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SWIFT moves around $5 trillion dollars per day. $5 trillion divided by 100 billion XRP = $50 dollars per XRP, and this is assuming that SWIFT owned all the supply.

XRP will handle much more than SWIFT; it will eliminate the need for nostro accounts (worth $27 trillion), tap into the $2.7 quadrillion global transfer market, as well as interact with other blockchains and technologies. In other words, if XRP’s price was low, it wouldn’t be able to handle the trillions/quadrillions within its 100 billion coins.

XRP will likely be pegged to precious metals and/or a basket of assets to make the price even more stable and liquid over time, likely by governments, central banks, and institutions like the IMF.

Market cap is the multiplication of last trading price x circulating supply.

In other words, someone could create a coin with a 100 billion supply and buy a few of the coins for $11 dollars and its market cap would exceed a trillion dollars. Does this mean that a trillion dollars have been pumped into the coin? No, not even a hundred dollars, yet its market cap is over a trillion. This simple example illustrates how naïve market cap discussions are when it comes to crypto.

XRP’s price will be determined by utility, not by market cap. For example, SWIFT moves around $5 trillion dollars per day. $5 trillion divided by 100 billion XRP = $50 dollars per coin, and this is assuming that SWIFT owned all the supply. XRP is going after more than just SWIFT, it is going after a $2.7+ quadrillion market. Market cap means nothing.

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no, poorfag cope
>t. has more zerps than you

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no it wont nigga

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Shut the fuck up retards im spoonfeeding you here and yet you still decide to bite the hand.


keep buying buttcorns and dead efereiums

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If true, I don't care about it and I can sleep, uninterrupted by fags, and wake up 1.5 hours later

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i know more than you,
gtfo with your retarded posts and price predictions

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>le xrp is gold stablecoin
completely retarded
legit two digits IQ

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dude if you dont know what you're talking about just shut the fuck up

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every time the curry shitstain smelling cripple shillbots start spilling out of their schizo retard containment thread the shitcoin dumps. Uncanny, but a foolproof 100% accurate short signal.

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sounds like bagholder cope to me, if it were so obviously going to $50 per coin why hasnt it pumped already, literally did fuck all last bull run

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because the world is not ready

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These are the reasoning skills of a six year old girl putting dolls in a doll house.

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NOTHING in that graphic is correct. Nothing... This is an entirely backward way of looking at everything. No way to even begin.

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