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>thestock market won't crash
>bitcoin will not plummet to zero
>real estate values will not collapse
>there will be no recession

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ok but what if all those things happen ?

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They won't though.

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then op kys himself

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No I don't think I will.

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You are correct

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Unfortunately I think you are correct
I will make do with current bags

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Things will get hairy when the EU falls to shit this winter. Germans are already getting fucked on gas prices, only time before the unrest spreads to surrounding nations.

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>Given the hundreds of fuds I have seen today, I may just really have to stick with this thread and talk for length.

The fear is dominant and making peeps doubt their sanity. Was 2017 really like this bruhs? I can't relate. I see the crypto payment aspect becoming a reality and by this, neofi and even sylo aren't exempted from it, but also lots of my other gems with solid fundamentals in privacy, security, GameFi, Metaverse..

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Best seen thus far.

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Inflation keeps spiking so why do you think recession won't step in?

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Just wait 2 more units of time and you will see!

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But have you considered WENDYS?

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op cease, you know housing will crash

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The stock market and real estate are clearly overvalued. Both should and will crash by about 50%. Won't be the end of the world, but needs to happen.
Bitcoin won't go to zero, no. But we do need to eventually come around to no longer measuring its worth in USD.
>there will be no recession
There is a recession. Nobody is going to call it what it is until after the election. Doesn't matter to me. I'm going to do what I'm going to do regardless.

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