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gtm = go to market

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>his name is an anagram of "retail upsweep"
bullish as fuck

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not that much info on him but did author this:

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Just saw Bridgetower Capital bro as well. Is he new addition?

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Goddamn why, DELETE this thread

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The best part of /biz/ is breadcrumbing through the dark times. Remove that, and what's left?

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It's happening. Delete this thread before the normans pick up on it.

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Go to Mama

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Been on the list for awhile but don't remember anyone talking about it

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So there are still actual autists who post here

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No way they'd put this guy there if they didn't have a date set in mind. The faft he's speaking means that CCIP won't be out by Smartcon, but will be out soon after and before the end of the year.

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Some threads are so bullish the fudders don't even come in, they just try to slide it. Every fud comment would be another bump, the risk is too high.

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grift the memers

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the fudders ignored the dtcc thread until spamming to 404 it after 2 days, I think they use keywords and more vague threads like >>51005465 don't draw their attention until it's too late

On the other hand... it's over.

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based and autistic pilled

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breddy based bread

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He's actually Lead of Getting The McDonald's

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Shit what if deco is just another reference implementation of ccip
All it is is querying a bunch of fagman shit and generating a boolean in a way thats provable but nontransparent

If all that shit gets hard dates at smartcon ill be euphoric

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gtm = gone to mumbai
they are making fun of you

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if gtm means go to market then big
but yesterday it was CL = chainlink but really it meant consensus layer so you twitter niggers better have your shit sorted this time

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Pieter Pauwels picked a peck of pickled peppers.
Bet this dude gets sick to death hearing people say that. Prob the reason his hair fell out. I'm sure he's very nice, though.

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>hard dates
come on now

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That pdf was only submitted in March of this year so I'm sure must contain some interesting info. I'm too retarded to understand it though. I did ctrl-f the usual keywords but didn't find much

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What pdf are you referencing?

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So it still won't actually be released by smartcon then

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Nvm found it

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Stfu, continue and hold ur useless token for another 5 years and cope by fudding ur project to norman, I’m sure we will get to 1k eoy anytime now by fudding

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paper to be published in September

>Simplified asset tracking throughout supply chains was realized and linked to smart contracts. This resulted in semi-automated compliance tracking and an immutable record of transactions.
>Therefore, this work provides more insight into combining asset tracking and blockchain for compliance checking in the construction industry. By doing so, further automation of construction processes, increased transparency between stakeholders and a reduction of conflicts can be enabled.
>supply chain tracking for the construction industry
it's happening

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kek nvm they used Provable (Oraclize) it's over just sold 100k, gravelcoin x Provable confirmed by Chainlink Labs

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fucking kek all of that research I did learning about oracles flushed down the toilet because oraclize are being used over chainshit

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What the actual fuck why is a Chainlink labs employee writing academic journals about another oracle?

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Noooo Provable use Chainlink oracles too????

Why? Why not use the Provable token? Why do they have to use LINK????

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So it’s just a whitelabel?

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this might seem crazy now but back in 2017 and 2018, oraclize/provable were seen as chainlink's biggest competition
even more crazy is that it was a centralized service and sergey used to use lots of his slides to argue about the need for decentralized oracles

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I remember that and Witnet but after the the smug sergey .gif was spammed from the talk I felt more confident in LINK

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Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocols have triggered a paradigm shift in the world of finance: intermediaries as known in traditional finance risk becoming redundant because DeFi creates an inherent state of “trustlessness”; financial transactions are executed in a deterministic, trustless and censorship resistant manner; the individual is granted verifiability, control and sovereignty. This creates challenges for compliance with jurisdictional Anti-Money Laundering and Combatting the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) regulations, including Know-Your-Customer (KYC) policies, given that no personal information should be shared and stored on public, transparent blockchains. This paper presents a solution concept for where a DeFi protocol is required or finds it desirable to implement KYC policies. zkKYC in DeFi requires no personal identifiable information to be shared with DeFi protocols for the purpose of regulatory transparency. The presented approach extends the zkKYC solution concept (which leverages self-sovereign identity and zero-knowledge proofs) with the introduction of KYC Issuers and Decentralized Oracle Networks (DONs) as key solution components. KYC Issuers verify the identity of an individual, but have no knowledge about their digital asset wallets or DeFi activity. DeFi protocols interact with digital asset wallets, but have no knowledge about the identity of the individual controlling them. If and when deemed necessary, only a designated governance entity is able to reveal the identity of an individual that is under strong suspicion of being a bad actor in a DeFi protocol. The presented solution architecture demonstrates flexibility in being agnostic to blockchain platforms and SSI implementations and extensibility in being forward compatible with on-chain identity and reputation systems. Similar to the original zkKYC solution concept, zkKYC in DeFi breaks the regulatory transparency vs. user privacy trade-off.

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>chainlinktonight shilling Everest
Pathetic and Sad!

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rent free

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based homeowner detected

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It is over

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Gtm=Google tag manager

He is a fucking intern

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GTM = girl to man.
He's a fucking tranny, and he's going to use canDID to prove it.

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based autist, refreshing to see real humans again in this shitty ruined board

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You got the wrong guy:
https://www.linkedin.com/in/pptr/ is the Chainlink guy.
https://www.linkedin.com/in/pieterpauwels/ is the academic retard you linked.

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he worked at swift before.
he is a solution arch at CL.

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srry don't have linkedin just assumed it was the same dude considering the subject matter.

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>based autist, refreshing to see real humans again in this shitty ruined board
don't get too comfortable

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No he’s wrong, he’s got the wrong guy. Just looked through all of the education dudes papers and there’s nothing in line that discuses Zk whereas if you click on the chainlink dude he literally has a paper captioned Zk on his page