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Why the fuck did I try swing-trade my 4 btc at 23.3k thinking we were gona fall through 23k like a knife through butter

Now if I panic buy back I’ll have 3.xx bitcoin instead of 4

I fucked up

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Nice larp.

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take one for the team and buy so we can complete this bearflag

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Just because you beta fags are terrified to create a tax event doesn’t mean everyone is

Also selling doesn’t mean you’re withdrawing funds to a traditional bank, which is the only time where you’d actually have to think about taxes, just selling into stables to buy back doesn’t fucking do shit, most exchanges don’t even give information to the governments unless you cash out to actual fiat

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Schizo. Have fun paying 100k in unpaid tax.

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Cool story, you have fun with that IRS, you can take away all my $0 income and all my 0 assets.

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So you are still at 3.xx kek
I told you in june you should stop this, your strategy was great during a downturn but not now

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all these threads are mumu larping as bobo

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>but not now
t. bought into relief rally top

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>muh tax events
>yes, nigger welfare parasites need to eat

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biz kept telling me
>this is it the big dump
>prepare yourselves

but i remembered that my swingtrades always result at a loss for me.
so im just dca little bits of money. if it does dump greatly i will slurp

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lmao you have shitty emotions
you're supposed to sell when you see your portfolio has pumped to a number that gives you a little kick of euphoria
it's hard because your greed says "no, what if it goes even higher"
then you buy at the opposite time, when your greedy idiot side is saying "no, wait for the REAL dump!!!"

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please someone ngutp that image.
it just tickles too hard.