No.51142831

Forget it anon, there are too many actual russians on here who pretend not to be who shit up any discussion like this.

>> No.51142887

for me it's t***land

>> No.51142937

who the fuck would wanna be white lmao you'll be gone in a few decades

>> No.51143001

Europoors are unironically coming for the US. That’s what the reset was all about, but it won’t work because of reshoring, immigration of white Hispanics instead of muzzies and retarded Africans, China collapsing and Russian LNG. The WEF is all but BTFO already.

>> No.51143154

ozarks are a shithole though I live here. not sure why 4channers circlejerk over it.

>> No.51144974

Pinche Carlos.

>> No.51144994
File: 548 KB, 1486x1200, nuclear energy 2025.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.51145601


white brit’s are brainwashed by mutt media>>51141348

>> No.51145905


>America had a white only citizenship policy. Can you show me instances of citizenship being denied to these groups on the basis of race? Of course you can't. Because it didn't happen. It did happen to niggers, to Indians, to natives.... but not to any of these white groups.

Exactly, America was cucked since the beginning, only anglos should have retained political power.

>kys, Europe doesn’t share your muttmerican concept of race
Of course it does. Can you show me how it doesn't? Europeans marching over Floyd isn't proof enough?
I'm European btw

Yeah you guys are a colony of america and watch led mtv and tiktok growing up, what do you expect

>> No.51145927



but for real how many germans are soviet sleeper cells

>> No.51145999

Carlos... Pas comme ça...

>> No.51147436

A lot of /biz/ fags will unironically kill themselves

>> No.51147632

You had the entirety of the Trump era, and 2 whole years of the easiest accumulation phase before the happening to have ever existed. If you're not ready by now I don't know what to tell you.

>> No.51147688

Not my problem...

>> No.51147715

Let's hope jewcoin will suffer the same fate as Libra.

>> No.51147774

He’s referring to Zoltan you nigger
It’s over

>> No.51147895
File: 431 KB, 724x767, Delhi - India.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Fascinating! Here are the pros of living in the United States over India (as anyone rich or poor):

1. Average IQ of 100, over a standard deviation above India's average of 82 IQ
2. Zero percent chance of getting nuked by Pakistan, which is armed with hundreds of inaccurate dirty boosted-fission warheads directly targeting India's population centers in a likely inevitable religious/racial genocide
3. Thanks to the Clean Air Act of 1970, the airborne particulate matter in American cities is low enough to not significantly affect the average American's health; by contrast several million Indians die every year from smog-related conditions
4. Statistically 0% of America's population practices daily open/public defecation, while roughly 48% of Indians continue this ancient practice

>> No.51148070

europoors make sure to get boosted to save on electricity

>> No.51149334

How the fuck does one want to stay ready, when clearly no one can see the future.

>> No.51149487
File: 373 KB, 1080x2316, Screenshot_20220828-220442_ShinePhone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not my problem faggot.

>> No.51149513
File: 238 KB, 369x381, 1660778199447985.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>who wants to be white
>gone in a few decades

nice try faggot. birth rates in china and india and latin america is crashing. africans are being bred for work cattle. whites will profit from all of this and retain their position on top. whats the matter? no one told you?

>seethe cope dilate

also, who the fuck wants a bunch of ugly nigger babies or little dick chinks running the world. did you think this was every going to happen.

>> No.51149567

There are a couple of options starting with taking profit along the way up.

>> No.51149618

Legitimately terrifying

>> No.51149670

>taking profit along the way up.

Laughs in inflation.

>> No.51149700


>> No.51149702

That´s just americans fucking everything dude.
They don´t want to lose against Russia: inlflation and big raise in oil
They don´t want be the joke of inflation: raise the dollar in the entire planet
They don´t want to be a joke against China: let´s build and sell more weapons
At the end they are going to lend us that money with interests

>> No.51149823

Stll living in stone age anon, that's where DeFi and tools like Spool comes in play.

>> No.51149854
File: 27 KB, 1490x1224, Wealthv2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can we finally have the long coming boogaloo?

>> No.51149859

Nothing ever happens

>> No.51150558

nice idea, but human nature is lazy and hypcrite. if push comes to shove, humans reveal their true nature. we still are animals deep down. And some of us more than others... your philosophy is a good one, but for a selective minority. To eat or be eaten. create your own little house of peace, "cultiver son propre jardin" as Voltaire said once. otherwise we will never find true happiness in our life. godspeed to you too.

>> No.51150923

>So race wasn't something that crossed anyone mind, because everyone was of the same race.
Are you a fucking retard? Europeans were very precise about different people in different countries. The English hated the French, the Swedes studied the people of other nations (skull collection in their museum's storage), the jews hunted nordics and sold them as sex slaves to turks etc.

People have always hated other people. Only USA made it a huge deal and over simplified all the races of the world to: white, black, indian, asian and arab.

Fucking jew

>> No.51150967
File: 94 KB, 750x886, 1659642647341410.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

every pajeet dyes their skin white to look appeasing. They even claim to be descended from Aryan people lmao not the Dasyus

>> No.51151003


Rich indian saying that would prefer to drive 2 wheelers. No fucking way.
A rich indian will drive in a car even to go to the next block.

>> No.51151024

Read the news, canada is sending 5 turbines for nord stream back.
It's going to be a mild nothingburger.

>> No.51151109

This hopefully, Russia just wanted them to know not to fuck around anymore, blaming technical issues and missing documents and reducing deliver last month so they would know

>> No.51151133
File: 20 KB, 300x300, 258198db68dc362e09f24e1a74b22d31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He мoя пpoблeмa

>> No.51151171

France has been putting no money into maintenance and replacement because they expected to close them all down in 10-20 years. They shot themselves in the foot, but Germany blew the whole leg off.

>> No.51151202


Until the housing market crashes or nuke. Its not over. Nothing ever happens.

>> No.51151906

The americuck/putincuck cope is absolutely unreal lmaooooo
oh no europe is going to be mildly uncomfortable for a winter, whatamagonnadooooooooo

>> No.51151944

>People will do NOTHING about ANYTHING while bellies are full and there is entertainment.
Soon they'll be wanting for both. Can't have food or entertainment without electricity you see.

>> No.51151958

This is fucking retarded logic. This whole situation is because the EU (Cuckmany) started frothing their mouth and levying sanctions on Russia.

>> No.51152044

Oh yes, electricity comes from the plug!

>> No.51152069

>you will never be white
My skin is pale though.

>> No.51152093

not soft; solid and firm to the touch; unyielding to pressure and impenetrable or almost impenetrable. firmly formed; tight: a hard knot. difficult to do or accomplish; fatiguing; troublesome: a hard task. difficult or troublesome with respect to an action, situation, person, etc.: hard to please; a hard time.

>> No.51152106

America is plenty soulless.

>> No.51152150

Go back to school, new faggot.

>> No.51152169

Muh hecking civil war!

>> No.51152180

>nice try faggot. birth rates in china and india and latin america is crashing.
Yeah but there's a billion of them.

>> No.51152188

>4. Statistically 0% of America's population practices daily open/public defecation,
Plenty of people piss outside though.

>> No.51152367

>literally nobody on the continent beside 10 butthurt poles is willing to kill themselves over some slavic shithole known only for exporting their women

But European countries are already killing themselves because washington wants it.
Do you think zelensky is in charge? buaahahaha
When Zelensky talks , is America giving orders.

>> No.51152627

we don't want unstable hostile EU, we want to trade with EU.
But US doesn't want any of this.

>> No.51152737
File: 252 KB, 1892x496, muh 5 turbines.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gazprom says there's no turbines in Canada.

>> No.51152833

Just checked, I forgot you can't trust fucking canada

>> No.51152916


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