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This is your clear opportunity.

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wash your cock
clean your room
go to work
fight the demon inside of you

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What the fuck is this retard anon saying?

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Do you have a cock?

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You mean for whales? Btc has the highest cap jeet.

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go back

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he doesn't do any of those things AND he is a drug addict and his daughter is a prostitute

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It's an opportunity to accumulate and stake alts anon. Don't be a retard.

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>please prop up my pyramid scheme

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When I want to conserve money, I always choose Bitcoin or Ethereum, but when I want to make money, I choose alt and Defi in particular.

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I bought a house in 2019.
Saved about €60k on rent and the house has appreciated €100k.

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Wise choice anon. Add staking rewards and everything is based.

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Base anon projects that support staking within the network will definitely yield, especially if the apy is user-friendly.

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Nope, add supercharger staking if you know how it works then everything is based

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They are all ways to make and lose money.
Come to think of it, dummy, ETH is alts.

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Yeah I stake these two on Freeway for the good APY rewards. I think we might get to 13k in the wake of the merge.

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Flexibility too anon. I've missed out on good selling prices because of locks. Better safe than sorry.

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Almost all projects do. That's not a guarantee that they will surge. They are certain considerations to always keep in view before investing. As you know, the space has its own risk, which is very high as compared to stock.

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I don't care anon, so long as I can withdraw whenever I want. I like that control.

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I think my biggest attraction is the staking APY, I hardly touch my assets when I have them staked.

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Jeet talking. You'll wait forever for 13k. Fail to accumulate now and watch yourself chase the pump.

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I would choose crypto over stock any day. The risks are worth it imo, if you have good strategy.

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It's only people who don't understand the power of eth that would doubt it getting to 13k. It's def going to 20k, all things being equal.

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When talking about BTC, you also talk about ETH. They are equivalent. Get this anon

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I unstake and sell when I have to anon. Know when to take profit and exit. It'll save you a lot of stress.

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How long will you continue to listen to influencers who assemble while predicting a drop in bitcoin to 13k? Anyway is not happening

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Investors like you act before they think then wonder why their portfolio is down 90% hahahaha

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I don't think influencers predicted the rise of ETH to 13k. Besides the merge, I hear they've also made it deflationary. Pretty good prospects. That's why I'm staking it.

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Well, they both yield me great rewards where I stake them, so I have nothing against either of them

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You make me laugh anon. Eth would have to what mcap for it to break that? Don't be ridiculous. Definitely not happening anytime soon.

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Depending on the perspective you take, that's it. Keep cool, anon, as this is brokerage regulated .

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The rewards for crypto is way higher. Even the APYs of some projects are way more competitive. And holding projects like FTM, FWT, or AAVE are all guarantees of at least a 10x

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You anons in biz don't take any time to study or research any project. ETH is going to exceed that price because it has become deflationary. Read, pajeet, read. I might as well ignore you and keep slurping and staking it.

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>t. excel sheet holder
you retards don‘t learn, do you?
it‘s over, better sell and get back in the wage cage, you delusional losers

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You should rather put, the best time to earn from Maiar Dex passively is now

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Stfu if you have no idea about a thing. Superchargers mean you can withdraw whenever you want. You don't know that cos you're a retard.

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That means you're holding for the long term on those assets. You seem to like their system. No wonder why users and TVL have increased rapidly.

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Does it yield high APYs on fiat? I think there's only one platform that does that. And it's no stranger to y'all

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Must be LP. Yes? Would rather stick with single staking. This market is not for impermanence loss.

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More that half the available supply are already staked. You know what that means for price action.

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Best time to get bluechip tokens BTC, ETH and MATIC. If you buy anything else you are straight up ngmi.

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What fiat are we talking about here anon? Careful where you deposit your funds. Fakes are still out there.

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Utrust onchain staking is a single sided staking dumb cunt, and it is available in Maiar DEX

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It being regulated is not a sure oddthat it will surge, pleb. Get that.

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WTF are you saying? You should have read up to understand what I'm trying to convey, Boboso.

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Brokerage systems need some attention. Safety first before anything else

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It's rare to see most platforms that support fiat staking, but few asset management platforms, often regarded as cedefi, do support that.

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Based Monica poster and built for you know what

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There is something on that anon and you can guess based on their development. It's not magic, but they've already won the hearts of the people.

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Why won't they? They are crystal clear about the project. For a project to be successful, transparency must be there.

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Crypto is the way out for male doomers

Go all in. either you make it and you become rich out of your mind.
Or you have the same lonely life as before

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How do you know if it's reliable? Everything is marketing bullshit

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Transparency will always uplift the investor's spirit, and that's why it's one of the things I'm considering.
Why don't you research on the projects you're investing jeet?

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>Transparency will always uplift the investor's spirit
Absolutely but this is not the case with most project in the space.

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yes but not bitcoin

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pumping shitcoin in these times simply because you want to offload your heavy bags fuck you you scummy piece of shit

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I never knew that 4chan now has a bot that can bypass the captcha.

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If the project can't provide transparency, then it's a red flag to me. Some asset management services are too good to be true. Roast them as much as you want to see if they're genuine in their intention.Few will survive.

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Nobody will survive this bear

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Bots are useless

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Stupid OP, get your ass on Metaverse

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To hell with that fucking ETH

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Only white American bitches can hope BTC dumps.
They're all gonna loose

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Freeway will survive, and they managed to bring another source of revenue, so they aren't dependent on crypto volatility. I bet you'll agree if you DYOR.
Which metaverse?

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>200 week moving average is now resistance is major macro recession
nah think I'm good mumu

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If I become a developer, won't I be saved?

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Hey anon, sounding like a loosed canon because of ETH gas fees?
I know you like big boobs and QAN has them big enough to calm your hard dick.
It's highly scalable enough for millions of users to communicate on a system
that runs without practical delay.

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People will always rely on the long-term system, and it's no wonder why users are investing without any hesitation.

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That's how they ended up with LUNA, the son of a bitch of them all.

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Hahaha luna shit

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>get your ass on Metaverse
Building the metaverse has never been made easier but now bitches can test their metaverse project within minutes via rapid cloud platform deployment.

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Luna is another story, and there might be hidden agendas there as well. I got some investment on that and have moved on already.

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Truthfully, the people who got rich were purchased when bitcoin was under 10 dollars a coin. These people move the markets by wash sale trading between crypto exchanges. Once the coin is of sufficient “value", they sell for a profit driving down the prices. Lather, rinse, repeat.

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My principle for investments is to only get in on assets with long-term potential. I've spotted privacy protocols so far since there would always be users who need privacy in the crypto space.

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Nice try schlomo. The best time to get bitcoin is between February & May 2023. That's free info right there which others would pay 1000$ each for it.

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You've, you've to clean your room. How are you going to slay the dragon of chaos if you got dust bunnies under your bed? It's just, it's just like when Jung wrote that the shadow, the shadow self, who's looking to become the dragon of chaos - and that's the bloody point, man - it's like, how are you going to become who you were meant to be if you can't even talk to the cashier at the supermarket?

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Why pushing for metaverse when it hasn't come yet.
I'd invest all in NFTs. Hope that brings more to the bag

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So youre saying you will move on that shitt platform haha

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it's over, btc will at most reach its ath next cycle. or we dump to 7k and then never reach ath ever again. crypto total market cap isn't looking any better. unless the patterns break my math shows its over.

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It's not what you think kek. If you research everything about them, I believe you'll learn a lot about how they manage their business to deliver long-term rewards.

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NFTs are for broke ass niggas who are afraid of investing in crypto with fear of getting rekt. Devs can now earn developer royalties when other developers use your code.

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Eth is the gas and ERC20 is the car

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And you're the driver

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There are only two simple rules in cryptocurrency
1. ONLY INVEST WHAT YOU CAN WASTE. It's like with a casino, but without getting kicked out when you actually win.
2. HAVE A PLAN. If you don't have anything other than "hope for the best", you are just wasting your time. Have a clear ruleset of how to invest and follow it. Until you have a ruleset, you should never buy any cryptocurrency.

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With a car, you can go anywhere you want

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I will add some bags of SCRT and NIM to these bags if I were you. Privacy gems are going to gain more traction as regulation continues to gain ground in crypto but that's just my two cents.

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You will be saved only if deploy your dapps on secured platforms like Secret network. Any platform that doesn't offer privacy and security will rug you to dust.

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Raising to 13k eth would mean it would overtake BTC in marketcap by 4x. That is the absurdity that you are spewing and I completely believe it is possible to occur. That's how bullish the eth update has me.

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"MARXISTS could be here" he thought "I've never been to this department before. There could be MARXISTS anywhere." The cool wind felt good against his bare chest. "I HATE BLOODY MARXISTS" he thought. The Pinocchio soundtrack reverberated his entire car, making pulsate even as the $9 painkillers circulated through his powerful thick veins and washed away his (merited) fear of women with green hair. "With a daily wire sponsorship you can go anywhere you want" he said to himself, out loud.

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saying the metaverse is not here yet is shortsighted statement especially when we have audi autos all over europe testing holoride's product as I type this

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just create a shit coin and sell it to bobos, rug pull and repeat

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i like the way you think, staking is a winning methodology, i love Ride's metastaking plan, just hoping the APR stays high for awhile.

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I see how you're eating the shit he's spitting
dinner is served fag

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Can I anonymously trade it? Still waiting for the full integration between Ren protocol and Railgun to explore that option

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Well, you should start thinking about NFTs as well. Although, you will seriously need the service of wallet solutions and identity management based projects if you want to keep up

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>Have a look at ORE/ETH LP
Perhaps its ~60% APY will friendly enough for you

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It's gonna crash 50% first

>> No.51047684

If you're obsessed about being in control, then you should check out the protocols enabling cross-chain identities and the option to access all your assets through a single ID and account.

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Well, ORE blockchain supports it. DYOR

>> No.51047746

cup the balls
work the shaft

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It's actually possible for the interest level in NFTs to skyrocket once private NFT auctions are enabled. Big plus for privacy systems that supports NFTs

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no way anon, don't see the apy crashing anytime soon especially with the product launch around the corner and tvl looks good.

>> No.51047942

That is disgusting. Is THAT what we traved our wives for???

>> No.51048020

not when you're struggling with gas fees, that's the big issue

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Audi and mercedes all going big on the metaverse and normies will tell you it's just a fallacy, kek.. they'll wish they listened.
Same metaverse project on Elrond yeah anon? they've had some noise going on for them. product could go bang when it drops.

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I wouldnt go too much in btc
it won't give good yield on the long run, thou it's still the daddy of all
i kinda feel more comfortable with at least some alts like Dot, Ankr, Sylo or Vfox, they're are more rewarding.

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Well, that's just the bloody point! A car needs gas in much the same way - and this is what Hegel thought - in much the same way as a cow needs grass. And what about you? How are you going to slay the bloody dragon of chaos without feeding on your grass, in a narrow way?

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I will never sell my ANKR. Every time I sell a coin the next day, it goes up.

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its always a good time to buy Matic because you'll realize how undervalued it is compared to the value that polygon is bringing to the market, from major partnerships to groundbreaking technologies, aiming to accelerate mass adoption

>> No.51050093

all im buying right now is eth and matic more utility and easier price to get into than btc

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Kek, I'm definitely not selling my ORE bizfag. I'm holding it straight into the next bull season.

>> No.51051945

There are a lot of smaller projects that offer good possibilities for mass adoption.

>> No.51052097

scrt and its privacy solutions look good in this regard. they fucking minted the first movie nft.

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It's a fucking opportunity for brainlets to buy cheap. Biz keeps shitposting and wail when the market booms. I've added more LEVER, SYLO and JUNO, waiting on green dildos

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It's wise to only invest in assets that would survive the bear market chad. I see privacy solutions as one of them owing to the increased rate of hacks in the crypto space.

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Assets with relevant use cases are definitely good picks. I got in on ORE recently which is the solution to mass blockchain adoption.

>> No.51053901

Lp mining is based

>> No.51054324

Having shielded NFTs and access control are some of the things that might speed up mass adoption. Looking forward to it.

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slurping Sylo like you wouldn't believe, there's a high chance it'll poompa hard with the partnership with flufworld to create an open decentralized metaverse.