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Where did you clip this?

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Jesus christ, and I thought Australia was cucked.

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lol imagine being a leaf

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why do some provinces not have buy limits?

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Lol imagine listening to them about what you buy with YOUR money. Who is their right mind thinks that this would be okay.

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Selling will add space back to your limit up to a limit. Fucking gay. So, essentially you need to trade in small blocks and move your profits to fiat or unrestricted cryptocurrencies, and increase your number of transactions to work around the inefficiency. Canadian bots are DOA.

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>Your money
Uh no GOY.
It's THEIR money
You're just borrowing it
Everything is usury since the moment your penis was sucked off by a rabbi

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It's over for the shitcoiners. Only legit cryptos like LTC and BCH will survive

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this is unironically not a bad idea in principle. normalfaggots need protection from themselves
of course, allowing them to buy unlimited litecoin is peak boomerism
anyone with the required mental ability to be in crypto (which is not much) should be able to 1) buy ethereum 2) swap ethereum for shitcoin of choice and have "unlimited" everything, anyway. this law sounds like it's only about protecting 80 iq retards from aping into coinbase scams directly

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I don't see anything new on my nodes

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Why didn’t anyone tell me to load up on LTC fuck

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Canada regulates securities trading provincially. Most just do what Ontario does because Ontario sinks money into exploring and enforcing regulations.

BC has the regulatory equivalent of monkeys flinging shit at the wall. We lost our main stock exchange because it was too corrupt to participate. We also invented snow washing and kicked off Canada's real estate dependence and scams. If we can scam on crypto, we'll be balls deep hooking Canada on shitcoin flipping.

Alberta resents Ottawa and Toronto and won't follow.

Quebec is sovereign but probably has more draconian regulations of its own. Wouldn't be surprised to learn they aren't allowed to trade anything.

Manitoba I have no idea.

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i'll be sure to listen to this KEK

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>applicable to ontario but not manitoba
holy based potato fuckers

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If you use a DEX, you'll demonstrate enough expertise to be taxed as a professional. They exempt those 4 coins because of Canadian ETFs and ETNs. It's Bay Street nepotism.

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Those are the rebel provinces, they are more right wing or nationalistic. BC is probably because of the tech sector, though. But Quebec is basically a completely different country.

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Canadian States QRD
Good vs Bad

>British Columbia
>New Brunswick
>Nova Scotia
>Northwest Territories
>Prince Edward Island

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I hate Canadians and I'm still mad.

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Why are you limited on how much crypto currency you can buy with your money? Leafs explain yourselves NOW.

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unfathomably cucked

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no way this is real
does it also concern stablecoins or fresh fiat?

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HAHAHA no... only according to this asshat regs that no one will listen to or here about unles they trade on newton, one of many exchanges available to us here.


>all the rest.

this is considering all political and finical metrics not just one dumb crypto reg.

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is this fiat to crypto only?

or are all crypto to crypto trades included as well? if so you could have only a few thousand dollars in total and still get in trouble for buying over 30k in crypto just daytrading

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oof lmao

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Sweet jesus... capital control measures... Bros how the fuck do i get out of here!?

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Canada btfo'ing PoS shitcoin securities? I'm thinking based. All will kneel before Bitcoin soon enough.

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what many don't gfet is that this is bullish for everything that's not btc eth ltc and bitcash..
why? naw not going to tell you.

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Would now be a good time to buy some ltc?

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time to install minecraft and bring back the truckers

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we know why
if they're not gonna let citizens participate it means it's bound to pump

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Ohhhh linkies guess Chainlink isn't a safe enough investment to make the short list
Toooo bad

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Unironically this. Proof of Work is the only real crypto algo.

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uh oh the establishment is quickly closing the doors on crypto. No one is going to make it after 2025

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No way this is real. This is too cucked even for Canada

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Zoom out

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brug who's been here since 2017? those guys all retired, if your still here looking at ltc charts you fucked up by biz standards.

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>brug who's been here since 2017? those guys all retired

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If Saskatchewan joined the no buy limit provinces it would literally just be the faggoty part of canada against the non faggoty parts

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Why is BSV not on the list? It is the real bitcoin.

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Manitoba ain't bad

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thanks for the explanation, anons

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Or what? They throw you in prison for climbing out of poverty? Canada really is a dictatorship.

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canada is such a shithole it's unreal /biz/bros

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What a joke. Canada hasn't been a free country for a long time. This is just more confirmation. The rest of the world will continue to leave this backward shithole behind in the dust.

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Normies fucking ruin EVERYTHING REEEEEEEE

>proceeds to withdraw ETH and just trade on Uniswap, kucoin and binance

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Lol Vancouver is jeet, chink PnD central

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>capital controls getting rolled out
it's over for canadians isn't it? they will get reset'd within a year or so

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>buy unlimited amount of btc
>trade it for your shitcoin anyway

Pointless rule

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LMAO boomers are so fucking retarded
these coins don't even exist anymore

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is this on exchanges or are they trying to say it would be illegal for me to go onto Uniswap and buy 50k worth of UNI I can go to jail?

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100 million poojeets and Changs by 2100:




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>Lol Vancouver is jeet, chink PnD central
Arriving in Toronto airport, I thought I had landed in India. The security guard is a poojeeta that greeted me. The immigration officer is a poojeet. The taxi driver who solicited a ride is a ... poojeet. I went to Tim Hortons, a coffee store, and the cashier is a poojeeta. Her brown feces coated hands made my coffee and brought my donuts. This country is so brown. If you want the Indian experience without visiting Mumbai, just visit Toronto.

The poojeets have over taken white people working at the airport. The baggage handlers are blacks and poojeets.

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>Lol Vancouver is jeet, chink PnD central

white people are f*cking annoying.

poojeets stay quiet and work hard

white servers think they are entitled to 15-20% tip

poojeet servers happy you come to restaurant

dumb white kids get liberal arts degree and become useful idiots.

smart poojeets get STEM degrees

white people can't get good jobs therefore they vote for socialism

poojeets know family is the best, they live under multi-generation homes

white people like kneeling down for blacks, protesting for animal rights, saving plants and trees

poojeets laugh at white people and continue to work hard and own more businesses

white people think eating 'ethic food' is an adventure

poojeets make the 'ethic food' for white people with feces coated hands

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This is exactly the same as England. I went to Heathrow airport last week, every single airport worker was either a filthy nigger, hijab wearing shitskin inbred "woman", or just some other kind of brown mongoloid. The west is fucked.

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Rural white towns are getting flooded with Indians, and if it's somewhere up north too cold for Indians, the government will literally offer full citizenship to anyone who can prove they have lived there two years. Our housing market is out of control and our economy is built around hyperinflated real estate (like 20% of our gdp is in real estate). If immigrants stop coming in and buying houses the whole pyramid scheme collapses and the economy goes tits up. So the government FURIOUSLY ramps up immigration by any means. If you have $50,000 to invest, you are a Canadian citizen and can bring your family over to work in your gas stations and Subway franchises. The end result: at the bottom there's increased competition for low paying jobs (you're competing against half the planet) and at the top theres swarms of goyim to buy your goyslop and paper houses for top dollar. The average income is like $100,000 but the average wage is like $22/hr - you're either a multi millionaire or you're gonna be eating the bugs and living in the pod. Anyone who isn't a wealthy immigrant is sleeping 2 to a room and shopping at dollarama, living paycheck to paycheck a few thousand bucks in debt with maxed out credit cards, owning nothing and being happy.

The Indians themselves arent the bad guys, they're just trying to make a few bucks and move out of the disease infested shithole they're from. A lot of times they're kinder, more genuine and more down to earth than the whites. But fuck... You just have no idea how many there are here right now. The census results are going to be released in October and I honestly predict 30-40% Indian and whites around the same.

Trust me you don't want to live here anon

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Causes leading up to communist Canada:

1980s time line

- Anglo boomers and liberal whites in the 80s voted pro-immigration policies so they can benefit from cheap labour

1990s time line

- Poojeets slowly trickling into Canada and breed like crazy
- Poojeets and Changs start accumulating wealth, whatever means necessary

2000s timeline:

- Nouveau rich Changs do money laundry. They buy up homes around Canada and wash their money in Vancouver's casinos
- Canadian economy is unproductive, they get money from Changs and poojeets by investment visas

2010s timeline:

- Canadian govs import more Changs and poojeets to prop up the housing bubble, since all immigrants need a place to live
- Whites becoming increasingly homeless


- By late 2020s, Poojeets become a visible MAJORITY
- Poojeets vote for more pro-proojet migration policy


- Canada's first poojeet Prime Mininster, Jagmeet
- His long term plan is 100 million poojeets into Canada by 2100


- Canadian economy collapses into 3rd world, whites demand more socialism and free gibs
- Blacks and poojeets happy to get free gibs


- Canada population reaches 70 million, mostly poojeets and Changs. Whites becomes a visible minority.
- Poojeets creampie all the white women
- Poojeet man and white woman dating is now trendy

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Anyone here fear white Canadian cops? They're aggressive, psychopathic and adopt a "higher than thou" attitude. White cops are authoritarian and don't hesitate to use violence on people. There is a large number of neo nazi and alt right wing cops in Canada.

I feel safe around poojeet and chang cops. They're friendly and passive. I can't wait until 80% of cops in Canada are poojeets and Changs.

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List of people who like Canada:

1. Trailer park white trash that get government hand outs.
2. Poor ghetto blacks that get government hand outs.
3. White liberals that live in their own enclaves, arm's length from colored people
4. White guys with yellow fever
5. Poojeets that creampie white women
6. Poojeets that are happy to escape Mumbai
7. Changs that are happy to escape China, they get more economic freedom buying up houses and money laundrying in Vancouver

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unironically the truth. white people are entitled AF. white waiters give me the looks when I tip 10%. while asians and indians say thank you sirs everytime tip or no tip

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Literally every country from the anglo phere is cucked.

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New Brunswick here.
Death to Trudeau!

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Don't worry shart in the mart, nigger lover.
We hate you too.

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Because we have a Communist for a prime minister and he's one of Klaus Swabbs little bum boys.

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>unironically the truth. white people are entitled AF. white waiters give me the looks when I tip 10%. while asians and indians say thank you sirs everytime tip or no tip

White Anglo Canadians are annoying, entitled little shits. White waitresses threaten to spit and shit in your food if you don't tip them 20%. They whine and complain about low tip. For the cash tip money, they don't pay tax on it. They use the money for drugs and booze. The biggest degenerates you'll find are Anglo waiters and waitresses.

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Study history and you shall see through written record that WHITE PEOPLE are hypocrites.

They stole the land from native Indians. Anlgos stole the land by killing native Indian men, women and children while calling native Indians "savages".

Now Anglos set up borders around their land and keep "illegal immigrants out" with thier ArriveCan app. Yet nobody invited the Anglos, they came through illegally in the 1700s and 1800s.

Anglos are hypocrites, it's unreal.

Poojeets will outbreed the Anglos. Canada will be 90% poojeet.

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Holy kekerinos crypto is fucking dead

>> No.50969785

There is an unbelievable amount of poojeets living in Canada - I would guess the country is at LEAST 25% poojeet at this point. You have no idea - there are towns of a million people that are 90%+ poojeet and they are in every small town. Go to Timiskaming Shores in Northern Ontario - town of 12,000, 300 miles away from ANYTHING - you will find families of poojeets. You can go to Golden, BC, a mountain town a days drive from anywhere - poojeets own all the hotels and franchises. It is simply unbelievable just how many there are, and at least a half million more arrive every year. It's o v e r for the white man, and this is coming from a man as white as anyone.

Having said that, poojeets are ok, they're just stupider dirtier whites but very kind and friendly, I honestly prefer them over the passive aggressive/beta/lazy/degenerate/liberal whites (which comprise the majority of them sadly)

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White Canadian women are insufferable, HIGHLY ENTITLED and indolent. They're also fat and lazy. Have you worked with white women at the work place? Highly annoying. They also do stupid shit like posting pictures of their gay fucking baby. No Karen, STOP POSTING PICTURES OF YOUR GAY FUCKING BABY ON SLACK. I don't want to "like" your photo.

Don't forget, these Anglo women also get into position of power. They gate keep when they're in HR. If they're a politician, they pass stupid laws. The decline of Canada can be attributed to stupid sheltered white women, the dumbest race on Earth.

>> No.50969810

Notice how all the Canadian celebrities moved to America? Drake, Celine Dion, Justin Beaver. Even smart white Canadians have moved to America where the jobs are higher paying. Only dumb whites stay back in Canada and work at their comfy middle class jobs.

The funny thing about the Canadian gov is that they tricked the poojeets into spending their live savings into coming into Canada and "investing", they PR status but they don't get citizenship.

The Changs have citizenship, they mostly stay in Vancouver to escape the Chinese smog but they just stay for 6 months or so, then they fly around and back to China. The Changs buy up all the houses in Vancouver and have priced whites out of ever owning a home.

>> No.50969820 [DELETED] 


In 30 years, Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton will be 80% brown. Pajeets gonna creampie all the white girls. Changs and Russians own all the houses. Whites will beg poojeets for job. Look at the CEOs of Twitter, Microsoft, Oracle ... they're all POOJEETS. White males will beg poojeets for jobs, no doubt.

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they are also the most overpaid making between 100-200k a year and sometimes more than 500k depending on court appearances. its a super chill job. you got the license to do whatever the fuck you want, get paid shit ton, and no one can stop you. you also get hired with room temperature iq.

>> No.50969843

White Canadians are entitled and lazy, that's their downfall. Poojeets are working hard, buying up houses and businesses. They're willing to live 4 or 5 familes in a house and work multiple jobs. They're good at accumulating wealth.

You're starting to see white people begging the poojeet for jobs. The majority of the homeless population is white. It won't be long before poojeets account for 50% of the population. Poojeets creampie white women just like in Indian pornos.

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Canada is on the decline. Even the poojeets can sense that they're on a sinking ship. Their wages are stagnant, the food is more expensive but the quantity getting smaller. They can barefly afford rent. To top it off, they have to deal with clacking white women every day.

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this yhread smells of curry and shit

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Whats more, Canada punishes the productive members of society through progressive tax. 50% of your income will be taken away from you. And? It will be redistributed to blacks on welfare, surgery for white kids to cut off their tits and dicks, and lining up the pockets of Justin Trudeau (look up WE charity scandal)

What is the future of Canada? Mostly brown, full of brown people. You already see it in Toronto, Edmonton, Montreal -- a sea of brown people. Poojeets will creampie white girls. The Changs own all the houses, so your landlord will be a Chang or Jew. Poojeets buy up all the franchises (Pizza Pizza, Subway, Tim Hortons). The poojeets serve your morning coffee and make your cream cheese bagel with feces coated hands.

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I hate anglo boomer faggots so much it's unreal. Entitled little shit that that voted for the worse policies since the 90s. Gald to see Canada being flooded with poojeets and brown Middle Eastern people, you see Anglo baby boomers fleeing the major cities. Even traditional white pockets in Toronto (Oakville, New Market, Port Perry) will have all the Changs and poojeets taking over the Anglo boomers. Hell, the poojeets are buying up all the motels in Nigara Falls.

>> No.50969956

If all of Canada was like Alberta, it'd be probably even cool. Also if was a Quebec resident, i'd stride for secession.

>> No.50972833

I guess everyone gets fucked once in a while.

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Shield your fucking transactions and wallet. You have been warned.

>> No.50972900

What if you use a private DEX? At least, that way, the information about your transaction is accessible by you only

>> No.50972924

Ontario is good. Is there a reason why it's on the bad list?

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>Other options.
Buy XMR. Or better still,keep your altcoins in Railway anonymous wallet

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It’s called the Anglo-American empire for a reason. They’re basically one people.

>> No.50973918

Your faggot province was swept by liberals in the last election

>> No.50973975

this country is fucked beyond belief

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>white boomers kick kids out at 18 to "make their own way in the real world like we did when we were kids"
>become rentoids for the rest of their lives because house prices are up +300% from 20 years ago
>boomer parents sell their $2 million property to pajeet family and move to Mexico
yeah it's totally because we're lazy

>> No.50974414

>pajeets are working hard

>> No.50974476

Fuck off

>> No.50974480

>The new normal.
Matter of time before majority of transactions on the blockchain are shielded from block explorers.

>> No.50974543

basically only allowing the biggest PoW coins

>> No.50974867

O Canada!
Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all of us command.

With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free!

>> No.50975327

And they're going to enforce this on uniswap how?

>> No.50975348

they aren't even able to enforce it between exchanges

>> No.50976300

How would they go about it on DEXs that enable private trades anon? what are your thoughts?

>> No.50976367

kek I'm on that list. White guy that lives in Toronto and loves giving balls deep creampies to chinese sluts

>> No.50976407

If you weren't here in 2017 you're a newfag. Theres nowhere else to go on the internet. This is the last uncensored forum

>> No.50976424

Isnt crypto technically over now?

I mean, the whole point of this shit was for people to buy illicit goods on black markets

Now it seems like the government have complete control over this stuff

No one used it to buy anything. They just hold and hope another moron will buy their bags for more

Honestly, what's the point lmao

>> No.50976454

>I'm my own man I own shit stay off my property I'm le rattlesnake don't step on me

Lmao you are a rat in a cage like the rest of us

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And how do they plan on knowing how much restricted crypto I have?

>> No.50976565

Pajeet is assblasted
Nobody is reading all that, buddy.

>> No.50976597

These rules should global but the only unrestriceted cryptocurrencies should be Bitcoin and Ethereum - Litecoin and Bcash makes no sense.

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File: 382 KB, 602x680, unknown-282.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lmao the rules only apply to the shithole provinces

>> No.50976949

Toronto should be nuked

>> No.50979413

What a babe, why tf would she date a poojeet? Nigga has money or something. Makes no sense.

>> No.50980524

Quebecers have no money, so we dont count

>> No.50980605

Yes you do, what happened to all the money we (Alberta) gave you?

>> No.50980765

He literally posts the same copy pasta in any thread on biz that's about Canada, probably a bot or some new breed of discord tranny

>> No.50980809

Where my BChads at?

>> No.50981164

Seems like the rules are for the exchange. Can't Canadians just buy unlimited amounts of the permitted cryptos, withdraw and trade on an exchange that does not impose these rules for what they want? Or is that illegal too?

>> No.50982154


>> No.50982189

>Andrew Tate's $50000 Hustlers university got LEAKED.

https://d1scord.gg/8V2UdnmP (replace 1 with "i" to avoid spam)

>Learn how to copywrite, make money, ecommerce, crypto, code, trade, fb ads, tiktok, youtube exposure all for FREE LEAKED NOW..!!! Gooo

>> No.50982192

Hasn't Canadas economy literally collapsed already? Regular houses in neighborhoods are like 3 million dollars now.

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I don't have enough to put in more than 30k a year anyway, but hopefully, in the future, I will.

>> No.50983601

>a bunch of literal-who provinces that have 500 people and Cucktario
who cares.

>> No.50983714

Toronto and the GTA. Hamilton and Ottawa are 50/50. If we could have a referendum to kick Toronto out of Canada, I think it would solve a lot of Canada's problems and make everyone very very happy.

>> No.50983824

Bullish on uniswap

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>since 2017
yeah heh about that

>> No.50983919

btw theres already a workaround on this, make accounts on non kyc exchanges, trade btc or eth for shitcoins 30k+ and done. Canadian exchanges are trash anyways.

lastly theres a few places you can buy btc for cash here in Toronto, so no funding limits for onramps, no kyc for that too

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File: 2.17 MB, 3625x3855, 1660104984044577.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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>> No.50985262

My thoughts exactly. How would they go about people that use privacy protocols on their assets and transactions?

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literally fuck every other province

>> No.50986425


>> No.50986458

it was over before it started

>> No.50987324

Yeah it’s for the exchange only.

>> No.50988107

BCH failed.
The funding plan wasn't a tax, but people were retarded enough to split over it.
BCH was supposed to be the first coin with avalanche consensus.
Thanks to it failing I got my x200 on the AVAX ICO, so not that bad.

>> No.50988232

[email protected] fucking cuck Kenney talking about how separation isn't the answer (person up for his position says separation is on the table). I hope we leave. Would be nice if all that money stayed in AB. Though I'd be worried about a huge flood of immigrants to here after we separate. I think if it happens, we need to put a pause on all immigration for 5 years minimum.

>> No.50988244

In that case this honestly seems like a good thing overall. Won't affect anyone with half a brain, and will stop the absolute dumbest normies who otherwise would be losing their life savings on shitcoins and react by shrieking for laws that do actual damage.

>> No.50988337

Anything other than explicitly racial separatism is pointless.

>> No.50988414

so is this just fiat to crypto or does crypto to crypto count? for example if i buy 15k sol then sell for 15kusd does that mean i can't buy back any more sol?

>> No.50988443

>These changes are to protect crypto investors, like yourself, and to make sure investors are aware of the risks associated with investing in crypto assets.
nanny state bullshit. treating us like children.

they only see themselves as responsible adults, we're just children. such arrogance

>> No.50988487

you can't exactly expect local born canadians to compete with indians especially the middle aged immigrant jeets who literally had to be to top of their caste in india to qualify coming over here.

>> No.50988491

So I couldn’t stake $50 grand of cro even if I had the money. Fuck Trudeau!

>> No.50988569

can't wait until i can afford to leave

>> No.50989960

Monerochan is a Cute.

>> No.50990694

Based. Although a more comfy option for me would be a DEX that enables private trades.

>> No.50990761

Considering how much the average canadian loves to get fucked by the state, isn't this just what they voted for?
>inb4 nobody voted for trudeau
Then why did the normies spread lies and misinformation about the truckers instead of joining with them to resist the government's bullshit? Seems to me like they had an opportunity to fight back and didn't. So...in the end the stronger side won out. What is there to complain here?

>> No.50992005

You're wrong anon. Crypto was never meant to buy illicit goods chad, it's another currency that can be used on a global scale. The government does not have full control over crypto either as there are privacy solutions in the space to keep users anonymous.

>> No.50992011

what THE FUCK is wrong with Canada?

>> No.50993038

what about USDT and other tethered/exchange coins? this forces gains to be kept inside those 4 coins

>> No.50993852

I guess regulation was always coming to crypto. But my thoughts are still on how all this would affect people that use privacy solutions to keep their transactions secret.

>> No.50993931

It's absolutely insane if this affects stablecoins. That would be such a monumental blunder that I think it must be real.

>> No.50994072

>fucking litecoin and bitcoin cash
The people making these rules are so out of touch. Not to mention how fucked up having these rules is in the first place.

>> No.50994652
File: 242 KB, 500x272, 109.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

soon they will make their on shitcoin and add to that list
then they will remove the others
don't even need the stablecoin anymore but do it anyway to make sure they control everything haha

>> No.50995543

Based. This is the time for privacy crypto to be in the limelight pleb.

>> No.50996653

Kek. I guess this is the time for asset security to take top priority chad.

The only strategy I have left is to use a platform that aids asset management to keep me moving in the right direction.

>> No.50996780

This is step 1.

Step 2 will be banning withdrawals from all exchanges because people are circumventing their capital controls through DEXs.

It is coming, they just take it one step at a time. And in classic cucknadian fashion no one will stop them.

>> No.50996804

this seems unenforceable

>> No.50998002

We're all in a race to the bottom. It doesn't much matter who's currently in the lead.

>> No.50998677

>future of finance

>> No.50999484

Bullish for Bitcoin Cash.
I would buy this if I had already got a tonne of money to invest

>> No.51001033

So glad I moved to BC..

>> No.51001497

BC - BitCoin - BitcoinCash - British Columbia

>> No.51002025

>laughs in Albertan

Thank fuck I left onterrible 8 years ago.

>> No.51002118

You are white, correct?
And no southern Italian doesn't count.

>> No.51002274

Women are retarded anon. They do what's considered "in". Life is a highschool popularity contest to them and they should have no say in the direction society goes. Giving them rights was a mistake.

>> No.51002354

Poo in loo

>> No.51003168

Well, Most users never moved personal assets out of their hard wallets in the first place. A DEX that facilitates private trades and swaps would be ideal right about now.

>> No.51003869

Im somolian nigga. We taking over. Get used to it.

>> No.51004156

Then please fuck off back to Ontario, non-whites not welcome here (though chugs are okay).

>> No.51004365

Eat a dick. We will breed the white out of Alberta you country hick fuckstain. You cant stop it. Get down or lay down bitch.

>> No.51004402

And then Alberta will be like the shithole you left, and you'll leave like a swarm for some other country to feed off, till there's no whites left to feed off of, at which point you'll go back to shitting in huts or having sex with snakes to cure aids

>> No.51004410

So do something about it bitch. Oh wait you cant. Enjoy watching it all burn down while I fuck your chubby farm bitches in the ass.

>> No.51004442

At the moment I'm focused on having as many kids as possible, accumulating as much land & wealth as I can, for the ultimate dissolution of Canada. Monero, etc., since without gibs you creatures evaporate.

>> No.51004516
File: 337 KB, 1440x1712, 6a2dt916lhg91.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this is actually good for bitcoin you fucking retards, this is the first step towards mass adoption and eventual mooning. wagmi diamond hands mode activated.

>> No.51004598

Nope, no rules here

>> No.51004611


>> No.51004715

Ontario is shit and the reason why Canada is stuck forever with Trudeau, regardless of how the rest of the country votes. They voted Kathy Wynne for a long ass time who drove the province into the ground, fled to Alberta and proceeded to whine and bitch and ruin that too then ran back and proceeded to talk shit and vote in ways that screwed over a province that carried their asses for decades.

>> No.51004717

>Bitcoin Cash
lol creg gonna be mad and sue the Canadian govt.

>> No.51006005

Yea newton got cucked.

Most canadians use Binance, Coinbase or some unknown local exchange in their city.

>> No.51007741

You're right anon. Good thing there are DEXs for users who like to keep things decentralized. A DEX for private swaps and trades would be an added advantage.

>> No.51007758

>no you're not allowed to make it goy

>> No.51007924

I still have thoughts on how the regulations would be implemented for people using privacy solutions.

>> No.51008412

Which is why there is no future in crypto.

The reason you are allowed to own these is because they know they will be worthless long term.

>> No.51008422

LOL. You have no self awareness.

>> No.51008433

Retarded as fuck if you can still withdraw to chain. Just swap your shit to your preferred alt.

>> No.51009912

Why are you so mad at White people if you're having sex with them?

>> No.51010921
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BC = Bring Cash

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