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and be honest

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I'm only shorting at $26k with proper risk management and an intelligent stop loss.

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I'm done, I lost everything...

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I self liquidated myself earlier. Its insane how fast the losses pile up when you're using 10x leverage wtf

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down some but its whatever, i'm opening up another short soon, looks primed for another dump.

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My liq price is 50k because i shorted at 45k. I'm not an idiot like you nu bears

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nice try, mumus, but i'm in $

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Down 97%. Sold the bottom. Left macdonalds to work in the mines. So this is my life now I guess.

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I get liquidated at $1999 for 30x short kek

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bro I already got liquidated, you might as well cut your losses while you still can

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I am financially ruined

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Using leverage and shorting instead of selling is the biggest retard tier noob retail move ever.
Save leverage for good longs.

You should not be shorting unless you have capital at risk which you want to sell but physically cant for some reason, which is a hedge. Just sell without leverage

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