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I need a Binance futures referral code.

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Imagine the stench of her cunt hole

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I could save her

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she does regular porn now

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Jfc people are STILL simping for ethot cat girls? This really is the end times...

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>regular porn
More like godawful porn.

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Any bbc gang bang?

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she was making bank without the porn by selling bathub water and gamer piss .

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I know, so why would she transition to porn that she's not even good at? She was already a multimillionaire. She could have retired and lived comfy for life.

Is it simple greed or is it something more

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i don't understand why she had to get implants. She was pretty cute before, now she looks like a washed up whore. And not a good looking one.

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>is it something more
Ask yourself if you were a woman if you wouldnt want to try bbc sometime in your life

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Probably a psyop to demoralize her loser fans

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>or is it something more
lack of father character lead to attention whoring without healthy boundaries

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she's just a slag mate, likes attention, likes cock and likes above all else money

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she gave her simps what they wanted
pretty based imo
most whores would just cock tease until they retire and never provide any actual win

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Queen of /biz/

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Ok guys but I'm serious does nobody want to share their code? I want 10% off trading fees and don't want to support random indians

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She probably likes it, some people get off on the exibitionism.

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almost puked there
maybe back then, not now

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How much do you think someone would ask for if they wanted this girl removed from the internet

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does sticking gummy worms up your pussy count as regular porn?

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I hope you are a whale

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>why would someone who makes tons of money not do something that makes them MORE money

Anon do you know what board you are on? How many anons here have 6+ figures and still gamble at shitcoins?

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Bet it smells of candyfloss and rasberries

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6 figures is nothing in 2015+7.

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thank you demoralizing jew youve reached your quota for the day, enjoy your time off

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Definitely not brother I just want to lose some money on futures cause my wallet doesn't fit in my pants anymore.

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What’s the website for getting OnlyFans shit for free again