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Everyone thinks the economy is going to crash, everyone thinks we're going into a recession, and everyone has a "bad feeling" in the pit of their gut.

There's no way this many people can simultaneously think a great depression is going to occur and it does.

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>Everyone thinks
no they don't

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>telegram jeets think we're going into a recession
>/biz/ thinks we're going into a recession
>liberals think we're going into a recession
>conservatives think we're going into a recession

Yes. Everyone thinks this

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Go out into the real world, grocery stores are often out of common items, restaurants can't hire enough staff to serve a dinner rush. The average normoid doesn't have enough money for gas and groceries so they pay for everything with credit card debt.

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Welcome to Biden's administration. I feel like we're already somewhat in a recession & people think it's just going to get worse. Any worse than this & it would be a full-blown depression.

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It depends why we are going into a recession. If it's planned then it's going to happen. It doesn't matter if people expect it or not.

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>There's no way this many people can simultaneously think a great depression is going to occur and it does.
No one is going to buy shit if they think the economy is going to (continue to) tank, retard

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The glowies will. Deep state will. The banks will. Retard.

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He was referring to the fact that as a nations healthcare improves the birth rate drops a lot. This pattern has been repeated time and time again with developing, in-transition, and developed countries. It even happens with immigrants from countries with high birthrates. In a generation their birthrate drops to near natives of the country they're in. He intends for that to work in Africa too. If it does the global population can be brought to near maintenance or even a bit below.

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another bug-enjoyer

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Sorry anon but I will not eat bugs. I need proper protein and nutrition to stay lean and remain mentally fit so I can make it and be part of the ruling class.

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>as a nations healthcare improves the birth rate drops

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>everyone is stupid except me

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In September '08 everyone realized we were fucked. At this point the wider market was "fine", but we all knew. Even as early as July when IndyMac/Countrywide shit, the writing was clearly on the wall for even the most bullish person to see. It took a whole year from that point to reveal the full picture though. People didn't start hurting in mass until 2009.
Our signals were Evergrande and Ukraine, and the consequences are becoming more apparent by the day.

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Get off of /biz/ and unironically go to leddit or some mainstream shit and it'll make sense. Hell go to yahoo finance.

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The unplanned recessions happen when everyone thinks we're going into a recession, Anon. Public trust in the economy affects public spending, which affects the state of the economy.

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he is running with the assumption that the reason africans have 10 children each is because they dont expect all of then to live (healthcare). however that's wrong, niggers have 10 kids each because they are irresponsible nomads and leave fatherless kids nonstop even in america and europe. giving blacks a malaria vaccine will not decrease their amount of kids that's bullshit.

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i got the clot shot last year and im still alive
t. have the chosen genes

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>be OP
>be too retarded to understand that if the price of energy goes to infinity while inflation is raping his asshole it doesn't matter if him, his mom, his dead grandma and everyone else in his family sees it coming
>it's still gonna come

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It's not bullshit. In fact, it's already happening and working. Besides when africans move to the west their birth rate drops. How do you explain that?

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Not quickly enough. Enjoy your climate refugees goy

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>everybody is intelligent and has sane, apposite thoughts on complex issues of finance

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Bill Gates' real name is William Henry Gates III. Both William Henry Gates I and William Henry Gates II were involved in eugenics. It runs in the family

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>The opposite of what most people think is always wrong

Nice logic. Do you think eating rat poison is good too?

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If you haven't realized that most people aren't exactly self-aware, you probably aren't either.
Provided enough conditioning & propaganda, many will eat the fucking rat poison (source: last 2 years will largely suffice).

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everyone thought this like 4 months ago
I really don't hear shit about it nowadays, except doom posts on biz
The s and p 500 has been up for like the last month

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bro the shemitah is this year
how can we possibly not go into a recession?
remember what happened last shemitah?
if you know you know