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>living like a king
>life is good man
ok but how? what the fuck is that?
how /biz/raellis enjoy their life after ABCD?

fancy food, clothes and traveling

>B-wagie dream:
"fuck you boss/landlord I'm out!"

>C-coomer path:
sex with expensive (fe)males

>D-kid inside us can finally consoooooooooom:
toys, video games, new car, boat, jet ski

am I missing something that money can buy here, besides improved versions of all the shit above?
call me crazy but I think spending too much time in the darkness is blinding me

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I keep enough to sustain myself in case I'm ever in trouble by, say, becoming disabled or losing a job, and the rest I give away to friends, family, neighbors and strangers in small dispersed ways as a form of charity diversification. I live frugally because I don't need nor want very much. A full stomach and a place to rest my tired head is enough for me.

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Also an important detail I forgot: I'm a practising Catholic and see excess money as belonging to God, hence my approach to it. Life is lovely and sufficient unto itself, you only need the eyes to see it.

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making it is pointless. Build wealth for your next life, not this life.>>51060250

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>A full stomach and a place to rest my tired head is enough for me.
too much to ask for

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I just cashed out and I legit have no idea what to do with this.

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Use your resources to leave a legacy, you know, what will remain after you're death. You can write a book. That way you'll remain alive, talking to future generations that will read you.

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Idk, I think the most important thing is to not having to be a wageslave goy. I'm happy with how things are right now minus the fucking working. I just don't want to work.

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I plan to give resources toy my loved ones without letting them know that I'm filthy rich so they don't get corrupted y greed. I will give a decent life to my parents and grandparents (god willing they will still be alive), send my nieces and my future children to good enough schools and heavily invest in their education. Then I will finance true libertarian political groups and content creators.

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I made it. Close to the millions. Everything you mention, I did. Travelled to different countries, fast car, escorts. Paid off my parents' house. The money is currently sitting in the bank. 32 and I still don't feel like I've arrived. Still live with my family and I love it, currently no need to move out. Have a comfortable WFH job . Money is no longer a problem. You can't buy love and real friendship. Money has made me even more paranoid and a schizo.

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This thread highlights just how pathetic most people who've made it really are - Impotent and directionless

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Making it:
>able to buy good produce at all times, satisfying and nourishing diet
>owning your home outright and not being tied to a lifelong debt (mortgage), maintain it and the environment around it
>be a valuable member of a community and support charitable organisations where you can see the direct impact of your money, time or expertise
>able to support your parents and give them a good life as they age, social network also important for this not just money
>able to afford to have a family and provide education, sports opportunities and transmit values to your kids, also needs time
>able to go on holidays and visit interesting parts of the world without work and money constraints
>able to develop intellectual interests and practical interests without significant financial or time constraints

Making it probably costs around $2-3M and maybe 10% of that each year, but it is much more than that. True making it being able to overconsoome, but having the restraint to set your own terms and focus more on what you produce than consoom.

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Lmfao only enough for a few kilos of cocaine ngmi.

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Family pill, start a big family live on a large farm become the best example how to be for your kids

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I'm on vacation from work and realized I'm literally just doing the same shit I do everyday but without a work laptop at my side. Made me think what if I was a millionaire. I'd probably be doing the exact same shit but in a nicer place. Really made me think

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1. Self-sustainable, defendable homestead in an isolated, scenic location. That’s it.

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Design your dream house, buy a property and have it built.

Try to be self sustainable on things like electricity.

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>Design your dream house

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We gay here

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I don't want any of that gay shit. I want to return to school and pursue my dream of electrical engineering to make synthesizers

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Go to Vietnam or Cambodia. Just live there and fucking chill. You can do anything you want and it'll cost next to nothing. You'll have cash available to make any investment you want, and you'll have plenty of time to be patient.

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Use your resources to find and marry the highest quality woman, it’s easier to make a million dollars than it is to find and marry a hood woman.

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Best reply in thread

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>hood woman
I thought sheboons were easy