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What blockchain do you believe has the ability to survive the impending winter and, of course, drive more adoption to the crypto space? Please don't say ETH because you will obviously see right through me.

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Polkadot, and Near a big shout out to them a big thanks to them

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Faggots it's secret

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Algorand it is! Nothing else jeets.

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I recently found new coin called ariel coin
It's uses the post quantum cryptography algorithm. So no worries about the quantum threats.

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MultiVAC will solve the trilemma

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Cardano and Kadena

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Kek...the quantum threats are far fetched and I just checked the tg group kekkkkkkkkkkk.... it has fucking 200 members for all you know don't shit on this thread jeet. Dyor or just die now itself I'll send my wallet adress.

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Fuck Algorand

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Kek....barbarians just buy more of ADA fuckers. It's one of the best.

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Is it a post quantum cryptography project?

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You must have entered a wrong group retard. You are the amongst the ones that get rekt newfag

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I'm not sure anon but the quantum computers are far fetched. So why worry about it

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ADA is dead on arrival. Hard fork aint happening anytime soon

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PepeLaugh nobody tell um

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Cardano reneged on its plan on making its blockchain quantum safe. So typical of Charles

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Moron dyor the most worries with the crypto industry is the quantum threats. I am just comfortable with a blockchain that uses the CRYSTALS-Dilithium algorithm approved by the NIST.

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Every other blockchain should do that or it's a big rekt time

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Kek..it's dead buried and even grass is grown over the burial

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Everything else is overhyped, overpriced corporate shares

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Bitcoin, Monero, rest of market projects = token not needed.

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HBAR is the only quantum resistant crypto im aware of, help a moron out, which other ones are quantum resistant?

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A blockchain that has the hyperpolyglot feature which will accommodate any developer will definitely survive this

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BTC is the only true crypto, others are not gonna survive this winter

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Everything is security asides Bitcoin

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How hard would it be to implement the CRYSTALS-Dilithium algorithm in existing projects?

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BTC is a dying shitcoin as well. The one true crypto BCH which is pumping harder than everything is the only one that will survive

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That means over 20 million developers can deploy Dapps on it. That's interesting

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That's bull shit. I think the only quantum resistant hybrid blockchain which has compatibility with EVM will only survive.

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I think NEAR has the guts.

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I really don't think its possible. But I'm not aware of it desu. But devs can build the smart contracts in any programming languages using the QVM which launched recently.

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You are a fucking chutithya pagal. Madherchod jao Sala kutha. BTC is the king and BCH is a fucking shitty token

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Anything PoW won't survive for long, PoS, PoH, PoR will be the leading consensus algorithm for projects that would want to survive.

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POR is unique? What's that all about anon?

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Kek. Quantum has no future in crypto. Multi-blockchains on layer1 are bringing all the adoption. Think.

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Wtf is that? Plebs keeps investing in shit. Not that I care. Geeq has all the innovations I need. Hfsp

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kus ummak you pajeer son of a BiCH. BCH is for the Chads of blockchain and if you don't already fully understand that and blindly support BTC because (((they))) told you to, you're already doomed to failure.

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What are you guys even talking? How is BCH better than BTC? explanation?

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Fool identified. Fucker MCD is always hiring once you get rekt run there straight. The quantum threats are inevitable and the only solution is to migrate our funds to a quantum resistant blockchain.

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It's simple. BCH is the People's coin while BTC is the kike abomination. Why do you think governments love BTC when they should hate it if it's really a threat? BTC is the same as BCH except they only have 1MB blocks while BCH has 32 MB blocks. This means BCH users can get their transactions in without paying out the ass for fees. Of course (((they))) love fees and own all the miners. The media (owned by kikes keep in mind) all support BTC and even the US government says it's ok. Meanwhile BCH gets no love despite being used in more stores as actual payment around the world. I truly wonder why it gets so much hate from the government and media....

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McD awaits you

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So many consensus now, all vaporware. Giving all my attention to geeq protocol now. The space needs more multichain innovations.

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Well explained. That was great information. Hope you oy spend and hold BCH. With the current development we can buy a house with any cryptot4d at ease.

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Keep fooling yourself. Blockchain innovations will evolve and leave you behind. Those with multichain ecosystem are already on it. Don't say you weren't warned.

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Proof of Randomness is a consensus algorithm that is ecofriendly while being decentralised and it is unique to Qan

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If it ain't a quantum resistant then it is a project wait to rekt investors. Don't be a victim

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It's not even quantum resistant. You will get rekt once you realize the reality.

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Well said desu what ever said and done I see the future NFT and metaverse projects will have great security with the blockchain that's uses the post cryptography algorithm.

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It's a concept and it's not yet live. So shit your ass always shitting

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This is a ton of shit. What you just need is a solid Blockchain project with hybrid, multichain features. Let's say Geeq for instance. Qanx is good as well, but it might be overboard

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Base, but since they are overlapping, blockchains are difficult to expand.

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But since they are difficult to use and take a long time to execute transactions, they haven't gained much traction.

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Most new Blockchains are multichain and hybrid. Since privacy is a thing, and it's important to be able to cross platform

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Nonsense I completely disagree. Qanplatform offers developers royalties for lifetime. To get that all they need to do is build a fucking smart contracts in any programming language they know. This is futuristic faggot.

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Idk about that. I know that these Blockchains come with ton of utilities and higher security levels. So, concessions can always be made

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Fucking A we can use the POR concensus which is an eco-friendly approach to mine the tokens with a frigging mobile phone or with a raspberry pi. No electricity bills good bye to all the Riggs and power consumption.

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aleph zero

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Still overboard in the quantum thing kek
I'd choose a simpler Blockchain with clearer features. Less is more

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Well, there are a lot of Blockchain projects with great utility and less complexity. Data storage within the Blockchain is accessible to everyone and not just developers

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You know the answer. Solana will rule them all.

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Lol, yet hacks and scams are on the increase. Imagine how it will be when quantum computers become available. The damage will be on the horizon

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I think data storage is paramount. I appreciate that some blockchains provides a special technique for streamlining data administration.

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Cardano is again full of bugs. I don't think so.

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Are you leaving under the rock?
I heard about it. Coding in all langs. That's cool tho

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If crypto is to survive at all, kadena is going top 10. Pay more attention

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>coding in all langs
The only blokchain worthy lang is Rust. All other are shit

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What sort of magic is this? Only a linux based blockchain VM can do that.

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That will be the next big thing for sure. Just look at the bigger picture

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STFU fag. Solidity, Golang, Javascript are better languages than Rust.
Think again dumbass

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Fuck off, moron. How can Rust be better than Solidity?

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I was going to say ETH ...

Algorand is fucked unless the Cryptography chief makes it quantum resistant.

>Come buy my NFT though.

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XOR is all the rage right now, just as pswap and everything DOT

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Call me a bitcoin maxi, but bitcoin's Proof of work remains the best. No other algorithm can beat it.
I would rate Proof of randomness better than Proof of Stake anyway, because PoS is pajeet shit and Vitalik works for the government.

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Think about the energy consumption and the climate. PoW is bad for us and will kill us. PoS will be better than PoW if we want to survive as a species.

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Hey son of a bitch, blockchain generally has created a new path of life over the years and quantum resistant blockchain is packed with various features that supports the healthcare, manufacturing, supply chain sectors and more.
The mainstream is in anticipation as it unfolds more before our eyes.

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GTFO schizo. You want blockchain to be centralized?
Decentralization is important. Yeah, energy efficiency is important too.

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Oasis labs, they will solve all privacy issues.

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>how can a language which can use arrays be better than a language which can't use arrays

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Such a retard thinking like his mama's ass, PoW uses more energy and is harmful to the environment but PoR consensus protocol, which has inherent verifiable pseudorandomness may save your tiny dick from complex mathematical computations that consume a lot of energy.

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Elrond remains the destination of choice for good projects, desu
>great cross-chain compatibility
>good network speed
>partnerships with trusted brands like Audi that backs holoride, a VR company planning to launch an entertainment game on Elrond.

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Why should a LUNAtic want a centralised Blockchain when decentralization ensures that the blockchain is not governed by an individual, group, or even the government.

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BNB chain is the best. Buy CAKE and hodl.
Not bad. GLMR is better tho

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You haven't met newer blockchains anon. Tech keeps getting better and old ones keep fading away.

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Banks consume more eng... However, you are right about PoS.

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Hell no to those bitches, the lattice based algorithm that secures the wallet won't let trannies get fucked.

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If you see two faces in this pics, you are drunk and you need to protect your crypto with better security. Quantum computers will rekt you.

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They blocked my transactions from tornado cash. I'm dumping them.
What blockchain uses this Crystal thingie?

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That's fucking making sense anon, Qanplatform is usable to 28M programmers by letting them code in any programming language thanks to its unique multi-language smart-contract development methodology.

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gay thread

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ETH merge= massive pump= More massive dump
As the name "proof of Randomness" allows validators to be chosen randomly, its at least better than PoS which is biased and Centralized

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I don't care all these shits I'm waiting for the release of QVM

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It still can't stand ETH

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>What blockchain do you believe has the ability to survive the impending winter
>when all crypto crashed more than 70%
>during massive inflations
>before a real recession

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But none of the mentioned are quantum resistant, QANplatform still has a bigger chance of flipping DOT and NEAR soon

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Don't be over excited anon, there will be significant technical issues or massive delays with its upgrade which could put ETH into jeopardy.

>> No.51057010

VeChain. They've been quietly churning out new things like their new stable coin. Expanding in new locations, hiring more people, paying for promotions (at places like UFC). This is at a time when a lot of the crypto space is contracting and not hiring. Normies have no interest at 2c of course. They'd much rather wait for it to do a x10 or more before they FOMO in. I bought 10k for just over $200. Quietly stake VTHOR for the next few years and then dump on normies in the next cycle.

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One part of me still feels ETH isn't ready for this merge

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Mfucking idiot, they offer more than just a lifetime royalty. Node providers are heavy earners.

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All you mentioned are overhyped and overpriced plus old tech. Move to modern privacy tech

>> No.51057220

Looks like IBM is leading in terms of quantum computing
>Read China is also funding QCT seriously, desu I don't trust those dick head
Maybe because of its quantum resistance and its QVM

>> No.51057263

>Identity management
>Asset management
>Multichain Access

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gay thread full of shilling faggots

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Then why was a ban proposed against it, PoW is worse, let's face it
>PoS could have been better but it's Centralized
>PoR looks suitable, low energy consumption, and its decentralized

>> No.51057422

Privacy protocols with audit features arewinning this round, its going to be the compromise between regulators and crypto users.

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If it's really a blockchain that you're looking for that helps in driving mass adoption especially in the privacy field, you've to give a chance for shade protocol and Altermail. These are highly underrated though but have an immense impact

>> No.51057494

Then secret network deserves some fucking mention. These guys are machines when it comes to putting privacy value to the next level as well as defending privacy

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Some MF is high on weed again

>> No.51057843

You are either dumb or Just gay, No Lang is superior, Just use what is best for you, although EVM limits that as you can only build on Solidity which is hard as fuck

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There's no fucking argument about that anon, Node providers are constantly running the software on a capable device, providing storage space for the network.

>> No.51057951

This is going to run shits down. No fucking good thing gonna come out of it

>> No.51058016

Shut the fuck up... You need a brain reset faggot

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QVM solves this already, Allowing Devs to code smart contracts in any Programming Language

>> No.51058070

Like a thot's legs spread wide for a hard fuck, developers can build contracts in any retarded language which can be compiled to a statically linked binary which runs on Linux.

>> No.51058157

The security levels arent high enough if they keep getting hacked, about time we take privacy as a means of security and with top priority.

>> No.51058176

You've got to be an Indian. Stupid

>> No.51058198

>I'd choose a simpler Blockchain with clearer features.
A blockchain for optimised identities and asset management with multichains features is all most crypto users need for their everyday transaction, nothing too complex.

>> No.51058200

Get outta here dickhead, independent coders and small companies can come up with crazy useful ideas and widgets and develop them for other coders to use and get paid.

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Blockchains and cryptocurrencies could be vulnerable to complex attacks and forged transactions when quantum computing matures and applications are not built on quantum-resistant blockchains

>> No.51058257

>Lol, yet hacks and scams are on the increase.
Devs have confessed security is not a top priority, maybe just maybe these hacks will have them re-think the need for top notch security and privacy in programming.

>> No.51058331

>The QAN's developer royalty system rewards developers after each transaction on their smart contracts.
Trannies feeling secured while getting rewarded. Isn't this like a juicy pussy?

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Really, Oasis is not even on the list of based privacy protocols like monero, litecoin, Beam, Railgun and Secret.

>> No.51058364

That's how pajeets doubted till LUNA crashed.

>> No.51058464

Hey faggot, fuck juicy pussies and go to bed knowing Qanplatform is able to fend off attacks from quantum computers by its IPs based on the Lattice-based post-quantum cryptographic algorithm implemented in Rust programming language.

>> No.51058498

Devs are intensionally rugging us

>> No.51058530

Sounds like shits... How does that even help. Fuck off fool

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You've got your senses lost on an Asian boobs, it enables healthcare solutions to utilize blockchains while staying eco-friendly and decentralized.

>> No.51058703

We are ready for the dump anyday anytime
QAN has been using this way before NIST annoucement

>> No.51058794

GLMR is my retirement plan

>> No.51058826

At least it didn't sacrifice its decentralization for speed as SOL did,

>> No.51058878

This is the milestone hitting the crypto space. All of the projects who are running on Ethereum, like DEXes, NFTs, DeFi solutions can migrate easily to its Quantum-resistant platform

>> No.51058914

There are blockchains with better features and more relatable usecases and products, dyor on Ore network.

>> No.51059031

Wtf are you saying anon, Solana is often viewed as more centralized due to its reliance on the Solana Foundation. So it hasn't sacrificed any shit.

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Some blockchain will struggle to survive the winter, but privacy blockchain will survive it the more

>> No.51059243

Ore is one of my favorite network so far

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Do you really need to ask? Monero, of course!

>> No.51059366

Is monereo a blockchain?
I think it's just a privacy coin
I only know of one privacy project to have their own blockchain

>> No.51059842

I dunno much about quantum computers and security but Identity management tools like ORE ID has been doing a solid job at security my assets.

>> No.51059946

Lurk more pajeet faggot

>> No.51059964

A lot of jeets here lately that save thumbnails

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Waiting for its integration with ORE network. No doubt, will be crucial to the its growth in the second half of the year

>> No.51060186

If driving adoption of the crypto space is in question, then wallet solutions and interoperability based blockchains will play the most significant role.

>> No.51060204

Stfu brainlet

>> No.51060216

I see you discovered crypto in 2021/2022

>> No.51060309

Sensing a bias towards privacy focused coins. Although, on-chain privacy on multiple chains is the next big thing, even though it's largely underrated.

>> No.51060324

Including ETH? Oh got it, you're a moron.

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File: 1.54 MB, 1170x1461, 1656417252789.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ethereum and Polygon. That's it. If you say avalanche you're actually braindead, It can't compete with ETH and Polygon passed in TVL.

>> No.51060589

Koinos, you are welcome

>> No.51060639

The blockchain that reduces the entry barrier to the use of the opportunities that accompany blockchain technologies through its utilities that permits cross-chain identities

>> No.51060661

Same thing was said 2 years ago. Go check Coingecko and see how retarded you are

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Well said. However, with multiple chains stepping out, it infers that interoperability matters now, more than ever

>> No.51061279

A privacy coin, more like ZEC

>> No.51061308

How much have they solved, thus far? If you mentioned Railgun instead, I probably would have agreed with you.

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...it's byzantine fault tolerant?
wtf do you mean "source" it's literally baked into the structure of the entire system

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Privacy is not a thing. It's a right and it's only a matter of time before it becomes a requirement when interacting with smart contracts.

>> No.51062230

>yet hacks and scams are on the increase.
Of course it is. Which is why it is a big advantage for users who have a single universal and secure accounts where they can control their assets easily.

>> No.51062262

Sounds a lot like the fundamentals well known with ORE blockchain. A lot of complex blockchains, with a major need for simplicity.

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Kek, I am wondering how terrible your final days will be

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Dogbat will survive

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reading is a hard task for most bizfags, i never said there are no better and newer one anon, but elrond is my top pick, I love the blockchain and the fact that holoride is building an automobile based game on it where users can play and earn during road trips.

>> No.51062500

If you were going to dwell on its privacy utilities. Well, privacy is possible on Ethereum, thanks to Railgun and other on-chain privacy solutions built on L1 protocols

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I don't think so.

>> No.51063297

Which of them is that, I know of zcash, or is there any other?

>> No.51063492

Seen this one on elrond, they got some deal with audi which they really selling really hard, waiting to see what happens with the product launch.

>> No.51063511

Read the shit you recommended, does it make any sense to you? Kek

>> No.51063574

Tezos, why does no one talks about this chain?

>> No.51063687

> ETH lvl1 security
> ETH lvl1 defi integration
> OnLy EtH hAs LvL1 eTh InTeGrAtIoN
Yeah thanks retard. Nice unbiased slide there.

>> No.51063703

Layer1, fuck. Guess I’m retarded too.

>> No.51063711
File: 34 KB, 819x687, 20220316_164143.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Depends on how much hype they manage to build up and level of adoption it seems.
The whole vr in car thing seems pretty futuristic and not too many folks might be sold on it at first.

>> No.51063737

Cos it's dead?

>> No.51063884

In other words, eth is gonna always win?

>> No.51063925

I used to be die hard on Harmony (ONE) but completely dumped them after the Bridge hack, it will never jump back to its ATH, not even close to it.

>> No.51063938

I'm not sure of the problem they have solve either, but I'm certain that secret network has given more privacy to web3 projects building on it's blockchain because of it's smart contract features

>> No.51063943

Ain't nothing too futuristic for these gen z dudes kek..
taking cars into the future? I'm up for it anon.

>> No.51064046

I stopped hearing about it desu.. no buzz, no hype, nothing.

>> No.51064060

Same vibe as Cardano

>> No.51064131
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Not at all, zcash or what you call it is not among at all, secret is the top on the list, with it's smart contract blockchain for other web3 projects to build on.

>> No.51064319

Is ORE a blockchain on it's own?
I thought it's just a crypto, educate my poor self anon

>> No.51064399

Who is this old fag with old info?
C'mon wake up from slumber and get updated info about privacy projects
Secret passed all these anon
Check their recent updates, you can bridge, and do every other integration

>> No.51064672

Might take a while to become a real thing but certainly, remember when vr started? Not too many people found it interesting but now It's completely different.

>> No.51064929

For real?
Which projects are building on here?

>> No.51064995

Privacy can never be underestimated, many projects from DeFi to Gaming, NFTs and others are currently migrating to building on privacy chains to ascertain more security and anonymity

>> No.51065002


>> No.51066351


The gall of degens thinking they know better than developers...
Eth is the undisputed GOAT unless other Blockchains that provide an execution layer as sophisticated as EVM is as secure.

>> No.51066366

Actually, Optimism and Arbitrium are good shouts too. They utilise Ethereum as it was intended to be.