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>skeleton of the new financial system

we know that POS doesn't solve the tps or fee issue. and layer 2s are inherently insecure. how exactly will ETH become the skeleton of the new financial system

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rETHards will defend this

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Even Vitalik knows these high fees wont work. But they are using it as an incentive to get people to buy in.

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>how exactly will ETH become the skeleton of the new financial system
ETH is pushing for more centralization, kyc and compliance
it was already centralized cause devs could hardfork 2 times per month with no objection
with PoS it's only gonna get worse since the biggest shareholders will continuously decide about the protocol rules, monetary policies and so on
if you cannot see that you are blind

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This. PoS just makes it lose more value in my opinion. They'll be cancelling addresses in the future for not bowing down.

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If the base layer is flawed, centralized PoS, then what's the point?

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That's an opinion. Op asked how to improve tps and fee issues. Answer is zkrollups and sharding

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Just use a normal database at that point, kek.

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It's not an opinion, it's the truth. Censorable, centralized base layer controlled by a few is worthless. Might as well just buy stocks, at least you can call someone if you get cancelled. These PoS L1's are just trash.

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They are changing things based on the whims of a machine's ideology that was brainwashed into him by the WEF. He is literally too young to realize this yet.

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Short it and never buy eth!

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Look, if blackrock and the corrupt elites are IN. it's clearly going somewhere. everything seems to suggest ETH is their chosen chain. (SEC specifically targetting cRipple while giving ETH and BTC a free pass).

With POS, a potential way they reduce fees and increase tps would be to decrease decentralization through EIP amendments? lmk if this is what you're thinking

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>blackrock and the corrupt elites are IN
Your mistake is thinking this is a good thing
The second Blackcock started mass buying houses, the prices started to stagnate or fall
It's not always good to have a group on your side that is more focused on their own goals than necessarily making money in the short term

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the major problem with ETH is the same with the modern financial system which is frontrunning, quants have been running the ACE protocol for decades taking advantage of arbitrages and the retail trader for every advantage they can. Yet when you run a script to break their system to manipulate their autonomous orders which flash crash the system they throw your autistic ass in prison.

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If ETH investors would all be shown one single still image if Vitalik Buterin before they are able to click the "buy" button, not a single ETH investor would exist.

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Make a side token called crETHit/credit that can be refundable to the seller. Works the same as a credit card. Work in some parameters to stop abuse. Bam. Everyone uses it.