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Any DeFi project that's worth holding for long term

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Wtf. Don't invest now

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Gmx and link.

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You want to get rekt anon?

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shit coin

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Unironically buy a shitcoin and pray

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Give it to me and I'll double your money.

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That's what y'all said when ETH was at 900. I would have been 2x up by now

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maybe aave.

I'm holding fantom but it's very risky

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Literally all you need.

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I believe it is preferable to implement your plan. Now is the ideal moment to buy. The planned merger will cause ETH to skyrocket.

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They'll be here when eth gets to 3k. Poor plebs.

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Another shit coin

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What, AAVE? It's pretty blue chip. When the bull run finally arrives it will be fucking hot because people use it to leverage trade with less risk.

Or Fantom? Pretty much yes

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I've chosen to stake mine on Binance and Freeway. I'm smart on that

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I kinda feel staking is a slow way of making profit. What if I get a shitcoin and it does a 1000x?

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on binance you can pull out early, it takes 2-3 days, but there are no fees, you just lose the staked rewards you earned

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Doesn't look too good to me desu. So what's the use of having to wait all the while I waited?

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Longing SUKU before the SPAC merger completion. It's a solid regulation fag play. First publicly traded Metaverse infrastructure company with an underlying crypto asset. What do I know though

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the use is, if you don't 1000x, you get rewards in the meantime.

I bought 10k matic a while back, I staked it on binance and now I have 11k of them, that's like $1000 free money

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yeah ok buddy

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I'm sure any fag who has 10k wouldn't think much of 1k. They would probably want to double it expeditiously

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Hey, I'm holding until at least $10, and now I have an extra 1k of them to hold.

I could try to trade my way out, and I do do it with small amounts just for fun and it always ends badly, I can do heaps of good trades for weeks but one bad one ruins all the progress

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Most of those cex offer a negligible passive income, which I don't fancy. Preferably, Cedefi platform is a good alternative.

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Yeah you basically need to hard on something new, have it moon, and then stake it and hope it stays a high price forever

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Illuvium. thank me later anon and god speed.

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When will you acknowledge the flaws in the current financial system? 1000x is just not feasible in 2022. Better keep to staking and dcaing

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Run fast and you get rekt anon. Now is time for proper research. dca and staking. Thank yourself later.

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Plus Binance has about 90 days locked period, is not so with most asset management platform

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It also depends on the platform where you stake. I'm sure if you know what a supercharger is you'll understand what I'm saying better.

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It appears the people have begun to lose hope in the financial system. Isn't that surprising, considering we've been fine with it all these while?

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Anon could also be twice lucky. All that is needed is a single project to make big pumps off it. Or maybe a sweet staking play to make passive income off of

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Hope doesn't work in crypto anon. Good strategy and fundamentals work. Know the difference.

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Binance is well secured. Most of the low caps like this one may not survive the tension. It's safe and wise to bet heavily on the majors while the low caps take a few bucks.

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Different platforms have their different rewards. But y'all gotta be careful or you get rekt because of your greed

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Possibly due to the bear market. But then only projects that have products that would likely survive as they stand now.

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Based. Token and project matter. Stake shit and you get shit in return.

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I've been utilizing that platform for a while. Since they are brokerage regulated, everything is in order.

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I think you need to dyor anon. I bet you will share the same sentiment with me if only you do that.

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No token pumps without some background work except meme. We all know what happen to those. Get that.

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yeah, wtf. you gotta wait for the ath and go all in then.

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CEX staking is shit. Would rather stick with flexibility. Not missing a good selling price that way. I saw shit during last bull.

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>then stake it and hope it stays a high price forever
This not the case in the bear market. stable staking works fine for me. It is void of volatility and IL.

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Safety first before other things anon. Passive income without security is as good as nothing. Think on it.

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It still boils down to the community supporting a project. Also, the devs behind a project is very important.

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I've been staking and doing DCA for a while now. But as it stands now, I might begin prospecting for other projects.

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Works better if you get stables in return which is almost impossible to find. Fwt staking rewards work better for me.

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Diversification is always advisable anon. Never put everything in one place. It's common sense.

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What works for you might not work for someone else, pleb. Everyone has their own strategy and what fits best.

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I still have high skepticism about most of those protocols following the incidents with Celsius and Luna usr, which just prove to me how screwed and fucked the space is.

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Staking never fades and the rewards are always appealing, so I'd rather stake than put money in the bank kek.
Follow what you want to do anon as everyone has different strategies.

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Stfp jeet. Would be here when you lose it all in shit. Don't care.

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People still keep money in the bank anon? Must have a rekt wish. Banks only take and never give.

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Those that have majority of their funds in banks must be from the stone age. They must be living in the cave. There are a plethora of opportunities in DeFi and outside DeFi.

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Community plays a major role in a project and that cannot be overemphasized. Their level of engagement shows if a project will thrive or not.

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My mother is putting money in the bank and I don't like interfering as investing in crypto has risks associated with it and I don't like seeing her in hypertension lol. Let the new generation do that.

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>investing in crypto has risks associated with it

Everything has its cons and pros. Staking fiat could be a good idea. Some CEDEFI projects support fiat staking and there is no risk attached.

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Don't say there are no risks attached, as everything has risks in every step you do. Be realistic anon and limit yourself to your high expectations.

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Checked and yolo'd. I just looked into the merger and it looks promising. Suku seems to have bottomed out.

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Radix XRD

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Staking fiat is odd . That's not staking

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I should have rephrased. Thereis practically risk in everything. Just do what works best for you, no matter what. I thought I was helping poorJeet.

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I'm just suggesting what could work much better for Anon's grannysince she is scared and skeptical about investing in alts. Mind you, I staked fiat as well.

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That's the power of tokenisation. You've got limited knowledge and you deserve to be poor as a beggar.
There's no issue on that as long as you're staking in a safe and regulated system, you don't need to overthink like your wife. The hell I care.

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9 year vaporware scam

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S a u c e r s w a p dot f i n a n c e

7 mil mcap
You are very early

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These are the investments that currently constitute the Bitwise Crypto Index Fund. This is probably the safest way to invest in DeFi.

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That's it.

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There is nothing safe in the world

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>There's no issue on that as long as you're staking in a safe and regulated system, you don't need to overthink like your wife.

Kek, does this count when it comes to some certain consideration before staking? I mean the regulations.

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I think the anon is just concerned about the security and sustainability of the system. If it fails to deliver, all your assets will melt away. Better safe than sorry.
What do you want to say ?

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I really don't trust centralised these days

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This depends on the team behind it and always consider the sufficient liquidity on that, as most of the cefi or cedefi are suffering from liquidity issues these days. Always choose the one with a source of revenue outside crypto.

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My best bet for defi is the cosmos chain. You can stake a number of tokens there and farm as well. SCRT, ATOM, OSMO, JUNO.

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Some just claim about that shitty revenue

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That's why you should always verify their documents and everything. Be curious whenever needed. You don't need to just believe what they just said. Believe in their legit files and reevaluate when needed. Be a brainy man

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I don't have any idea on this.

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Too many scams lately so this is a good idea

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veYfi coming this month and next month v3.

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defi projects all go to 0 in the long term, so the answer is no

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TORN screen cap this

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Of course, a true knowledge will lead you to a better path. Don't just depend on someone's opinion. Consider their other products and services if that's what you want. Their transparency is a big deal for us.

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Mine is a little bit more diversified:

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My dick.

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What does the aave token even do
Isnt it just voting rights?

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Are you sure? 'just voting? '

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Your small dick. Nice. Nice.

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Nothing is decentralised.

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I'm more concerned about the safety of my Defi bags. Good thing we now have privacy protocols in the space that integrate defi and can hide sensitive data that could lead to hacks

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I'm hiding my Alphas on Secret network. Privacy and anonymity is the key here.

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unironically coreto (cor)
look up their decentralized reputation system, not just the app
this is the perfect time to get in, especially if you plan to hold

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Staking is good but what's your take on LP mining chad? For me it's the best passive income means and the yields I get on Ore Protocol confirm it.

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I think you should focus on platforms with cross-chain interoperability as they are taking Defi to the next level.

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When it comes to on-chain privacy and anonymity, I'd always pick Railgun. The protocol even integrates Defi to grant users privacy on a wider range.

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Fantom, Byte Mason's Oath, Illuvium (And Illuvium land), and Mirandus NFTs. Those are my blue chips.

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Trader Joe, stake for 25% apr.

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The most promising defi project I have found is Alpha Capitol (ACAP).
The team is extremely communicative, the dev is great and honest. Up until last month they were still paying out daily dividends to shareholders just for owning. The stopped to maintain the Treasury in the bear market. It's worth a look

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Fringe Finance has a solution tailored to high value clients with tail end assets that they would seriously impact their market if sold. Might be cool. Holding their token will eventually pay you a share of the generated interest and liquidations, though it is designed to prevent liquidations if possible.

I can't tell you when would be a good time to get it though, looks like it might be cheaper in the future.

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Crypto payment is a long-term Deal, I will go for Utrust

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It's not, they are banning people in accordance with instructions from the Federal Reserve private bank.

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you can always take a look at the defi projects that matic is powering, since the polygon's ecosystem is joining the top defi projects in the market right now

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Mortegard has rolled out a bunch of cool stuff on matic and their new dev is rapidly optimizing the game for better scaling

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Recently tried out Utrust when I read its trademark is registered in the US, that's freaking bullish

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Looks decent but I'm cool LP mining ORE/ETH for 53% APY.

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>largest treasury in the market
>completely decentralized
>launching new L1
>launching new projects
>constant inflow of funds into the treasury

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The kink of Defi

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i dunno you sound kinda retarded, the same way some anons were against eth weeks back, now I've doubled my monie, even on sylo, i'm like 62% up.

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I still have my doubts when it comes to CEXs anon. I'd rather trade on a DEX and store my assets in a hard wallet. An interesting find I had recently was the Railway DEX which enables private swaps and trades.

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Are you buying some based low cap L1 L2 projects with it?

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Privacy will really increase the adoption of DeFi.

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I've been holding Fringe finance for almost 3 years and I'm only down like 70%. I strongly recommend

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Staking SCRT in Sienaswap is one of the best move I made during this bear market, and I'm holding till the next bull run

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They are all motherfuckers

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Only low caps can flip your portfolio 5x in no time, other high cap will never try that
The likes of OP, EVMOS & SCRT are good to ape.

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Nobody does. However, having a secure ID for all your assets is vital. Most especially, if you don't want to get yourself fucked due to the complexity of the blockchain.

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Just getting started with it

>> No.50936572

Of course, there are risks but they can be managed. Starts with having a single point of control through which you can manage your varying identities on-chain.

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Plebs are finally catching on. Privacy is needed for Defi to go mainstream cause people in the space keep getting cucked and hacked. With privacy solutions in place, every sensitive data and transaction history would be far from the reach of hackers and anyone with bad intentions.

>> No.50940758

CRV and CVX, AAVE, UNI, and SUSHI are the only blue chip defi projects I would consider. Cake as well I guess.

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The market is slowly drifting towards identity management systems across blockchains pleb. Through my research, I found ORE which ticks all the boxes and it's one of my long-term holds.

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Actually, it depends on the tools you're using. A cross-chain open source and account protocol is mostly likely going to provide the feel of control over your assets; which is at the center of decentralization.

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>Products that matters
If it's not improving security or control of assets and identities, I'll pass.

>> No.50944807

Blue chip: CRV & CVX

Microcap: DDD

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I've always preferred DEX for my trading needs chud. It just got better a few weeks back when I came across the Railway DEX. It enables private swaps and trades, I feel invisible.

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Kek, you're larping obviously. I'd rather put my money in ORE which has enough potential for the long term.

>> No.50947275

Look into these niches
>Cross-chain interoperability

The next big thing would be from one of them.

>> No.50947534

How in the world do these qualify as bluechips?

>> No.50948567

Talking about bluechips I have invested myself with Metis, Avax, Qanx and Tera hope I'll get myself retired with the returns I make from these.

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More than this the quantum threats are already over us. So imo it's best to start exploring into a quantum resistant blockchain which is using the CRYSTALS-Dilithium algorithm approved by the NIST. Security is priority I would say.

>> No.50948756

This far fetched anon. I don't think anytime soon we are going to have the quantum threats desu better start investing into a privacy blockchain. For now it's for the good.

>> No.50948779

Anon just dyor. I agree investing into privacy is smart but quantum threats are for real. I don't fucking care I'm investing in a quantum resistant blockchain just waiting on the mainnet to go live. Fingers crossed.

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Long term if you ask I would simply say it's Eth none other than that

>> No.50948881

Well ETH of course but after the merge it will be frigging good I hope but let's see. For now just accumulating on Terra and Agld

>> No.50948892

25% is reasonably good with this market conditions

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Devs are getting a lot of opertunities these days and I would say now they can build smart contracts in any programming languages which is a game changer using the QVM

>> No.50948962

For DeFi I would suggest Aave nice one

>> No.50948984

Kek... what kind of a low life shill try it some where else faggot

>> No.50948995

Well the regulations will make that just fine just a matter of time anon.

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Web is the future I completely agree but having a quantum resistant L1 blockchain will make things even more secure.

>> No.50949102

Seems secure to me anon but I always prefer Uniswap and it's reliable maybe I can give it a try

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Talking about long term I would say it's best to use tye POR concensus algorithm to mine with my mobile phone once the mainnet is live.

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>largest and most diverse treasury in the market
>launching their L1 soon
>completely decentralized
>constant inflow of funds into the treasury

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Husky Avax, mein negro.
Avax bluechip, partnered with the biggest dex on avalanche and well respected across the space.

>> No.50951026

Sphere finance without a doubt

>> No.50951056

Laughs in shadow farms

>> No.50951512

Many will adopt privacy because of DeFi, because some privacy projects with smart contract hides your transactions while you appear anonymous

>> No.50952074

maybe you can aim higher and try demeter, they are currently developing defi services or some shit, idk anon I am still sleepy

>> No.50953988 [DELETED] 

Syscon Foundation is happy to announce it’s L2 rollup suite! Rollux will encompass Optimistic & ZK-Rollups, advancements like Cannon & Nitro, and will anchor unmatched EVM calability to Bitcoin's own PoW security & decentralization.

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In the order of priorities, account management should be at the apex. What's the point handling crypto assets and unable to maintain full control over them

>> No.50954213

Did you catch their presentation at DeFicon last week

>> No.50954385

Interoperability based projects in general will definitely make a major impact

>> No.50956907

It's reliable but not anonymous.

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Self-regulation and full control of assets and identities on individual levels is arguably the most important thing right now

>> No.50957084

Besides, I'd rather use Matcha

>> No.50959295

Why is Secret being shilled so hard? Wasn't it just a shitcoin?

>> No.50959848

That's the point of a privacy protocol, to secure transaction details and protect against wallet hacks.

>> No.50960053

ORE has a pretty good history with its LP programs. Good choice.

>> No.50960086

all defi projects are a ponzi anon.
why the fuck would you hold this crap over bluechip tokens like BTC ETH and MATIC.

>> No.50960253

Calling secret a shitcoins is just like calling Ethereum a shitcoin, because they play a similar role with their smart contract features

>> No.50960832

62% is quite high should I say congratulations, MATIC and ORE got my portfolio up reasonably too. ORE also stayed on the top gainers list on bitmart for weeks.

>> No.50961010

More people seem to be gravitating towards Private DEXs and its obviously for more security.

>> No.50961202

Identity security will be more utilized in web3, our identity is tied to every bit of data and to protect our data, identity security will be of utmost priority.

>> No.50962356

armor/ease. check out their recent Messari report. guaranteed 2x in a month, if not more.

>> No.50962561

Mining on your mobile phone is a good start chud. My long term focus is on privacy solutions as there has been considerable developments in the sector.

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$CHAMP (Ultimate Champions).
Long term being when the devs fucking finally decide to release the fucking game. God damn.

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I hold a stash of AVAX chud. Price prediction for eoy? The blockchain would also be having Railgun deployed to it for on-chain privacy in the coming months. Looking forward to it.

>> No.50963379

Data monetization and full ownership of identity unlike web2 is my most fascinating feature of web3 and of course with full ownership, identity management and security will be much more important to protect against identity theft.

>> No.50963410

Dumb ass retard, polygon recently partnered with ore protocol to provide cross chain wallet and NFT management, does that mean polygon crap too since all other defi projects are ponzi.

>> No.50964714

Keep your eyes on these:
>Identity management

Projects working on these would take center stage in the next bull season.

>> No.50965973

A private DEX would be better anon. Imagine institutions that want to make trades without having competitors trace their transactions. Private trades would be the ideal way out.

>> No.50965986

What makes you think that?

>> No.50966749

Well chad, we're at a time when NFTs would channel mass adoption into crypto and identity management is something obviously lacking in the space.

>> No.50966795

DDD since it’s pumping 50% in the last month.

>> No.50966825

Kek, one of the reasons why I just stick to earning passive income. So far the LP mining yields on Ore Network have been quite impressive.

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>> No.50968861

Which one?

>> No.50970601

NFTs with access control like the ones in Secret network is my ideal kind of NFTs. I have the right to give access to who sees my wallet while bidding. NFTs are gaining value, it's just a matter of time.

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Let me help out here. It is a combination of Ethereum's smart contracts and Monero’s Privacy with Cosmos' scalability and interoperability. It is the privacy of Ethereum.

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When Syscon was at 0.075 I wasn't here and didn't hear, when Syscon was at 1.3 dollars I heard the news but wasn't privileged. Now that Syscon is at 0.2 dollars this is my miracle beckoning. When Syscon goes to 100 dollars I will testify how I moved from miry clay to mansion.

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>Considering the number of blockchains being added to the space
Big plus on interoperability based projects

>> No.50972076

Well, you'll get about 60% in ORE/LP. Now the 25% doesn't sound very high anymore

>> No.50972094

ETH is good for long-term investment, but your entry point matters.

>> No.50972121


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Until users assume a position of control, esp. in relation to their cross-chain identities, the adoption rate might not move significantly

>> No.50973615
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Worth looking into as well

>> No.50973655

It's only a matter of time before it becomes a standard. It makes sense because when users are the only who have access to their transaction details, the security of their respective wallets is simultaneously improved.

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Did you just call MATIC a blue chip

>> No.50973727

>Long term
Definitely PriFi based projects

>> No.50973921

I think privacy solutions are a good long-term investment too. Considering the rate of hacks in the crypto ecosystem.