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All in LINK before the merge

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If true emotional capitulation was required as a condition of entry to the citadel then I am there. I think I am the most defeated I have been since the late 2017 dump in sats.
I'm not selling, I'm never selling, but this is as low as I can get, emotionally and expectationally.

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you're all in on link instead of matic? do you need guidance? are you new to crypto? how the fuck did you come to this conclusion when polygon zkevm will be going on mainnet after the merge, where developers will be able to use a cheaper and faster ethereum

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Dude tell me about it, I feel as hopeless and shitty as I did before I even got into crypto or link. The past year has just been one huge letdown in like every conceivable way, and when I look in the mirror I look old and haggard. Even if link mooned to $1k tomorrow I don't really think I'm gonna make it now.

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Why are you in every link thread? You do realize matic ain’t shit without link right?

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Nah we lost our chance. LINK took our youth. There's this wonderful chapter in the Italo Calvino book "Invisible Cities" about a city where you spend your whole life on your way there, waiting to get there, thinking about all the things you'll do when you get there. Except when you get there you realize you had envisioned yourself doing all of those things when you were young, and now you're old. That's literally us.

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Matic shilling has really ramped up in the last few weeks, they are in every fucking thread regardless of what is being discussed.

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Holy fuck this is me. I’ve aged 10 years in the last 5 because I went from millions to low six figures holding this garbage. The most retarded plan I’ve ever seen is dumping on your holders to subsidize nodes WHILE not allowing staking for holders to see any benefit of holding

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Lmfao speak for yourself. I'm still young enough to get some good puss. I admit it I was also retarded and probably fantasized about owning an island or driving a sports car or some gay shit like that. You don't need to do those things to enjoy your youth and also if you didn't get to enjoy your youth 2015 and prior, you are getting diminishing returns.

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To be fair that "L2" scamchain has outperformed LlNK for the second consecutive year now.