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Fuck the rich.

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entire Starbucks team walked out during their shift after the manager fired a colleague

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No shit?

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Good we don't need human trash. We don't need gorillion McFatty goyslop stores to produce fake jobs for 80 IQ obese sheboons.

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That is such a gay name for a website.
Even worse than reddit.

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Fake reddit garbage that never happened

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Lmao how wagie retards actually take pride in stupid, brain dead shit labor like this.

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if you're autistic enough, this looks like the best way out of the system.
>I bet it was the HR roasties and the exhuberant to the point of erratic sodomite in his department that pushed for this regardless of the guy's wishes.

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you realize your masters' answer to this is to import more shitskins and spics, right? There's an infinite supply and your economy has been so dumbed down for specifically this purpose.

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>That wagie's name? Albert Einstein

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And then everyone clapped.

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very believable, between narcissistic wagie and lower ranked wagie.

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No it’s actually because white millennials believe it or not don’t want to raise children in a multi racial corporate dominated hell hole (whether they are conscious of this or not). I have two white children and I am very religious and even I am afraid for what kind of third world hell hole my children will inherit for a country.

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>asking for a raise is justified reason to fire you
holy shit muttbros are you fucking insane or did the rabbi take your balls too along with your foreskins

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because cunts like you are fired.

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nazis belong in a cage tho

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If you believe you are underpaid, why would you care if you are fired? You can't force them to give you a raise, so you're leaving yourself with the options of continuing to work for too little compensation or not working there anymore. Protecting your "right" to work an underpaid job isn't so great.

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get a job and stop browsing commie reddit

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Well I'm retired off crypto. But back when I did wage I didn't have to prove how many times a hour I could do a brain dead, repetitive task like a fucking monkey.


Exactly. Who the fuck cares why they can fire you? If the only reason they haven't fired you is because of some legal restriction, then of course you will be underpaid because they hate your dumb ass and want you to leave. Most people who are actually useful are proactively given raises and bonuses so they don't leave.

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shut up nazi

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>Fuck the rich
This has nothing to do with the rich. This is just office politics and retarded HR normies not understanding people's comfort levels.

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Also, why would they fire you for asking for a raise? It would make much more sense for them to just decline giving you a raise and either continue milking your labor for a low rate or let you leave on your own.

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Nazis are with you on this one. They’re going with the “don’t work for Mr. Noseberg” / “don’t work to support a society that hates you” route. Boomer bootstrapsism is a dying creed

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this lmaoo. imagine talking back like ur worth something when ur life is packing widgets. if i was his boss i wouldnt give a fuck about him either

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Told my boss two weeks ago that I was interested in switching positions to one that had become available, one I was more than qualified for and had top seniority for, and she laughed in my face and told me "if you can find someone to replace you, I'll think about it." Bitch I've been here several years and we are chronically short-handed. If I knew someone who you could hire I would have already recruited them. Needless to say the position was filled by someone else less qualified and with less seniority, but I guess that's none of my business. Anyway, the final nail was placed in the coffin that day and I'll just abandon ship the moment I find a better opportunity. They'll be lucky if I even give two weeks notice when I leave. Good luck now, cunt. Now you'll have to replace me entirely and you'll have to do all the looking on your own.

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Reddit astounds with its ability to fall for fakes.

Expository details are one of 15 giveaways here.

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why are you lying . she did not "laugh in your face"

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> just suck the cock of the rich bruh

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dude if this post is being serious then u need to get a fucking life fr. u obviously never achieved anything/finished school/took pride in any work u did and now ur think ur special or worth a damn. sorry cunt if u dont want to play as part of a team u can die off in ur own self pity u worthless fuck. maybe u should go finish year 12 and give half a fuck about your studies then ur employer would give half a fuck about u

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>shut up nazi

>The Nazis portrayed their answers to these problems from pre-1933 in ways such as
nationalism with their push to buy German goods in order to protect the workers. Also with
the addition of making the worker now look a member of the Nazi party and adding that the
Nazi party is there to protect them now. These differences and similarities can tell us some of
what was going on within not only Germany, but within the Nazi party as well.

redditors like you would have gobbled the nazis dicks. You'd be chanting fuck the rich jews. Fuck the business owners, bla bla bla power to the people. Stop falling for the propaganda. Bettering our society and bettering ourselves are not mutually exclusive. Reddit anti-work shills are more obsessed with crying about their superfluous wagie job stealing their paychecks instead of actually learning valuable skills so they can add to society

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im taking a time off for my birthdays and namedays, i work in a 50ppl company and they always call the whole company in that one building (so about 25) and greet like retards, i hate it and even wishing someone their best is making me heavily uncomfortable
havent found a better solution, someone always knows you have a birthday, be it hr or boss, i hate it

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> just suck the cock of the rich bruh

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Adjusted for purchasing power the average German in Nazi Germany was no richer since the bottom of the great depression.
Advertising about how everyone will one day own their own car but not actually giving anyone a car is what Hitler did. You keep falling for advertising

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> just suck the cock of the rich bruh

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anti boss thread lmao u obviously never aspire to run your own business or create something bigger than urself with ur short little life so you hate on others for it. if i was ur boss id bully the fuck out of you you little worm. maybe if u had dreams or standards u would have a good relationship with ur boss and not cope on 4chaan balling ur eyes out like a 6yr old girl u fucking sad sad sad loser

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Based, this is the right way to go about it.

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maybe if you weren't a cunt people wouldn't hate you

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literally someone testing their bot. Explains why all the file names were the same

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IDs are not filenames you new.

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bro u have no idea how this world works and im sorry u were born stupid or disadvantaged but (almost) all wealth stems from a useful service that u have probably used before and has improved ur miserable little life. instead of being grateful u just sob like a bitch? sad fucking loser u are. one day i aspire to be rich and im going to work my ass off to get there and i will make sure that when i do i dont even give saddos like you a second glance. pure lowlife shit man. sort yourself out

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> I'll suck the cock of the rich, and maybe they'll give me a chance to stop sucking their cock, maybe

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im giving u the talk ur dad shoulda given u a long time ago. i want to see u win i really do, but u gotta grow the fuck up because ur trailing a long long way behind. if u choose to give up now then thats fine but shut ur worthless mouth if thats what u choose ffs

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shut up inheritance baby

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Oh I forgot you were there with me. I guess your memory of the event is more clear than mine. Shut the fuck up faggot. If you don't think shitty bosses will laugh in your face you are either too young to have any experience, have never even had an actual job, or have just been incredibly fortunate.

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>teen vogue
>shilling marx
>shilling unions
What the fuck is this? Imagine being a 90’s kid and being told “hey psst- kid you wanna be cool and hip and fight the bourgeoisie?” everyone would just cringe

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dangerously baste

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You will never be a human

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cope bro, none of my family have been through college or are successful. I'm out here hustling for my best life and it's finally beginning to show. what do u have to show for urself?

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Come and get me fed pig

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kek responds like a bot

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gay nigger human trash

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>20th Jan 2020
Oh lard. The ironing

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Get a job commie.

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Why are you writing like a cumbrained 14 year old myspace bitch?

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get a job commie

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or you happy

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you were lucky

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> grown ass man pretending to be a japanese schoolgirl, attacks the gays
The pot calling the kettle black

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get psychotherapy nazi

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fix your crippling narcissistic disorder nazi

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Today I was "working from home" playing Crusader Kings and watching anime. Tomorrow will be the same.

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then fuck off with your "work ethic" hypocrisy

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What the fuck. This story doesn't make sense to me. Any sense at all. Anyway, he made it to the top. How long will it take him to make 450k on a normal salary schedule. It's better to join the secret agency program and get initiated in this case

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>clinically narcissistic npc got called out on his mental issues so now he projects it onto others
You have no soul, no one likes you, your mom is a whore but unlike you she is a woman kys

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Get a job commie.

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hard work never has. it's all about genetics and luck, thats the final blackpill you must swallow so you can finally live a meaningful life

>> No.50955755

> autistic sperglord seething and calling random people's mothers whores, pretends to not have a crippling narcissistic personality disorder.
start googling the therapists

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ur life is worthless and u probably had a luckier start than me. I'm on track to have your future wife screaming in pleasure while ur out at the Amazon cage. hope that makes u feel good buddy.

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Commie, get a job.

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you'll never be happy inside fascist

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Oh shit, where are they gonna get more starbucks employees?

>> No.50955793

and environment

>> No.50955794

Get lost, poor pleb. It's not just over yet.

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Commie, GET => A => JOB

>> No.50955809

money won't fix your depression

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Ive never been happier

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he can't get a job he probably just got fired from the grocery store he's been working at for a couple months because his anxiety or probably failed some drug test cause he blows half his pay on weed

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nice projection bruh

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That's why i tell him to get a job, he can't sucking money from his parents forever like a parasite.
Getting a job is the solution for you.

>> No.50955855

i'm highly successful in one of the most high paying and competitive careers and i still acknowledge that it's only about luck and genetics, hardwork is marginal at best

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nice diversion chud

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>year 12

>> No.50955876

How much of a weak onions faggot do you have to be to have a "panic attack" because of a fun birthday party? Fucking neurotic narcist faggots should be killed

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nice projection bruh

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Get a job commie.

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nazis belong in the cage

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I blame communism.

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You will get a job soon or later, you can't run away forever.

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nazis are communists with nationalism instead of multinationalism.

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im getting paid $45 an hour right now wfh. Just go get useful education & skills and become valuable.

>luck and genetics, hardwork is marginal at best

well what else would there be? why would we reward hard work, rather than efficiency? Imagine taking you car to the shop and the mechanic says he worked really hard and spent 10 hours changing your oil and asked for $400

>> No.50955930

Both sides will get a job and stop posting edgy stuff on the internet.


>> No.50955951

bad analogy, the correct analogy (that hard work advocates would argue) is that a mechanic with bad natural skills worked hard for years and eventually became as good as someone who was naturally born as a good mechanic

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Year 12? Time to leave, bootlicker.

>> No.50956394

>Most people who are actually useful are proactively given raises and bonuses so they don't leave.
No. A company will pay you the minimum required to keep you around.

>> No.50956613

The commie reveals his final form. Why are you so opposed to people with a shared ethnicity, culture, and nation (National) being the ones that unite and pool resources (Socialism)? Is it that you’re a nigger that simply wants to leach off of white societies?

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both commies and nazis belong in a cage

>> No.50956710

Tell me why or go back to R*ddit. Show me one (1) layer of reasoning that isn’t “muh Jewish propagandist overlords said so”.

>> No.50956776

Job, get it.

>> No.50956822

both of you are retarded extremists, who end up with totalitarian governments of a dozen of fascists, and you're stupid because next time around it might not be your friends in the government.

>> No.50956842

and FYI, redditors tell me the exact same shit ("only nazis say that commies are totalitarians"), which proves further you are the same.

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Kill yourself or get raped by niggers.
Working hard is a white man's trait.

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Upset trust fund boomer amerimutts.

>> No.50956946

Get raped by niggers, white boy.

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Literally pic related.
Your average 4chan/reddit cuck.

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kek never change /biz/. what a shit thread

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Get a new buzzword, white boy.

>> No.50957066

Man, 4chan users are such little prissy babies.
>Cannot spell "you" correctly.
Trust fund kids are the worst.

>> No.50957106

So? Let them inherit this eternal shitstain while we laugh from the stars

>> No.50957122

> admitting they are actually socialists just like the commies

>> No.50957131

>it's all about genetics and luck,
At least i'm not black nor a jeet.
Still, how do I cope with your statement?

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Learn to spell you nigger.
Americans, I swear.

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>im giving u the talk ur dad shoulda given u a long time ago. i
My father would have told me to never trust white people or rich cunts.

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get a job commie

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>cope bro, none of my family have been through college or are successful
I'm not reading a post from a loser with a family history of losers.>>50955305

>> No.50957292

Why in the fuck are people so god damned polite to people who wrong them? Why don't people say shit like "Go fuck yourself you dumb shit"? God this is like the opposite of cathartic.

>> No.50957320

get a life faggot

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>> No.50957326

>I'm on track to have your future wife screaming
We know you will.

>> No.50957359

If your labour is valuable why don't you do freelance work. Oh what's that? Your "job" as a cashier can literally be done by monkeys and dumb AIs? Color me surprised.

>> No.50957388

Russians are european

>> No.50957427

My grandma said otherwise

>> No.50957456

OP is a faggot

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just bisexual, like all of you gays in the closet.

>> No.50957572

>commie reddit
Is that a euphemism for /biz/?

>> No.50957596

Did your boss get business tier neetbucks and not give you a raise, anons?

>> No.50957635

Alpha chad boss. Wagies cope and seethe

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>> No.50957655

your autism is showing

>> No.50958161

This. The answer is to push back on unreasonable fuck head bosses and quit when they show you how dumb they are. The best freedom you can have is to develop a ton of marketable skills so it's easy to keep job hopping until you don't work with morons. Boomers bitched at millennials for doing this and GEN X said that it's pointless and you should just lick their geriatric boots but things are getting better slowly and steadily.

>> No.50958196

Your pic related looks like a HHRR issue. Those useless roasties are the ones that organize that kind of retarded normie things.

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It feels good in the moment to tell off your boss, but this guy is probably homeless now.

>> No.50958238

That's a nigger, so he's probably lazy, violent, stinky and retarded

>> No.50958352

imagine taking pride in managing retards packing widgets

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>Most people who are actually useful are proactively given raises and bonuses so they don't leave.

>> No.50958737

You have no idea how business works

>> No.50958819

Fuck that company. Forcing people to interact socially is just another form of bullying.

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>Things I wanted to say but I didn't think fast enough

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Lmao fucking pussy. I would've fired him too for being such a bitch.


>> No.50959240

Wait till you hear about at-will states, where they don't even need justification at all. One can be fired at any time, instantly, for literally zero reason, and you have no recourse. It is a dystopia.

>> No.50959578

You are correct. Straw men abound in the wasteland.

>> No.50959618

Yes it will.

>> No.50959714

Damn, even while striking, they don't inconvenience others.

>> No.50959962

This doesn't seem fake to me. The boss sounds like every full of themselves boomer/genx middle manager. They love to talk like they're a genuine authority but the reality is they have zero power if you don't give it to them, and their decision making is generally 70IQ. They're easy to walk circles around if you have any confidence. This guy is based for politely giving the finger, and probably had another job a week later.

>> No.50960194

>be a tourist
>post shit that /biz/ already had threads on the week or day they happened
plz delete this nigger tier thread
this is business and finance not /pol/ or other nigger boards, anons

>> No.50960529

shut up nazi

>> No.50960610

Shut up you dumb troon man child
I can't be a nazi if I am a jew.
As a Jew I hate other Jews too.

>> No.50960652

And then everybody clapped.

>> No.50960691

nazis can be jews easy

>> No.50960726

Is that an apparel store?

>> No.50960771

>45 posts by this id
OP WTF you are mentally ill. i suspect this isn't your only thread either.

go for a run, 5 minute once every couple of days is a great start. don't worry no one is looking at you. 5 minute is nothing, you will eventually warm up to it and develop a routine. clean after yourself, don't have to clean the entire place all at once, just do a bit every day. get your shit together op. do this and your poorfag slave mentality/inferiority complex will evaporate before you know it. actual advice. RECLAIM YOUR LOST T. take care.

>> No.50960784

Come to think of it, that's probably a meme to say "don't tip us", as shop policy to make customers feel it's cheaper.

>> No.50960786

James Allen Keith I hope you get aids and hit by a bus nigger

>> No.50960800

nice projection nazijew

>> No.50960804

Based retard who didn't exist.

>> No.50960824

Implying a workplace birthday "party" is something fun

>> No.50960825

you make up 25% of the posts ITT
take a day off

>> No.50960850

>I'm sorry this text has been flagged as non-personal in nature. I'm sorry but this number cannot receive non-personal texts or calls. If you have my email please contact me via email. Your phone number has been blocked for everyone's professional convenience.

>> No.50960870

I don't remember Europe needing to build a wall against russians

>> No.50960921

>47 posts by this id vs 2 posts by this id
look at the room around you and tell me i'm wrong. I don't mean to insult, this is legitimate advice. do this and you will look back on your faggy internet commie days with embarrassment.

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>> No.50960963

shut up nazi

>> No.50961164

>seems bad right
Kek lamo. xD

The readers are not expected to consider being fired a bad thing.

Ironically the reader would be correct.

>> No.50961201

>hating jews as a jew

Sounds like a nazi to me.

>> No.50961238
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based Alicia

>> No.50961248

Did my computer get stolen and swapped?

>> No.50961291

>be dad
>look at kid
>they need to be more jewish
>yes i will tell them they need to participate in more jewish insanity
>yes it is good and mature for children to run around chasing jewish money, dressing as jews, and selling their bodies to jews because it is a mark of maturity.

Classic father.

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>Why don't people say shit like "Go fuck yourself you dumb shit"?
Because plenty of us were brought up to act decent, even to retards. If you don't act with dignity you're as bad as them.

>> No.50961372

people like you have destroyed this country, you can no longer take pride in your work because some moron like you who does nothing of actual value wants to feel superior

>> No.50961381

I go into the office and trade memetokens because I can't stand the dishonest anxiety of being paid for time and having nothing to do.

>> No.50961411

I'm a nazi because I don't like taxes and enjoy ducks.

Riddle me that one.

>> No.50961445

yeah just NATO and hanging the threat of nuclear destruction over Russia if they fuck around totally not a wall

>> No.50961503

Its not that they don't need to, it's that the euros are too russian to make it work.

It would be as if we tried to build a wall along the boarder of Louisiana, Arkansas Kansas Colorado Wyoming and Idaho.

The entire USA would improve but nobody thinks about it that way.

Germany should never have gone to war with Russia, they should have built a wall on their east.

>> No.50961542
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Commies are lazy subhumans who want everything for nothing.

>> No.50961619

Go back to fb boomer

>> No.50961704

> just suck the cock of the rich bro

>> No.50961762

OP you really must go back

>> No.50961788

is this the reddit thread?

>> No.50961809

>this gay ass thread is still up while 5 different biz related ones were just pruned by the janny tranny
Might as well make a YL YL thread no trannies

>> No.50961819

nazis belong in the cage

>> No.50961865

Are you 12?

>> No.50961881

If a nazis and a commi were placed in a cage who would you put your bets on?

>> No.50961919

at both being cunts

>> No.50962446

Then I should suck my cock!

>> No.50962501

This can't be true. If your worker isn't working for you that's covered under at will employment. You can't just strike and expect to not get fired.

>> No.50962728

All mass replying faggits need to rope right this instant

>> No.50962858
File: 223 KB, 521x937, 1604500115610.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.50962893

fake convo lol

>> No.50962926

that guy is jewish

>> No.50962991

Go back, nigger.

>> No.50963039

>wahh people acknowledging my existence triggers my anxiety!!
What a bitchmade nigger

>> No.50963075

ITT: poor cope

>> No.50963223

I believe it. I had a femoid manager laugh in my face when I asked for a raise. And I didn’t even prompt the conversation. I was told that I would be taking over for the manager on weekends, staying late, and being responsible for new people, and in charge of keeping records now too. The cunt wasn’t laughing when I quit with zero notice though.
>Most people who are actually useful are proactively given raises and bonuses so they don't leave.
KEK I’ve never been given a raise I didn’t fight for. Maybe they do this at McDonald’s with your 50 cent yearly scheduled raises

>> No.50963350

All it comes down to is that the bitter wagie cant handle the slightest bit of stress that the boss faces every day

>> No.50963363

based Patsy fan

>> No.50963427

Based sigma

>> No.50963471 [DELETED] 


>> No.50963531

Peak delusion

>> No.50963577

If you go out guns blazing, they'll just think "oh, well anon's a loose cannon, it's probably good that he's gone". If you're polite, they'll seethe even more because they fucked up and they know it. Also, there's the offchance leaving the door open could lead to them offering you a raise out of desperation if you're genuinely valuable.

>> No.50964469
File: 55 KB, 680x550, 104.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I will not get a job
I will continue to receive welfare and trade internet coins
I will kms before contributing to the wagie ponzi

>> No.50964493

Nice lol

>> No.50965605

lol fucking based, get wrecked fucking dumbass manager

>> No.50965852
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>Alicia is INFJ like me
Where do I find women like this?

>> No.50966318


>> No.50966354
File: 10 KB, 400x400, jewcanitbenow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

he does this for free

>> No.50966355

fucking baste

>> No.50966363

i quit my job the day the election was stolen

>> No.50966393
File: 200 KB, 723x757, wage chad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm a wagie so my boss is probably as broke as me

>> No.50966420

you quit your job back in 2004?

>> No.50966444

>breaking your back and sacrificing your family to enrich some kike 0.001% and paying 50% of his sweat and blood to feed idle niggers until they rape his daughter is a white mans trait
You don’t know how fucking right you are lmao

>> No.50966454

Except they aren't there are litrally NO literal nazis on the planet and to top it off "nazis are commies" is peddled by Jews LITRALLY.

>> No.50966480

Every little widget you pack beyond the minimum effort of not being fired is a fucking TIP to your boss. You may as well tongue your bosses sweaty asshole if you want to go “above and beyond!!!” ya fuckin cuckold

>> No.50967063

Nah I'm a Nazi and middle management can go suck on some Zyklon.

>> No.50967098

>rent is $1500
This must be from 2020

>> No.50967099

>Demoralization campaign complete

>> No.50967179

what is with all the anons defending work in this thread?
OP must be on to something

We, the workers, are getting fucked every single day.
everyday we get fucked more and harder as time goes by.
i already work union and its still shitty. what else can the workers do?
violence and destruction

>> No.50967215

>if you can find someone to replace you
What does that even mean? It’s the recruiters job to fill positions left open not the person who used to hold the position.

>> No.50967220
File: 473 KB, 510x487, 1646872043118.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Let's overthrow the goberment so I can swap my boring desk job for a sweet rock-carrying gig at the local gulag.

>> No.50967239

>work union and its shitty
That’s not a surprise, you’re just giving yourself a second boss that you have to pay part of your income too for no reason when you could just get some cushy wfh job and sleep the first hour or two of work away if you wanted to making six figures. No point in busting your ass for some boomer union leaders who cote against your own interests and only look after themselves.

>> No.50967325

> You can't just strike and expect to not get fired.
nazis belong in the cage

>> No.50967337

> just suck the cock of the rich bruh, just not the cuck of the jewish rich, all other rich cock is fine

>> No.50967354

NOOOOOOOO!!!! Libturds said unionizing would solve everything!!!! Reeeeeee!!!!!

>> No.50967365

> bruh just suck the cock of the rich, just not cock of the jew rich, all the other cock is fine.

>> No.50967380

> may as well tongue your bosses sweaty asshole

>> No.50967461

t. trust fund kid has never worked min wage jobs to sustain himself in his life

>> No.50967952

That's shit, even NY is at will. There's unemployment for firings like this at least

>> No.50968239

you want to suck cock? lol

>> No.50968306

I'm voting for NJP just to spite u Schlomo.

>> No.50968389


>> No.50968461
File: 325 KB, 600x700, 1617580780154.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.50968480
File: 3.20 MB, 370x377, 1637742488609.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.50968484

more like jesus is bent over, shitting explosive diarrhea on their face.

>> No.50968496

> bruh just suck rich cock, just not jew rich cock, all other rich cock is fine to suck.

>> No.50968524

What the fuck does marx have to do with unions?
Every communist regime that has ever existed has banned labour unions as soon as it seized power, it was even a labour union that brought down Poland's communist government

>> No.50968538

>dont work together for higher pay and better working conditions stupid goy, thats what those people I taught you to hate would do!

>> No.50968567

cause commies are the labor union, you can't have a labor union because you're be another government.
nazis and commies are identical.

>> No.50968591
File: 125 KB, 1200x1295, 1636562662135.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

commies don't get to have opinions, they only get the rope

>> No.50968603

nazis are just commies with nationalism instead of multinationalism.

>> No.50968639

>nazis are just commies with ACKK...

only rope i said

>> No.50968644

just like the other commie murderers

>> No.50968650

Kek this kid thinks shitposting on a hungarian sodomy forum will help further his crusade.
News flash asshole, if you hate the rich so much you better start actually hitting them where it hurts.

>> No.50968655


>> No.50968662

What about the ones guarding the portal to Hyperborea deep underground in the center of Antarctica?

>> No.50968673

i make $100k in a union trade
its not the union its the company side of things.
you obviously never worked union before i dont have to pay or answer to “union bosses”

>> No.50968677

Commies are the employers with monopoly on jobs.

>> No.50968711

just like the nazis

>> No.50968743

Those are jewish shills trying to distract.
Remember that meme >Just wagecuck for 50 years lmao
they stole the meme and turned it into the ‘coomer‘ because the original was too negative towards wagecucking.
Basically the Jews dont want people to hate on wagecucking too much in public as this could cause a chain reaction and wake up some NPCs.
So what do they do?
They begin shilling the nazis vs commies bullshit to distract whos actually responsible for the shit work environment/shit pay etc.
tl;dr Its the Jews and their most brainwashed goyims.

>> No.50968746

>62 posts by this ID
>"Fuck the rich!"

seems like the rich know how to use their time more wisely than you, commie.

>> No.50968764

>yeeeeees, good goy, good goy
>always remember that resistance is evil
>you must remain my slave otherwise you will become that thing you hate
>you wouldn't want to become that thing you hate, would you?

>> No.50968768

nazi, the actual distraction is you sucking the cock of any rich who happens to not be jewish.
any cock sucking sucks and I don't want it to be jewish or german cock.

>> No.50968774

Jewish communists murdered millions of workers, tortured them and enslaved them. No thanks, get fucked c*mmunist trash.

>> No.50968779

you were both totalitarian cunts
it's not a competition

>> No.50968795

Nazis are jewish industrialists
Commies are jewish industrialist too.
Its the same group of jews behind both.

>> No.50968798

commies, wagies and their boss get the rope,now stop sucking dick you commie faggot

>> No.50968802

> just let me suck the cock of industrials bro, just not the jewish industrialists, if they are german industrialists: I'm gonna suck their cock all day long big time.

>> No.50968803

I cant find the exact news article but there was a roastie on NYT that was complaining about how a worker of hers secretly worked a second job. He got fired and she wanted to sue him for wages.

While searching for that, I found this guide to working two jobs at a time so you too can out out-jew the jews:


>> No.50968820

> just work more bruh

>> No.50968821

>"panic attack"
What a whiny little bitch.
Based boss.

>> No.50968825

There is no ‘non jewish industrialists‘
They are all jewish. Every one of them.
German Industrialists were all jewish and still are.

>> No.50968879
File: 115 KB, 1000x432, SmugBrainlet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Someone didn't bother reading, it's not actually working two jobs nigger.

It's getting paid for two jobs while working one.

>> No.50968892

Nowhere in what you said or what you linked, shows that immediately obviously. "Working two jobs" means working more in almost all common context.

>> No.50968914

Let alone having a "second burner job" (as your link describes), is clearly work in itself. It's not like you won't have to set it up and prove you're worth it and won't have to spend time on it.

>> No.50968921

japs are on a whole 'nother level

>> No.50968932

>Nowhere it shows that immediately

Yes that's right, and that's why I said you didn't read nigger. If you scrolled down like 2 seconds you could read "Learn How to Work Two Remote Jobs At The Same Time"

>> No.50968951

>well done my golem, crush all who dare oppose our domination
>the cattle must never know the truth

>> No.50968955

still work as I said on the other reply

>> No.50969102
File: 364 KB, 1080x997, xwmjzdyhvbd91.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.50970734

American Whites are having far more children than European Whites who live in countries that are (still!) Whiter than the USA was in the 60s

>> No.50970742

Yes, but this also means that welfare must be abolished too.

>> No.50970923

like the people shitting out kids have to pay for then directly; fucking welfare state

>> No.50970968

That's not even enough to combat inflation lmao

>> No.50971045

Kek i did this when i was younger. My manager quit and i was told they weren’t backfilling the role but just giving his duties to me. I asked for a pay rise and they said I wasn’t experienced enough. I walked out 2 weeks later no notice with 20 missed calls apologising and begging for me to come back kek

>> No.50971100

Idk why but i laughed so much for this

>> No.50971138

Who the fuck tips buying apparell, burgers are fucking retarded

>> No.50971804

>Fuck the rich.
kys, leftypol subhuman

>> No.50972075
File: 2.75 MB, 400x200, 1633311634753.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I'm just gonna grow my hair long, put on some makeup, get hired, then cut my hair and go back to being a dude.