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What platform do you trade crypto on? Coinbase's fee is eating away at my gains. Robinhood won't let you withdrawal money.
What the fuck are you supposed to do.

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MetaMask-> dextools.io

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No fees?

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Qbit mining pool.

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I use Trader Joe, its a DEX and swap and tx fees are low and you dont have to trust some chink with your coins.

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Lower than coinbase. Dextools uses etherium gas fees. But idk shit.

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Why can't you withdraw money from Robinhood? I do it all the time.
Also, if you trade a lot, CoinbaseOne is worth it.

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Fees on just about any exchange are miniscule (< 3%). How fucking poor are you??

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IT adds up

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Nigger you can pay like $35 and pay no fees for the whole month
Coinbase One it’s called

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>eating away at my gains
>the fuck are you supposed to do
Gee I dunno, try trading on literally anything that isn't the two most cucked platforms out there. How fucking retarded are you, have you ever even used another exchange besides those two?

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I was wrong, it’s only $29.99, you can only sell up to $10k worth with no fees that way though

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Kyberswap all day every day

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>12 replies
>not a single comment on the webm
am i on biz

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it's the ultimate /biz/ is dead signal. might be a good time to buy?

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just use coinbase advanced trading. maker taker fees with no extra brokerage fee bullshit

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She is 16 it would be inappropriate

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It was on sci and the patricians there already discussed it.

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she's not a man so nobody cares

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why does she look uncomfortable?

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What's the source of this webm?

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i use ByBit
made an account once just to buy some BitDAO tokens and I’ve been using it ever since
>minuscule slippage
>fairly good customer support
>better UI than competitors

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To answer your question, kucoin is based.
For the webm, going without shoes in the USA is asking for death.
There is a massive amount of glass, nails, plastics, killer animals, etc. that live everywhere.

I knew a faggot in university that was anti-shoes for about 4 months.
He ended up in the hospital and dropped out.

There are a reason why boots are so popular in the USA. It's not a fashion statement.
If you wear tennis shoes everywhere then you are going to get fucked eventually.

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You can't withdraw crypto unless you cash out. You can withdraw cash.

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The body language of a girl that lives among niggers but does not want to be racist

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if shes 16 that means im a pedophile

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OP never heard about Binance, Kucoin, MEXC or micro cap privacy coins paradises like TradeOgre.
OP never gambled on Uniswap, Pancake Swap etc.
WTF is wrong with you?

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>just pay 3% bro what are you poor
you're retarded lmao do you even know how percentages work

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>She is 16
Too old.

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Binance definitely

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Zoomies ruined this site more that reddiors

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Bump, sauce on the OP's vid?

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Wtf are you talking about. Ive worn sneakers my entire life and have never impaled my foot on a rusty nail.

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Pussy bubble has popped no one cares about women anymore hence high incel rates and low birthrates. :)

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Take your funds out of the CEX anon. Use a DEX instead. I do mine on Railway which enables private swaps and trades.

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I would just trade on binance, I have been staking on eth and scrt and avax already, its never been easy

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They have a fast dex, been using and staking on scrt private dexes too and they have been really churning out juicy apy and coming up with 6 major airdrops too

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Pathetic pajeet faggots

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dam what a chad

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These private DEXs have got me recently, I'm trying out StakeEasy now but the majority of my coins are staked in Binance.

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Ignorance can be a real burden. Private dexs are new and you can just look them up rather than exposing your buttcrack

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What youtube video is this from?

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anon do you per chance get to swap USD for bananas? You may not be trading in crypto.

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In Europe where I live I think it would be relatively safe from my experience with roads and cleanliness, but in the US regardless of where except maybe Nebraska fuck that. Your streets are covered in a deep film of junkie and nigger slime.

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Mainly Binance, MEXC and KuCoin coz their fees are quite understandable and lots of my holdings be trading there, JUNO, GMT, SYLO, EVMOS, RIDE, PAXG and more.

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Starting to develop a white girl fetish. Seriously, the vast majority of them are good looking wtf

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>How fucking poor are you??
not complaining about a 3% fee is actually a poorfag thing

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>covered in a deep film of junkie
this. a lot of dangerous bacterias&germs that will enter through microscopic injuries.

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thread link?

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>If you wear tennis shoes everywhere then you are going to get fucked eventually.
i've had 2 nails go into my feet and steps on rusty shrapnel at the beach where I started bleeding out profusely and almost died

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Trader joe or kucoin for cheaper fees but currently privacy and security are my priorities so railway private DEX is my best option.

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Still the best by all standards.

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her pussy's already wrecked judging by her willingness to show feet

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Do most people not look down while they walk? If I was about to step on a nail I’d see it.

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Private swaps is the next level of security,like it or not.

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The awareness on the importance of protecting transaction information is absolutely welcomed as a means of security as long as it reduces this current recurring platform hacks.

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Stop looking for the cheap way out, you gon get rekt.Asset security should be the first thing to consider when using a Cex or Dex.

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this is now a coomer thread

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No some people have confidence in their lives to stare down everyone they walk pass. This is just one of the sacrifice people like us have to make

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Don't you need a massive balance to be able to trade that?

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Lol retards dont do research, they just jump right in and complain after getting rugged. Private DEXs are going to be the next most used exchange platforms when regulators step in.

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thats a man

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She instantly became 10x hotter when she took those bread loafs off her feet

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literally built for BBC

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imagine the smell

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>will never have a barefoot qt3.14 to footbump
why even live bros

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i want to sniff her farts and feet

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She's hot as fuck

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>t. non-white

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>t. faggot

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god I want to have sex with her

>She is 16 it would be inappropriate
it would be fucking awesome*
tight pussy in the prime of her youth and beauty

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This. We should reintroduce the system in ancient rome, where succesful 35 year old businessman could pick a young girl in her prime for a wife

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Unfortunately all exchanges that have fiat on-boarding have high fees, it’s just something you have to cope with buying crypto.

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Kucoin has fair fees. Considerably lower than Coinbase. You also get a discount on futures if you use their native coin for fee payment.

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that's not what that word means
the girl in the webm is biologically not a child

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according to the law where I live your statement is factually incorrect

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Would it kill her to put on some red nail polish? Fuck

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>Coinbase One
does it get someone to ramp more than $250 from ACH?

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I hate footfags so much.

Hmm interesting

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why the fuck am i so turned on by feet

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america has no right to exist

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that shoe is too big for that foot

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Based. Apart from the regulations, private DEXs would bring VCs and institutions into the space since they can now maintain confidential transactions and keep away competitors.

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Most white women are literally morbidly obese and beyond repulsive in 2022. You're looking at the 1%.

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As ethereum moves forward towards Proof of Stake, Syscon remains committed to Proof of Work but not in the wasteful manner it is often made out to be.

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I'm a school teacher and I fuck 16yo girls on a weekly basis

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>tfw no job to meet single children and teach about the gender spectrum

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You're disgusting and belong in jail

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Where is this video from?

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>I hate footfags so much.

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Use a DEX. Preferably a private DEX

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>micro cap privacy coins paradises like TradeOgre.
Kek, good job trying to shill a shitty coin

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Check out Railgun. Not a DEX but thanks to its integration with Matcha, you can make anonymous swaps through it with no record of the transaction on any block explorer

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Jealous incel is jealous of teacher chad

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Nope. If you want to use a mixer or take the transaction off-chain, then you might have issues with that. But if you intend to make anonymous swaps on-chain through smart contract protocols, then you can maintain a private balance of any balance.

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Yeah binance is

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I won't be surprised if this becomes a standard at a point in time, with growing concerns about rigid regulations.

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No, you can send crypto from RH to any wallet. They finally set up actual wallets.
Their selection is limited, but they are good to use for the top cryptos.

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women are like, he is slightly taller than her but her ass is where his belly button is, does she have long legs or does he have short legs?

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I'm using Binance, MEXC, and Ascendex and I have no issue regarding the charge. I stake my sand and arpa on binance. I also staked geeq on ascendex. Just try OP.

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>3% fees
>plus withdrawal fees
Who the fuck is paying 3%?! I use cb and the fees are 0.5% on both websites now.

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ur right she should be 4 years younger

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i love the gaslighters that’s she’s underage lmao fucking idiots

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Why are you staking?

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Is that a question? lol. Staking has been a good way to earn extra rewards either in a bull or bear market. I also consider the contribution of the project.

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Opened an account to buy BitDAO tokens and im using it ever since

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You stupid, literal niggers. Go on youtube and search for "barefoot". There's a ton of bullshit results about barefoot books so search for "barefoot -books". Scroll down a bit and find a channel with this guy called "The Barefoot Guy". Look at his videos to find the source


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To earn passive income obviously. I do my staking on Binance and Okex. I'm also LP mining on the Ore Network for decent yields.

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This is why the push for crypto adoption has become too real. We need platforms like Xpress. They're already a crypto payment processing platform. Adoption is already happening, and these CeXs may need to adapt to the times.

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I get some real good staking features with alliance block partnerships with crypto Xpress. Can't complain

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i want sex with her

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yes and that's a dead giveaway that you are, indeed, on /biz/, you fucking woman-focused failure

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I was informed of their metaverse bank. I'm curious how this will work.

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Jesus Christ. America sounds like hell on earth.

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What's that shit coin? When will you acknowledge the flaws in the current financial system? Buy bitcoin, no one can shut it down

>> No.51088626

What the fuck are you saying? BTC is King, but when the new financial system is in place, they would need some other solid projects to propagate it. As it stands now, you can pay for stuff with BTC on Xpress. Try to educate yourself anon.

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A bank that is metaverse based. Who gives a fuck about that. All I want is my tokens to do a 10x or 100x

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Despite providing such a valuable service as you claim and yet is not trendy. Kick your ass anon

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Stop chasing the pump or you'll suffer a heart attack and die. Go for the fundamentals, please. Idiot you

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imagine her smell

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crypto is a scam

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It's not about trends anon. Platforms that provide value would be duly recognized as time goes on. One need that is still slept on is the need for privacy in crypto. Both for payments and investments by VCs, a level of confidentiality is necessary.

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Actual privacy coins: XMR, ZEC
L1 smart contract privacy protocol: RAIL, MINA
Mixers: VOID
Standalone dApss: OFFSHIT
L2 Privacy systems: AZTEC

Where does your shitcoin fall into?

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i’m not stupid i outsourced the effort of finding the source to you
anyway imagine getting 10-50k views and having 1k subs

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And now that slut has the plantar wart virus from her wanton display of loose sexual morals.

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Take your mind off fast profits and focus on fundamentals and utility. I'm currently looking into platforms that bridge web2 identities to web3 since the crypto ecosystem would evolve eventually.

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When it comes to on-chain privacy, I'd pick a multichain solution like Railgun for the task. Privacy solutions provide one of the most important needs in crypto. Like it or not.

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My favorite DEXs are Pancakeswap for Bsc, Railway for private trades on Bsc, Eth and Polygon, and Uniswap for Eth.