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>Thread has 10-20 replies 1 hour after it was created, lots of active discussion by many people
>I reply with my thoughts on the topic
>Thread immediately dies, not one single further post until it gets archieved
Wtf, is the datamining meme real?

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dead internet theory. you disrupted the multi-bot positive feedback loop.

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I thought I was the only one

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I wouldn't worry about it.

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Happens everyday to me
All bots. /biz/ is a slow board with probably 10 actual posters
There’s not one real schizo in xrp generals either. It’s all bots

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>we got him IP localized send a team

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If your longer on BIZ you will notice that the only way to get (you) is by posting in the first 10 replies, thot posting or extreme content. In longer threads people only read the last 15 posts. Also most people only visit biz on the toilet (except Indians). So you can't engage in a discussion.

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I'm afraid to reply incase I'm the last post and you're all bots but I think I've got the courage now.

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>I wouldn't worry about it.
>ID color is glowingly green

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I'm starting to think 90% are bots isn't a meme now

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who will be the last person in this thread?
probably me

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Incorrect, that would be me

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It's because I'm gang stalking y9u

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tell me more, yesterday I clicked a link to an archive of /biz/ (some weeb name domain) to reread the thread on graverobber anon. It was from September 2020. I broswed a bit more and holy shit I think this board got completely raped by shitcoin pajeet scammers and maybe bots in 2021? The difference in quality of threads was insane.

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it's gonna be me isn't it goddammit

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I thought I was just a stinky loser but now you can add paranoid to that.

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Buy 10 QNT

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Fpbp as always

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We got him boys, pack it in

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No you retarded imbecile it means you were late like for everything in life. The people already made the discussion, they were done but a little shit head had to wobble into the room tell his stinky useless option. But to whom? Everyone was alerady gone. Kys you are not even worth the the few kb on a 10 year old hard drive.

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I hate the antichrist

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I'm last

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Well hello there Jew.

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this is true i am currently taking a shit

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Mama Mia... that one stinky log your mom let out. How did she name you?