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What is your monthly salary and how does your budget look?
Mine is 0$ and I only spend 150$ on food every month, maybe a little extra on hygiene products, no rent or electricity as I am homeless

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Income is $0. Recently walked away from job without notice
Hoping that ETH will dumbest reach$5k. I have around 250

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Why. Was the boss disrespectful?

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$0 and $0

everything I consume is donated.

I look at jobs once in a while but haven't found one yet to encourage a departure from this lifestyle.

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Britbong here, working in Aus,
Weekly wage between $3000 / $4000
Rent- 400 pw
Food- 300
500pw for other shit

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Was fired from my last job so now I have to do a shitty job for barely €1000 a month. My expenses are €600. And thats with me eating only potatoes and rice.

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around 2400-2500 a month, spend maybe half that.

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Why were you fired? Did you deserve it?

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I have no budget but I can look in my spending and my average month is around $800.

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>wage: 2.7k€
>no rent just utilities: ~100€
>debt: 400€
>subscriptions (mobile, vps, netflix etc. ): ~100€
>food: ~100€
I save 1.5k-1.8k€ per month into various assets

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Yes it was due to my autism. I tried to steal a lego minifg because I thought it looked cool.

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> wage: USD 8k
> rent: USD 2.5K
> wife and daughter
wife doesn't work. daughter's school is about USD 800 per month.

You can see where this is going. I survive paycheck to paycheck and am in debt. And all this crypto in front of my eyes to put money in, and I have no money to put.

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Don’t go to 5chan

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That’s not autism, thats being retarded and bad at stealing.

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Holy fuck you only have 4.7K USD to spend after rent and school fees.
How do you even eat?

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That is all my expenses anon. Quite frankly no time for bullshido whatsoever.

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~1800 AUD
270 car
240 rent, live with parents
800 into savings and investments

Blow the rest

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I make about $17,000/month (after taxes and retirement).
I try and save/invest more than half. Then:
>$2,000 mortgage
>$1,000 car (payment + insurance + gas)
>$500 student loans
>maybe $2,000 on credit card (food, clothing, whatever else I buy)

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> food
> bills (water, gas, electricity)
> doctor's visits
> clothes
also the apartment is a bit run down, so have to fix stuff — washing machine breaks, gas stove recently broke, so went 50/50 with the landlord to fix it, which cost me $300. aircon maintenance. etc

How did I come to this, I've been in crypto full time (and waging in blockchain 12 hours day) for the last 5 years.

fuck me

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1000 Euro/month in welfare
Expenses are at around 500 Euro

So I have 500 Euro left. I've quit nicotine and beer and I lurk the local Lidl for cheap stuff. I used to work there 14 years ago but got fired for stealing some stuff. Yeah, I know, it's bad to steal. Whatever. I don't know why I was that stupid. Autism I guess.