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Does /biz/ discuss macro economics? Or, is it all shit coins?

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Your pic contains shiny rocks so yeah it's pretty much all shitcoins.

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how does /biz/ like raytheon for the ukraine conflict?

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Yeah, there's usually one or two macro threads going, and anytime there's a happening like a rate hike or cpi numbers there'll be some discussion.

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What about the petrodollar? Can we talk about that?

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Check out AVAV. The maker of the switchblade drone.

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Sure, it's a meme from 2004, the USD has a central role in global international finance as the least unstable reserve currency that is much bigger than just oil and while the strength is waning there is no replacement.

Certainly using gold based currency for oil settlement is not an option as it would mean most countries giving away long term wealth in the form of gold for short term consumption.

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You're about eight years too late for petrodollar discussion, mostly because it's really fucking stupid conceptually, for the reasons outlined by >>51051564.

Since your posts so far consist of:
>a picture of Ukraine
>a meme of a Chinese government official 'intellectually' jerking himself off on twitter
>a meme of Gadaffi

I'm obligated to tell you to either improve your discourse, or stop posting, or fuck off back to /pol/

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How bad will it get for Germany this winter? Price predictions on natural gas?

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How much longer do you think the petrodollar has?

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Depends on how harsh their winter is this year. If it's mild, it'll suck but the response of "put on a sweater" will mostly pan out. If it's bad, we'll see lots of brownouts, maybe even some blackouts.
Until there is a viable currency for the Saudis to take oil in exchange for. To head your dumbass off at the pass, it won't be the Yuan, nor will it be the Ruble. Gold is too unwieldy, and nobody else has a large enough impact on a macro level to make it viable.

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Obviously, the USD is the cleanest dirty shirt atm. But I think we all know BTC sits out there waiting. The Saudis could also just force the US back on the gold standard. At a certain point, the Saudis may hold more influence than the banksters.

But how do you think the German people will react to actual food and fuel shortages? My predictions show Europe having a particularly cold winter.

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The Saudis can't force the US to do anything anymore, they don't have anyone bribed whose lined up for foreign policy. If they try that nonsense with anyone they haven't paid off in advance then they're going to find the response to be fatal. The US only ever played ball with the Saudis because oil kept NATO running, but the US hasn't needed the oil itself for years and increasingly does not care about NATO.

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>Strike Saudi Arabia
I can only get so erect. But keep in mind, they pretty much own the corporate media (43% stake in Fox). When was the last time you heard an anti Saudi news story? At most, the old guard is salty about MBS, but the media never attacks the Kingdom. The Saudi can easily run an information op to convince people to do just about anything.

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The US doesn't have to strike Saudi Arabia, they just have to sabotage Ghawar. Price goes up but the Saudis are locked out of the cashgrab? Makes it very easy for domestic producers to snap up market share. Add to that the fact that >80% of the workers operating Saudi fields are foreigners? It'd be trivial.

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So, the US plan would be $10 gas? Cut off their nose to spite their face. Pic related. No politico would survive this.

But back to my other question, how do you think the German people will react to food and fuel shortages? Want to take a crack at natural gas prices by EOY?