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Is this book right?
Are over half of the existing jobs useless?

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Only thing that matters in nature is reproduction.
Does that mean only your genitals matter and other things like hands or kidney don't?

This book auther is a retard.

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its terrible because it includes the job I might have if I graduate in about 3 years give or less 1 year

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His argument is that people are literally driving themselves insane by simultaneously working useless jobs while believing jobs are what gives someone self worth. I don't think he's wrong.

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His argument is bullshit. I'm a consultant, so absolutely a bullshit job by any measure and I fucking love my work and take immense pride in it. I work insane hours but my job satisfaction and general life outlook is pristine.

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Is your job unironically like the tiktok consultants? Seems comfy, how does one get into consulting?

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I think it's more nuanced than that. There are a lot of people that do important tasks within a company in their role, but those tasks might only account for 40% of their work. The other 60% of their time, they're sort of in a holding pattern, and essentially they are on retainer for the company, so that they can do the 40% part of their useful work.
This is why the 40-hour work-week is sort of stupid. Working from home alleviates some of the problems, because then at least people can be productive by doing their weekly chores or spending more time with family in their down-time, as opposed to sitting around and browsing 4chan, chatting with people around the water-cooler, etc. I wonder how many useless people does a company like ubisoft have, considering the amount of workers that just left them, even the son of the ceo left to make an nft game, bonkers stuff

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As a teenager I worked road construction during the summer and this was exactly the case. We needed 10 guys for a total of 4 of the 12 hours, the remaining 8hrs we were waiting on something (usually the municipality).

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When anyone complains about workers doing nothing on a construction site, a good explanation is to compare construction to an American football game, where the defense basically stops working when the offense is on the field, and everyone stops for instant replay (your municipality example).

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and i will be a millionaire by investing in that project

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ticker and mcap now

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I work in a factory running machinery for 12 hours a day. There's some days a machine I'm running breaks for 8 hours and I'm doing nothing really but cant leave because once it's fixed I have to be there to run it. Kinda sucks. But yeah being paid to do nothing isnt bad. Just gets boring

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God, I’d kill for having even a minute of downtime at my job. Doing chores while getting paid? Count me in

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ticker champ, mcap look at it yourself fag, i can't spoonfeed you on everything

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It's what you do instead of the social/filler aspects of being in an office. Instead of chatting with a coworker who isn't even in your own department, you sweep the floor of the kitchen. Instead of walking 500 steps to refill the water in the coffee pot, you do a load of laundry. Instead of staring bleakly at an email you are supposed to compose, you think about it while petting the cat. I'm often more productive at home because I don't have to go as far to do basic living things like going to the bathroom.

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>I'm a consultant
bullshit job

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These are the people getting massacred in tech layoffs rn
So no its only comfy when you have Stacy money to burn else youre handholding retards and problem solving 8hr a day

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yep. The problem is the jobs themselves aren't useless - they accomplish something. It's the thing that they accomplish which is useless. We have created an entire economy around totally bullshit products revolving around social manipulation, which offer nothing but despair and divisiveness. And that's what most people are helping to "build" today. Most of us poor wagies are enabling actual psychopaths who value money over human good, and we have little choice in the matter because they've engineered society so fucking well via psychological manipulation that most people today unironically wouldn't be able to survive without using their "products".

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How is consulting bullshit job?
I hire tax consultant to save me taxes. Tax he saves outweighs fee that i give him. He creates value for me from his profession.

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I thought the world would end if we locked down the global economy for 2 weeks.
Grabber was right and I was wrong.

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Just think, if your job didn't exist or if you didn't exist, would it make a difference. Probably not.

This ties into the Pareto principal where the square root of the number of employees in a company are actually essential. Everyone else is just chaff. So megacorps are unironically full of mostly useless people.

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No, nothing like the tik tok consultants. It's weird consulting. Very small, shadowy firm in D.C. that does a lot of political work, prepping CEOs for meetings with ambassadors, executive agency lobbying, etc. 90% of the job is just communications so there's not a whole lot of actual analysis involved. The McKinsey, Bain people actually do math and will sit down and brief you on high level business strategy. Ours is a lot more fluid.

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It's bullshit because it isn't essential.

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Maybe in your bullshit dick fluffing position

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all those jobs serve a social function, either to gatekeep one group from another or liase with it.

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pareto is a guideline to describe a network effect. productivity is not a network effect, but reward is.

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I used to be a consultant in bullshit job (box ticker type). Now I work in a operational/finance role where my job has an actual impact (though it may be still bullshit since the impact on society as a whole is probably negative). This book is 100% right

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haven't read the book but I do know first hand experience that OP is a faggot

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Pay your fair share of taxes, chud

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He is, it's just less than your fair share

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American niggerball is one of the least athletic sports there is, not a good analogy

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Yes like 80% of wagies don't do anything at work. And the entitlement some them have is otherworldly

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Consulting is the fakest gayest shit on Earth.
>here are some buzzwords, you should do this and this, here are some more buzzwords
My entire industry is useless but every day people come in droves to give us their money. There would be a noticeable decline in quality of everything if I weren't there. It wouldn't cease to exist it just wouldn't run as well.

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Capitalism is as wasteful as the siege socialism seen in the 20th century but it has better indoctrination and mass propaganda.
>See in this thread faggots talking about how them being consultants it necessary.

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Let's solve this question scientifically:

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>I hire tax consultant to save me taxes.
you need a consultant because taxes are convoluted to begin with

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Sorry, did some more googling. It's called Price's Law


"The square root of the number of people in a domain do 50% of the work."

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Written by a Jewish Marxist. You tell me if you think it's honest.

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I don't know, " On the Jewish Question" by Marx is rather based and redpilled.

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depends on how you veiw bullshit i suppose

if reproduction is the metric than some plants are arguably superior to humans

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They give me money, which I can assure you, has many uses

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>over half
try 80-90%, industrial revolution made most jobs obsolete so people do fuck all and made up jobs for themselves

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you are a lobbyist, not a consultant.


And your job isnt bullshit, its clearly corrupt, which is worse.

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>I'm a consultant
consultant for what?
that's like saying I do sport... ok, which sport retard?

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Do you think the HR people of Chainlink are needed? Wait, I'm spotting a pattern here

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People made up more desires. It's the desires that are bullshit not the jobs. If people would bother to practice self reflection and self discipline they would reduce their desires by 80% and thus reduce all "needed" work by 80%.

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Arguably humanity could get away with 10 percent of the population working or everyone working 4 hours of wage slavery a week if we did Judge Dredd/WEF style megacities.

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The author is onto something. But he undermines his own point direly with vapid overanalysis of abstract minutiae, even more vapid liberal snark that reads as heavy-handedly shoehorned in and, most bizarrely, by actually failing to take the depth and magnitude of the issue he sets out to discuss seriously enough - at every turn, he attempts to *shrink* the concept he's grappling with down to make it fit into an obsolete neolib framework, chalking it up to the work of those dastardly Republicans or those gosh-darned capitalism apologists who troll the internet. He opens with a devastating premise, a truly profound set of observations. From there on it's as if he's doing damage control on his own explosive ideas, neutering them with inane navel-gazing and dragging them down into the murk of pedestrian, partisan shitflinging.

He correctly identifies profound dysfunction in the current paradigm, and then exhausts himself - at times rationalizing, at others deploying gaslighting and innuendo - trying to convince the reader (and likely himself) that the present paradigm can by and large remain as-is if we'd all just be good boys who support Blue Corp over Red Corp. Stunning idea, terrible book. The angels who blessed him with such insight would have done better if they picked another vessel.

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Yes. We should only work 30 hours a week

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this sounds like the most airy fairy flim flam waste of fucking time imaginable, what you wrote reads as though I just asked somebody to describe an actual bullshit job satirically

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Consulting is bullshit. I'm a consultant too

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lmao my roommate banged her
t. 23 year old in river north

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Jokes on you, when I make it off Lunc I’m taking full advantage of my Bulgarian citizenship and fucking off back there to pay only 10% tax then return to Italy to spend them. The Jewish spaghetti government aint seeing a cent from me.

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based and thoghtfulgoodreadsreviewpilled

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she isn't a consultant
she's a high end prost

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your mother dies in her sleep tonight

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>it's not work. it's adult day care

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People in the comments are being proud of contributing to society and raving about doctors (increasing suffering by saving people who should die) and engineers (kek unemployed retards).

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Graeber is right about many things; definitely read DEBT: THE FIRST 5,000 YEARS. RIP, David.

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Take two companies, fire all the non-square root workers. Merge the companies. You now have 100% of the work done by root*2 employees. Where is my consultant job?

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>anarchist jew sticks a crucifix on his book cover and wants people to stop working so they can depend on state money
It's all so tiresome.

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What is his criteria that a job is bullshit? Does it just mean jobs that don't produce anything? Does it include jobs that technically produce things but don't need to be full time jobs to produce the same result? Most people's jobs could either be automated, or simply don't take much time so they have to pretend to be busy for the rest of the time. Other jobs keep people busy, but only exist because some organizational structure requires the redundant work to be done, or prohibits efficiency increases for various arbitrary reasons.

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When there's 2 companies, 200% of the work needs to be done.

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I don't think you're using pristine correctly.

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Over a trillion

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Yes he talks about those types of jobs distinctly: duct tapers and unnecessary people

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Unfortunately, during mergers & layoffs corporations often end up firing the people who actually do the work, and retaining those who spend all their time making it seem like they are the ones working.

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Id say no, because more than half are useless

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'Why did Keynes’ promised utopia—still being eagerly awaited in the ‘60s—never materialise? The standard line today is that he didn’t figure in the massive increase in consumerism. Given the choice between less hours and more toys and pleasures, we’ve collectively chosen the latter. This presents a nice morality tale, but even a moment’s reflection shows it can’t really be true. Yes, we have witnessed the creation of an endless variety of new jobs and industries since the ‘20s, but very few have anything to do with the production and distribution of sushi, iPhones, or fancy sneakers.'

walked right into that one

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Kindly explain how sitting in a zoom call for 4 hours a day and doing paper work that could be automated or omitted while someone else gets their hands dirty is "work."
"But but but... someone has to 'plan' things." Now who sounds like a socialist?

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If I'm getting paid to do it it's clearly work.

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Yeah. I used to do consultative cybersecurity sales. The cost of the product saves businesses the cost of a potential hack. More of a stretch than a tax consultant, but still increasingly valuable given everything is getting hacked now.

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half is conservative.

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sorry price's law is bullshit, there is no evidence it exists

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Most jobs are fake. This is extremely bearish because it means that we need a harsh correction to bring society back to reality

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Everything is a Ponzi scheme

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You ever get on a conference call with 20 people with 10 plus jeets and no one knows anything? This is work from home nowadays.

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>conference call
nobody does work in a meeting. anyways, cool story

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Most jobs are definitely bullshit and it's definitely a significant factor as to why most people now seem like mentally ill lunatics. We haven't evolved to have the capacity to sit in a windowless, fluorescent hellhole for 8 hours a day pumping numbers into spreadsheets for nebulous results. Modern work is such a grotesque parody of what it means to be human that it's amazing these anti-human conditions exist in the first place.

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i work at an absolutely massive company and it's hilarious how true this is. they're trying to push a massive HRIS systems migration and the way they do this is to have brain dead non-technical project manager roasties run massive conference calls that are scheduled literally 8 hours a day.

no one has any concrete action plans, and it usually devolves into unstructured bickering as one person says to go ahead with one thing while 3 other people immediately jump in and say no, that won't work because it will break x y and z on my end.

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Whores get paid, doesn’t mean they work.
>Captcha: H4DG4Y