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sergey is speaking

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A few minutes in, nothing but the usual buzzwords. Just left

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>what's next for chainlink?
>bla bla bla, chainlink is standard
i'm so tired

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what is the point of this same speech no slides?

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It's literally nothing

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sounding a bit megalomaniac there serg, lol

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He can't even manage proper audio

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Ask him about the lack of diversity among Chainlink devs and accuse him of racism

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Lmao is he just reading old powerpoints?? Wasnt this supposed to be a q&a…dude has ZERO self awareness

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>accuse him of racism
congratulate him of racism

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LMAO what is going on with the fudders today

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I sold all, no announcements after 10 minutes

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I need to get through to Serge. My link cubes have maintained a particularly strong odor and I don't know what to do.

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you can ask Sergey hows the weather and he'll somehow start talking about Chainlink being the standard

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He is very well spoken, I have to admit the task Chainlink aims to handle seems insanely difficult to create. I’m not fudding but god damn this is no easy task to create. I wish them the best of luck.

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Sirgay is a WEF puppet now. Doubt he cares about the cypto community anymore

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All of these answers are rehearsed. You can tell he's reading off of a piece of paper

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Im a girl and sergey really turns me on. God his voice is so sexy. Im getting wet just listening to him!

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Chainlink, the standard.

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he has answered the same question every single day for 5 years now, I'm sure he can spew out all this even if you wake him up in the middle of the night

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its a synthesized voice too

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Wtf he just farted and could hear it

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It's the mansion he bought after dumping 200m link

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Lol hes in the bathroom taking a shit. His morning bigmac just hit him

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Serfey sounds a lot like a young, fat Tom Cruise

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>buzzword bingo
>on verge of massive economic downturn
crypto is fucked for the next two years. nothing he says changes that

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Sergey is an AI now

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nah he's in the bathroom

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Does he think Chainlink is gonna be some kind of huge industry standard. Fucking deluded retard.

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We got scammed.

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this nigga kinda stalling tho fr

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>Once youre in the position of being the standard
>the standard

zirpsissies on an hero watch.

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always was

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It already is, just in DeFi, which of course isn't that big when compared to other areas.

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Sergey the Philosopher King coming to you live from Plato's Cave.

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its already the standard my nigga

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Wow lol so Economics 2.0 is literally just removing the token and doing an IPO?

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lmao lurk moar

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He's implying that smart contracts and by extension chainlink is going to take over the entire world in this schizo rambling.

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I showed my dad a brief Sergey presentation on YouTube and he asked me if anyone had ever seen him in person

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Rents gotten too high. He had to downsize and live on the land.

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blah blah blah token not needed

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>he actually named the jews and Bancor


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>so uhm, value, uhm security
>basically the money will flow
he is spilling the spaghetti

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Well of course yes that's his dream which he strives for.
Is this your first day here lol

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Does your dad work at Nintendo?

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wait wait wait

increasing user fees?

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There's a little echo on his microphone l, reminds me of Adolph Hitler speech

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Fees from using Chainlink services, which are then paid to node operators/stakers.

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more users using more services = more fees

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Yes, they had to become the standard first. Now they will raise the price of one 1 single Chainlink token to 10 million dollars per coin.

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will be huge for stakers

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anyone else masturbating to this? i just came and still hard and throbbin, going for round 2

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i think this shit is so cool bros. sure i wish the price had been better but link is such a cool project ahh. It really couldnt have been anything else. Im a muslim man but i have to admit pregnant sergey turns me on.

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fucking checked

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holy checked

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checkerino, this wasn't priced in yet

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he is in his early 33 and achieved this already.
what are you doing with your life?

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riding his coattails, and there's literally nothing wrong with that

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Deco and Ccip?

what about staking?

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He literally is

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they have the chance to ask any question and they go for
>so tell us sergey what features will come out next
>ccip and staking
wow thank you so much for this
it's not like everybody already knows this shit
ask some hard questions you fkn faggot

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stfu and listen to your god faggot

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This piece of shit

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What is deco

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oh shit they;re rolling out candID finally

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Interior decoration of the blockchain.

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DECO soon, also bullish

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how much to make it in 1-3 years?

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prove she is 18 on the blockchain without revealing her birthday

>> No.51094886

CCIP not even in testnet beta, slow rollout, it's over
DECO at proof of concept stage, literally vaporwave, its over

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however much you need to cover your expenses with staking rewards

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he scammed a lot of people and hasnt delieverd on product you fucking moron

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he is 33 and achieved this already.
what are you doing with your life?

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kek, nice

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>proving things happening off chain without putting information on chain
How the fuck does this even work?

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This is huge I will now be buying a chainlink token

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i dont know much about deco but it sounds a lot like town crier.

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it doesn't, this is all word salad. there literally is no functioning chainlink product. none of this is real.

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ya it was basically the next iteration, both were thought up by Ari and co

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holdy fuck candid JPM confirmed
regulated defi

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former sportsball player in da house

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imagine someone wants wants proof that you actually put sharpie in your pooper but you cant take a photo at the same time, so you just show a photo of a little bit of poop and your bloody asshole on the sharpie, kinda that but with techy blockchain bloody poop

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>Assassination smart contract activated

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but no, you are retarded for real. how do you prove that you have the private key to your wallet to send link tokens and sell them without revealing your private key? hmmmmmmmm

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pls no ;_;

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real hardhitting questions you fucking newfaggotsniggerkikes


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All things he talks about will have the same token-economic weight as all these shitcoin gamble integration. It's all 3-5 years out and that is a big IF. It's all idealism.
Anything except enterprise integrations is Sesame Street single digit hell.

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theyre literal blog post tier questions, they are fake, chainlink fed them to the guy and he just attached random names to them

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Heads or tails, lil nigga

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This, he's comparing his project to TCP IP and exaggerating its importance. Meanwhile the token price is... $7. I think this guy is just good at making empty promises.

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lol he's cutting out its over

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Holy shit he tweaking

>> No.51095034

Bogs interfering with the connection

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Is everyone's sound going mad?

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just say how many years dawg

>> No.51095062

name a single enterprise use case powered by chainlink...

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man these questions are so dull and uninspired

we will find out all this stuff on Smartcon. Ask the man about his gaming history ffs. Ask him if he actually likes big macs. We may only get this chance once

>> No.51095068

Talking about NEXO now isn't he

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>they are fake, chainlink fed them to the guy and he just attached random names to them
truth>trust he talks about accelerating a space filled with thieves and scammers oblivious to the fact that I am now poor as fuck for following this man and his charitable antics

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Every time I hear Sergey speak I get reminded that I invested in the right thing. Guy sounds so fucking big brained it's like he's always 20 steps ahead of the entire industry. I would trust this man with my life.

>> No.51095090

sounds like a cult leader

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sounds like you're in a cult.

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>not listening while on the toilet for full immersion

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checked n kekked

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sergey is the fuck niggers and kikes cult leader for sure

>> No.51095132

Wanna join? It's pretty fun!

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holy fuck

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where do you think you are nigger, this is a chainlink thread kek

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Yes, so basically what Sergey is waiting on is an economic meltdown chainlink needs to take off. Ok guy, great strategy...

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>He mentioned DTCC
fucking confirmed

>> No.51095157

HOLY SHIT. sounds like sergey is predicting a massive black swan, jesus christ.

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someone post the sergey vs 1000 niggerkikes meme

>> No.51095163

Am I allow to demand PROOF that that is indeed not a man.

>> No.51095164

I mean it's coming, so yeah.

>> No.51095166

My question for Sergey is this: is it possible to use oracles to fetch real-world data from, for instance, a REST API?

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he's talking about the gravel industry

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>sirens in the background when Sergey speaks

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Hi Anon, TheCryptoMewtwo here!
Thank you so much for asking this question.
I will try to get your question to Sergey as I speak with him right now.

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If you're happy with that you need to realise right now that chainlink will dive along with everything else to sub 1 dollar value of shit actually hits the fan. You don't want that. And if that is what chainlink needs to happen, that is BAD NEWS my friend. Holy shit... This isso bearish..

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So is the token needed for anything? Anyone ask that question yet?

>> No.51095212

is his internet that ass?

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>he'z talking about ze token
>shut it down

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Youre about the 4th bulgarian, so yes.

>> No.51095229

wtf is wrong with his sound?

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Yes. Everything will collapse then chainlink become the most valuable asset on the planet after the switch

>> No.51095237

Bruh what is going on with this internet

>> No.51095246

I have heard sirens and now hes offline. The betrayal is exposed, its over

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>we lost him


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we lost him

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Hes using Chainlink internet so it sucks

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>> No.51095263

Bro listen to yourself. It's fucking pathetic.
Yay let's hope for an economic meltdown so my tokens will finally be worth something.
It's fucking retarded.

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It's over.

>> No.51095269

how did his internet like slowly die out and then completely? wtf is he under a overpass?

>> No.51095272

Frens thats so bearish what shoud we do? Sell now?

>> No.51095274





>> No.51095277

How are we supposed to get to the moon if we can't even talk between two towers?

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>> No.51095288

>I am happy to anno....... unce that.......... we are roll........ing out..... a new product cal......led Chainlink Connect, the new.......... internet provider powered by............
>"we lost him, uhhh"

>> No.51095295

His lav mic fell into his big mac and he accidentally ate it

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>> No.51095299

based Sergey Chad putting this twitter fag on the spot

>> No.51095305

so this is the infamous hiding strategy...

>> No.51095311

>can you tell me what I was saying when you lost me?

>> No.51095312

>but what was i saying?
kek crypto mewtwo was NOT LISTENING

>> No.51095317

I mean it's inevitable, whether CL acknowledges it or not, if you want them to be delusional about it then I don't know what you want out of an investment

I don't like delusion personally

>> No.51095320

holy shit bro kek

>> No.51095325

>host completely daydreaming
>"do you remember what i was saying when we lost connection?"
what a retard host

>> No.51095327

>uhhh I dunno we lost you at the middle
>uhh I dunno we lost you at the very start, but we understood your point

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kek this beta couldn't even tell sergey what he was saying. alpha as fuck sergey wasn't accepting his non answer, put that bitch on the spot in front of thousands of listeners

>> No.51095333

>He doesn’t know about the singularity

>> No.51095335

>What was I saying before I cut out.

Not gonna hold you, I sont fucking know bro. It all starts to run together after awhile. I jus wanna know when staking, when 1keoy and when 81k end of waging forever.

>> No.51095339

this, what a dumbfuck

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It Hurt Itself in Its Confusion!

>> No.51095345

>Awesome. Next question, this one comes from a well known community member Chain Link God.
What CLG wants to know is..
>Under the sea starts playing

>> No.51095346

wew buddy, mewtwofag blown the fuck up. Sergey displeased and wont be forgetting this transgression

>> No.51095347

He's HOPING for a black swan.
Let that sink in, your company strategy being predication on a possible future black swan event. Jesus Christ this is fucking sad.

>> No.51095351

Thanks sergey

>> No.51095355

blockchain grants PogChamp

>> No.51095359

>When did you lose me?
uh idk man, somewhere during 2021

>> No.51095360


kek yeah Sergey knew

>> No.51095375

mewtwo sounds like hes gonna break out crying. he sounded like this since i joined, and i could feel him not listening before sir gay disconnected. he is nervous or what?

>> No.51095378

The Sergey was angry

>> No.51095379

Serge sounds annoyed, this space is definitely over.

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>> No.51095384

WAIT THAT WAS IT??????????

>> No.51095386

Have they talked about the "eat a Big Mac with Sergey" contest?

>> No.51095392

Wait link holders are socially autistic? no fucking way

>> No.51095393


>> No.51095403

the missing link - a link to the past - where it all began - swift

>> No.51095406

what a waste of time fuck you crypto mewtwo

>> No.51095408


>> No.51095409


>> No.51095410

Well that was a waste of fucking time, lmao.

>> No.51095417

Ive heard this same shit a million fucking times man. Goddamit what was even the fucking point?

>> No.51095419

probably has something to do with the last "Bonus" part of this at the bottom


>> No.51095421

The best part was when they talked about staking

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yikes, i mean beggars cant be choosers but holy shit that was way worse than expected and i expected almost nothing

>> No.51095434

that how a lot of techies or nerds sound
must be lack of testo

>> No.51095444

at least he acknowledged some breadcrumbs and told us a part of the future for chainlink

>> No.51095447

I love how Serge answered questions we've never heard asked before and didn't just drone on autistically for an hour about networks and smart contracts.

>> No.51095451
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Theres a binary code at the bottom, i translated for you nerds.

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File: 178 KB, 640x544, jailhouse.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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I liked that part too

>> No.51095484

no one cares about your faggot treasure hunt. dont you think you have already extracted enough free labor from anon?

>> No.51095496

>yeah uh next question comes from random twitter account and not totally the title of the last fucking blog post which you covered a hundred times over the years but yeah so well can you talk about how chainlink uh is contributing to heckin web3?

>> No.51095500


>> No.51095506

Even the host tuned out. What a disaster.

>> No.51095508

Checked and broke-pilled

>> No.51095526

What crumbs, nice digits btw

>> No.51095555

he flat out said banks are going to use chainlink

>> No.51095562

Fucking kek, that was funny.
>sergey: I mean what was I saying before dropping... ?
>host: uh, I don't.., wait a second...

He wasted an hour of my time, a fucking ONE HOUR AD for SmartCon.

>> No.51095568

wow binary! mom i wanna be a hacker when i grow up

>> No.51095569

checked. This whole talk was trying to get you retards to show up to smart con.

>> No.51095570
File: 183 KB, 774x960, 1530401360758.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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holy checked

>> No.51095583

checked, also where did this thread come from? this is OG bear market Link type of energy where people actually listened to sergey talks

>> No.51095595

as far as i remember he told us that CCIP and DECO are being worked on, CCIP will prevent any Chain attacks, nexo is insolvent, there will be a black swan event which will cause link to be a standard in the banking system, something about DTCC

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everyone not named cryptomewtwo

>> No.51095614

Why did he not say this last year?
This was why I invested into Chainlink, not for ponzi DeFi scams with unlimited printing like Bancor.

>> No.51095615

so we have to wait for the financial world to implode inorder for that fatass to implement thr protocol.

>> No.51095617
File: 209 KB, 1189x1099, 1661070729755216.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you cant run fattie

>> No.51095624

what did I miss lads I was playing CSGO

>> No.51095662

cryptomewtwo here uhhh what was sergey saying again???

something about being poor and happy?

>> No.51095749


>> No.51095751

There wasn't a clear cut answer to where he cut out as he did progressively more frequently and longer.
My autist brain just went
>Ill defined question try again
>Ill defined question try again
>Ill defined question try again
I expect mewtwo's did too
And there were transcripts

>> No.51095814

I found the talk about fast lanes interesting:

If a blockchain doesn't give fast/free lanes for chainlink oracles then you could potentially see chainlink focusing on services for the ones that do (i.e. like how it's not supporting ETHPOW)

CCIP: where would you like to settle the final transaction?
>Chainlink recommends Avalanche (fast lanes active! Chainlink services free for 1 month if you choose the recommended layer 1!)
>Solana (fast lanes active! Blockchain may pause)
>Chainlink does not recommend Ethereum (no fast lanes, expensive, MEV mafia)

>> No.51095821

>Why aren't the hundreds of integrations reflected in the price action?
Not enough people are using the network
>Why aren't more people using the network?
Are CCIP and staking the magical catalysts that will flip the switch or are they already priced in? Are there any reasonable models forecasting price action with the introduction of x% staking?

>> No.51095847

did sirgay betray?

>> No.51095852

Checked, hope he's right.

>> No.51095864
File: 153 KB, 1075x642, 1623300795635.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's true, if users pay fees for cl services, and cl services are more expensive because that chain doesn't offer fastlanes etc, users will move to the chain that does, since cl fees are lower there. eventually cl fees will become far more important than layer 1 fees, and it will be in every layer 1's interest to make cl services as affordable as possible.

>> No.51095903

>Avalanche (fast lanes active! warning may cause double spend issues! Chainlink services free for 1 month if you choose the recommended layer 1!)
ftfy. what is the point of having three mETH guys at SmartCon if they are not going to recommend ETH?

>> No.51095904

That has always then the case. The invention of fiat means that value is zero sum, which means it is neither created or destroyed just changed. In order for any crypto to increase in value something else must reduce in value. Dollars are a token which indicate what percentage of the total power in society is under your control. Any change results in massive shockwaves. Imagine the schizo scenario where chainlink neets all become wealthier than Marc Cuban. That would mean Marc Cubans power in society would be drastically lowered. The singularity is a black swan event where I drink your milkshake.

>> No.51095957

It will be interesting to see what the ETH guys say but there's a lot of other things they could talk about rather than giving link fast lanes

>> No.51095977

so we can't listen to this anywhere?

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say no more

>> No.51096019

just play this and one of his old buzzword salad presentations and you'll get the idea
oh, and don't forget to come to New York City to learn more at smartcon

>> No.51096084

>if you liked what our host was not listening to and you want me drone on about oracles and truth and you feel that you can con people in the smartest way imaginable then come to smartcon... please we beg you from the bottom of our heart please come

>> No.51096147
File: 817 KB, 1114x670, chainlink assassination oracle activated ari juels.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.51096151

Me too bro. Can't they just come out and say it's all true so we can call it a day? I'm not immortal over here.

>> No.51096176

Nothing is priced in because the entire crypto/DeFi market is still in its infancy.

Staking and CCIP will have an effect but it'll likely be gradual until traditional finance gets their act together.


Interesting paper here.

>> No.51096199

The 'begging people to come to Smartcon' line is inspired. The more I see it, the more i laugh. It really is one of those all-encompassing angles which just has everyone in the room in gigglefits. Should be good right up till Smartcon, that one.
Some real comic on this forum, has to be said.

>> No.51096388

>staking spoken of as imminent reality
>ccip testnet BETA soon to be open to the public
>DECO proof of concept completed
>Chainlink poised for widespread use regardless of whether the financial system implodes or not
yeah I'm thinking we're back marines

>> No.51096458
File: 341 KB, 1545x1004, 1633551796487.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fantom, get your fucking shit together holy fuck.

>> No.51096572

It just gets harder by the day. What of this sideshow gave anyone any more confidence that any of this is going to come to fruition? Its still all just a business plan on paper as far as we know. Sure, you can check a price feed or generate a random number. Fuck

>> No.51096816

I'm bankrolling him, Ari patents and his 50 HR roasties right now.

>> No.51097011

There's a NEW York now?

>> No.51097020

I truly understand why LINK is rank 24/$7 now. None of it is done yet. Maybe when it is, LINK becomes a top 20 market cap but it's very uninspiring right now. Honestly makes me sad I spent money on a SmartCon ticket, you can tell no releases are happening. ATH looks like it's years off

>> No.51097159

such a nothing burger. glad I rotated into $KENSHI

>> No.51097752
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>> No.51097792

I'm a girl (18F) and I would just LOVE to share a big mac with big serg ;)

>> No.51097897

Good summary of the evening talk here

>> No.51097918

>that link
Are you trolling me?

>> No.51097995

Welcome to what we’ve been telling you assholes all year, but the minute you say anything like that, the schizos jump on you with the nexo, bulgarian, etc bullshit.

>> No.51098029


>> No.51098059
File: 3.16 MB, 480x199, 1640758543250.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm checking those five 5s'
$1000 eoy 2022 unironically.

>> No.51098083

it's not. donnie isn't world dictator. kek has forsaken us. also link is a stillbirth created by a morbidly obese russian american who has a crush on a morbidly skinny russian canadian. you're right if you're asking yourself why sergey, the largest friend, doesn't simply eat the other friends

>> No.51098128

Link threads always get the mint digits wtf

>> No.51098177
File: 414 KB, 1284x931, 23C23AAC-C80B-406A-912D-18FBF7CB152B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nitro WP is out:
Abstract mentions both separating sequencing from execution and cross chain extensions hmmm

>> No.51098203

wait until you find out that cardano is ranked 8, doge is 10, shib is 12 and tron 17

>> No.51098214

Why is sergay revealing his power level and publically stating that the major reason he wants to build a standard is so no one can go without them
Like parasite behavior

>> No.51098280

s2.1 says they plan to decentralise their sequencer and has two footnotes to Ari papers

>> No.51098311


-92% vs eth

>> No.51098333

sequencing = ram
execution = cpu
very cool

>> No.51098340

>we’ve been telling you to sell for years and link schizos act like there’s a group of us

>> No.51098479

Now do it backwards

>> No.51098484

what's parasitic about building critical open source, permissionless middleware

>> No.51098497

denut yats

>> No.51098782
File: 13 KB, 640x480, pete-pedroza-VyC0YSFRDTU-unsplash.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thanks bro the rest of it I can read in sergey's voice but the begging line makes it seem like he's breaking character, which he does on occasion when he's trying to say drum up support for SmartCon and fails then has to regroup at thanking the community so thank you for your post picrelated :^)

>> No.51098788

I recorded the interview, if anyone wants it:

>> No.51098840
File: 49 KB, 467x468, 1652593619904.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>unchecked bullish summary
checked but yeah im thinking its over

>> No.51098849

People have faith in those coins so it makes sense their market cap is higher. All Chainlink has is a bunch of schizos on /biz/ and twitter

>> No.51098872

oh yes, avax will for sure be the standard lol. There isn't anything to do on avax besides ponzi farms and get rugged by dog coins.

>> No.51099087

do what backwards?

>> No.51099193

I can't believe he just said the token isn't really needed.

>> No.51099214

Yes, this is possible obviously.

>> No.51099360
File: 55 KB, 549x577, 1641577612008.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love Sergey.

>> No.51099364
File: 530 KB, 876x413, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

checked and incredibly based. it almost deserves to be transcribed :)

>> No.51099456
File: 799 KB, 1125x1405, B3DA68AF-5482-4393-8D82-2AA990DB9CBA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.51099497

Kek because there are so many of them. It’s just a numbers game, no pun intended. Also, $370 eoy checkem

>> No.51099516

Buying and hodling the fruits of his genius, the LINK token

>> No.51099559
File: 19 KB, 256x256, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.51099571
File: 174 KB, 510x755, 1600980407045.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.51099731

Hero we don't deserve, was at 4am here.
Ty anon.

>> No.51099781

translation: people are fucking stupid and listen to youtubers for investment advice

>> No.51100059
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>> No.51100551

Thanks bro.

>> No.51100556

>Around which part did I get cut?
>"I uhhh... it was around half-way.."
>Ok, but specifically, what was I talking about?"
>"I think we didn't hear most of it hah-"
>What was the last thing I said?
>"I think most people in the audience didn't hear most of it h-haha..."
Lmao, Sergey really didn't let that faggy social media guy off there haha.

>> No.51100623

nice 1 anon

>> No.51100891

Many thanks to the anon who recorded it, but I’m just sharing the recording that Chainlink has put on their YouTube channel:

>> No.51100987

50 more twitter accounts blocked. Thanks for being edge lord teenagers on the $link tag

>> No.51101006

Most bizraelies wouldn't be caught dead on twitter

>> No.51101009

no one cares who you are twitter nigger

>> No.51101836


I think its clear Sergey just isnt a good salesman at this point.
He’s got great vision and understanding. You hear it when he speaks. I think i noticed his poor sales touch years ago but never really scrutinised it cause price was going up for other reasons.

He does a poor job(but has improved actually) of explaining things to the lay person, and I imagine a lot of his clients arent going to be technical.
He also just doesnt really have the ability to get people excited or communicate in a way that makes you more curious. Essentially he just cant sell himself that well most the time.

So there may well be a lot to be excited about. Either way a better salesman would be able to carry forward some nice narratives for LINK to the community based on what he had in this interview, but Sergey makes it seem pretty dry and dull and not too eventful.

I think Sergey is good with his vision and identifying what needs to be done in a long term strategy for sure. He’s just not a great salesmen for his product.

I think Chainlink would benefit by having a public relations expert at this point, one that understands the product and vision.

>> No.51101855
File: 45 KB, 1567x584, consultthehelix.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

idk what to believe anymore

>> No.51101918

>Tails = odd last number on my post #

>> No.51101933

Seems like fair criticism. I think part of it is because of his philosophy background which influences his personality and I guess just keeps him “grounded” in the way he communicates. He’s definitely improved in his communication, but I agree that it’s just not quite there in terms of getting people excited. I get that he’s got a complicated set of problems. CCIP is a very complicated thing they’re trying to solve, but the reality is that we’ve been getting lots of talks that ultimately amount to “soon” and nothing to actually see. I think it’s going to take a special person who has a deep understanding of all this stuff because it isn’t easy, most normies can barely wrap their head around what a smart contract is conceptually, let alone what an oracle is and why it’s important. Someone who has a deep, nuanced understanding of all things blockchain/DLT and has strong communication skills as a sales guy, that’s going to be pretty tough to find. The former are naturally going to be very autistic, so finding someone like that who’s also strong in sales will be hard.

>> No.51101950

Sergey the heroin dealer

>> No.51102014


True. Its not like Eth had one either. Im probably criticising Sergey but at the same tine its not likely to natter even if he was better.
Eth did it fine without and so did the other projects which are at the top in value. What they all have in common is just simple:
People use them to try get rich.
Eth was shitcoins an and ICOs
BNB basically the same
Polygon too(its not that valuable but still).
Ada js the only real mystery. Is it just the highly inflationary staking that keeps ADA high?

Either way LINK just needs that watershed moment where people buy it to try get rich via some other mechanism than the token itself. That could be staking. Or could it be needing to buy/hold Link to run a node?(if a node needs $10,000,000 in collateral thats equal to at least a few hundred ICO grifters on eth back in the day? There is no need to guess too much as link isnt a smartcontract platform so its likely limited ti these outcomes.

>> No.51102414

"There's been recent announcements by things like the DTCC about their increasing adoption of ledgers in kind of some pre-production environments and I think there are going to be more and more announcements from banks - and certain banks that we're working with to utilise the chainlink network in various meaningful ways "

>> No.51102458

These projects didn't have a Sergey actively and publicly telling everyone "we're selling a shit ton of this token so don't expect much"

>> No.51102486


>> No.51102523

how does this benefit me?
can i interact with the bank's blockchain tech?
are they going to be using the LINK token and if so where can we see the evidence on chain?
If the answer is no or idk lol to either of these questions the same banks fucking proud everyday americans can go fuck themselves because it does no benefit me either technologically or as a token holder

>> No.51102656

Exactly. I said this earlier, cant remember which thread. He made his own moderator zone out. Crypto shouldnt be diff from any other advanced product when it comes to sales. You dont send the weirdo engineers out to sell new tech, you send the relatable guys who can build relationships. Serg has laid the vision but its time for him to take a backseat to someone who is more personable.

>> No.51102679

Pure copium. That moment passed man. The spec phase isnt a thing w link outside of this board. Ask 10 crypto normies about shib vs link and what theyd rather put money in. Its too late man.

>> No.51102706

Cope cope cope your boat, gently down the stream. Remember when XRP had a confirmed connection with DTCC years ago? How did that work out? And all you have is some kid attending an 80% off conference

>> No.51102892

>Cope cope cope your boat, gently down the stream.
Seethe Seethe Seethe your boat, it was direct quote from sergey retard, no cope

>Remember when XRP had a confirmed connection with DTCC years ago?
The quote I posted said nothing about a connection with DTCC, sergey was providing an example of enterprise blockchain adoption, also XRP is a fucken scam
>And all you have is some kid attending an 80% off conference
wtf are you talking about lmao, time to get off biz and take some meds

>> No.51102955

What is wrong with you racist incels? I am sick to death of this. Just what in the world do you want? Sergey took time out of his busy schedule for you and you treated badly! Falling asleep?? That's the last straw! The team do not owe you anything and I am sick and tired of coming to this place to try and explain the team's position on things like token price and whether or not the token is needed! Of course it is needed but we do not discuss price! Never have and never will. Now fall in line like everyone else!

>> No.51102964

Hey everyone, who's excited for SmartCon 2022??? I know I am XD Hope to see you there :-)

>> No.51102972


If you are comparing shiba inu to what i was saying then you just don’t understand what i said at all.
Shiba inu was the equivalent of verge last run or something like that. Hypecoins normies pump are a separate thing yiu melt.

Im talking about the large “adopted”(i use that sparingly because even eth isnt adopted in reality) and consistently hugh marketcap coins. They all had their watershed moments where people bought them to participate in something else. For eth that was to launch an ICO, or buy some of the ICO/move tokens to try get rich. Plenty of those people didnt care to hold eth but they needed to use it and spend it to do what they wanted and try get rich.

This moment needs to happen for LINK, it may be staking itself or node hosting.

Shiba inu never had that. It was just a hype coin. You don’t understand what i said

>> No.51103003

Running your own Chainlink node for staking really seems like the best chance of causing that moment. Sergey really, really needs to prioritize permissionless nodes. I get bootstrapping the network with white listed nodes initially, but once staking is out I really don’t understand why the network can’t be completely permissionless at that point.

>> No.51103036

Adding to this: if anyone could run their own Chainlink node and stake tokens would allow the normie friendly conversations to start happening. Normies think in terms of short term gratification and simply making money. You can just imagine the click-bait stuff people will come up with
Most normies will probably be too stupid to do it themselves, but this type of mania should still cause some fomo and at the very least you’ll get people going with pools in a staking service if they can’t be bothered running their own node. Contrary to what /biz/ thinks, narratives drive all the huge price moves in crypto and you do need normies to fuel these big runs.

>> No.51103041


Yeah i think its an underestimated aspect.
I know there are headwinds now. Nodes are KYC’d and may be for some time. However there will come a time where the door is more open for people to start their own nodes and build from there. It’ll be technical(like hosting an ICO was) but each Node will generate a bunch of activity.
Even the expanded scope of KYC nodes will lead to a lot of activity, each one of these by an institution or established team will suck up a lot of LINK to operate and make money.

I think that initially staking 0.1 will just give us a starting point and a nice narrative to hold on to over the next 2-3 years as this process happens much like eth has had its merge narrative for a few years.

Im trying to learn how to host my own node. When the time comes that the door opens a little more i want to be ready for that. Its a lot to learn though

>> No.51103706

Not it's stupid fuck

>> No.51103754

i think what that guy was saying is that technicals dont matter as much now compared to 2017 when it comes to building hype and drawing people in. some other people have already mentioned that sergey is not great at explaining things in simple terms to regular people which are the ones who are buying all the bags. shiba inu was easy to understand, doge was easy to understand. bitcoin was easy to understand. You are getting too bogged down in the technicals without taking a step back and asking 'who is actually going to buy this coin?' These questions need to be asked in a project at the very begining of its inception. not after a 200x and already 5 years of development. i think you are clutching at straws at this point guys. im sorry i just dont see it moving forward

>> No.51103802


original message:
01110011 01110100 01100001 01111001 00100000 01110100 01110101 01101110 01100101 01100100

binary to ascii:
stay tuned

reverse original message:
00100110 10100110 01110110 10101110 00101110 00000100 10011110 10000110 00101110 11001110

38 166 118 174 46 4 158 134 46 206

and broken bar v registered period End of Transmission - - period I-circumflex

what is the broken bar?
v = vitalik?
what does registered period mean?

--. = G in morse code
i-circumflex = L?
--. i-circumflex = good luck ?

alternatively 134 and 46 are not meant to be interpreted as dashes and 206 = I-circumflex = 216 = signature = profit??

>> No.51103878

i agree. somehow running chainlink node should lock $link tokens.
top 5 nft project volume was 10billion usd back in 2021.november. what was chainlink total market cap back then ? 17 billion max.

so ethereum's top 5 nft project is almost as valuable as whole chainlink mcap.

we need to find a way to lock tons of chainlink tokens.

i asked this question to spoonfed anon he said,
"team is not interested with ponzis"

but without retail ponzis, nobody talks about your project, nobody sells your project to their friends, and nobody locks your tokens as collateral.

>> No.51104781

what tool are you using to convert the decimal into ascii?

>> No.51104856

nvm got it fren thanks. very interesting

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