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This guy is a fucking psychopath

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None of these whores know their real dad. What a surprise lol

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Richard is acting black again. Nawm sayin?

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nobody cares what you think avatar spammer

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Cope hard and keep seething. Or just join me.

The choice is yours.

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Richard where’s my money?

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>breaking rules repeatedly to avatar spam
>openly says dont care im breaking the rules
>trannyqueers really do think rules dont apply to them
>always force faggot everywhere while demanding tolerance and accept and showing none back
>pretend in their mentally ill head this is acceptable and proper behavior

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Again with the cope.
Do I strike a certain nerve?

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>affecting ebonics for cred in a room full of busted nigresses
this dude is a simp no cap

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It's unironically over for hex

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im still laughing at the host being a pajeet, meme magic says hi

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Didn't Richard put everything through Tonado Cash?

What does this mean, if anything, fo hex?

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No problemo, dude. Y'all are running your own Ethereum full-nodes right? Like, how could a DEX ever blacklist tokens from a specific smart contract? It's a DEX, duh!

Oh... you're all just querying API's on a centralized server? Nevermind then.

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FFS dude, link something interesting next time. I'm not watching this garbage.

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I told you he was not searching for women to bang but to shill his shitty content.
This faggot is not interested in women.

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can you please leave this fucking board with your disgusting faggot shit
nobody's buying your shitcoin and the theme is just genuinely nasty

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no he does that around anyone he thinks is lower class. He has done it with several black male interviewers as well.
He thinks adopting ebonics is a way to "connect" with the lower-tier audience, like the way a sketchy politician does when they go to the South.
It's racial pandering 101, not simping

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Holy fuck, his ebonics sound so silly. He really is a psycho, but that's why he is successful.

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>He has done it with several black male interviewers

Im sure he has

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>Goes on 4chan
>Cries about rules
Hey Richard your tokens suck

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Seems reasonably likely that Richard was holding a lot of tornado washed USDC. We may well be completely fucked Hex anons.

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It's hilarious the level of scam this guy pulled

Pulsechain is never coming out, this guy just shit talks everyone on twitter all day and posts pictures of his gay clothes he spent too much on

When any legit project does something like a sacrifice it's done trustlessly by smart contracts, all on chain, with the contracts revoked, using the standard burn address ie: 0x0000...00de4d or similar, this way you know noboys holding that wallet.

Richard managed to pull it off by having everyone sacrifice to a regular fucking address he obviously has the keys to and probably checks every morning while browing the gucci catalogue thinking of more ways he can make himself look like a gay douche with all your guys' scammed money

fucking top kek

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He does it because he is lower class. When he gets around people on his level, he reverts back to his normal niggerdry. He has a very hard time holding it back in conversations with legit people too. I can't wait for hex to crumble and pulse to be a massive failure. We'll finally be rid of this faggy cult.

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>fat boomer with zoomer girls
Looks like their highschool teacher. This is why if you're a 25+ anon you should land your qt3.14 18yo gf now, rather than later, so you don't look like a goof.

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Best post. Time and youth are the biggest values.

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why does he talk like a fucking nigger tho

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girl on his right is hot. i hope he's sugar daddying that puss

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guys richard went on a podcast with niggers and whores, this means pulsechain soon

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If you're a woman, yeah.

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the host and his fragile masculinity didnt like when she pointed how retarded he is so he kicked her out. he was trying real hard to show he's the boss. kinda pathetic

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jesus this show is for low IQs by low IQs. the host spurts all his evopsy bs without even understanding why they may be wrong. brainlets everywhere.

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What a fucking chad. I kneel

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Why are there so many people? You can't have a podcast with more than 4 people it just ends up being retarded

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the only way you can get niggers to watch a podcast is to have whores screaming

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What coins do you have, TransChad?

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What a cope. Who gives a flying fuck what you look like to other people? Are you living for them and their approval? Jesus this is pathetic. Tell me you’re an unhappy fucker without telling me.

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I’m glad someone else saw that. I literally dropped my drink and laughed at that exchange. Can’t believe there dudes who think that. Woke window lickers in disguise.