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Have you ever considered starting your own business?

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You don't need a boss to generate income.

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>be cattle
>why am I treated like cattle?

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Become HR not kidding, HR pays themselves more then the normal wagies while working the least.

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>just start your own business bro lmao
it's not that simple

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Having the ability to think outside of the scope of wageslaving will help you grow as a person financially

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Well then give me something to wet by beak with here, lets hear some ideas.

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HR is reserved for only roastie bitches in most companies

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You gotta meet me in the middle >>>/wsg/4701815
What are some things you can see yourself doing?

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water bottles but they are collapsible like you're camping.

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You're probably an amerimutt, in which case they are right to treat you that way

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When the HR ladies are older women with husbands and such they're nice. When they are younger with that battleaxe prohibition era stocky looks like an actual cow physiognomy it is very not fun.

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you don't have a name, you are just wagie number x

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i agree older women (55 +) have always been nicer to me than younger. I think the worst age is around the 30s to 40s, 40s being the absolute worst.

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Used to work in accounting, now I work in HR making 90k and am 1 promotion away from making 6 figs. Very comfy job. HR haters can suck my juicy, shiny cock.

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thanks shithead

im already talking to chang for production

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i work in accounting making $100k. ive thought about coping and doing the technical recruiting meme, but im not sure if my social skills are up to par.

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How’s it feel to be gay for less than six figures

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God I wish office women treated me like cattle

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Had an interview yesterday and another tomorrow. I’m nervous bros

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considering that idiots like elon musk now have a gigantic company then it shouldn't be that hard if you have enough capital, I mean, I'm looking forward to doing the same when I sell my vinu bags