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>drive past multiple mcdonalds on the way home
>all of them closed by 8pm on a friday night
>when they are open wait times just to have your order taken are half an hour

Is this a local thing or is McDon in dire straits?

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wagies dont want to wage slave anymore and the franchise owners can't afford to pay burger flippers $20/hour

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wagies are going through burnout, especially the youngest wagies. I've experience burnout several times in my life (3 times to be exact) but there goes a point when I got old enough to not feel it anymore even though I know I'm now well passed the burnout stage.

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We are getting a mcdonalds in my town soon but they had to start pay at 23.50 because nobody (literally nobody, this is a small town of 4k people) applied to work there. They eventually got 6 applicants, 3 of which are retirees, one white kid and two native ladies. all hired on the spot.

labour market is just fucked. i need $30/hr minimum for me to feel like im not wasting my time getting out of bed and most people are thinking along similar lines in this economy.

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Very few fast food places are open late nowadays. Whenever they are the wait times are too long and poor quality food due to them being understaffed isn't even worth it. Thankfully the Wawa and halal spots are still around 24/7 around here.

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McDonalds is going to becoming fucking huge again within the next 5 years. That's my hot tip.

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in 5 years, the burgers will be flipped by burger flipping robots.

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Thats the same pay grocery managers got in 2017. Imagine working 10 years in a company only to have the minimum wage rise to beat you out anyway

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it's all fast food, also they're all increasing their prices so much that you may as well eat at local restaurants (which all closed during COVID)

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You got million per month onlyfans whores and free gibs of thousands dollars from random socialist government dogma.
Obviously no one is going to wake up to your slave camp for 20$/h
Internet in last years shown everyone how pointless everything is

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>allow your business to be known as the lowest-tier job available
>don't do anything to change this perception
>be surprised when nobody wants to work there

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The one in my time used to be 24 hrs. I don't know if it still is... It always has a long enough drive through line just to be annoying during the afternoon, although they're pretty fast.
>don't do anything to change this perception
They petitioned the Oxford English Dictionary to remove the phrase "mcjob."
>to combat the "McJob" stereotype, a media campaign will feature videos of employees talking about why they love their jobs at McDonald's

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>in my time

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>franchise owners can't afford to pay burger flippers $20/hour
They can. They just don't

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Imagine how boomers will be screeching when they are finally forced to pay living wages or lose their businesses. The sound will be defining.

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that's what I heard 5 years ago, and 5 years before that, and 5 years before that, AND 5 years before that.
>Burger Flipping Robots™
>Just 5 More Years™

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They will replace as many as they can with robots and force you to tip the robots

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>forced to pay living wages or lose their businesses


robots + illegal immigrants. Big businesses will never have to pay decent wages, leftist politics have 100% made sure of that

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>leftist politics

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>threat of lowering wages
>allow relaxed borders and introduction of hordes of new foreign workers
>replace lower class American wagies with foreign wagies who will accept lower wages

go ahead and try to explain how that's not a leftist policy my nigger. I'll wait

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Independent burgerchains are coming

Its bad franschisebros

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This. I've even seen demonstrations of these robots but they are still not deployed anywhere. What gives? Are they still more expensive than wagies?

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He's pretending that true leftists don't include 99.5% of the left
So why haven't they done it yet?

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Every McDonald’s near me used to be 24/7. Now I think maybe one downtown is, the surrounding dozen all close at midnight or earlier now.

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i think a lot of people are becoming more health conscious too and kicking fast food. mcdonald's days are numbered. bread is terrible for you. at least replace bread with rice in your diet, its not hard.

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Spoken like someone who hasn't worked a day in their life.

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>Regean gives illegals amnesty
>b-b-but the left!
The fact that you still believe in the whole left right dichotomy is a joke.

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STFU pilpul faggot. You cannot conflate the man with the policy enacted. The man has a label next to his name that indicated he leaned right. The policy in question is a leftist politician. A failure of the MAN. Not right-side policy.

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You have not seen demonstrations of robots, you've seen swindles
They just now barely got a robot dog to walk and a robot dog doesn't take orders, clean fryers, flip burgers, mop floors, prep food, unload trucks, deal with but most importantly it doesn't learn the recipes for all the new gay marketing ingredients they throw on a dumb new set of menu items every season so they can have a black guy voice actor say "IT'S THE ALL NEW ... FROM ..." in every fast food commercial to the end of time until my fucking ears bleed

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*deal with customers

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Holy shit you’re stupid. Kill yourself.

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Are you implying he slipped one day in the oval office and his pen accidentally signed an executive order to give all the illegals amnesty or something?

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I've been to maccas in Australia 2 times in the past three years. Both times the fucking ice cream machine was bust. First time I tired a big mac and could only eat half. Fucking poison. Second time I just wanted an ice cream, wait a good 10min for it after using their self serve tablet things only for the manager to say its broken. I swore never to go back and I'm not ever going back

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Cool it with the anti-semitism here

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Imagine? It's been going on for years. They are furious that their own decisions to not have more children are biting them in the ass as a structural labor shortage. It's the whole reason immigration is allowed.

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they will just bring in subhumans. Its the boomer answer for everything.

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You and your forefathers were hoodwinked. KYS useless fuck.

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Don't project kiddo you'll soil yourself again.

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24 hours here in our country
And delivery fee is only 1 USD, no tip, and arrives in 15 minutes

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My hot tip will be inside of a mcpussy

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all the employees at the mcdonalds of this city are black and they are not americans. jamaica? africa?I dont know but i bet they are all stealing from the register.

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To quote Bernie Sanders: "Open boarders is a Koch brothers proposal"

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>"Try and prove that isn't a leftist policy!"
>"Oh, by the way, I axiomatically define it as leftist"
You're retarded

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Where is that?

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>one day mcds will be staffed by burger-flipping robots
always has been

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to add to other anons points, "true" leftism means being against the moneyed class. ill call them leftists when they make student loans dischargeable through bankruptcy. or at least be more liberal when it comes to personal freedoms. ("liberal" used to mean MORE freedom, you know.)

the current left/right act is a complete joke. you have to be on meds at this point to watch tv and not realize these politicians are all on the same side.

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PH 3rd world, but not all are 24/7

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My [insert local] politician isn't like that though. He/she is different.

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you don't know anything about franchising or how much the owners actually make.

It's not that profitable, after all the overhead including wages, most franchise owners don't even make $100k/year. massive investments to buy the business and profit is mediocre

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damn something about the way the sky looks makes it look third world as fuck too

which country is that? somewhere in the middle east? or India?

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lmao you really eat that shit anon? pitiful creature. eat well, buy matic and take care of yourself anon.

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In Switzerland there are so many open unfilled positions, service for anything is impossible. At gas stations they ask you to fill the tank and pay yourself without human contact. In supermarkets they just put the crates there still packaged asking customers to using cutting knives to open them to get canned food etc. Restaurants are open max 3 days a week with long waiting lists for people wanting to dine out.

There are wagie jobs open for 50 bucks an hour that nobody applies to because they are dead end. African drug dealers rather deal drugs, and they even have recruitement problems - an Eritrean 23yr old drug dealer boss has put out a sign “hard working niggas wanted” next to his usual corner spot.

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That's not leftism you 90 IQ troglodyte. That's a hallmark of neo-liberalism which is a center right capitalist ideology that calls for the freedom of movement of both capital and humans. Damn you all are fucking retarded here.

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>Damn you all are fucking retarded here.
most of them are american, what did you expect?

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pixelated skybox clouds lmao

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Neither have you.

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They’re trying to make the robots cook burgers the same way humans do instead of letting them do it their way. It’s like trying to teach a human to swim like a squid.

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>most franchise owners don't even make $100k/year.
Neither do I funny enough, maybe they should tighten those bootstraps and stop buying avocado toast.

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It's called a cloudy day, retard.

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Macca's is 24hr here

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So you leave in a colored area and raycis wypipo close dem mcds at none hours to keep the brothas down?

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Shit. I meant "do you live"

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You didn't use the SAE or AAVE in this rambling mess of a post correctly. KYS.

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>still thinks about mcd

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Left and right mean nothing to the elite. The Rothschilds couldn't care less who makes a nation's laws, as long as they control the money supply

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I talked to a man that owns 10 local McDonald's franchises yesterday. I was selling him a golf cart at his mansion. This man has more money than I could possibly imagine having ever in my life. His house makes those MTV cribs houses look like they're section 8 housing. I've really never seen anything like this.

All of the local McDonald's pay at best $12 an hour for managers. They are very short on employees and sometimes can't stay open because of lack of employees.

I meet a lot of millionaires selling these golf carts. I was willing to believe it was just a myth that rich people thought of poor people as dirt. I can say for certain that it is actually absolutely true. The rhetoric I hear from these rich people on a daily basis is utterly jaw dropping.

Rich people are indeed bad people. They don't give a fuck at all.

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>First time I tired a big mac and could only eat half. Fucking poison.

England wins again

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Every single employee at my local KFC is female and African. Im not a racist, but i was alarmed to witness stereotypes in action. They were loud, rude and lazy. They got my order wrong and shouted at me, told me "stand there, you causing a problem?"

I politely tried to explain i ordered two sets of fries and only got one. She literally gave me a dirty look and threw, THREW, the fries into the bag.

I will never use KFC again

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>an Eritrean 23yr old drug dealer boss has put out a sign “hard working niggas wanted” next to his usual corner spot

Thats bullshit, but i believe it

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>I meet a lot of millionaires selling these golf carts. I was willing to believe it was just a myth that rich people thought of poor people as dirt. I can say for certain that it is actually absolutely true.

I suppose it was a shock the first time i realised. They see us as slaves. You've had a glimpse into that world, and so have i.

I was a Chad once and slept with a lot of very posh women. I saw wealth. Not rich, wealth. And they see non-wealthy as less than animals.

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why do you think roe v wade was overturned? to bolster the native low IQ slave population.

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Impossible. A simple Big Mac meal is almost $10 already. You can still buy a 4 pack of burger meat and 8 pack of buns for like $6. You get a frozen bag of fries and you can feed a family of 4 for $10. I understand people pay for convenience, but you would be paying close to $40 if you got 4 Big Mac meals. Home cooking will increase, fast food will die out.

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The Democrats created an entire generation of lowlifes who never worked and will never have to work.

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First symptoms of socialism, the low income/no skill wagies think its possible for them to just sit at home and collect free money endlessly.

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Look at the OP. Fast food isn’t even fast. This is end stage fast food capitalism.
It’s always something when I need to go to a government building, so drive through the poor section of town. They all have homes. They’re all poorly maintained. And, apparently, they all work from home on their porches. Thank goodness the party workers are all doing the hard work of voting for them.

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Kek and no shot Mr. Shekelberg is giving them a raise

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are food prices at restaurants going up because of the pyramid scheme on property?

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I want my I want my I want my mtv

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>Le demobrats
Ok, why do you work based and redpilled republican goy?

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There are literally no more sub-humans left to bring

Even spics realize their quality of life in a favela is better than a McSlave one.

Literally the only place to get more slaves is straight from the deserts of Somalia but trying to get niggers to work is like herding cats

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The local mcfonalds near me stays open till midnight on fri-sat, but 9 every other night. 6-9 am, 11am to 1:30, 4:30-6 are 25 min lines...

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This, a drive through family of 4 is 40 bucks, totally stupid, its become an actual extravaganze for a low income family to have a fast food meal.

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They created CEO's who are bailed out constantly by taxpayer money? News to me.

Verification not required

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are you guys fucking retarded? its not worth it to keep it open late night/early morning hours. you know, like every other business ever, including restaurants. that and im pretty sure theyve been having nigger issues at night.

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I'm surprised and happy to read you guys saying that fast food is becoming more expensive than cooking your own food. I haven't eaten that garbage in many, many years so I wouldn't know. Maybe more people will join the home cooking master race and we'll actually see some slight curbing of the obesity epidemic?
Nah who am I kidding, they'll just replace it with processed seed oil and corn syrup pig slop.

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There will be no home cooking in the future. You will work be given just enough "food" to continue working the next day.

Soon you will have nothing to eat either. Everyone will be close to statvation

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Frozen corn dogs and microwave chicken nuggets are still cheap and calorie rich. Home cooking doesn't necessarily take away the convenience of fast food and bad eating.

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I'm a fast food wagie.
Burnout is a factor.
Cost of living is the biggest factor. Rent is expensive in cities, and you can't afford a 1BR apartment on minimum wage.
The other is quality of life. Your work-from-home friends or crypto hustling buddies are always around on weekends and evenings, sadly you're not in the restaurant industry.

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This is some high class shitpost. Almost believed it myself.

>> No.50891779

If the family sold the car and got bicycles and a gym membership it would be better for us all not to mention the extra cash for delicious meals at fast food restaurants like you suggest, thanks Mr. economist

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hilarious, went to bed and woke up to a bunch of "th-that's not REAL leftism" arguments. Who could have predicted this? It's truly the Reddit cope-du-jour

you fucking >muh true leftism idiots keep coping by pretending you're any different than the average boomer NBC/NPR blue anon obsessed Democrat NPC, but in reality you always ALWAYS end up voting for the same Democrat candidates who loosen immigration laws, push open borders, and all at the cost of ever increasing wages for low class Americans. You're no different than any other Democrat you fucking losers, and you and your ilk are the DIRECT cause of stagnant wages

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DeFood anon. Fuck NMO. Cook healthy grandma receipes and sell online for freedom oriented anons. The future is free. Stop being a slave faggot (synonym).

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Based and earbleeding pilled

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I noticed the same with Dunkin Donuts closing early. Can’t even get an evening coffee.

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The CEO's are raking it in though.

>> No.50893194

Return to locally-owned business model hiring only locals.
The whole IRS overtaxxing & over-regulating systems need to go if those places are to succeed

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I live in the U.S., and have never ate at McDonalds. Is it any good? My town doesn't have one.

>> No.50893751

my _entire town_ is like this in new england.
not just mcdonalds.
we're talking "popular" places closing at 6-8pm on saturday night.

>> No.50893756

QRD on why rice is slightly better than bread?

>> No.50893781

>Imagine how boomers will be screeching when they are finally forced to pay living wages
>finally forced

yeah that's never gonna happen champ

>> No.50894898

You used to be able to get day old bread at a discount store.
Now bread is filled with preservatives and slop and you pay full price for it even if it’s a week old at a supermarket.
But you can get uncooked rice with no need for preservatives. It’s easier to cook than bread from scratch. Everyone says get whole grain rice, but the nutrition profile is only slightly better, so it’s up to you whether it’s worth paying that much more.

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>new england.
What a shithole.

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It IS fundamental leftism, you're just not old enough to understand that.

>> No.50896020

Classic case of market demand. Its not a priority until it is and then capitalism takes over. If McDonald's starts losing money they will funnel all their funding into robots

>> No.50896377

They incur financial risk to start the business, what risk have you incurred?

>> No.50896396

They already do in the form of welfare.
SNAP, medicaid, energy assistance, water utility assistance, internet assistance, section 8, cell phone assistance, the list goes on.

>> No.50896415

That's fine. I'll laugh at all the boomers and coom on their faces when the communists kikes take everything.

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Also when are we getting 24 hour walmart back?

>> No.50897923

They took so much from us.

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Kek yeah (((they))) did, I still remember the old days fren.

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Carbs are bad. GMOs are bad. GMO Wheat is mutated. Chemicals and garbage.

Eat meat and organic green vegetables.

>> No.50898065

Fuck, that really says it all.