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Which small-market-cap coin can grow 10x by EOY?

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HPS joker man

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Nothing for you anon. The market is going to shit

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The shit could turn fertilizer so i like it

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you're lucky if you get a -10x out of them
>tfw they still think they have a chance at making it in 2022 kek

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Nothing. Everything is dead. Return to your mama's basement.

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Tomb, Iron Bank on FTM

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You need to do your research anon. Focus on working products. Those will change your life.

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You must have missed blockchain innovations pleb. You clearly need some education on that.

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Hybrid Blockchains look like they're the way to go...way I see it. In a few short years, they would dominate.

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Lol, i think you the dead anon here. Projects involving blockchain are gaining traction. I'm certain that Geeq, Near, Kadena, Iotx, and Icon will go wild.

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Hybrid is just one aspect of it anon. Multichains sound better to me. How about that?

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But since they are redundant, blockchains are difficult to expand.

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They are all trash, they've not gained much traction due to their poor usability and lengthy transaction processing times.

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A lot of these projects are competing with each other. I say let the best project win

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Don't tell me this is about privacy. Those fags need to give it a rest. Other blockchains areas also need some developments.

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BGRY, look at their YoY growth and forecast

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Hybrid, multichain Blockchains. I see a couple projects already implementing this. The next few years is gonna be interesting

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It won't happen in one day but that development is already underway. Perhaps you need a magnifier to see it?

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I really don't see any reason why chains should compete. They should all be craving and striving for a better advancement that will also cover real-life applications. More emphasis has been put on just the DeFi application. That's pathetic and gay.

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Fuck you Jeet. Who gives a fuck about privacy solutions? A ground for illicit actors. Jerk out of this thread.

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It's be interesting to watch, no doubt. That, with blockchain data. Real world utilities over vaporware.

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I like real world utility. But I think what is even better is a strong community. I'll pick that over any newfangled features

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Competition should be the backbone of everything they do. Would you prefer that they all merge and become one superchain that would just do whatever it likes without the possibility of a competition?

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Sensible anon. Build something users would want to implement. Good product sells itself.

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Those fucking trannies won't the enjoy the sweetness of Asian pussies.

All fucking L1 quantum resistant hybrid blockchain is worth it.

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Lmao. They're getting caught up in their shit. Users are beginning to understand how these things work.

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Wtf will compete when they've got no real utilities.

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Utilities have never been a problem. Adoption has always been the problem. It's best to expend more effort getting people to use all the projects these Blockchains keep rolling out. That's why I'd choose community over utility every fucking time.

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Be realistic anon. There are no quantum hacks coming. Humans should just be less dumb. And that's where technologies like Geeq protocol comes in. Basically removing the dependence on miners and human actions

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This will do a 100-1000x alongside GNS

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Without utility, community has nothing to adopt. Think on that anon.

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Well, tell that to Shib when it did a 3 digit pump and all the Shib telegram groups were all packed full. Tell that to doge as well

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From what I've studied GEEQ stands out. The use of POH will boost the project chance

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Plebs never learn. Focusing on shit when real developments go to waste. Not that I care there.

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Multi-chain will continue to be essential soon. Its speed and efficiency are what I like.
Vaporware in what way?

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Well, Most of them are working honestly, some allowed the development of dApps on their ecosystem

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Hey dickhead, you don't wait till the attack happens, you rather prepare and get your ass secured before you get your anal hole bursted by a gay quantum attack.
> Trannies never saw LUNA crash, all asses were fucked hard.
If you get your investments secured by a quantum resistant blockchain while enjoying natural mass adoption of blockchain technologies by making it accessible and affordable to all businesses, you can sleep with legs open like a new virgin.

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And where are those tokens today? Give them two years and they go extinct. Utilities withstand the bear market. You must be a retard to not understand that.

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No utility, no fucking adoption

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Though the entire market is down even if fundamental projects are bleeding excessively, I think Multi-chain projects would likely survive the bear.

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>That's the beast of crypto.
This is all a party day for developers to code in any language and test their applications fast without getting scared of any bitch.

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Utility makes a project. The key is thinking ahead to what will be needed at scale.

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You must be a gay for not thinking of a project built with web 3.

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Dyor jerk, I don't put money into shit. Welcome to the hub if you value privacy.

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Depends on what they have to offer. Some sell tech languages to plebs with no development. Instant rug.

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I don't think that's possible, but Anon's second point is actually right. We need a real-life application that can easily witness adoption.

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You've now got a community to chose from foolish idiot, with a developer royalty system, developers get rewarded after each transaction on their smart contracts. It is the first Layer-1 blockchain to implement this for the developer community

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Well, that's because they have no working balls they end up stacking on dips that suck fucking balls. I'm all in for the tech

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Whats up with these fags promoting scams like Geeq ? Dont buy it, team left the project years ago, and the website looks like it was done in mumbai
not buying your scam

buy rose, link, kadena and thats it.
Fuck biz's opinion on those coins, nobody makes monye here

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Yeah, that's my point. I'm glad some projects are already working towards that, especially those that deal with data management.

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The clampdown will soon reach out to all privacy solutions. It's better you take your balls off to other sectors, maybe a blockchain project.

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Tech without profit is vaporware anon. Think about it.

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Why the fuck will I give in to something that the SEC is not supporting? This is absolutely far from being considered as a protocol that can embrace mass adoption.

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The essence is for the bag, but if it is tech that can be utilized by the masses, the bags will definitely follow.

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Fundamental projects really matter to me, but we also have to consider how real they are in building their projects. I don't care if I wait as long as we know we can all benefit.

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Aahahahahahahahaha iron bank has like 30k liquidity

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>Fundamental projects really matter to me
It matters to everyone except those that want to be on the receiving end of shitcoin. True sustenance lies withfundamentals.

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I want moon x10000. If tokens can't provide, it's a big no for me

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If you want a x100 overnight, maybe you can gamble on memes, but don't blame us if you get rekt. I stick to fundamental projects. Enterprise blockchain seems to be growing.

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Why people are obsessed on blockchain? Kek

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Do you mean -10000x+?
If you don't want to get screwed, just hold on to a solid project. Jeet

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Are you a kid? Enterprise blockchain helps achieve effective and secure ways of doing business. Learn and educate yourself first.
Anon is taking drugs lol

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Companies are buying crypto already.

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Lol, poor mindset

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I'm not surprised anymore about that, as I know this will come and many more companies will be aware of this. It's just the beginning.

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im ALL IN in jewcoin
the only coin
cause - if you know you know

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Every bit of data from the company must be secured from such a hack. They need to find a better data product that will organize their business well like what Geeq is offering. Security and privacy can't be ignored.

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unironically dog and bat if the market gets bullish at all

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$DEO. If Deo Arena goes well somehow it should pop off even sooner. Regardless I believe in it, flopped vidya or not

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You might want to ape in on privacy alts chad. Enough room for growth in the next bull season.

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I don't know, but I can't conclude at this point as they're still building and have been transparent with the community. That's what I can add for now.

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Cannot get product

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KENSHI has a fighting shot. Jannies keep banning me when I post about it because I don't have a shill army behind me to make it seem relevant but the team is fully doxxed and the products are operational. Great bet at a sub-1 mil mcap, go to their website and get KENSHI pilled.

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That looks great anon but I got some sweet pussy experiencebuying NFTS, staking, farming and LP pools,the are easy to use on the web3payments platform it help with mass adoption. Fast, easy, you sure need some of this goodies faggot

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You keep fucking them without getting benefits ur will keep shouting scams go get you ass some juicy project

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Can't you read that they're still in the development process? You're a fucking moron who always repeats words as if you can't comprehend anything. Ignore if you don't understand anyway.
What is that anon?

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I believe that got alot to offer because is trending,but I won't keep my eye off transacting with the web3 L1 payments gateway, denm it brings DeFi to payments, making it a whole lot easier to access payments without third parties,fegs the feeling is like a hard dick.

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I guess he from reddit those morons are fucking rekt already he need some help anon

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The are fuck rekt I guess the need some juicy shit to spice up their life,as the central bank of Portugal gave an operating license to the Utrust platform to allows buyers pay with cryptocurrencies and offers an innovative purchase protection mechanism.

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Your meme is so ugly.

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RPL & SWISE for the ETH merge magnificers
AURORA & TRI as NEAR ecosystem gems
VRA & the dog with the bat if you catch my drift
CELL, GEEQ, HST as my random pick of superlow mcap projects

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Definitely not RLC whatever you do do not buy RLC

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I didn't. Thanks!

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You are a based biztard. I'm slurping up on SCRT right now. Privacy gems are a good investment IMO.

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buy Dot, Ride or Rfox, that's where the value is now, just stake and earn
trust me on this

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dog with bat (again) if btc stops shitting. Btc is probably going to shit more though so ya

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I'll place a big bet on RAIL

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Might sound preposterous but the only products that appears to working at the moment are privacy based solutions. Metaverse and NFT games seem to be going to the dust

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Blockchain technologies are expanding at an exponential rate, with multiple blockchains coming in. At a point, it'll be quite challenging for average users to manage their identities across different chains.

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I don't agree with that. Refresh your understanding of what 'redundant' means

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It's official. You're fucking braindead. Privacy is instinctively valued by everyone. If not, reveal and publicize your wallet balance with your name clearly indicated on it

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For example, how Railgun integrated with Matcha to enable anonymous swaps and trades through the DEX aggregator.

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If so, PriFi based projects should make the top of your lists.

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It will pop down.


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Well, the truth is that there is no way out of privacy. Whether the regulations keep applying pressure or not, the need for privacy will not stop being amplified, especially by the legit users of these solutions.

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Well, I have a strong bias for projects for that are exclusively multi-chain with absence of bridges, especially when privacy or security is involved.

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you might be right about some meta games, but definitely not with metaverse in totality. there's still some decent projects that aren't building on shadows

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I'll make it easier for you.

Ride is barely 66M market cap and that's without a product yet. imagine when that goes live. bobos will think it's another meta dream

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Do a little check on ORE protocol. It's only a matter of time before its account management solution provide an absolute fix to this issue

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anon believes metaverse is a scam but still steals his mother's funds to jump on NFTs built for same metaverse. Kek

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does this mean we're advancing from walk to earn to something even crazier?

>> No.51048666

if you think a mobilty project in the metaverse is crazy then you're still far from valhalla. wake up anon

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its always been ohm

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When it comes to utility, I see privacy solutions at the top cause they provide a major need in the crypto ecosystem.

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why is the government on their ass though?

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Just pump shib bruh

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idk but scrt offers auditable private smart contracts.

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idk but scrt offers auditable private default smart contract blockchain.

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Data privacy and decentralized communication is on high demand anon. Sylo is building communication systems devoid of third parties. Ain't no retard selling data for cheap profits

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Faggot dyor. Explore into blockchain that are quantum resistant with EVM comptability. This way your investments will be safe when the quantum computers breaks our wallets.

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Obviously VINU

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As little as 10x sounds, it's gonna take a while, though I expect an easy 2x from ALBT, which is currently embracing more utility with the AB's multichain DEX .

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Kek, privacy is a human right anon. They would play an important role in the coming regulations and users would still have privacy on their transactions and assets.

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Spool have been doing the most to see DeFi becoming more approachable for both users and big companies, I expect magic from its token SPOOL, which currently has about 80% of its circulation staked.

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So, u're stupid af! Try Life Beyond. its easy even for ya.

>P&E massively multiplayer role playing game
>AAA Blockchain powered MMORPG, made by ex Ubisoft devs
>users do not even need to have a wallet to play
>Upcoming NFT Drop

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Probably dog with baseball bat

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Crypto is already going mainstream and I think privacy projects would enable big institutions get involved. Since they want to keep their business under wraps and away from prying eyes.

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Ok, my nigga, i think you need to take your med, Rfox is pajeet dogshit as far as I know.

seems to be a bit established, would be fucking wild when game is released

next time do your research before spouting out garbage.

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Doesnt matter anynore. Kikes took over crypto

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>boda v2 op