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ive been holding 200k in my savings account because i never learned about investing or crypto. now i feel like a dumbass and need to make up for lost time. can someone give me some real advice?

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20-40% doge 10%shib and 50%algo

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forgot to add that im severely depressed and alone

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Literally bro just 20-40% doge 10%shib and 50%algo

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s&p500 etf

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Nah bro just 20-40% doge 10%shib and 50%algo

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start by setting up an account on an exchange and sending over a small amount like $1000. learn how exchanges work and buy a few things...watch them go up or down (theyll go down lol)

from there you need to learn how to set up your own wallet, how to research tokens you might buy. if you can start making profitable trades then deposit more money and keep going

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Nah bro just 20-40% doge 10%shib and 50%algo

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25 ETH
150 BNB

Should leave you a little under $10k to ape into SHIB, or whatever memecoin strikes your fancy. SHIB is the safest bet though.

Probably looking at 5-8x average on all these by the top of the bullrun. Very good chance of being a millionaire. Best of luck.

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At least recommend DIVO, JEPI, and SCHD

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I'm going to be honest. I don't think a person who actually sits there saving 200k into a bank account really has what it takes to invest in the shit we invest in.

Probably just look into real estate.

I think it would be better for you that way. And if you still have the itch, maybe take 10-25k and put it into crypto.
BTC, ETH, LINK are the golden three
Outside of those you are really high risk and basically there is no reason to invest in them unless you already have 5m+

By the way, if you are depressed and alone, try autistically dating. I think you'd be surprised how OK women are with you, even if you think the opposite.


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take $20 and open a KuCoin futures account. Pick a coin (doesnt matter) and watch some videos on how to place 3x and 2x longs or shorts based on MACD and/or EMA 300 / VWAP indicators. Keep learning, studying, testing and sucking at it until you start to figure out what you're doing. $50 goes a long way on 2x / 3x trades

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This is good advice, OP.
I'd also add to this that you should learn some basic technical analysis. Check YouTube for explanations of charts and stuff. If you know how to recognize a few basic candlestick patterns and how RSI works, you're better off than most.

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>Probably just look into real estate.
real estate is extremely complicated and risky (especially in places were landlords have no rights, like California).

Again, just put it into DIVO, JEPI, and SCHD. Can get 10k/year that way

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only put 10k in crypto
put 190k into a vanguard target retirement fund

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Copefag checked. What a waste of trips.

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Bump. Was going to bake a bread but it probably doesn't deserve it's own.
I'm inheriting a couple hundred thousand dollary doos here soon and I don't know wtf to do with it. I have guns, precious metals, but I don't have any RE yet (waiting for a bigger correction). don't want bonds or stonks with rising rate environment and won't touch any faggy crypto ponzis.

What are some items that could protect me against inflation, that are relatively liquid, that the jew can't take from me? any good commodities? bottles of top shelf booze?

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nonperishable food

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literally have all of that plus multiple water filtration devices and pretty much everything I could ever need for innawoods life until a thermal drone finds me.

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sorry op i meant to say 20-40% doge 10%shib and 50%algo

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gold is a shitty way of protecting your assets but less volatile than stocks and bonds
long term stocks will always outperform inflation but you have to stomach in the loss times
crypto is too volatile and too unpredictable to be a hedge for anything
real estate is also nice but it depends on the location, farm in flyover bumfuck state will probaby remain the same value. A condo in a city might appreciate or depreciate very bad

alcohol ammo etc is for walking dead memery. But there is a method to the madness, if you have storage space it is always better to stockpile nonperishables. Buy 5 years worth of toilet paper, 5 years worth of hunting ammo, fill your pantry

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Do you wanna be safe and get small returns or do you wanna be risky and go for much more? Decide that first and you will then know what to buy.

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You should build a forex trading bot.

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Real advice is to never buy a shit coin, go for something with Utility like UTK

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Now is the best time to buy,

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the only cryptos worth holding right now and the only ones that are powering projects with long-term use cases, polygon is currently climbing all the way to the top 3 next to bitcoin and ethereum as number 1

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jus buy BULZ the etf and forget about it
jus log out of the stock broker after that and forget about it for five years

you will have retired 10x more than i could've if I wasn't such a cuck

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I once booked my flight ticket via Alternative airline and I paid with UTK, Utrust Payment platform accepts all major crypto

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get good high caps in bulk and low cap with good utility and a real-life product like Ride for holoride Anon. stay away from memes and futures its a trap.

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Look into quantum resistant layer 1 blockchains

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Take about a quarter of it and invest half in crypto and half in traditional stocks.

>Invest in solar companies as they can only go up as investment in this technology is exploding globally
>Sunrum, SunPower,SunNova, Maxeon Technoligies
>Take second half of investment money and put half of that in something like Atom, Polygon, Solana, NCT, Etherium, etc and the other half drop little bit of 100-200 on little cryptos you'll hope will blow up. Many of them will at the very least pump for a little while. At first though take like 1k and play the markets for a couple of months to get an idea of how it actually works that way you don't freak out about market volatility and pull out for a loss. Always remember this. The market always keeps going up eventually.

>The rest. buy a house and get yourself some subsidized solar panels and a renter the floor you don't use.

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Its Too risky

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Anon are you talking about Qanplatform

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Get involved in a platform that's building and would be around for the long term. One that has caught my attention is Ore Protocol which simplifies blockchain complexities by giving users cross-chain access with just a single ID.

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I agree with get into a platform you are comfortable with, get a try in with Kucoin.

I also agree with if you can make profitable trades with less than 6000. Keep going with more money into it. Then, you would trade less. Always trade less; you will not make money by seconds and hours. It takes days and minutes. 1m,5m.

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Polygon has been impressive since it's partnership with coca-cola and most recently the Disney accelerator program. Few projects on Ethereum network are already having a run with my sylo bag edging close to new highs

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its a safe investment cause of how much backup they have in their treasury
plus they’re launching their L1 pretty soon so you can expect a nice 2x (at least) on your 200k

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Be on the lookout for XPRESS anon; it's going to be awesome since it aims to democratize banking by giving end users complete access and control.

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Most payment project when it comes to real-life utilities. They enable their utility token for booking travel. This i think will increase It's value

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25 ETH
100 BNB
1.25M QANX
Rest on meme coins and gambling.

This will keep your portfolio growing gradually, without losing too much.

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There are a lot of projects that seem to be working on the same thing. Doesn't it get tiring to them

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No you did good. If had got caught up in it last year you'd probably be down to 10k now.

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Just a bunch of horseshit I'm afraid. When has the space gained such level of acceptance as to be used as a means of payment for transport?

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bbby for a quick profit, FOMO buying is primed
Don't hold it like a retard though, sell before it peaks. When is the peak? Nobody knows, just make sure you sell parts at profit

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Stocks only go up

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Put 2.5% into radix

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Buy 1 mil. XRP, when the SECGOV lawsuit ends = 10x.

Thank me later.

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150k in a single, large, globally diversified market cap ETF, 50k in Algorand. If blockchains have any value at all, then betting on the most technologically sound one is the best play, IMO

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I think is proposed metaverse banking features and buy back makes it stand out. I believe I'll unlocked other benefits. Go dyor

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Get your dirty ass into Qanplatform and thank me later, retard.

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Lol, seems you've lost out. I guess you know travalacom, ModulrFinance, they aid these services. NFT purchase also

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You should take the time to learn about what you're investing into, this way you'd be safe. I do it every time, especially before choosing to invest in ALBT, which currently has several use cases, especially with the fact that they keep rolling out projects.

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This or DCA into dividend aristocrats stocks. 200k is a decent amount to make passive gains off of and then reinvest those in riskier plays.

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A lot of projects already doing buybacks and token burns. Wonder why they released so much in the first place

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A lot of features for a single project. Should probably be the largest crypto company if they ever succeed in running all these features

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I'd say you consider yielding in crypto, and considering safety and ease of use, I'll choose Spool. cause they make it possible for users to easily access multiple yield generators.

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Have you tried passive income anon? Those will save your life. Start with Binance staking and Freeway superchargers. Thank yourself later.

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Based. Know when to exit but also know when to take advantage of staking rewards. It's not rocket science.

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>I don't think a person who actually sits there saving 200k into a bank account really has what it takes to invest in the shit we invest in.
Yeah, s&p etf guy was probably correct. And not right now either, we overbought and about to crash into the 200 MA. Personally I would never recommend the shit I buy, cause you need to have confidence in your position, and fucking be on top of it.

Nigger needs to learn how to lose before he makes any money. If you want to trade like us, better to dip your toes in with a small stack.

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best advice i can give you is don't take any advice from 4chan

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All in GNS, shit is about to get real

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Passive income is his sure bet anon. Can't trust anything besides that in this dip. Start with superchargers and see where you are six months from now.

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Stocks in this inflation? Are you dumb or what? Don't care tho. Slurping some fwt staking rewards.

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I gotta say you are right jeet. It is the blockchain of the future with its post quantum algorithm

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>polygon is currently climbing all the way to the top 3
Cope harder, Rapesh. It's going to zero. Polygon (Ticker: MATIC) is a jeet scam-coin straight from the shit-stained streets of New Delhi. If you bought this coin, sell now or enjoy getting gang-raped by Rankesh and Vikram while your life savings are drained through the Aravali range of Eastern Rajasthan.

You should never, and I repeat, NEVER trust ANYTHING these disgusting poo-skins create. They're dirty, smell terrible, have no hygiene, are black, have feminine voices and always act like faggots. Like, you can tell they're dirty fucks with probably some extremely disgusting fetishes and depraved minds, that has to be true considering their disgusting appearance and behaviour. They live in terrible conditions, shit in beaches and streets, eat unsanitary food that looks like sewer water from the same streets they shit on. Let's also not forget how many Indians live by stealing money from the elderly of rich, white countries, and flex their shit stained rupees attached to their brown, horrid skin. I hate them.

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Get some weed and have some sense OP, become a Dev, code in any programming language on Qanplatform or become a validator as well when mainnet launches or blow it off on strippers ass.

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>125k/ETH = 65 ETH
>25k/BNB = 78 BNB
>25/SOL = 565 SOL
>25K/GOLD = 14oz GOLD.

GZ on being a millionaire if the US can kick the can down the road. GZ on securing your future vs a societal collapse if they cannot.

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>farm in flyover bumfuck state will probaby remain the same value.

this is ideally what I want but can't seem to find anything in my price range damn it.

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I tried dating online first time at 32. 5000 swipes no matches in 8 months. Put my pics on soc and got rated a 3/10 averagr

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Only buy SPY

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I think you should get into Ride, still very cheap with colossal potential.

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Huh, that's bullshit? I heard it runs on low complexity code, compared to most existing blockchain platforms.

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BTC, ETH, MATIC and bitDAO anon. Don't buy any shitcoins, you might make some cash but most likely you will lose.

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Ride on me bitches and make my dick go hard.

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keep calm and don't let some faggots run you down anon.
The high adaptability makes it an ideal tool for industry operations, high-volume, certified business transactions, and smart contracts.

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That feels like a fresh pussy anon, it enhanced connectivity features make the system capable of handling data exchange in restricted computational environments such as networks of IoT devices over 5G networks.

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Listen anon if you don't know shit then don't listen to people telling you to all in on curry coin. If you want a quick overview of boomer investing I will forever recommend picking up "The Elements of Investing" it's a short read and great for beginners. It'll reach you about some very basic concepts like a three fund portfolio which is a us index, world market index, and bonds. Aka a 90/10 folio. Although I would skip bonds for right now if you're young or you don't have anything you're saving for.

From there, I would take 90-95% of your funds and put it there. (although I also recommend taking 6k and depositing it into a roth IRA, read up on that on investopedia) so essentially you would take about 180k and put it in something like 70/30% VTI and VXUS. I'd skip bonds for right now if you're young. The reason you should do this is because if you have no clue what you're doing, then you shouldn't chase meme stocks and shitcoins. You exponentially increase your risk in situations like that. A 3 fund folio is about as risk/reward efficient as you can get.

From there, I'd make sure you are saving enough cash to have 3-6 months of savings in the bank so you can always invest your change without worrying about it. Don't fall for the HURR HURR CASH IS INFLATING meme because the peace of mind an emergency account provides you is way more powerful than you realize.

The rest? You can do a mix of crypto and w stocks to satisfy the itch. But don't go hog wild stick to keeping most of your funds in stable investments so you can afford to lose money. You can't go wrong holding Bitcoin so definitely invest a large chunk into that but then you're free to set aside some play money. We are cooling off from a huge bull market and who knows when the next one will be. Do not fall for the pajeets trying to encourage you to buy their shit coin and how easy it is to make money. Market conditions are very sketchy right now. Best of luck.

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I have JEPI, SCHD, and VYMI for foreign divvies. I don't work

>> No.50935533

NIST even adopted its algorithm as the primary recommendation of digital signatures post quantum algorithm

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OP put it all into ETH, its about to skyrocket after the merge next month. you have been warned.

>> No.50935868

Get in on platforms with a future. I have my eyes on ORE which grants easy access across blockchains to users with just a single ID.

>> No.50936283

accumulating Sylo is the smartest thing you could dip your ass in now.
>Web3, NFts and metaverse

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$199,000 in d0b0, $500 in BTC, $500 ETH.

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An advice for you, anon. It can get crazy overtime when managing all your identities across different blockchains. You should think about ID management protocols. That's probably the first precaution to take in preventing the many risks when investing

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Shallow and unhelpful

>> No.50937170

Long-term? I'll displace ORE with MATIC. If you consider long-term and potential impact of use cases in terms of getting users onboarded into the crypto space, I'll pick it over.

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Not gonna start shilling any bags. Whatever you decide to invest in, make sure to set up a long term investment plan, e.g. auto-buy for the next 3-5 years. Economy might go further into the shitter during the next year, so split your investing schedule so that you don't get rekt by buying too fast into the same economic situation / macro environment. 4k a month for 50 months and I think you'll be good, fren.

>> No.50937681

you missed the ride anon. keep your dollars for a few months until we are on the way to the blow off the top.
fedshit is lying when they say to put your money into shit rn. its a ponzi.

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Without you writing us a blog it would be presumptuous to offer specific advice. All I can tell you from getting a substantial cash gift a couple of years ago is:
1. Learn what kind of investor or trader you are, how much time you are willing to put in and what kind of research you like (technical analysis/sector/financials).
2. If (1) is your tactics, you need a strategy that caters for it, and caters for your life goals, including balancing expenditure and other sources of income. I was an absolute poorfag before and I pissed most of last years gains up the wall because I didn't have that locked down. (no regrets)
3. There is risk without reward, but there is no reward without risk. If you can't quantify the risk, you don't know the asset and you shouldn't expose yourself to it. Everyone here, including me, is a counterparty and has a financial interest in you getting it wrong. Same goes for every coin, every exchange, every liquidity pool, every investment fund, every bank.

Quality effortpoast, OP could do far worse

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vaporware scam

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Kek, Not touching d0b0 even with a ten foot pole. I'm comfy holding BTC, XMR, RAIL, and MINA till the next bull cycle.

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Buy 10k LINK you stupid mutt

>> No.50942549

Average into a nice stodgey blue chip mutual fund. $5000 down, then $1000 a month per. month ad infinitum. Don't listen to these get rich quick assholes -- you have a nest egg, protect it.

>> No.50943147

>$199,000 in d0b0
this, I'd replace with Ride, there's a lot of bucks to be made, despite the market status.
>meme is more of gambling imo

>> No.50943261

Solid. /Thread

>> No.50943861

When it is comes to control and security of identity and asset, ORE network is the standard. Being the pioneer of those use cases, I'll consider to be wannabes.

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Anon here is what you need to do rn
>buy this 13 bed row house in wrigleyville for 1m
>chicago is the only semi-affordable large city left in the US
>put 150k down
>keep 50k in reserves as there will absolutely be repairs needed
>rent by the bed (1k-1250/bed) to your friends/their friends with corporate jobs that are fresh out of college
>the garden unit (basement) in this building is a 1-bed nonconforming unit, meaning you legally cannot rent it - live there

In 3-4 months time you can be living in a basement (again), doing exactly what you're doing now, with equity built-in, making 60k/yr after mortgage is concerned, just to fuck around with.

Or at least if I had 200k in the bank that's what I would do. best of luck

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Start staking faggot. I staking UTK atm in maiar as they offer a pretty reasonable APY. In this market condition it's pretty good I would say anon.

>> No.50944373

Nice collection you got there anon. How is MINA and RAIL treating you desu? Privacy blockchains especially makes sense.

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I think its integration with Open Right Exchange influenced more impressions and will be more significant on the long term (In terms of adoption)

>> No.50944706

MINA has been holding up pretty well. I have huge expectations for RAIL too since a huge amount of the circulating supply is staked. Scarcity would lead to increase in value eventually.

>> No.50944773

Staking is based. What's the APY like bizfag?

>> No.50946313


fake and gay but you got trips

>Buy at least $25,000 in gold 1 ounce coins so you can feel your wealth in your hands.
>Stop drinking and doing drugs.
>Start exercising at home and realize what you think controls how you feel.
>Reject your previous thoughts and accept Jesus Christ.
>Study Christ's teachings.
>Throw yourself into your local church and volunteer everywhere you can.

You now went from a depressed loser with 200k cash to a member of a community with 175k cash and 25k of investments that will go up in time.

>> No.50946355

i guess you enjoy losing 9% per year

>> No.50946437

Is this advanced FUD?
Your overdone desperate shilling attempts are making me want to sell.

>> No.50946573

Post your own YTD portfolio change faggot. I'll wait.

>> No.50947408

checked, do you think xrp can reach 300usd+ anon? in a few years that is

>> No.50947501


literally just put it into a total stock market index fund and forget about it. whatever you do don't yolo it into some bs shitcoin shilled here. at best put 50k or so in btc/eth. don't try and time it, just dump it all in now and forget about it for 10 years

>> No.50948276

I'm big on Web3 as well. One platform I have my eyes on in that category is Ore Network which makes blockchains easier to use for people of all age groups.

>> No.50948327

For staking UTK onchain I'm not sure about that anon but I'm getting upto 28% to 35% seems pretty reasonable

>> No.50948369

BBBY if you want a solid 2x by the end of the week

>> No.50948456

Go for the bluechips like ETH and BTC then you can invest in a sector with potential. I for one have RAIL as my top pick for zero inflation and having a huge amount of its circulating supply staked.

>> No.50948602

Pretty smart desu. But do they have metabonding? Which offers me weekly returns which makes it more hassle free no locking period.

>> No.50948652

Just buy AVAX, SOL, XRP and TEL

>> No.50948675

Plant weed and sell it and it's also a good source of income but just tht risk is too much

>> No.50948706

A big shout out to BitDao invest in to now or just get rekt

>> No.50948730

I'm 100% sure you are going to be rekt. This is not a good way to make money faggot I see the adoption of crypto payments and I have invested myself big time by metastaking UTK and EGLD

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Kek...I would buy weed with crypto if that's available

>> No.50948819

Smoke weed gives me full focus anon, buying that with crypto is fun guaranteed. We can't get caught as well. Kek.....

>> No.50948841

You guys are addicted no one can help you faggots with crypto we can buy from groceries to a frigging Lamborghini for all you know and you anon wanna but weed I just feel for you guys.

>> No.50948876

If you want to invest. -> S&P Index + Small Fixed Income Portfolio + A nice profession

If you want to gamble -> Crypto + Options.

>> No.50948921

Bullcrap go some where else faggot

>> No.50948933

Don't put more in crypto than you can afford to lose. I'd do $10k max in your shoes. Treat it like you might vebture capital - diversify across a bunch of coins with promising technology and hopefully you'll have enough big wins to make up for the losses.

I'd stick with traditional investments for the rest. Find a vanguard target date fundt that's close to your target retirement date and stick your money in that. The key is diversification (which is built in to a target date fund) - don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You can have some moonshots but don't bet your years of hardwork on crypto.

>> No.50948940

Ride is my new find gem it's on maiar dyor. I have made a redeem using this bear market for my own good.

>> No.50948943

good advice for 1956 lmao.
heres what you do in 2022
>buy 1 BTC
>buy 5 ETH
>Go to a gym (meet people there, not gay ass boomer church)
>Study philosophy (which en-compasses all religions)
>be healthy
>make it in 2025

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Anon the development with Elrond is good I also use maiar for metastaking. I get good returns there

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And why is that bad advice?

>> No.50949087

Kek..God knows why maybe it looked like a shill to that anon. Just ignore that faggot anon

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I recently bought my self a redmagic gaming phone with USDT I have been saving for months now anon. It's pretty good. Soild build and fuck fast

>> No.50950065

invest in crypto cause thats the fastest way to double your capital
search for upcoming L1s with good fundamentals and backing
BitDAO is a good choice

>> No.50950198

Buy 5 BTC and the rest into ETH and come back next bullrun, retard.

>> No.50952106

Good choice for a low cap, SCRT also offers something similar in terms of privacy.

>> No.50952138

>Privacy blockchains especially makes sense.
That's if the government doesn't arrest the developers though.

>> No.50952155
File: 4 KB, 300x168, 1658234641862789.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

SCRT and ROSE are auditable fyi.

>> No.50952300

That's for sure. Privacy projects are making waves and it's good to have an eye on them.

>> No.50952315
File: 1 KB, 124x124, 1657090823723s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You all want the government to control the whole crypto space. You'll just fuck yourself.

>> No.50953135

There are three major problems facing Syscon’s blockchain technology. They are Decentralization, Scalability and Security. Truthfully, this trilem hasn't even been solved by ethereum as anyone who has paid a transaction fee lately can tell you.

>> No.50954453

>I have huge expectations for RAIL too since a huge amount of the circulating supply is staked.
The Railgun team is based, I read staked value is already at $2m. I'd expect RAIL at $1.5 by EOY.

>> No.50954649

>Privacy blockchains especially makes sense.
Some retards will disagree but privacy protocols are our best bet for transaction security currently.

>> No.50954756

Why is everybody talking about the govt?, the feds will only come for a privacy platform if its deemed to be abetting criminal activities and privacy in crypto isnt criminal its fistly and mostly used for security and PRIVACY which is my right.

>> No.50954831

I dont know about metaverse but web3, NFT support, asset management and security seems like good niches to throw some funds for the long term.

>> No.50954832
File: 30 KB, 300x300, 729053365847.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Every single blockchain is complex in its own stead. Cross-chain identity protocols are super underrated right now

>> No.50954858

Buy the fucking dip, faggot.

>> No.50954918

In case, ORE will play a big part in Algorand's adoption.

>> No.50954929

Do we have a confirmed date for this merger, its been year coming besides diversifying a little is the best strategy
>60% ETH
>20% BNB
>10% MATIC
>5% DOT
>5% lowcaps(UDO,SOV and ORE)

>> No.50954973

No one can see the future anon.

>> No.50955071

Dont buy shitcoins. Everything but bitcoin is an unsustainable technology pyramid scheme.

>> No.50955086

If it has a working product with considerable amount of adoption in the identity or asset management niche then I am game.

>> No.50956878
File: 70 KB, 640x439, 1656810764968.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Avalanche and Polkadot next.
>Bringing all the blockchains together
It's looking real good for ORE network.

>> No.50958120

first lesson is that 90% of biz are shills who are literally paid to post here. the only exceptions are for btc , eth and monero. if you think that I'm shilling as well for those three and don't listen to any picks on biz then that mindset will serve you much better than listening to picks on biz.

in fact, if you hear a project mentioned on biz, unless it is btc , eth or monero, that should count for you as evidence against those projects.

>> No.50959996
File: 86 KB, 550x400, 1659011613327133.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good gems exist retard. I'm playing with low caps at the moment. SCRT, KCS, and TRB are the gems I'm slurping up. Bitcoin is the king but doesn't be a retard that doesn't diversify.

>> No.50960080

Those retards are coming after privacy developers for flimsy reasons. They only ended up increasing the awareness of privacy and anonymity in this space. I love the response from the founder of Secret network on the case of the Tornado cash incident. Privacy is here is to stay and there is no going back.

>> No.50960261

Use it to buy a home. Life is easy once you don't have to pay rent.

>> No.50960435

Dont DCA, just invest the 200k lump sum
It is statistically the correct thing to do and that is the only thing that counts.

>> No.50961175

Why go through that much risk when Defi has made things a lot easier. I for one have found my place LP mining on Ore Network for a decent yield.

>> No.50961186

Are these new WRIGGLER implants?

>> No.50961900

pour it all in vinu and shib and sell when the line goes green. that's it you done~

>> No.50962122
File: 91 KB, 829x589, 1522889734459.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Go to a gym (meet people there, not gay ass boomer church)
>Study philosophy (which en-compasses all religions)

>> No.50962230

They either start bagging some privacy gems or have fun chasing pumps. I'm DCAing into SCRT considering it is the only smart contract platform that is private by default.

>> No.50962997

I think you found something there 53% Apy in the ORE/ETH pool and judging from Ore's previous pools its definitely going to be a good one.

>> No.50963032

I'd say yes to identity management but I guess a working product for easy access to web3 will also get a good number of adoption.

>> No.50963105

If they pull that off, Ore network might be the dream come through for most crypto users. I mean the ease of accessing Multichains just from a single point of access would be another milestone.

>> No.50963789
File: 2 KB, 117x125, kek04s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've always been big on privacy crypto chad. I'm also holding assets like RAIL and KEEP till the next bull season.

>> No.50964781

You should pay attention to platforms bridging web2 to web3 chad. It's only a matter of time before the space migrates to the next level.

>> No.50965076

You have a point but finding a way to earn passive income would be great too. I for one am waiting to see the implementation of protocol fee distribution on Railgun for DAO members after the proposal. It could be a decent start.

>> No.50965622

Which exchanges you guys recommend?

>> No.50966041

Based. For someone just starting on a personal crypto journey, having seamless access to blockchains with just a single ID would be a great advantage and make things easier.

>> No.50966913

I'd be going with only ALGO from your list. I have other assets like AVAX and ORE which have considerable potential for the long term.

>> No.50967954
File: 83 KB, 478x479, IMG_20220727_022630.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You seem to be new, so better buy major assets like ETH, BNB, or DOT and stake everything on Freeway for fixed apys. It's less risk for you OP.

>> No.50968237

trading is horrible advice unless you want him to have that as his job
just invest in bets you think are good long term

>> No.50968335

Why not stake on eth 2.0?

>> No.50968340
File: 161 KB, 960x684, 1636265964451.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

since OP is new
this is what low tier shills look like, some others can be indistinguishable from anons that have most of their bags in the project, at that point they are also financially incentivized after all.
and even if they werent shills
>In terms of relative security, the US government does not yet require post-quantum encryption for protecting its own top secret information, and are willing to wait a few years for NIST to finish.
>We are years away from quantum computers becoming a real threat.
you'd need around 10,000 qubits to crack RSA-2048, the best computer in the world has around 230. picrel

>> No.50968867

Stake fuck

>> No.50969088

The minimum stake for the ETH 2.0 is 32 ETH, and I don't have enough balance, and besides, 20% is a real deal. Their crypto debit card and the L1 are what I am waiting for too.
Staking never fades anon

>> No.50969737


>> No.50970344

Wait until q2 2023, then buy blue chips

>> No.50970473

Let me make you a bot anon. 1% per trade.

>> No.50970496
File: 5 KB, 187x250, 1655122805634s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Research anon, don't just invest. Do some diggins on Geeq where you can get passive income

>> No.50970529

Lol why wait anon, MATIC, FTM and GEEQ are all blue chips if you research and worth being in everyone's portfolio.

>> No.50970658
File: 7 KB, 259x195, images (3).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Funny how everyone on biz suddenly started talking about passive income only after the great dump of 2022

>> No.50970666

Looks like anon has a bias for Blockchain projects. They generally perform well. So, understandable.

>> No.50970881
File: 4 KB, 250x178, 1660370464258957s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Glad the opportunity came at the right time now that they've secure some investment Fund. I will increase my position on this. Take it or leave it passive income is GOLD

>> No.50970916
File: 174 KB, 1080x778, IMG_20211207_025254.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Some of the blockchains are absolute crap and sometimes finding one can be very difficult.

>> No.50970922

All in LINK. Welcome fren.

>> No.50971044

Way ahead of you anon. I generally favor Blockchain projects. Especially if they come with better USPs than what is currently obtained

>> No.50971067
File: 7 KB, 225x224, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't be a pleb anon. You need to stake some of those and put the rest in solid tokens. Start with those offering payment solutions and go from there.

>> No.50971081

Next level no doubt. Payment systems are taking over gradually. Crypto banking and cards too. I see CryptoXpress following Binance on that. Only a matter of time.

>> No.50971406

Only trade in this market if you know what you're doing. If not, Instant rekt.

>> No.50971570

>For someone just starting on a personal crypto journey,
Access to payment systems will benefit the anon more in this case. Those are gateways are needed for interaction between users and the real world.

>> No.50971587

More innovations are coming for cards. Banks are also coming to the metaverse with cryptoxpress. The future is close.

>> No.50971601

Those have insanely high expense ratios.

>> No.50971881

Cross-chain identities protocol is arguably the answer to that problem.

>> No.50971913
File: 109 KB, 1062x1080, 1643026963007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're thinking ahead of yourself, faggot. Such gateways can only mean anything if users can control their assets and identities through a single account.

>> No.50971927

Kek, we are all the same. We don't fucking know what we are doing

>> No.50972002

Good advice but you didn't say anything about diversifying

More like what ORE ID is doing in bringing all the chains together.

>> No.50972125

Miners can mine two or more cryptocurrencies in parallel when they merge mine, without sacrificing any mining performance when it’s done on Syscon.

>> No.50972241

Well, I just came across innovation in a platform that gives easy access across blockchains with a single ID. It takes away a lot of stress.

>> No.50972278

all in HEX. stake for 5 years at least on hedron.pro

after pulsechain launch, you will have duplicates of HEX and HDRN and 5+ years of staking interest.

>> No.50972285


>> No.50973240

truly retarded portfolio

>> No.50973467
File: 11 KB, 236x177, 638a35155f9cca5d57fc4f122179b5e2--meme-humor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Privacy gap of the blockchain
By any chance, if users realize that the information about their transactions is not private and secure, most people will be reluctant to interact or make deals with payment systems

>> No.50973497

buy PIT(pitbull token) on bitrue. you still have time to make it.

>> No.50973530

It's a wasted effort. No matter what happens, the demand for privacy will increase. We are talking about finance, which is a sensitive issue.

>> No.50973593
File: 5 KB, 165x126, 1660816047452406.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Control will hit a roadblock if majority of DeFi users understand that the information about their transactions and balances should be private in the first place.

>> No.50973681


1) Put the vast majority of your money into stock index fund ETFs, mostly S&P and NASDAQ, maybe some DOW, if you're feeling really boomer. Do this for maybe 70% of your holdings. Also, leave about 6-12 months of expenses in your back account.

2) Put the remaining 30% into riskier assets, like crypto, or individual stocks.

3) Do not put all $200k in at once. What if you ended up putting it all in at once, but you put in it at the top, and years of dumping followed? Instead, scale it in, even "dollar cost average", every 2 weeks, for 1-2 years.

4) Once invested, the vast majority of your investments, just leave alone. Don't try to time the market, constantly buying and selling your life savings. It's too risky. If you want to trade some of your investments more frequently, make that a small percent of your investments (maybe 10% to 20%). The rest, just scale in, and leave alone, downtrend or uptrend, as in the long run (at least for stock index funds), they'll just go up.

5) When you are getting close to finally want to start cashing out your investments, presumably after years of growth, move some stocks into bonds, which are fixed rate interest, and stop you from pulling out stocks in a bear market.

>> No.50973744

>need to make up for lost time

very dangerous mindset when investing

>> No.50974355

DEXs are safer. I for one use the Railway DEX for all my swaps and trades.