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/biz/ 2017 Oldfags and older, what are your crypto strategies going into the rest of 2022 and 2023 before the next btc halving? Any largecap opportunities to snipe up before the ultimate leg up many months from now?

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Like always buying btc eth and link at the bottom

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What are your guesses for the bottom?

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Still all in stables. Not sure when to buy.

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What coins are you eyeballing?

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I have .6 btc bros is that enough

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Any changes ?

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Consolidate into 3. ETH, Link and rose or matic

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You have 4.3 BTC, what do you do with it?

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My predictions:
1) GMX is the blue chip DeFi of next cycle, with “real yield” being the new buzzword (assuming FTX doesn’t kill it somehow)
2) Move L1s are going to be duds. I’m guessing that even retail at this point is too cynical to throw money at high cap ETH killer L1s. They’ve been through it too many times. They’ve also bought into the scam over and over again, so this is not guaranteed.
3) Celestia and Fuel will both be big deals and “Modular L1s” will be a big narrative next cycle, which is another reason I think APTOS, etc will fail. The narrative will have moved on by then.
4) zk will be a meme and a lot of the low hanging retail bait will hype up zk to suck retail in
5) Empiric will launch as the first heavily backed “LINK killer” and will do a 50x, even though it won’t win any market share and will only last one cycle.
6) ENS domains will hit another level of hype and adoption. Watching how bullish they have been this whole year has been crazy. “What bear market?” basically
7) Privacy will be more contentious than ever after the govt played its hand on Tornado Cash. I’ll be watching Aztec Connect and Anoma/Namada in relation to this.
8) Chainlink major releases (CCIP in particular) will be the fuel underlying the next bull run, just like how price feeds kicked off DeFi summer.
9) Arbitrum will absolutely dominate the mid term L2 race while zk rollups corner niche use cases.

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Measure your networth in btc.

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Thanks anon.


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Fresh OC you're welcome.

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Fucking imageboard not posting my images

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That’s good stuff any more?

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This is not good stuff

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2017 here, made my fortune on matic after seeing it 10x twice last run and went all in at 2 cents. IMO all L2s are going to take a big fat stinky shit post ETH2. the amount of capital going into DLT right now is absurd. the DTCC is running project ION as we speak and tokenized securities on digital transfer agents is next. there is a lot of fat still to be trimmed but institutional money is only flowing in one direction, from tradfi to defi, for the next 20 years. im bullish on GRT and RARI, but lost an unknown amount of XMR in a boating accident.

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Any ausfags in here should listen, this might help you escape your pov life.

Right now I’m using crypto as my savings account. Of course don’t go full retard and not have safety net just in case. Every week just put in the same amount of money you would to a savings account ($350) or if you don’t time your weekly purchases, DCA through the week instead.

HAVE A PLAN - don’t just put that money there hoping to get rich NGMI and don’t think it’s will happen in 3 months.

On the last bull run I cashed out and bought an apartment in the city and now I’m only paying $200 a week on my mortgage to live. My goal on the next run is to have enough to land lock something on the east coast in a nice beachy town and have it rented until I’m stable enough to work part time.
Then I can smoke all the weed and play all the games I want

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???? Groundbreaking common sense that every person on this board already knows nice wall of text seriously shut the fuck up

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Common sense you’d think everyone would have but honestly don’t. Stay poor, I might let you rent out my apartment when I leave

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Legit 2017 oldfag (check address is udiwertheimer dot eth). Long remilio & milady & nftfi in general.

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u;re gae lmoa

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I'm buying 1 LINK per day until I've sold everything else and only have LINK. I might get a job too. Haven't worked in a couple years

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Yeah I don't think biz reads twitter at all. I agree with most of these.

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I thought I had more, would start branching into redpills, /sig/, LINK crumbs etc

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Don’t ask me, I just followed a schizo strat by buying anything that starts with an M

Monero, Maker, Matic, Mithrilverse, etc.

I’m collecting so many shitcoins now but that’s okay. The overall market always lifts my portfolio come bullrun and one of them always explodes 10,000% to the upside.

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Oddly enough, schizo strats like these seem to be more profitable than my more deliberate due diligence plays. Insert that story about picking stocks out of a hat being more profitable than professional traders.

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i thought it got fudded hard

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No actually every last person here already dca’s or “treats crypto as savings”, this is not Facebook. You’re really dumb

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I don't care about shitcoins. The move is accumulation throughout 2022 expect to start seeing returns in ~300 days. I'm pretty sure we're close enough to the bottom for my comfort. Every measure is screaming to start buying.
This cycle I would not buy btc but eth instead. If you have other favorites that's on you. Returns are better in eth and it remains well correlated to btc which at this stage is lackluster in comparison. Make the most of these cycles they will not go on forever.
It's in. RSI <45. Crushed multiples. Price back near previous cycle high. Even order books. 600 days out from halving. Now's the time guy simple as

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Get some GMX

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everyone here is claiming to be an oldfag but i haven't seen any mention of the one chain that is far ahead of the pack tech wise.

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Why buy eth when it’s about to undergo a huge lindy effect reset

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Was part of the plan, all made up and I think the next wave is gonna be even bigger - remilio one to be watched.

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I'm trying to be smarter with my money because I haven't invested anything and I've just saved all of my money for the past 4 years.

How do I actually get smart enough to know what I'm doing. Watch documentaries, I was hoping there would be a sticky here.

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Search archives for books. Lurk hear.
Basically split your income into three categories, expenses, savings, investment. Figure out your expenses and then decide how much % you want to invest and save. 50/50 split is fine. 90/10 is fine. It's up to you.
As for what you're sitting on, I'd but Bitcoin, ETH and LINK with however much you're comfy with 1/3 each. But again do what you're comfortable with.

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I've based all my buying on this 100 year old meme chart. In Q3 2023 I'm going to go all in on Shiba Inu

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I'm not worried about it. You have plenty of time if you want to give it a month, even two, and see what happens. But in the meantime I would still be earmarking cash. Why buy eth because the returns are superior on a similar curve to btc. I still have and am buying btc however. I'm just buying more eth. If you built your position at this time in the previous cycle you would've done about 10x in btc and 20x in eth. I like 20x more than 10x.

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Abu Dhabi's favorite bidet

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Where do you keep up with this shit? I literally haven't heard about any of these coins/chains you've mentioned. Only thing I am in tune with is the zk rollups and ccip obv.

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I will keep that in mind.

Are there any resources, online wikis or literature specifically you would recommend specifically?

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This is bad advice. If you focus too much on self improvement you'll lose sight of buying bitcoin. There has never been a better form of money, and never will be. Whatever you're doing, if you're thinking about investments, you probably have some form of income. Odds are, you would be better off staying in the same place and just using bitcoin instead of dollars. Your life will get better.

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Just follow tons of devs and academics on Twitter after being in crypto for 5 years. You end up going down a huge number of dead ends and learning a lot of shit that turns out completely irrelevant, but I avoid the influencer side of things like the plague because they’re all vested interests and i generally know more than most of them anyway.

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2012 oldie here, already made it. 90% in eth since the bottom, 10% in eth ecosystem tokens like rpl, ssv, lido, swise, uni, boba
I'm going to sell around the merge and wait for a dump then rebuy. After that I'll hold until the next top.

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Bitcoin is the safety net and you're financially illiterate.

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>what are your crypto strategies going into the rest of 2022 and 2023 before the next btc halving?

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It's a shill, anon.
Don't be new.

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>east coast
Lmao, enjoy taxes.

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Check my first txs tracing back to 2017 etherdelta days faggots.
Copytrade me and go heavy on milady and remilio as the 10th september rave in london is gonna be LIT.
Buy erc20fied miladys and remilios on nftx if you want as I do. Buy now and get a cheaper price than Flood and Kbar (biggest whales).

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Yeah the old shilling for 15 projects at once, half of which don’t even have a token. Classic move.

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Still udiwertheimer dot eth pajeets

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Can you give us specific people to follow anon?

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for me, Allianceblock got some mindblowing products, and I'm trying to wrap my hands around it for now... Also add some more ALBT to my bag.

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What is a "Move L1"?

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Depends how new you are. I think Barefoot investor is a good place for someone coming in with zero knowledge. Just apply the stock advice to crypto.
Problem is crypto is so new and there really isn't any good resources. There is so much bullshit put out by grifters. You're better off just lurking here. Making threads when you have questions. Despite the wall to wall shit sligning, there is always an anon willing to help.

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Also he shills buying a house but I wouldnt do that rn.
Martin Schikelli has a good take on renting vs buying

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yeah the strategy never changes

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based remilio appreciator

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For now, I just keep enjoying the yields from my staked USDC on spool, nothing more.

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My story with chainlink begins in 2004. Someone told me something on a phone dating Chatline. I feel God will show me a sign when it's time to share my story.

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you're joking right

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> im looking for someone who has admittedly wasted the last 5+ years on this childrens cartoon forum to take financial advice from
brilliant move, retard

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>november $87,00 (eighty seven dollars zero cents)
>didn't specify year
Uhh, btcbros I don't feel so good

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find out in a few weeks anon ;)

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>Crushed multiples
what do you mean smart anon?

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what's happening in a few weeks?

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I'm getting the fuck out of this country if I make it

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>GMX is the blue chip DeFi of next cycle, with “real yield” being the new buzzword (assuming FTX doesn’t kill it somehow)
Based, you’re gmi

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there will always be light after darkness

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Follow a mad man's advice can cost you a life's fortune.

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you reckon the market cycle bottom is in?
also, for poorfags, is there a point in btc?

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This ain't for faggots bitch, Whenever a particular validator wins the validation process, the Validator also receives all the coins as rewards from the issuance pool.

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dont forget GNS

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I'm an actual oldfag who's actually made money

ditch all your altcoins. They will all be considered old gen next bull market and will either die or underperform. Get newer gens ones

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Old wine taste better dude, just like ETH BTC

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Fucking idiot, ETH becomes sour with high gas fee whereas I can sip my chill whisky and still enjoy enterprise-ready transaction speed and 80% faster implementation than other blockchains.

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Based chatline bro. I hope you make it.

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Crypto Is dead and has no light, fuck off

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So a little game theory based on that (for my low IQ comrades out there):

>You buy bitcoin and it succeeds: You become rich
>You don't buy bitcoin and it succeeds: You become poor
>You buy bitcoin and it fails: You become poor
>You don't buy bitcoin and it fails: You become poor

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If X can sell his BTC to Z for $10 then the market cap is $20, which is a safe assumption in an actual market and not an example with only two participants.

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You're gonna die poor if you're waiting to make it in life as a validator.

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Poor Asians cannot afford BTC, they opt for shitcoins, when they get hacked that's the end of the road so nowhere is safe.

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Hold and stake XCM (not that I have much choice). Keep faith in ETH, LINK ahead of staking. Keep on hoovering up cheap KDA.

Other than that, finalise the plans for my lucrative brappista place on the beach.

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Pajeet, Lattice-based post-quantum cryptographic algorithm implemented in Rust programming language could this century's saving grace for shitholes who's scared of throwing in the towel.

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How is it bad advice? You can do all that whilst buying Bitcoin. Hell you should be already. It's a basic guide to not being a fuck up really.

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Ex Facebook staff (who worked on Facebook’s crypto, Diem) are trying to launch L1s in a new programming language, called Move.
They are basically cynical cash grabs. They are called Aptos and SUI and Aptos is already valued at $3 billion from venture capital investment alone. There is literally no reason for a valuation anywhere near that.

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You see more upward potential than with GMX?