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been shilling this gem for a while now and /biz/, as usual, never listens. even normies have been all over this shit.

stay poor faggots

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Thanks bud, farming on Cronus now

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Why not just stake native for 300pct apr

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Recommend a mobile wallet. Keplr mobile is dogshit

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I never do crypto on my phone, i think that's retarded.

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I listened. Saw the insane staking apy. Saw the tokenomics. The first few years are distribution mode. Staking now will pay off later.

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how often do you reclaim rewards?

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I use the restake app to auto restake validator rewards. Check restake.app

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nice find. thnx.

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I use cosmostation even though it's clunky AF, at least it works and has all the tokens I'm holding

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I'm a Keplr traditionalist. It supports Lunc too, heheh

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got three rekt drops.
when moon?
know of any staking methods without the 14 day unstaking period?

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Im mostly invested in Persistence (XPRT) but was looking into Evmos the other day. Cosmos hub seems to be a safe bet, I think it will lead the way in DeFi as it allows all the blockchains to interact with each other.

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>know of any staking methods without the 14 day unstaking period?
Not aware of any.

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evmos trannies fear Echelon

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The fact that they somehow managed to keep the price stable with that insane staking APR is what surprised me the most about this

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Yes, I think the game theory behind it is that there is a fixed max supply, and the high APR is temporary while the network is expanding. So people are trying to get their initial stake going now to get the rewards. Once the staking yield ends you might see dumping, but that is a few years out.

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In have a fat bag of echelon. Smaller bag of evmos. Please let echelon fucking moon.

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Isnt echelon a scam? You can't even access it from Keplr.

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I'll pass

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keplr is extremely retarded to use, thank god we use just sign tendermint stuff with metamask
umm thats fake and gay sister

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Buy Canto you nonce, it's better than Shitmos in every way.

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Anything Cosmos related is a good thing to go with. Atom, scrt, juno, osmo, huahua shd, alter, you name them so oldies can not say they have a reason to say they did not know