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Lets think this one through. Does anyone have examples of times when something was given an approx. release date and what happened when it dropped?

I remember Vertcoin doing this quite a bit, but the coin always went up when this happened.

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It is anticipated, so its not going to be news for anyone, hence it's priced in. Why would it pump?

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I like to think that it might pump hard at first then pretty strong correction/crash after.

Probably just being too cautious but i'll probs sell when it feels like its peaking initially

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because people pump at the sight of any good news.

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But its not news.

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Its good news that it was completed and released you fucking brainlet.

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>Muh "White Paper"
>Wishful outline of future endeavors
>Ties goals to quarterly timelines
>Gives speculators three-month windows to hype REQ

It's going to rise a bit, but it's not going to "pump." If anything, I'm hoping to see a dip so as to buy; this test release will not help normies understand what Req is about, so they'll sell. I've got a nice X-mas bonus coming, looking strengthen the hodl.

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I hope you are trolling. It WAS good news and it has already pumped. Everyone bought because they knew that it will definitely be released these coming days. The release itself is not going to be anything new. If anything, it will dip.

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>If anything, I'm hoping to see a dip so as to buy;

count me in

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Presumably because it's actually coming through? Rather than saying there's news and then nothing happens. Or the fact that you actually see the projects progress and the fact that what is going to become the completed program is fucking sweet as shit.

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If everyone is waiting for the dip to buy, then there won't be any dip. Learn how market works.

Most probably the price won't change much for a while, then it will rise.

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Why has the volume decreased then? Does the order book look bullish to you?

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>If everyone is waiting for the dip to buy, then there won't be any dip

What the fuck? You srly think people will just wait? The will sell in advance to the dump. The release will end like every bi weekly update. PnD shit

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I consider the next week to be a golden oportunity to swing trade and increase your stack.

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anyone this thread who actually thinks it'll dip when colossus comes out should of himself and do us all a favor

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Its okay, we can see the people sell and FOMO right back in when it keeps going up.

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I actually hope it will dip. Everyone knows Colossus is smalltime shit, the big moon will come with the Great Wall

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even something that's not news got dumped when it was released. remember chainlink and sibos?

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There was a slight dip yesterday after the pump, but too many people anticipated a larger dip and therefore it corrected. The market does the opposite of what people want

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Yep, people "waiting for the dip" are all going to sell high, and forced to buy in at a higher price.

That's how it always ends up.

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Like every bi weekly update, right? Hodlers will never change their mindset...

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It didn't happen last update, and the news was modest and Bitcoin was pumping.

It reached a higher plateau and stayed their.

By all means, sell now, I'll be happy to sell it back to you closer to 50 cents when you FOMO like a bitch.

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Are you fucking kidding me? You have to be a newfag in REQ? This shit went down from like 0,0029 ETH to 0,0021 ETH in the last bi weekly

I have my long term stack too, but don't deny the sick swing after every bi weekly update.

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Going back at the charts, it went from 29 to 27 and stayed there largely.

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Should I sell my REQ now and buy at the dip?

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I don't need to go back to the charts, because i traded at that time. The last bi weekly update was about the ING FUD and everyone sold the FUD, i was able to swing trade and re-bought at 0.00022, but the bottom was 0.00021.

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Oh you're a jittery day trade fag. No wonder.

I didn't even hear of or notice any FUD or dips. I sleep well at night with my 400K stack.

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There won't be a dump because there is an advertising campaign planned.

Also, the moment testnet goes live there are dozens of people on the subreddit who will be doing writeups and crossposting to all the large crypto sites and subreddits. Attracting even more people.

Lastly, the subreddit has gone from 4k to 9.5k subscribers in one week. The large majority of these people are still waiting for their funds from coinbase and have yet to buy. It will more or less coincide with the release, which I expect to see Monday/Tuesday.

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Nobody knows, it could pump, it could dump. There are numerous examples where people sold the news and then the coin mooned 5x after a week. Better to just hold if you're in it for the long term anyway.

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Nope i don't day trade, just swing trading the bi weekly updates. So far i did massive gains with my trading stack and since i know this project will be successful why not increase it?

In the end everyone will make it with REQ.

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>relying on redditand sub count

Lmao where my old espers bros at

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We had this same thread last week and there were a bunch of smug day traders who sold at 18 cents because they just KNEW it would go back to 13. They ended up FOMOing in at 20+ cents and this shit is never going below that. Same thing is going to happen to the next batch of retards.

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lmao, count me in on that list. i was so salty. now i tell ppl not to day trade this shit, not worth it.

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Oh you too, yeah I lost 2-3k trying to day trade REQ.

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Swing traders? Fucking meme traders.

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everyone knows REQ is going to 500M market cap, use your heads stupids

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What do you guys think of a student investing few hundred euros into REQ and not even looking at it until like Q3 or Q4 of 2018?

I think the opportunity altcoins give for profit well surpasses the risk of few hundred euros I gathered during summer.

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that's actually one of the investing strats the PBC uses. they tell their investors to only put in a tiny amount that gives a ton of return for holding a long time. i've put in $100 into REQ and holding for at least 2-3 years.

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Go for it dude. If it takes off, nice. If it dies, oh well.

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You know what's funny? Me, triggering a rise in price.

Was 100% sure that REQ gonna dump hard.
Plz, tell me, it's gonna dip again, just as it did every other day

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I've managed to accumulate 27k since around .04 - .08 cents. Heard about it on /biz/ first and DMOR. Thank you people that shilled this coin early on. Hoping in can get to 30k before it takes off for good

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>that woman
Not a virgin and had cum on her face. Pretty disgusting to think about it. Since this picture was taken she also probably degraded a lot and it wouldn't surprise me if she missed her prime for making babies and taking care of a family, due to preferring riding the cock carousel. And you know what the worst part is? Even though she degraded, had the time of her life riding Chad cock, she will STILL be put on a pedestal for simply being woman. Somewhere out there is a beta provider who will marry each and every one of these WHORES and even divide his net worth with her because he puts women on a pedestal.

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It gonna dip now

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It fucking don't, we are at the floor and setting a new floor soon
Don't sell, HODL on to your dear life

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Perhaps I done fucked up
I'll wait till it dips. Or doesn't. Successfully day-trading REQ to this day lets me buy in a bit later than the crowd.
However, order books look pretty bearish.

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True dat.I mean she is a whore, not a woman. She is literally posing for a semi-nude photo and it's not 'artistic' it is for titillation. The photographer probably had her bent over after he finished shooting and jizzed all in her hair. She's not a real woman. She is a harlot.

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Go away, dirty incel

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cuck detected

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never going to make it mr. nice guy

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It keeps retesting its ATH over and over and over. Do a little reading anon, use your brain. This is a bull raring to go. A rocket priming its thrusters. Get the fuck in here. Even if you won't hold for 10x gains by Q1 2018, there's still much to be made by end of year. Don't say I didn't warn you. Hold this until at least $.50 which will be the target when this breaks out any day now. Never go by TA alone, here is a good resource for fundamentals that will provide you the bullish backdrop; http://spec-rationality.com/request-network/

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In reality the time to dump was at 2k sats.

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Does beta virgin who still calls his biological father daddy have any other words in his vocabulary or does he just mime what he sees on 4chan because he thinks he’ll finally be part of an ingroup? Projecing, small-wrist faggot

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stop being a fucking pussy and put atleast 1000 , you can make that in a month working. its better than spending it on garbage like video games, booze

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think up until q1 2018 will be good to buy, this one hits 1 usd fosho

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Except I'm a college student in Eastern Europe so few hundred euros is already quite a significant investment for me dude.

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Thanks boys, you only hear about the daytrading winners on here, sounding cocky as hell about the gains their gonna make, but never reporting sour news when they get left behind.

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Try selling your stuff, working more, etc..

It will pay itself off in a hugely disproportionate manner if REQ succeeds.

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No lol I'm going ot hold it till the end of the next year and at the same time im gonna pump in even more.

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holy shit look at the current market

if requests basic testnet functions work like they describe in the whitepaper
REQ will go to 250m-400m

the cut off for the front page of cmc is now 100m... last month it was 30m

buy a clue

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Should I sell by Cardano for Req? I have about equal holdings in both

Help me biz, I'm trying to escape wagery

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Gamblers with an addiction only ever talk about their gains even exaggerating them, but never mention the losses.

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wew lad;

i dont understand how anon is unable to read obvious tongue in cheek

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where do yall watch REQ's price? Its not on bittrex so...

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Predictions for Q4 2019? Is $50 too optimistic?

>> No.5095494

add a few zero's to that

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Not at all. Either 100-1000$ or 0$ (Something kills crypto/bubble bursts).

Anyone else hoping for a dip? I want to get in below .20c again. Just transfered all my ETH and I'm ready to go all in.

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I have like 20% in xrp waiting for the noobs to buy in then gonna dump and put it into more req

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Cardano has about 26 billion coins in circulation, it's not a bad project or anything, but realistically speaking, if it ever reached Bitcoin market cap it would be worth U$10 or so...

Req on the other hand also has a solid project and only a circulation 640million supply, for it to reach 10 bucks a piece, market cap would have to be U$6.4 bllion. If the team delivers their product, it could easily reach 10x that market cap in the long term.

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I forecast at least $7.5 (which factors in token burning)

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>Hey, HEY! This token is going to dump on the news!
Gee, thanks for the info anon. I'll add it to the list of a hundred other obvious and useless things i've learned today :)

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Price predictions for this coin never taken into account burning. When burning starts the price this can hit starts to become astronomical. Hold the fuck on to REQ.

>> No.5096333

Any source on this? What are the reasons for token burning?

>> No.5096389

tokens are burned as fees to complete transactions. source is website

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>I've got a nice X-mas bonus coming,
Same here.

Also planning to use my tax return for more REQ as long as it's not too high by then.

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This man has overdosed on red pills

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> Keynes described the action of rational agents in a market using an analogy based on a fictional newspaper contest, in which entrants are asked to choose the six most attractive faces from a hundred photographs. Those who picked the most popular faces are then eligible for a prize.

> A naive strategy would be to choose the face that, in the opinion of the entrant, is the most handsome. A more sophisticated contest entrant, wishing to maximize the chances of winning a prize, would think about what the majority perception of attractive is, and then make a selection based on some inference from his knowledge of public perceptions. This can be carried one step further to take into account the fact that other entrants would each have their own opinion of what public perceptions are. Thus the strategy can be extended to the next order and the next and so on, at each level attempting to predict the eventual outcome of the process based on the reasoning of other rational agents.

> "It is not a case of choosing those [faces] that, to the best of one's judgment, are really the prettiest, nor even those that average opinion genuinely thinks the prettiest. We have reached the third degree where we devote our intelligences to anticipating what average opinion expects the average opinion to be. And there are some, I believe, who practice the fourth, fifth and higher degrees." (Keynes, General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money, 1936).

And down the robot hole we go.

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Req is at ATH... But I wanna jump... tell me why !!

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kek nice pasta

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WTF are you talking about? The price per token and total supply doesnt matter at all. Holy shit are you actually retarded? The only thing that matters is %

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what do you think the % is relative to?

>> No.5097133

Market Cap.

>> No.5097151

market cap/supply = price

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It isn't even close to the ATH though?

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