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What were the top signals when BTC was $69k? What are the clues we should look out for during the next bull run?

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Someone post the edit

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Fine I'll do it

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bunch of illiterate chavs on the train talking about dogecoin

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sad part is they probably made more money than me

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That’s on you

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wtf, that's the original


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linkfags lecturing/preaching about "wealth" in every goddamn general markets thread/link thread. Sell your bags and run to the hills when you see linkfags going into long debates with themselves about "being elite" larp. Link owners pretending they are klaus schwab and have some greater "knowledge" more then normal is a big bear signal.

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I'm afraid you are right. I still remember the the arrogance emanating from their posts. Fucking he'll why did I have to read your post?

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Roasties are so good at timing the top it's almost uncanny.

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>Todays women are the 1929s shoeshine boys

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Fuck me, memories keep coming back. Tirades about how they will shape society, building empires and overall very detailed fantasies. Fuck I was about to go to bed and now I can't fucking fall asleep

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checked and based

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My wife is unironically my sell-meter. If she suggests that we should buy into an investment, that mean's it's likely time to take some gains. She's incredibly smart, but doesn't give a shit about markets or crypto, which means that by the time the hype has trickled down to her through her friends/coworkers, it's right about the peak and time to sell.

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Based above reproach

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kek just the right amount of based. good job anon.
I pulled out when i was seeing crypto ads every few minutes during football games last thanksgiving. turned out to be pretty good timing overall.

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Matt Damon shilling crypto
All the superbowl commercials
Crypto.com arena

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I don't think there are any signals anon. Just trust your guts

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April 2021 was glaringly obvious, people were actually hyping up an SNL appearance to be some kind of paradigm shift

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kek blesses this post

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Boomer family members asking me about crypto
Girl on the bus in front of me looking at SHIB prices

Those two were it for me.

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This. $1000 eoy posts popped up back in 2017. They’ve never crossed $50 aside from a 24 hour period. True retards

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When a huge, fat fucking negro man takes a gigantic, steaming shit onto your face, and all you can muster out is a "mmmrrrghghghmm yeth shir pleashe more mmmmrrrhghghmmm" you know it's the top

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good summation

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/thread. Brunell was the absolute top signal and nothing else compares.
But I have this little gem too.

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>What were the top signals when BTC was $69k?
Normies/boomers/relatives asking how to buy urgently

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Broken trendline and Bearish divergence unironically

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I imagine all salespeople use /biz/ constantly but are too pussy to do anything but lurk.

Part of the salesman mentality.

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My senpai asked me about crypto during covid, asked if it was a good investment if they had to use coin base.

>hmmmm no crypto is risky and sketchy, using an exchange kind of defeats the purpose.

Idk if they understood my autism :(

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Niggers and roasties in crypto was my sell

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you meme against women but, they probably made better decisions than most men during volatility.

women are in general way more conservative at financial stuff so they tend to exit with small profits.

men are way more prone to ride everything either to moon but also to 0.

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>itt a list of correlation does not mean causation to make readers more confused then before they opened the thread

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Brave and powerful.
A lot "deeper" than the original one.

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Kek we got them good, frens, wagmi.

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holy based. time to stand up to these communists and their garbage propaganda

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>3 gun toting Republicans that demanded work and personal responsibility from their people being erased by a suburbanite can't-paint modern-male cuck
Looks like everything is in order.

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The top signal is obvious one: mumu euphoria on 4chan. It was massive in November... I learned. The worst thing about bear market is the bobo euphoria lasts for several years.

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The threat of quantum computers to blockchain is gonna be a huge problem and projects that address it, will have a huge run, after market recovery

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Jimmy Fallon changing his profile pic to an NFT was literally my yeah we've topped this cycle moment

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>t. idiot who keeps regurgitating the same feminist crap
Females don’t make money because they’re not IN the market. With the exception of a small minority they’re too afraid or dumb to enter, as well as they can just wait at the finishing line to suck some successful incel instead. The people who made fortune off of crypto have been men, specifically white men

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go back troon

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QRL and QAN has made a whole lot of innovations in this sector.

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QRL and QAN has made a whole lot of innovations in this sector.

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Get the fuck out jeet. You are just talking incoherently

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Crypto is shit

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next bullrun top will be 420k

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For being polyglot in nature, Qan has a better chance when compared to QRL

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Wow, such an amazing piece. Checked

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Someone should send this to him.

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the funding. only few will understand. the equivalent of 54% apy becomes a stellar arb opportunity for short sellers to go all in

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what a chekked blessed post anon. god bless you

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Stupid argument, less men drove cars in the 1930s too, it doesn't mean they can't learn to drive.

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Checked, respect

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Although we are excited to see where this advancements will take us; it's still important to note that this is only a bird's eye view. Ever since the syscon inception in 2014, we have developed and we will continue to do so. Luckily, we don't have to wait long to see this monumental advancements to be realized.

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My personal top signal was when I constantly calculated how many millions I get when my shitcoin does another 5x from here. Wish I solded then.

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>What are the clues we should look out for during the next bull run?
Adoption of blockchain services. Users getting comfortable managing web3 identities.

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Guts has led many users to rugpulls

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This, unironically

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Kek wait what? link threads are always like this. Bear market. Bull market. Doesn’t matter. They’re always the same.

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KYS moron. With the many opportunities in crypto that will be maximised over the next couple of months, thanks to ORE's identity management system, you'll see the actual prospect that crypto has.

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checked and truth pilled.

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No refunds.

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1. Women
2. Women
3. Richest man on earth shilling doge on national tv

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y he gotta paint over it? there's too much white space. the painting wouldn't look good in my living room.

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This whole shoeshine meme comes from a time before QE
The fed can pump it no matter what the shoeshine boys say, retail doesn't move the market significantly
Also that >>50896552 is bait for the sexually frustrated males here, I can find any content I want on twitter and an example proves only that that one example exists

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More reasons why the bridges has to be readily available, as well as interoperability solutions; LINK, ORE etc.

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>Bitboy crypto

Now this is next level trolling

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stay poor retard. when you could get a life with it and through some good web 3 protocols like Sylo out there.