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There's nothing you could ever say or do to make me not bullish.

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You mean 40c, right?

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Same here bud, but ultimately it's a set-it-and-forget-it token, which is not ideal for a chronic /biz/ user who wants daily reassurance of their investment picks. All you'll get here is a copypasta fud from the same faggot day in, day out, and occasionally some nice thots to make your penis become the big penis.

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I’m back eating bananas. My digestive system doesn’t move.

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>occasionally some nice thots to make your penis become the big penis.
This is the only reason I bother to still lurk BAT threads lately

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Where’s your trip?

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Being bullish is a choice; as it's fondly said, every choice comes with consequences. BTW, while you are bullish on BAT, I think it isn't a bad thing to add _SYS_ to your bag. Sy.scoin is a project that integrates the unique qualities of BTC and ETH into a single coordinated modular network that is cost-effective, highly scalable, and fully decentralized.

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whats wrong with your digestive system

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I don’t know dude. The poop doesn’t move. I’m eating more fruit now. Hope it helps.

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no, 40 sats.

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It's your microbiome. You need to drink kefir. Order kefir grains online, use raw milk, ferment for 24 hours in grain, pour in separate jar, ferment for an extra 24 hours and drink in smoothie with frozen bananas and blueberries. The fruit has PREbiotic fibers, which allow the PRObiotics from the kefir to proliferate and populate the gut and your digestive system. Within a week of consuming kefir you will have the best shits of your entire life.

Our gut microbiomes in modern day society have all been nuked from pesticides and antibiotics which are in our meats, fruits, and veggies (glyphosate is actually an antibiotic). Also all the food we eat and liquids we drink are sterilized so you aren't getting any gut flora from those sources. Fix you gut and you will fix your shits forever. Taking probiotic pills won't cut it by the way.

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>batties got scammed
The fud is retarded. The supply is maxxed out, the MAU/DAU and queries will keep growing. There’s a multitude of different directions Brave can pivot to increase the utility of BAT. Search ads, keyword staking, pay with BAT(most valuable imo) swap rewards, self serve, tipping improvements, marketplace etc. I know they’ll ultimately implement plenty of features. My biggest concern is user growth and marketing. We’ve hit a slow period and I hope we can start ramping up users again come September without our CMO

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Did the Abby poster and TP finally sell? Trying to see who is still left from the earlier days.

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> Brave announces they reached over 1 Monthly Active Users (MAU) in January 2018 - BAT price $0.85
> https://brave.com/update-brave-browser-and-bat-achievements-in-2017-and-goals-for-2018/
> https://coinmarketcap.com/historical/20180108/
> Brave Passes 50 Million Monthly Active Users (MAU), Growing 2x for the Fifth Year in a Row - BAT price $0.35
> https://brave.com/2021-recap/

BATTies OFICIALLY got scammed. Brave downloads and usage have no bearing on the token. Glorified Ad Blocker. Token used for money grab gimmick. A small fraction of the users actually turn on ads - people will pay NOT to view ads.

BRAVE users != BAT shitcoin holders

Brave fans:
Love privacy
Hate big tech
Hate ad industry
Hate government
Probably use Linux, free software

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Opinions on YT’er Goblin?

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you forgot the end part you fucking failure.

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>people will pay NOT to view ads.
Cool, then they can pay with BAT to not view ads. They’ll still be using Brave to block everything else and still be viewing ads online no matter what browser or search engine they use.

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>and occasionally some nice thots to make your penis become the big penis.
I kek'd. I'd make it a point to be more active, but these threads haven't be it lately.

>You need to drink kefir.
Are the Ready to Drink Kefir drinks as beneficial? Too lazy to make it myself.

I'm still here. I sold a bit near ATH though.

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>Are the Ready to Drink Kefir drinks as beneficial?
absolutely not. store bought kefir is a scam, you need to make it yourself. its the difference between trillions of live bacteria with a variety of tons of strains, versus the store bought version of some millions or maybe a few billion CFU on a few strains if any manage to stay alive on the shelf for long enough

short hair women just dont do it for me btw

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I'll look into making my own then. Thanks for letting me know since I've been considering ordering some RTD kefir. I need to do some research.
>short hair women just dont do it for me.
Feel free to request anything you like if you see me in threads.

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Almost 72 hours later and the toilet is still clogged.

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Its probably time to go see a specialist, Turtlelad.

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Going back to all bananas and potatoes first. And consuming less protein powder.

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I must know who these women are

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Not going to happen anon. How do you expect to get reach from a ponzi coin? Stick to the old ETH and MATIC please.

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We need to get back to weekly threads.
Daily is too much for this sleepy coin.

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remember this time last year bros. the bat moral was over. potentially we are back again bro's at the end of the year. big news incoming. I can't tell you what it is but I caught one of the big wigs at the conference and things are looking good (imagine a praying emoji in lieu of this bracketed comment)

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When is the yacht party?

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What about Jerome Powell saying the economy is going to tank?

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>they can pay with BAT to not view ads

>Goes to Firefox with an ad-blocker
Nothing personal

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At $40 silly. That's when we become low-tier millionaires.

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Okay but who are the ladies

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I like the Brave browser, but its pretty pathetic that people are still holding BAT.

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What's your daily protein intake?

Agreed. These daily threads are DoA in a bear market + months with 0 news.

EOY 2 more weeks.

I'll host a yacht party solo at $10. Miami BAT meetup with guaranteed influencer/thots for everyone. The $40 yacht party will be the real one though.

Here's another one I found of >>51115637
for you.

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>Goes to Firefox with an ad-blocker
Nothing personal
You’re still getting ads on Brave search

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I’m between 80-150g. Plants mostly but I’ll eat meat if a chance arises.

I’ve also developed a huge flexibility problem. I need to be stretching for an hour every day. So boring.

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I'll make a trip out for the $10 party all the same. Got any phat-ass Koreans by chance? I know I ask for too much.

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>Plants mostly
Think this might have something to do with it? Assuming you just recently switched to a mostly plant diet.

>I know I ask for too much.
No such thing, lad. That's why I'm here. Ask me for whatever you want.

Is this too thicc of a Korean?

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On and off for a long time. But yeah, I should be eating almost zero animal products. Yeah, so today I had 4-5 bananas.

Yesterday I used yellow dragon fruit to clean my colon.

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Great thing about yellow dragon fruit is it’s a mild laxative. I’m going to take it a day before my next flight. Clear myself out before snacking on the plane.

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Naga happen when the Fink starts slurping the dip on Monday. There’s an internal war happening inside the Fed

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Muchas grassy ass amiga

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It’s COOM time

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No names tho so what even is the point

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How new are you faggot? We rarely had names for years of bat thotposts. Just enjoy the thots

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Literal smokeshows.

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shit thread btw

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Once you stop pooping anon, it's the beginning of the end.

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Nice chart FAGGOT

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By all means post some new topics and relevant conversation about BAT that already hasn’t been ran into the dirt and talked about for years now. I’ll wait.

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Buying BAT at .30 again after 10x the amount of opted in users, new features and more utility being added. It’s one of the very few tokens that can decouple, because it’s use case stays the same regardless of the crypto market. BAT will lead the way out of the bear. The next bull run is all about utility.

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$40 is just the beginning.

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Gimme some fud bitch. There’s no coping here

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Day 1 of poop-posting until BAT reaches $40

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the more people use Brave the less BAT is worth
we need to get people to stop using the browser NOW

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Tell me.
Why do you believe this will go up?

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You nerds said that two years ago lol gg with your magic tipping coin hahahahahhaa cope harder

>> No.51120530

There wasn’t 10x the opted in user base 2 years ago.

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This oprnity xome only once in a lifetime!

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holy shit BAT is a joke what the fuck. it will forever be beaten into the mud. jesus

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They said the same thing last year right before the run to 1.92

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jesus was beaten to a pulp and he wasn't forgotten.

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I’m buying so much BAT right now. I’m gonna act like Andrew Tate on the TP thot yacht. I can’t even begin to imagine the level of scumbag I will ascend to at $40

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Tbh, if we hit $40 the amount of busy work I’m going to have to do will be overwhelming. Probably will quit my job and do drugs for a few days to chill out.

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i have been buying this shit heavily under 40c as well. if i sell one of my other investments i can add another 200k bat to my stack but im not sure if i want to do that yet.

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>Probably will quit my job and do drugs for a few days to chill out.
Yea I’ll do a very small stint as a rich psychopath whoremonger high on ketamine and then I will do the needful, buy some acreage and insulate myself from the globohomo agenda as best I can. Hopefully I won’t have to leave the US. It’s great here

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Fucking and jerking off on K is under-rated. I've had one memorable fuck on it and gave the woman one hell of an orgasm. My jam is low-dose oral K while I eat a bunch of candy. I'm not the average k head.

I still want to buy property in a rural (rich) area east of Seattle. I still think PNW has some of the best summers in the US.

In other news, I had a cocktail with Algarrobina a few days ago. Pretty good. I love getting drunk and eating food.

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One of the few cryptos i believe in, simple and easy to understand, just how sylo is, it's messaging app is kinda similar to WhatsApp that can be used to chat and make calls, and more.

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Is the token even needed?

>> No.51126100

It's needed if you want to get paid by Brave.

>> No.51126117

So it’s utility is to be sold for cash? Seems like it is designed to go down in value?

>> No.51126139

I’m genuinely asking, what is the purpose of the token?
Is it really just given out by Brave and then sold?

>> No.51126216

It's bought on behalf of advertisers, given to users, then sold. That's it. It's like trying to fill a bucket with no bottom.

>> No.51126220

There's essentially a float when advertisers buy and those BAT are promised to users but aren't distributed yet. So there's some interesting token dynamics there.

But not ponzinomics. Because staking coins is for faggots. Usually startups are enforcing staking because there is no product and they need to maintain the price.

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So why hasn't it gone to zero already? There's barely any buy pressure from BAT buys. It should be $0 right now if you're correct.

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Yea I don’t like the K-hole. I just like to experience brief moments of mental retardation. I used to enjoy doing K and driving indoor Go-karts with my ex girl.

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Yeah, never got too deep into that. Close my eyes see some visuals and whatever. But I'm not looking to get too fucked up.

Since Auvelity got approved by the FDA I'm thinking about buying some Dextromethorphan and trying it again.

Honestly, I think most days are pretty boring and I want to get fucked up. But if my wife and I were in the US I'd have plenty to do. No reason to do drugs then.

That sounds fun with the go-karts.

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i hold a small bag of this shit

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>It's like trying to fill a bucket with no bottom.
Yea in order for BAT to reach $40 I think they’ll eventually have to implement keyword staking on search. Parker brought it up on a Brave talk a while back and they expressed interest. The reason I’m so bullish on BAT is there’s so many ways to implement more utility. They really just need to continue to focus on building up more users right now.

>> No.51126442

They haven't expressed interest. They are just bad at giving a hard "no."

They aren't going to do anything to trigger the regulators.

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>Since Auvelity got approved by the FDA I'm thinking about buying some De>>51126380
xtromethorphan and trying it again
Yea I like NMDA antagonists. I smoked a little PCP once at a rave once and liked it, but I was also on MDMA. Would like to give it another go. If you wanna try a pretty effective OTC NMDA antagonist, look into agmatine.

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From afar it looks like a dead fish head.

>> No.51126836

It doesn't go to zero, but it doesn't moon either, it just crabs along if money is going in and out at the same rate.

>> No.51127139

I’ll check it out. I was blasting 2FDCK for a while but it’s just too strong and long lasting.

>> No.51127158

Yeah, but it’s supposed to go to $0. And payouts are once a month so why hasn’t it?

>> No.51127573

Going to $0 would be too easy, it'd let you abandon all hope and move on. Better to cock-tease you for another 4 years, till your mind is completely broken.

>> No.51127745

Still haven’t told me why.

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>no BAT address to donate to Null

I don't feel so good bros...

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Are we on day 4 or 5 of my clogged toilet? I can't remember. That's how bad it is. I'm hallucinating! Why can't I just work up the courage to ask the damn janitor for a plunger?! I'm going insane.

>> No.51129152

Disgusting. Post a picture of it. Also go buy your own plunger.

>> No.51129531

The turd is so far down the drain it's not visible. It doesn't smell in the bathroom.

I do have a picture of said turd. John Faggot will probably get me banned for posting it.

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Why do jannies fuck with our thots now? Holy shit let us have something to enjoy in these dead ass threads

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me is boughted

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Might go to Iraq early next year. That’s the only exciting thing coming up.

Oh and we might live in Galapagos for a few months if they get fiber. Or I convince my company to deal with latency.

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>tfw you get to the BAT thread after all the thots have been 404'd

tranny jannies can't keep getting away with this

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who needs thots when we have frenship

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friends are friends forever
If the lords the lord of them!

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That chart is unironically bullish though

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Who’s thinking what I’m thinking?

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that the tripfag needs to get a WordPress?