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The general with the most gets, edition after edition, by far.
Amphibian Chaos Agent, Humble Nazarene, and Lunar Déesse, all arguably onboard.
Bag holders inundated with prophetic dreams.
Oh yes, and incidentally, the best artwork as well.
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trips removes all doubt

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I just want a passive income so I can rest my bones for awhile.

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new scam shit thread you welcome.
Devs and whales cash out, happyfaggycrypto know the true

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Threadly reminder that you are being scammed and manipulated by an organized group of whales and a few devs.
No amount of comments calling me pajeet will hide the truth
I will fight in every single thread to save new anons to be scammed by the shill cultists that lurk every single hour here.

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Burn imminent, WAGMI frens!

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>Roastie kvetching about devs being considered more important than her fake ass "law" background and TR wanting to actually get paid eventually.
Dose doity antisemitic beeaaaaaastids! Dis is like anuddah holocaust.
>I will fight in every single thread to save new anons to be scammed by the shill cultists
How altruistic of you, Pradeep.

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>Verification not required

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it's 3 AM in Calcutta, go to bed Sanjeev

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history repeats itself like always

the fud that LUNC receives is the same as how chainlink got fudded in the early days

those with eyes to see and ears to hear knows whatsup


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go fuck your mom ass, fuck you and this scam, anons watch out LUNC is shit, devs and whales cashing out

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can a studied anon give me an honest opinion on how long from now till lunc becomes parabolic? 0.01 territory for example

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never this shit gonna once pump and whales and devs gonna dump hard

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So I guess dubs leaves some room for failure. Ah well, still better than no hope at all.

If stars align and everything works as planned, it can unironicaly reach 1 cent before EOY. See how fast Shiba mooned. But it would need the end of bear market and enough momentum thanks to something like a CZ or Elon tweet, and of course the Binance gigaburn would help a lot. Right now everything is crabbing, and it's hard to tell if bear or bull will follow. We'll see in September how things evolve.

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thanks for the blessed bread OP.
37M fatman checking in
LUNChads we rise!

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Volume doesn’t matter, supply doesn’t matter. You could have only 1 billion lunc total supply and you’d still be assed out. What matters is who has what percentage of the supply. This makes lunc the worst of the worst to own. It’s created “vc’s on top of vc’s”. You will find out what I mean soon enough.

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10.25M checking in. What am I in for?

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what the fuk is this mystery meat H.R. whore even talking about? She doesn't even say what she is saying, just a bunch of vague woman speak? Wtf is this even about?

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Was already sorted. The person who she accused of being "not for the community" is kicked from the steering group. The person that was kicked told her he didn't care about the community and wanted a VC to take over all the assets. Frankly, I'd prefer if the VC just took over and pumped it already. Either way, this is all old news and is nothing to worry about.

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never mind I went through the discord and it seems the bitch is psychotic and unpredictable and attention seeking and stirring up problems as women tend to do. Bitch needs kicked out

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she tell the true stupid faggot, LUNC is a scam shit

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Best ESL post I've seen all day

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Go scam some 80 year old grandma you paki piece of shit

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I'm not a dirty paki or pajeet stupid faggot, watch out anons, ask happycattycrypto about cashing out on twitter, just ask and screencap this

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redeem now bloody benchod basterds

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The Queen of Lunc has over 1 billion coins.
She uses astrology to make predictions.
She's saying the big pump is happening soon than you realize.

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1. billion. coins.
Remember that with your little stack.
She is your queen. She has all the Lunc.

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bitch lasagna

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We're all bros here and WAGMI, but don't you simp for this creature on me, anon. Get it together.

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>scam shit thread you welcome.
>go fuck your mom ass
>never this shit gonna once pump
>she tell the true
>I'm not a dirty paki or pajeet
Yeah sure...

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Bitch will need to sell if we hope for this to actually go anywhere significant. Think about it, you really think it will do anything with some random holding 1/10th of the targeted supply. Hell a couple of anons here have another 2 billion between them. Thats 30% of the targeted supply accounted for.

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Post hand.

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How does daily blowjobs from tight young latinas sound?

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do you have any proof at all that this wench holds 1 billion lunc

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bros I need this to moon so that I can afford college this fall :(

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I sold 2m, I figure holding bags is pointless. All i have to do is keep my eye on the price and notice the increase before normies do. If I get back in at 0001300 its a small premium to pay, sure i can get in now at 0000900 but it might take a while for it to move upwards. Its just perpetually crabbing between mid 0000900s and 1000s even after TLF merged the burn. Which means I can get into other shitcoins and ignore this until I see suspicious breakouts above the 0001300s. Am I right or not?

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>How does daily blowjobs from tight young latinos sound?

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its pretty smart yeah.

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My quads removes all doubt and confirms $1 EOY

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Stop forcing digits frens, this is not how interlinking works and this is not the way of meming us making it

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that could work as a short term strategy but im simply going to dca until i reach fat man and just ignore the charts until we moon in 1-2 years time

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Baboona checking in

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Fuck there are better coins than this

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the jeets are out in full force
I wonder how much Schlomo is paying them

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I sold my LUNA as I don't want to stress my life. My little sister insisted to rebuy luna and her $5000 is now $1000 kek. She's hurting herself again. My last purchase was geeq and reef and it's a wise decision imo.

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Your ESL is showing Vijay.

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You fudders are so weird. Why make up these lies? This bitch doesn't know shit about lunc.

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>Verification not required

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Are pajeets incapable of signing up for a basic English class before scamming people? How the fuck does anyone fall for this?

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another shitcoin rug fest. i'm kekin

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baboona checking in - $1 this year

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Any normal personal n would react to scam warnings with open ears but a scammer who lol try to shut you up hence the scammers who start and spam every lunc thread use your brain guys. Go to this discord the official lunc discord and read all her messages she’s on team but discovered the scammers daolex is her name been there from start run from the rug!

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I'm confused, where on this roadmap are we? Just grabbed this from their discord

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Just bought another million and a half.

Goal is 10 mil before the burn hits. Fuck it.

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give literally one speck of proof you literal kike nigger, i fucking dare you

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checked, listen to this anon my lads

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bro this post finally broke my brain, the fudders won, holy shit i'm going to the hospital now

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Baboona is imminent.

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Its going to baboona soon. Check them

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Mother bitch benchode basterds! Redeem token sers

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I'm a normalfag that owns 5 million in binance.
I don't want to lose the bump while i'm sleeping.
Do i need to put a sell limit order at least at 0.005 to make it, right?

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ffs not yet, I'm not done accumulating!

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Whats the latestest news? I havent paid attention simce the last vote passed.

>> No.50884091

Is the supply shown here accurate?


It seems like a billion got burnt in a month.

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The big change is TFL blessed the Terra Rebels burn/staking upgrade and made it available for download from their official GitHub.

>> No.50884133

burned by the lunaT token dudes. looks like a rug pull but the youtubers are shilling it hard.

>> No.50884181

Oh does that mean it will be implemented sooner?

>> No.50884201

i didn't buy Lunatics token but yeah i'd seen somewhere they already burned over 800m LUNC in just this week i think, pretty dope - could be a rug but at least for now it's doing some good work for us kek

>> No.50884221

Green is I buy another mil

>> No.50884231

Yes but we won’t know which validators have downloaded the upgrade until the next epoch. Also, there will be another proposal to allow the tax % to be adjustable instead of fixed but it will still start at 1.2%. Bottom line is staking is anticipated to be back by late August with the burn tax in early September.

>> No.50884309

Isnt the next epoch on the 22nd? Why so long for the burn to be implemented. A vote to adjust the % is smart though. Although I would try and get the burn started already and then do that vote.

>> No.50884438

Pretty sure the epoch length depends on how fast the chain is moving but yeah the 22nd seems to be the agreed upon estimate. The governance is slow because everything has to be voted on. The proposals that already passed were text proposals showing support for the broad idea. Next comes the e parameter proposal with the specific code for implementing the broad idea. The TR upgrade created the framework to allow the parameter change but it still needs to be voted on by #thecommunity. Democracy is gay and annoying sometimes but it is how the terra blockchain has always functioned. Just think of it as more time to acoomulate.

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ladder your sales, anon. sell 50,000 LUNC every 1 cent the price climbs. and leave at least 500,000 for the next bull run in 2-3 years when LUNC hits $10 or more.

wagmi fren, dont let the fudders shake you out.

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ain’t no way, test post

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We are healing lunc sisters
in a few years we will be free

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We have been pretty stable I need hopium please some one help me!

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Hold, 1 eoy

>> No.50884722

I've got my sight set on .0025. Selling at that price would provide complete stability for me while I continue part-time waging and wait for other investments to gain value.
I honestly don't need more than that.

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$0.0002 EOM. Book it.

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Targeted supply doesn't matter, it's just a number where the burn stops and you all keep acting like if we don't hit 10 billion we won't moon, us going down to even 1 trillion would be such a massive burn in itself, that's literally a 85% burn. Basically don't worry about the 1 billion LUNC god's walking among us because it won't stop the moon mission.

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Recent News: swapping recently fixed/enabled on terrastation. One step closer towards repegging ust and making lunc whole again.

Any whales who plan to dump on retail when the burn starts will likely be left behind and priced out to their detriment. The true lunatic baboonas will make it.

>> No.50884920

How likely is the possibility of this being a rug?
I'm not fudding. I'm not Indian. I have 5m lunc myself.
$1+ EOY "meme magic" moonboys, your input is not wanted. Looking for the opinion of someone even remotely intelligent.

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I don’t give a fuck about digits anymore boys I’m unfuddable we will be millionaires within 3 years

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Don’t you have to shill matic somewhere?

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Why can’t we break .0001 lunchads? I need hopium now

>> No.50885213

CZ keeping levels low so prices can shoot up in sync with the burn/hype train

>> No.50885435

Truthfully i think for this to hit $1 there has to be a giga burn of at least 3 trillion to kick this off. Failing giga burn you would have to have fucking MASSIVE sell offs on the way up, and you would have to hope that the big red dildos said sell offs cause dont scare people away. If neither of these things happen then yeah sure we might get a good pump. Lets say 500x, but I highly highly doubt volume will 500x. And that difference in growth is what will make the burn turn into the proverbial carrot on a stick.

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Checked, but more like 3 weeks.

>> No.50885667

By God, we're going to meme this coin beyond the moon.

>> No.50885679

>chainlink got fudded in the early days
token not needed

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this coin was abandoned and the community picked it up to revive it. the devs seems solid and legit, hence the TR burn code merge with TFL approval. TR is actively seeking solutions to the problems in order to revive the ecosystem. They are working for free (ATM). Listen to the interviews and look at the progress that has happened since may. this does not feel like a rugpull or scam in any way to me. Will it reach .01? who knows... there are a lot of interesting angles to this play they all seem to point towards something amazing happening.

>> No.50885684

To the moon benchode mother bitch group

>> No.50885901

And with that we can confirm these fudders are all shitskins, which makes LUNC extremely bullish. Fuck Matic. Fuck that scatland of a country. A nation of street shitting roaches eating cow poop and marrying dogs and rats. Yuck.

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they're not all shitskins anon....

>> No.50885970

I’m so excited for all my fellow lunatics.

I am waiting for the price to go below 8 baboonas to accumulate more.

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this thread reeks of pajeet odour

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Threadly reminder that this faggot's image is irrelevant and nothing more than the ramblings of an attention whore.

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My fuckin dick dont work can i at least get this win?

>> No.50886085

Looks like the rebels are trying to hostile take over lunc

>> No.50886097

I was going to throw another 100 bucks at it but kucoin is fucked now. Now I had to go through fucking retardbase and now have to wait 6 days. If the jews shill against it then I have a chance to make some money.

>> No.50886118 [DELETED] 

KuCoin is fucked? Explain

>> No.50886188

I used to be able to buy straight on kucoin but now they require a kyc and if your in the states they don't give you an option to select the USA. So basically you can't buy on kucoin anymore if your from the states.

>> No.50886233 [DELETED] 

So KuCoin isn’t allowing purchase of lunc for those in USA?

>> No.50886276

You could buy tether or USDC then transfer it to KuCoin. That’s what I been doing for the past 3 months.

>> No.50887164

Show me a vid and a time stamp to show this whore has lunc. If she does she needs to sell cause she’s bad juju and I will specifically fud her and only her till she sells.

Ps have some fucking self respect you simp stain

>> No.50887708

>Rolling to fix anons dick and to pump LUNC to 2x ATH

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LUNChads we rise!

>> No.50888128

Now you must buy 2 mill

>> No.50888138

Good news, the momentum is in. Cannot wait for staking to be on so I can make some passive income on my stack and the burn to start so our curry frens will seethe

>> No.50888160

Also if we get >>50888888 in this thread I will buy up to Mandarin Manhunter, I have some fiat left for when Bitcoin crashes back to 20k but that would be a sign not to screw around and accumulate like crazy

>> No.50888226

22 august, 2022

>> No.50888271


What happens then anon?

>> No.50888276

Buying 1m more if dubs.

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Can an anon tell us what this means? Apparently, from this, the v21 update is imminent. But why is that and how does Allnodes know?

>> No.50888458

It means v21 has been established due to TFL's pull request being accepted into LUNC's source code, meaning the proposals went through for the distribution of the code. Now it looks like AllNodes has updated themselves to that code and are ready to go. The other validators have to still do this as well, and then we'll begin running the proposal to activate the burn tax code, and begin the process of burning.

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Faggots, what were the other shitcoins CZ pumped? Asking for a friend

>> No.50888747

I am never selling raj

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File: 1.45 MB, 2533x2528, 71B51552-C5C3-485A-8DCD-B7B403681C6D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Microsoft is on board with helping LUNC to moon. picrel is what other anon noticed first but this is ULTRA bullish. I don’t think anons realise the obscene amount of money that even the (((elites))) lost in this thing, and they are PISSED. These guys don’t lose and will use their connections to make sure they at least make their money back.
>but they can just print more
It’s not just about them getting richer, it’s about making the goyim poorer.

>> No.50888823

Fantom, the most epic pump of the bullrun
>.002 to $5. A 2,000x

Not touching my lunc after witnessing that

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Just converted my last mining profits before the merge into lunc as a gamble.
200€ of free lunc, my average dropped a lot. Not a moonboy, I would be extremly happoy if we see $0,01 next year.
Good feelings

>> No.50888927

oh no doubtful dubs, take my energy maga chad

>> No.50889065

I ride in the wake of whales, always have, always will, its a winning move

>> No.50889077
File: 256 KB, 1080x1372, Screenshot_20220813-054233_Twitter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Checked and if true, bullish af.

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Who am I to argue with quad and dubs?

>> No.50889111


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checked and lunapilled

>> No.50889219

I am probably the biggest Lunc whale here. I hold 197 million Lunc. If we can get to 10 cents, first thing I'm going to do is bug out to the mountains in a self sustaining homestead. Solar powers, chickens, farm. I will ensure to have at least five years supplies for the upcoming catastrophe. Governments around the world are starting to prepare for massive civil unrest, food shortages, and cosmic events. Waiting out the civil war and economic collapse from the comfy mountains while there is a Hutu Tutsi reenactment coming on all western soil is the only way to survive. I have narrowed it down to the mountains near Colorado or Texas. Should last a good 4-7 years before the next escalation needed, that is the a.i. awakening to destroy us. We will be forced to fend for ourselves if we don't take the literal biblical mark of the beast. I have been foretold what sounds like science fiction today, a world run by big data and analytics to further unnatural, evil ends, something all pervading around us, something we can't escape but we can prepare. I have chosen Lunc because it is the biggest value proposition in cryptocurrency to get us to where we need to go to defeat evil.

>> No.50889344

nice larp you dumb motherbenchode grup bitch
i will see you at the shitting cubicle down on new delhi lane
please bring the mumbai times so i can wipe my ass

>> No.50889378

Checked and this pic is pretty dope

>> No.50889529

as someone from israel I just want to mention that nobody actually says or writes kislev we say december just like everyone else, the only people who use kislev are orthodox jews

>> No.50889545
File: 507 KB, 540x492, 1660270859312068.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>As someone from Israel
Opinion discarded

>> No.50889610

i hold lunc too retard, but this is how people say december

>> No.50889646

also im not circumcised

>> No.50889670

As far as I'm concerned your based

>> No.50889745

>proposal to activate the burn tax code

Not FUD - Baboona holder. But please tell me this is the same proposal vote as the code and not yet ANOTHER separate governance proposal. How many fucking times do they need to vote on the same thing? How many times are we going to give DK an opportunity to torpedo the burn ala 2una fork? Fuck's sake. And somehow we've slipped from Aug 22 implementation to "mid-Sept."

Lunc mooning depends on fomo more than anything else and all this fiddle-fucking around is cooling off interest.

>> No.50889766

.03% burned so far....
dead shitcoin

>> No.50889825

Yep I agree. I though the vote had passed and burn on a txs next epoch. I don't understand the delay or requirement for another vote on what appears to be largely the same thing.
No burn tax and a shit ton of coin has already been burned? That's really bullish.

>> No.50889966

is 12 mil luna enough for staking?

>> No.50889988

I see she has torn shorts. I will make sure she will never need shorts again when we make it.

>> No.50889989

minimum staking amount is 100 lunc

>> No.50889995

For ANY feature there's going to be a minimum of 2 votes. First the text proposal for broad approval, then the parameter proposal for the actual code changes.
>The good
It means that a good text idea (like the burn) gets a fast approval while the code to make the changes can get shot down a bunch of times. This is good for when bad code is submitted, it means that there is always a check against a quickie code change that might destroy the chain
>The bad
It makes everything show as fuck

This is, unironically, the price we pay for living in a democracy.

>> No.50890022

If you want excess income for the rest of your life, yes.

>> No.50890081

well that would be fun

>> No.50890101

But I thought max circulating supply will eventually be 10 billion? Are they printing more LUNC?

>> No.50890148

I understand the distinction between the concept vote and the raw code vote. This sounded like a 3rd vote to "activate the code" or something. If I'm wrong, fantastic.

>> No.50890300

Watch HCC interview with Zaradar. He says the minting is only used as a staking payout.

>> No.50890329

>He says the minting is only used as a staking payout.
does anyone know how much LUNC will be given out as rewards once staking is re-enabled? like if you were to stake 1 million LUNC with a validator, how much would you get back weekly/monthly?

>> No.50890344

ok so granting that, why would an orthodox jew be fudding LUNC all day? this is all too weird

>> No.50890496

When staking is enabled again. Can we do it directly with our wallets or we need to send the coins or do weird shit. I don't know how Luna worked before the rug.

>> No.50890572

>3 years
>dub 3s

>> No.50890591

Just checking

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File: 160 KB, 1027x1200, 91F2DA98-1248-49AC-926B-2F6DDA4D058F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Make that 33 months

>> No.50890639

same shit as far as my reptile brain is concerned

>> No.50890708

sus af cz fr fr no cap. one month.75x bussin

>> No.50890728

You are wrong. There has yet to be a parameter vote for burn/staking.

>> No.50891071

will be going from Baboona to Fat Man next week. strongly considering dumping the remainder of my resources into this coin, which would bring me to Grim Reaper, perhaps Lunatic.

I simply cannot shake the feeling this is my chance to WAGMI. The magic is so strong.

>> No.50891101
File: 432 KB, 1170x1809, 5BBB1C60-B4BD-46AC-8358-C12F0DA06FE4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’m in a similar situation. I can’t stop thinking this is my ticket out of waging. Wagmi fellow LUNChad.

>> No.50891151

WAGMI, fren. The team is amazing, constant progress is being made, and, most importantly, the tree of LUNC was watered with the blood of Redditors.

This is it.

>> No.50891316
File: 819 KB, 1920x1080, 1660323416730275.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We are going to be rich guys
Is mathematically impossible to lose money with lunc. It's programmed
Why are people not buying en masse?

>> No.50891636

me too, lads. need to get FatMan status, I reckon that's plenty when LUNC starts climbing towards $1. gonna leave a few milly in the piggybank for the next bullrun as well. there's a great interview with Zaradar, one of the TR lead devs, and if they manage to implement even a portion of the projects then LUNC could very well reach over $5 during the next bullrun.

>> No.50892003

I'm thinking about dumping. This isn't even budging. I can't just sit here and wait 3 years until the next Bullrun. I need a 10-20x quick.

>> No.50892013
File: 1.03 MB, 940x1005, 91661CEA-1E35-449C-9508-DF89CF61E626.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.50892024

>during the next bullrun
which won't be til at least 2025

>> No.50892048
File: 61 KB, 600x377, 1660408380984.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

$1 EOY

>> No.50892053


>> No.50892155
File: 53 KB, 657x467, 864021C4-19F6-4DB6-B397-4109ACED3274.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.50892176

You know if this hits 4c, I will have a million dollars. If I sell half of my stack up to $1, I will have over 3mil USD. I think I can live off of 3mil until 2025 when the price is projected to reach >$5

>> No.50892248

mashallah brother i am still dcaing to try to get 10 mil lunc. i figure most whales will dump well before we reach .01 but i am willing to wait for at least .50 before selling anything.

>> No.50892298
File: 819 KB, 1391x1998, 20220813_135353.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.50892406

Checked. Dubs for moon soon

>> No.50892420
File: 105 KB, 1280x720, gay.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

quiet around here, just remembered it's sabbath kek, shabbat shalom my nigs

>> No.50892421


>> No.50892443

Check what?

>> No.50892476
File: 196 KB, 850x515, So-sad-I-mutated-species-Pepe-image-with-Mandarin-Chinese-caption.ppm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>can only afford 3mil while everyone has 10mil and above
you niggers are all going to dump on me, aren't you?

>> No.50892506

>you niggers are all going to dump on me, aren't you?
I've got 17 mil and my first step on the exit ladder is 1 penny... only the whales will dump early, but that's good we don't want them holding anyway.

>> No.50892592
File: 269 KB, 895x1704, 20220813_142158.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We go up now.

>> No.50892652

try to dca more in the short term while its still stable. after the burn is implemented in sept its going to start mooning rapidly imo

>> No.50892696

September is 4 weeks away. I need a 10X now!!! Plus think of this. If we suddenly go bear again no way this moons at $10k/bitcoin.

>> No.50892706
File: 169 KB, 860x815, dogbatnotdeat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pic related is your last warning.

>> No.50892738
File: 95 KB, 516x396, Based JC.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Greedy semite. Learn some patience

>> No.50892830

dog bat bro theres's a buy every few minutes at best, you have bags and you need exit liquidity - i'm guessing you bought ATH and have been waiting for another pump back up - good luck anon but also this is a LUNC general so respectfully go get fucked

>> No.50892915
File: 127 KB, 226x223, seinfeld_george_why_life.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You imbecile, I posted above that. Learn context in a private school, Rojeed.

>> No.50892974

You know y'all can make additional income off of staking right? You will need some start-up to dedicate though. If you have that and keep a portion to take profits early, you should be fine, possibly literally forever on passive income.

>> No.50892989

nigger you posted a screencap showing doggy coin go up, nothing about LUNC, muh we go up now, then next post is more dog coin memes and *last warning* - so i shouldn't think you're shilling the dot + bat coin? gtfo disingenuous negro

>> No.50893025
File: 34 KB, 546x531, paste-863b7800d31c791c17afe8fe2df42d3c2613477b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Again, become literate so context isn't above your head too much, Raudii.

>> No.50893038

couple questions on this: are you staking on terra station or elsewhere?

and are you paid in LUNC or something else? seems like having thousands of stakers earning more LUNC would ultimately work against us as they would have to mint the coin to pay us, offsetting our burn

or i'm just retarded, which i am, but trying to make sense of it

>> No.50893084

i'm as white and american as it gets kike, keep dreaming

and you could also, you know, stop being vague and coy like a teenage girl and directly say what you mean, that might help. don't want to decipher your coded diary you weak nigger

>> No.50893119

Where is the safest place to store my coins?
Asking for a friend.

>> No.50893122

It's too early to tell what could happen. I'm not staking yet.

>> No.50893293
File: 773 KB, 662x372, 1647229599145.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>two digits IQ detected

>> No.50893495

Sirs im trying to fud the LUNC general but i lost my meme folder when i reformattedy HDD. Can someone please send the latestest thx

>> No.50893531

Fucking deelete piece of shit website

>> No.50893608
File: 29 KB, 651x386, 1659738081574935.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They'll have to get the shabbos poos to post in these threads for them.

>> No.50893639

lmao its not the 00s anymore pajeet buy an SDD at least

>> No.50893759
File: 302 KB, 508x508, 1659535643879675.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kek yes i've definitely found a few

>> No.50893804
File: 384 KB, 639x479, 1660417358352.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone got the TR discord invite? Or is it closed? The link on their twitter isn't working anymore. LUUUNA, LUUUNA BABOOOOONA. LUUUNA, LUUUNA BABOOOOONA.

>> No.50893880
File: 3.00 MB, 1024x1024, 16513219849.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.50893957

Why don't fuds just buy LUNC? They'd make more doing that rather than being paid to shill against it.

>> No.50893977


>> No.50894032

ive got mine on trustwallet

>> No.50894109

Poor basterds need 1666 replies just for a sui stack. TWNMI

>> No.50894163
File: 32 KB, 869x410, Captura desde 2022-08-13 13-31-12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the code is in place since TFL accepted the proposed changes from TR into their own source code repository. The burn code need a parameter change proposal for it to start burning coins, and its activation after the proposal pass is automatic. Currently, there is a count-down for the block height when the staking and governance is activated again pic related


>> No.50894170


>> No.50894545
File: 86 KB, 325x347, B9727F7F-6939-440B-8653-A56127651E5D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does this chart look insanely bullish to anyone else? I hope everyone is ready to drop a zero soon. Ywn be able to buy 1mil lunc for $100 ever again.

>> No.50894584
File: 37 KB, 650x757, 1660365208443714.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

D0gb4t should be dead, cuz it rugged, yet it goes up.
Lunc should be dead, cuz it rugged, yet it show the same sings of going up as D0gb4t.
That's what he kinda meant.. you really are illiterate.
Not one bit surprised you're american..

>> No.50894854

it looks bullish and bearish at the same time. it could go either way.

>> No.50894927
File: 73 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Some rabbi say up, some rabbi say down

>> No.50895030

I'll roll

>> No.50895040

6 days

>> No.50895207

Been away for a couple of days. Did I miss any relevant news anon?

>> No.50895219
File: 46 KB, 1636x944, 57FDFF4C-133B-4007-8792-F4D9B68FF0B2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did some googling and apparently it’s called a falling wedge pattern. Breakout imminent.

>> No.50895268

TA is irrelevant in clown market fren

>> No.50895396


>> No.50895525

nice /ourgirl/ with 1b lunc is networking for us in vegas crypto events. shes got our back wgmi

>> No.50895560

she can't be our girl, she's Jewish

>> No.50895587
File: 85 KB, 1214x262, Screen Shot 2022-08-13 at 5.33.01 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lad she's 100% jewish and never spoken of LUNC, not sure this weird psyop angle you fudders are trying with her but i just bought more, fuck kikes

>> No.50895590

stfu nerd if you were sexually active you wouldn't be so pressed about something so stupid

>> No.50895607

you have to look at her telegram and interactions with fatman, she is BIG in Lunc and likes all the key peoples tweets. She has over 1B coins.
yes because Jews are bad with $$? It is BULLISH that she is one

>> No.50895644

it is impossible to predict because that chart is accounting in terms of USD$ and not in amount of lunc volume and is assuming that lunc price will stay the same the entire time which is impossible

>> No.50895649

Link still hasn’t mooned though

>> No.50895659

Has anyone looked at the code to see what wallet the burned lunc is sent to and see who controls that to make sure it is not somehow being used to dump back into the market?

>> No.50895663

how do you think price will affect volume. surely a rising lunc price will trigger fomo and drive up volume, would it not?

>> No.50895722
File: 46 KB, 696x246, Screen Shot 2022-08-13 at 5.41.09 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

picrel is first and only mention on her telegram about buying or holding LUNA, and zero about LUNC

nothing about 1B tokens, no more info - anon what's with the psyop? are you really simping this hard for an opportunistic narcissist e-thot jew? shameful shit bro

and for future psyops, if you want anyone to take you seriously you need to provide actual links and not "dyor trust me bro lmao"

>> No.50895727
File: 129 KB, 1000x600, ULdtRjpOkQE-HD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Correct on all accounts. Appreciate the aid.

>> No.50895728

Probably but then also would cause other people to not want to stake and miss out on selling into the price spike which would cause circulating supply to stay high and price not rise as much as it could. Idk I calculated different ways and there is no way to predict everything. I came up with 535 days to 850 days to get to 10 billion but there is no way to tell, especially if tons of people are staking, but if there is large enough demand and nobody selling, then bid price would rise until someone lets go

>> No.50895850

Anyone have an opinion on meta, Wlunc=>Eth when I want to cash out

>> No.50895903

So you post a pic showing she has Lunc to prove she doesn't have Lunc. She has spoken about it in many videos.

>> No.50896108
File: 43 KB, 1678x140, Screen Shot 2022-08-13 at 6.20.49 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>So you post a pic showing she has Lunc to prove she doesn't have Lunc
no, to show she admits to having a "small bag" - 1 billion is far from a small bag of LUNC - and she mentions it ZERO times after that post

>She has spoken about it in many videos.
i've asked once, i've asked twice, you still haven't provided any links; i'm not spending my day researching this larping kike narcissist

you just need to realize we're getting fudded and psyop'd 24/7 in these generals, and if all you're adding is bizarre, vague misdirecting hopium without evidence, and posts like pic related, you will just be assumed to be another kike nigger fudder, shit upon and disregarded

>> No.50896215

I'm not gonna dig up all her lingerie videos to find it. BTW, I didn't dump the coin, everything else has already mooned so leaving now will take a 25 % hit in any alt position that you take. We are all trapped in this shitcoin whether we like it or not.

>> No.50896236

It has been answered a million times. It's a protocol wallet. You can find it here:
Take note that it has zero coins and ONLY inputs - no outputs.

>> No.50896250

Here is one she is in Davos, the WEF last month.

So you see, she is actualy a big deal in the Crypto space and connected to all the old money. If she holds LUNC it is a bullish sign.

>> No.50896267

>We are all trapped in this shitcoin whether we like it or not.
then sell and leave. jesus fucking christ why can't you faggot just leave us alone? yes we're schizos, yes we're wasting our money, yes we're getting rugged and swindled, yes we're gonna hold to $1 or 0, we don't give a fuck!

just piss off and leave us to it ffs. you faggots are so fucking annoying, I swear to god every time one of you 2oona trannies tries fudding I go out and buy another 500k LUNC.

>> No.50896286
File: 12 KB, 249x239, don't_believe_his_lies_jpeg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.50896325

If I sold, I would be taking a 25 % hit in my alt positions, which is unacceptable. All I can do is hope that when everything else moons another 25 %, we 2x all at once, so that I can gain back all the ground and some profit overall. For now however we are lagging behind the rest of the alt market, this can't be denied even by the most bullish.

>> No.50896341

I never lied about holding Lunc, I hold almost 12,000,000 coins.

>> No.50896349

Yeah yeah, whatever you say loser, I just bought 400k more.

>> No.50896363

should i trip on psychedelic shrooms tonight?

>> No.50896371
File: 28 KB, 400x400, Luna-Chan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>If I sold, I would be taking a 25 % hit in my alt positions, which is unacceptable. All I can do is hope that when everything else moons another 25 %, we 2x all at once, so that I can gain back all the ground and some profit overall. For now however we are lagging behind the rest of the alt market, this can't be denied even by the most bullish.
nigger, most of us aren't selling before 10 cents. 2x? are you serious? I've been here from day 1 of the Luna threads, even before the fork was passed - most anons are holding for $1, if not more, with possibly a limited ladder prior to it. no one's interested in a fucking 2x or 5x or even 10x. we've tossed our beer money into this, and we'll get a 10,000x return fertilized by the blood of redditors and the impotent seething of 2una trannies. take your 2x and go buy some fucking Matic if you're that desperate for gains... the street-shitting jeets will welcome you with open arms. the rest of us will HODL and reap unfathomable gains once CZ melts his gigastack and FOMO triggers a god candle from here to Mars.

>nice /ourgirl/ with 1b lunc is networking for us in vegas crypto events.
that jewish demon isn't our girl, pic related is. you weren't here for the first threads even before the fork, you weren't here for the saga of the Mandarin Manhunter, or the Grim Reaper manlet squad, or the blockchain halt with 1T movement speculations, or the first posting of the skele-baggie pasta, or the Do-Kwanzi events, all of it in the original threads about saving Luna Chan. you stick out like a sore thumb, stop trying to fit in. whoever's paying you to FUD is wasting their money, us schizos will never sell - we'll ride our LUNC bags to $1 or 0, that was always the plan.

in fact, I think I'm gonna go but another 500k LUNC tomorrow, just because.

>> No.50896448

>you weren't here for the first threads even before the fork, you weren't here for the saga of the Mandarin Manhunter,

Good times. Not that long ago but LunChads came a long way since then irc there were not even generals like these.

Heed my words fudders, curse you and yours, You Will Never Make It.
Verification not required

>> No.50896487

Now back to waiting until the 22, gonna play some Darksiders till then. Good luck to all LUNChads. WAGMI

>> No.50896543
File: 332 KB, 759x498, Donkey Kwong.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Good times. Not that long ago but LunChads came a long way since then irc there were not even generals like these.
yeah, it's what makes all these FUD attempts so goddamn annoying. they try to fit in, but they stick out so hard. it's infuriating having to parse through pointless FUD and ESL just to get to a handful of posts about actual news and new info. worst part is, they'll never get any of us to sell, precisely because we have only beer money riding on this, and turning $100 into $1,000,000 is worth more for laughs than going from $100 to 0 if the coin fails (which is fucking won't, retail will go rabid with FOMO as soon as the burn goes live).

I've been in every Luna/LUNC bread from the start, even baked a few back through early june. laughed my ass off with baboona anon and the Glim Leperu shoops by another anon. fudders come in and think they can pick up the lingo in 4-5 threads, but we've been memeing for close to 3 months now, it's layers and layers of meta humor, they couldn't catch up even if they went back and read through every single thread in the archives. LUNChads have their own legit style now, I'm fucking proud of how far we've come.


>> No.50896556

>you weren't here for the first threads even before the fork
I actually rode up that first pump from 130 to 450. I got a nice 4x pre-fork before it plummeted all the way down to 50. I decided to buy back around 100 because it looks like we will pump again at some point. But then, the entire altmarket took off, meaning buying Lunc lost our overall position in terms of crypto holds. So it better be worth the sacrifice we all made.

>> No.50896618

>no one's interested in a fucking 2x or 5x or even 10x.

A 2x is actually a pretty big deal. I don't see why that's considered FUD. Most would kill for a double.

>> No.50896641

If anything, they're achieving the opposite effect. When the fud started to get heavier I began accumulating more and more, I feel in my gut, this is the one.

>> No.50896645

our lore is deep, we are already a huge part of crypto history

>> No.50896652

Obligatory stinkylinkie vocaroo post.

>> No.50896691
File: 77 KB, 594x525, 1659544045061095.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I actually rode up that first pump from 130 to 450. I got a nice 4x pre-fork before it plummeted all the way down to 50. I decided to buy back around 100 because it looks like we will pump again at some point. But then, the entire altmarket took off, meaning buying Lunc lost our overall position in terms of crypto holds. So it better be worth the sacrifice we all made.
then you should know what's coming. if you've been following the threads for the past 2+ months, you should know that anything under a 1000x return is total and complete FUD. Binance holds over 3 T coins, this was proven back in the original threads when anons tracked over 3 dozen wash-wallets, and CZ is keeping LUNC's price suppressed until the burn goes live on-chain. we've been crabbing around .0001 for too long, it's pure manipulation, there's nothing natural about that price action. and Binance moved over 1T coins during genesis of 2una when the whole blockchain was halted.

a huge fucking pump is coming, I don't understand how anyone who's a regular here and has been keeping up with all the happenings can't see it. you mentioned a 2x? mein neger, 2000x is FUD, let alone a 2x! LUNC will hit at least 50 cents by EOY, possibly even $1 if things go well. it's not about saving LUNC or getting schizo anons rich, it's about restoring faith in crypto and triggering another mini-bullrun to get retail back into the game. LUNC is just the proxy vector for all of that. now to mention that CZ doesn't lose money, ever, and he lost over 1 billion dollars in Luna's crash. he'll not only recoup that, he'll be hailed as a crypto hero for the entire space once LUNC hits $1 due to him burning his gigastack. he'll get a ton of free press.

>A 2x is actually a pretty big deal. I don't see why that's considered FUD. Most would kill for a double.
maybe for an unkown shitcoin. LUNC has its own blockchain, and its $115 ATH is still fresh in normies' minds. anything under $1 is FUD.

>> No.50896716
File: 84 KB, 1246x846, 1660209377446554.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

a year from now we'll be reading threads where anons will try to guess the next LUNC... and they'll be posting our screencaps and shoops for years to come. we're all a part of history here.

>> No.50896741

No matter what happens, it's been an honor.
May the moon forever shine upon us brother.

>> No.50896763
File: 733 KB, 1124x1012, Screen Shot 2022-07-19 at 8.27.37 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>us schizos will never sell - we'll ride our LUNC bags to $1 or 0, that was always the plan.
this anon absolutely embodies the true spirit of LUNC, newfriends take notice - this is not another shitcoin we're praying will do something, there is much more happening with and we have no patience for cold hands and weak jew fud

i've also been around since the friday the 13th bloodbath, swimming in redditor tears and shitting on fudder kikes, and somehow this whole saga just keeps getting more and more interesting - and i really do love this based little community

>> No.50896783
File: 79 KB, 1111x625, LUNCstronaut.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>May the moon forever shine upon us brother.
wagmi brother, LUNC generals are the comfiest threads with the best frens!
no one believes in the original, true Luna like we do... which is exactly why she'll moon and bless us all with her bounty.

>> No.50896802

My magic 8-ball says: indeed

>> No.50896844
File: 110 KB, 634x615, 2D53298800000578-0-image-a-4_1444650299188.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.50896931

The previous resistance was at 450 and 750, these will be the big testing points. If CZ is really involved he is going to need to create powerful god candles to beat the resistance. This is why he is suppressing it. He wants all weak hands out.

>> No.50896941

>once CZ melts his gigastack

Isn't that just Binance's main exchange wallet for LUNC?

>> No.50896982
File: 417 KB, 402x413, 1595795583979.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based and fuck kikes pilled.
Bastard fucking semites.

>> No.50896993
File: 138 KB, 750x1334, 4C66F2B3-4708-43AC-8F8D-25D9987CCBC8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>So you see Goyim, follow the hole and her bullshit.
Fuck you rabbi.

>> No.50897045
File: 331 KB, 1340x438, the man with a plan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>He wants all weak hands out.
IIRC he did the same with Fantom.

>Isn't that just Binance's main exchange wallet for LUNC?
Yes and no. They're masking their gigastack inside the Binance normie wallet. Trillions of LUNC were washed through dozens of small wallets right after genesis, and the coins kept being moved around, which made them extremely difficult to track. CZ is also suspiciously silent on the issue, when both he and Binance were quick to point out the BTC reserves held in cold storage were users' coins. He would've just said the same thing for LUNC if that were so... but he can't, because he'd be lying, and the feds would rape his company. So he's gotta keep quiet until everything's ready.

Buy and HODL, all of biz will rope and FOMO in at 10 cents when it becomes obvious LUNC is heading for $1.

>> No.50897131

Well I hope that ends up being true. I hold LUNC and it's basically my only shot left at making it. All my previous attempts failed and I missed out on all the moonshots over the years.

>> No.50897184
File: 151 KB, 750x750, luncontinuem.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wagmi lads

>> No.50897232
File: 287 KB, 1962x500, LUNC $2 EOY.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you want peace of mind, then take a portion of your overall stack, and set up a sell ladder at whatever point makes sense for you. If you have a small(er) stack, like say 5 million LUNC, you could take 2 milly and break it up into 100,000-LUNC chunks to sell at regular intervals starting from 5-10 cents all the way up to $1. It's not ideal and won't bring you max profits, but it'll make it easier to HODL the rest of your bag for a higher price point.

If you have a big(er) bag, like 10-25 milly, then you can 'sacrifice' half of that for nice gains starting at 1 penny and climbing to 100. Maybe even make it a logarithmic ladder, with more coins sold the higher the price point goes (though this means you'll have to wait longer to gain more profits, but the overall earnings will be much greater).

If you have 50+ milly LUNC, then you can do whatever the fuck you want... could even start exiting at .001 (tho I feel this is just throwing away golden eggs, LUNC could easily hit $10 during the next bullrun).

Just figure out how much money you need, and when... but definitely leave a portion of your stack for $1+

>> No.50897392

whats the status of burn tax? Last I've heard was TFL went on board with it.

>> No.50897476

GTFOH kike. We are planning on hitting 2x a minute pretty soon.

>> No.50897691
File: 676 KB, 2570x1446, artpepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am going to buy so much goddamn art with my LUNC millions.

$1 EOY.

>> No.50897818

things are looking good. next proposal will allow for 1.2% burn rate to be malleable in the future so that it can adapt to price and volume down the road instead of being fixed the entire time.

>> No.50898073

>next proposal
There's no new proposal cunt what you on about? validators just need to update their version and wait for the blockhieght which is set early sept for the cut over to the new code.

>> No.50898174

bitchin. thanks fren

>> No.50898350

there is absolutely another vote happening you stupid fuck.

>> No.50898534
File: 2.10 MB, 896x1315, 1652443075479.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We keep slowly bleeding but the market is going up... the sunday dip is gonna rape us. How low should I put new buy orders?

>> No.50899023

The queen keeps slurping she must have 50 billion by now. I heard Prince Harry bought a bag also.

>> No.50899142
File: 273 KB, 1599x1697, 1659482369826636.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

LUNChads when staking is reenabled I'm thinking of doing 10M, is that reasonable? does staking reduce the circulating supply?
i'm tired of eating ze bugs my bros

>> No.50899175

I have about 1 million LUNC on gate io exchange right now. Is it safe? Do you advise I get it off the exchanges and why?

>> No.50899526

Niggas and curries
$1 eom
Checkedem you kikes and spics
Whites ftw
Nocap sussin

>> No.50899581

>does staking reduce the circulating supply?
as long as you keep it there.

>> No.50899644
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>> No.50899666

ayyyyo, on gawd, no mids, wtfwt.

>> No.50899764


>> No.50899833

Maren moon digits. If she really has luna bags we are going to baboona fags. But I have seen no proof

>> No.50899904

>no mention of LUNC
Are you fucking retarded? You do remember LUNC literally was LUNA and her mentioning it being a "gamble" and hoping it hits "$1" clearly indicates she is talking about LUNC.

>> No.50899966

Im completely with you. I fucking hate how most of these threads are fucking moonbois who seethe and call you a "jeet" for simply being """""impatient """"" regarding the burn. Like these fucking cunts dont realize most of us who got into this early got in with the hopes that we could flip profits from this into our blue chips, since everything was dirt cheap at the time. So yeah, forgive me if I am getting a little antsy seeing those tokens I actually want to hold appreciate while this does nothing but crab.

Also most people itt arent interested in a 2x because they maybe at most have a grand in the coin. Most even less

>> No.50900028

Just follow HCC and the Terra Rebel discord and you wouldn't be so out of the loop like a mouth-breathing clueless retard.

>> No.50900037
File: 83 KB, 600x713, Baboona.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>So yeah, forgive me if I am getting a little antsy seeing those tokens I actually want to hold appreciate while this does nothing but crab.

Then write about it in your diary. /tlcg/ is for news and funposting. No one wants to read "guys I'm feeling nervous :(" posts.

>> No.50900068

I have 10 million on an exchange but will be taking it off there after my 65 days expires. If this thing moons I dont trust anybody with my lunc, they could pull some sort of robinhood shit

>> No.50900107

What the fuck is there to be out of the loop about? TFL is LITERALLY working with TR. Yet I fucking promise you there will be nothing at the next epoch. And they will still have their faggy little vote mid-late September on the burn for the 3rd time now.

Actually kill yourself.

>> No.50900116
File: 67 KB, 444x612, Baboona3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Actual concerns
>Why line no go up :(

No, you.

>> No.50900125

It’s not our fault you’re feeling paper hands on something that isn’t losing you money. I never felt this comfy on a coin before. I love the development that’s going on. CZ is showing interest in helping the revival of the coin. Frens here giving support and cheering us on to make it with LUNC. Best case a year from now, I’m a multimillionaire getting almost daily BJs from hot escorts and worst case I lose a couple hundred I would either spend on lottos or a yearly trip to Vegas.

>> No.50900135

That is the shake out anon. Always has been. Holding your future moon and not chasing green dildo moons. It's painful as fuck, sure you can sell ride a meme coin and come back with +/- 2x. But just make sure to take profit when your moon moons.

>> No.50900140
File: 541 KB, 1080x1290, Screenshot_20220807-223722_Instagram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good things come to those who wait. If you're invested in this to a degree where you feel your funds could be better allocated, then do that. Complaining is not gonna get it going faster. None of us give a shit about any excuses, we're holding till it hits 1 dollar like we project it will.

>> No.50900149

Dubs good enough fren. Checked. Also green ID.

>> No.50900298

I'm going to move to Vegas for constant sex, drugs, and gambling. I have already planned it out if LUNC takes off.

>> No.50900336

Fuck man. Save your soul.

>> No.50900343

>cz is showing support
Everyone says this but what support has he shown recently? He hasnt really said anything has he?

>> No.50900355

>It was just a dip
read between the lies

>> No.50900542

Please leave this thread devil anon. You are badluck

>> No.50900570

naw, it's cuz doge is pumping but I love luna, hat will be the name of our movie about cz dk and tr

>> No.50900665

didn't that went from 0.04 to 5 USD?

>> No.50900695

There’s been small hints about a burn implementation on Binance and literally said he’s willing to support whatever the community wants. Not to mention the supposed 2.7T LUNC hot wallet that’s he secretly owns.

>> No.50900760

Again, i've been here two days. I'm full lunc. Jut want you guys to buy more with yout doge bags. Just check the chart. My l;una meme lines don't hit untill the 22nd, but we do get a mini pump tomorrow.

>> No.50900888

How many shills tell you to buy another coin? Just me huh? How much am I plaid? Bugmac.

>> No.50900915

Nice gets in this thread.
>but we do get a mini pump tomorrow
Do show and tell crytal-ball-anon.

>> No.50900925


>> No.50900936


>> No.50900949

I sold.

Buying back in on the 18th just before $1 eom.

>> No.50900950


>> No.50900970

market buy. not market advice

>> No.50900991

Is this it? Or am I hig?

>> No.50901025

Bone thugs

>> No.50901172

Nuevo: >>50901161

>> No.50901460

He pretended like he didn't know what was going on, idk I got a weird vibe from him
at 33:20 in this video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lldGpGsUcWw

They were giggling like it was all a joke

>> No.50901908

the burn rate is set to 0%, a parameter change proposal is required to switch it to 1.2% or any other number, I don't think a block height is set to allow for that to happen

>> No.50901920

yw anon