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Any asset that loses 90% of its daily sell pressure is going to fucking skyrocket
And staked eth wont be withdrawable for 6 months or so

What am I missing here?

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Get ready

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You are missing the government capture of the network via its centralized staking pools rendering the entire network fucking worthless

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An OFAC chain would likely cause a user activated soft fork, splitting into FedEth and FreeEth.
Eric Wall is a faggot on a lot of things but he's pretty good here:

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But you literally cant UASF they havent built the mechanism do it. Also imagine thinking any normal user could even run a full node lmao and not to mention all of defi breaks unless you are on the chain deemed the right one by the already captured entity USDC. Its a complete dumpster fire and its happening right now. Beautiful.

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So im literally supposed to believe the space is so beat down that people just dont notice the biggest source of nondiluting fees is getting tied to eth at the same time its sell pressure collapses?
There has to be more here

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Yes see>>51049001
And >>51049322

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No there is not. Triple halvening. Hence all the fud.

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>What am I missing here?
yeah simple really: selling pressure comes from people unloading their assets, has nothing to do with this shit you're blabbering about.
>have factory that creates 100 widgets every day, destroys 10 old widgets every day
>announce you will stop creating 90 of the 100 every day, bringing the create/destroy rates into balance
>this does not change that there are already 1000 or 10 million or 100 billion widgets already in existence, in people's hands
>the actual number does not matter, if they no longer want widgets, they will all create sell pressure together with what they already have
>so what are the widgets actually good for?

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gov taking over the network is not fud

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You example excludes the long period where the widget manufacturer made and sold 100 widgets per day and the price of widgets was increasing, indicating excess demand even at that production level

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It will do fucking nothing. I know it sounds like a guaranteed way to win, but trust me, the Jews will frontrun you hard

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What you're missing is that eth is a dead chain and you need organic activity on the network for any of this flywheel shit to work. Tittypeepeecummycoin has staking lockups and apy too, nobody is piling into it because it's a dead chain that doesn't do shit. Similarly, defi on eth has gotten utterly jounced by regulatory bodies, nfts are proving after all to just be shitcoins with smiley faces tacked on, and it doesn't even work as an uncensorable settlement layer / medium of value transfer. It's worse than hard cash, it's worse than tradfi, it's worse than a casino in vegas. It does nothing well and without money piling indiscriminately into it simply because it's the most exotic thing people can find to do with their free fed-printed dollars, it becomes a ghost chain that nobody gives a fuck about. Under those conditions, no amount of virtuous ponzinomics or triple-quadruple-dodecuple halvenings are going to move the needle.

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already priced in

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bullish for monero

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>And staked eth wont be withdrawable for 6 months or so
there is barely any ETH staked.
staking ratio is like 10% or so, thats nothing.

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do you mean eth has no fundamental value

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ETH will become useless because no one will want to use the network.

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anon, this plan was known for years
you've had opportunities to be aware of it for a long long time, but you are only aware now
now consider the average brainlet out there
the guy who "invests" into hex or bnb shitcoins
the hedge fund types who don't even know how to manage a multisig
the 9 figures traders who still are on cexes
the other 9 figures traders who get meved on dexes because they don't understand concepts of liquidity or slippage
you can also just take a look itt and see some of the answers. it's tempting to think these are all bagholders, and certainly there's a lot of bitcoin bias that influences low iqers in general. but many of them genuinely believe what they're saying
there is tremendous information asymmetry when it comes to eth. always has been, always will be. genpop is still ~10-15 years away from grasping the value of this particular blockchain

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Financial markets are full of dumb money, and crypto markets are the dumbest of dumb money.

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All value on ETH will be absorbed by L2's like Polygon. ETH will receive no value just as XLM doesn't get anything out of having USDC on it's Blockchain.

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you think its a good thing that eth blacks users at will at the protocol level?

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Yes white women should be blacked at a protocol level especially

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whats a widget?

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Its a hypothetical item to make and sell in economics textbooks
Used to illustrate simple concepts like supply and demand

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that’s not quite true. if you have 32 eth you can’t be censored. just include your transaction and validate it, no? if that doesn’t work, could L2 privacy help?

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What was once a utopia for discussion is now a brainlet Redditor GME wasteland.

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>>this does not change that there are already 1000 or 10 million or 100 billion widgets already in existence, in people's hands
>yet demand for widgets has not let up
>and yet those with widgets are incentivized to buy even more widgets off the market, and never sell
>and for 9 months no new widgets will be made

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its just delusion
see you at 500

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Sounds like CL not ETH kek. I can’t wait for the seething from mevheads

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kek just what I was thinking

>and for 9 months no new widgets will be made

except for this part, CL is even more bullish

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ETHPoW will become king, PoS to 0 over a long period. In the mean time, buy XMR.

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>Gimmicky tokenomics have worked before and I wasn't simply manipulated by the majority holders
uh..oh. anon, I..

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The merge has already been confirmed as a massive failure. The moment this thing tries to green light there is going to be a catastrophic collapse. I wouldn't want to be holding ETH when it gets blamed for destroying the crypto market.

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i hold make it stacks of both, so come whatever may

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>ETHPoW will become king, PoS to 0 over a long period.
kek i hold both of those too, so literally whatever

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maybe there is going to be a delay and the big money knows it, because they have insiders. so they're not buying. they'll sell moments before the rest of us are told because they know when the rest of us will be told. you don't think big money pays off eth devs to be kept in the loop?

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there will be a pump when the broader market pumps, the big money knowing about the delay will sell off into the pump so it wont pump much. then the delay is announced SURPRISE and it dumps. that's my theory

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big money will then push the dump further because they want more of a controlling stake in eth2 which means they want lower prices. only the big money will know when the dump stops on another announcement of a new merge date. only it won't pump much because everyones expecting another delay not to mention how useless eth2 will be, all decentralization gone now because big money bought it all up and they're all globohomo puppets.

we're getting fucked, we're always getting fucked.

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you think a bunch of 1's and 0's on a computer somewhere will topple the entire globohomo system somehow?

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This guy understands things

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still inflationary
besides this merge solves nothing, no lower fees

the whole thing's a fucking scam

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Elaborate how has it already been confirmed a failure

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>how has it already been confirmed a failure
because miners are already absolutely and continuously seething about it

>for 5 years no one ever bitched or moaned about the other PoS coins
>but now suddenly ETH going to PoS is "muh it'll die"

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>What am I missing here?
Check the gas prices. Almost no one needs ETH to actually use it.

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Cope, kda will btfo eth
Solidity sucks but it's what people are used to, this space is young imagine thinking eth has longer left than it has lived

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eth = whatever usdt & usdc agree is the real eth.
>What am I missing here?
that it's priced in

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Tell me more about Tittypeepeecummycoin; are the devs doxed? VERY interested

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see you at 4 thousand keks

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>What am I missing here?
everyone's already anticipating it, we've been looking forward to the merge since 2018. this is the biggest sell the news event i've ever seen, long term it's bullish of course, but this will be an absolute shitshow. hope i can scoop up in the $300-$500 range

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You're not missing anything, /biz/ is just retarded and unironically filled with tech illiterate pajeets who are salty they can't afford ETH fees despite the fact that their "low fee" chains are only low fee because absolutely nobody uses them or they're centralized as fuck.

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Avalanche have more transactions then ETH, is faster, PoS and the transactions are cheaper.

Won't deny that ETH will pump but ngl I never trade on ETH anymore but only on Avalanche

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Sure Apu, whatever you say.

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Polygon, in comparison.

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L2s have to utilize ETH in order to settle their transactions. XLM doesn't get shit from having USDC (an ERC20 token native to Ethereum...). What even is this comparison? /biz/ is so fucking retarded.

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It’s a naughty word. Go ask your mom and see what she says.

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yeah but eth is shit and stuff has already passed it by. its just a 'meh' blockchain

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I don't think I have ever been this bullush on ether, this is the biggest event the world has ever seen

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how did you get that from what he said? is this a bot post?

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for now, the rules can change at any moment. have you not noticed yet?

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Shiba and doge are top 15 coins. Xrp is still a top 10 coin. Give yourself some credit anon, the world is not full of serious people.

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Eth would melt faces

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You don't have to use L2 when there are L1 privacy systems in the space that could be used instead.