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pic rel

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Going bald wouldn't be a problem for Vitalik if he wasn't a fgt twink. He needs to bulk up and man-up now because acting and dressing like a femboy while bald/ing is creepy af.

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Russkies who escape the Putinmedia at a young age have a high chance of becoming based
Russkies who stay at Russia rarely amount to anything other than becoming Dota champions

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Lex has superficial knowledge about the topics he interviews people on, which basically means they can tell him whatever the fuck they want and he won't argue it, cause he can't, which in turn means the information is highly skewed to whatever the person wants to say which in turn means the information is not very reliable and so you kinda waste 3h of your life listening to a one-sided recount of things.

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do you feel this way whenever people talk to you about things you aren't knowledgable about?

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lex is one of the few people who's able to interview joscha bach and keep up with what he's saying. he's autistic as hell but not stupid

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>Going bald wouldn't be a problem for Vitalik if he wasn't a fgt twink.

its not a problem for him because he is so wildly autistic that he doesn't care how he looks. he is asexual at the very least and if he does have sex he is probably a pedophile and hardcore pedophiles actually enjoy being as ugly as possible because they are possessed by demons, which is why he likes to be as nasty as possible in public. spitting as he talks, wiping boogers everywhere, sitting weird like a demon. this is the look of someone fully given over to the antichrist

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Yes, his podcast his basically a waste of time

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based vitalik

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i wonder if he has a pizza stash hidden somewhere.. like a few TB's,weird mfker

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I somehow doubt he's a pedo even if he looks like one. I think he's asexual and probably pays for whores the few times he's been laid and there's a ton of people with a reason to mock him paid or not. Makes sense someone that made a successful crypto would be wildly autistic, and that don't make nobody a demon. Just extremely annoying.

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Why do you think he's building decentralization anon?? He wants his pedo drug fix without anyone interfering.

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If he's pedo he's probably less likely to be a fed. So it would be good.

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someone who's rich vs someone's who wants to appear rich

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They also notoriously frame people with pedo content as a way to smear and discredit them, so the entire "vitalik a ped" narrative tends to glow a bit since he's the mastermind behind the main competitor to fedcoin. I have no doubt in my mind he's pounded a few off to some loli doujins, which is still extremely heretical and degenerate but not strictly illegal, but I really think he's just an uggo nerd that pays for pussy the few times he actually wants some and isn't busy with nerd shit. I think Hoskinson et al smearing him as a pedo with offhanded comments is just coping and seething and continuing the glowie narrative.

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Vitalik is full globohomo, loves open borders, and shills all the current_year mainstream political topics. He ain't your friend.

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What’s wrong with open borders?

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i think he's also pro lgbt

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>Be Lex ((Friedman))
>Interview drug addicts who think they saw dmt elves
>"Wow that's so interesting
>Interview CIA glowie about Epstein
>Hm yes he was definitely an intelligence asset but can we say for sure which group?
>CIA glowie says of course not
>Interview guy who flew planes for Escobar
>Guy says Barry seal told him to his face that he couldn't get arrested in Mena and that he had dinner with governor Clinton
>Oy Vey goyim take it easy we don't want to get into any wild conspiracies

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Based vitalik

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Gee idk man what happens if you introduce a bunch of violent aggressive carnivores into a once gated area of productive cows that give milk and meat?
Borders exist for good reasons. Many first world countries are already socially torn apart by mass migration and it will only get worse from here.

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Nestle shills all the ESG talking points too and they still use child slave labor to harvest chocolate even after paying out a settlement for getting busted doing it. You're a rube if you think the majority of that shit isn't just corporate GBP accumulation to keep operating, it's basically "how to fleece neolibs 101" and is more or less taught in business schools now. Basically nobody on earth fully aligns or agrees with my specific line of thinking. I'd still rather hold ETH than BTC, which is fedcoin, and I still don't think vitalik is a pedo.

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2 faggots aside, can someone please explain what the red arrow is pointing at? I seriously don't understand this shit

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>shills ETH, a centralized pos shitcoin ran by a globohomo pedophile over BTC
I mean I think ETH is cool due to the ability to run dapps but cmon, ETH maxis are subhumans.

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>buzzword buzzword buzzword ad-hominem
I'm not reading all of that, and I think it's not a coincidence another round of ETH FUD is getting fired up when there's a hard date for the PoS merge set and it's passed on testnet. The real king in crypto is and will continue to be Monero, but for everything else ETH does just fine. BTC is fedcoin and I'm seeing a bit of a shine on your post.

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Yes anon I'm glowing in the dark haha agent johnson at your service!!
Dont forget to take your meds which may hopefully fix your brain so you stop shilling for a globohomo centralized system designed by a globohomo wef pedophile autist that dresses as a pony.

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> (((Lex Friedman)))
> Disgusting marxist kike
> Literally wants to abolish private property

Those are the ideas this jew is pushing on (((YOUTUBE)))

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I can't stand him talking. So slow, goes nowhere with his train of thought. And yes, completely ignorant 99% of the time.

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>can someone please explain what the red arrow is pointing at? I seriously don't understand this shit


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Most likely it's just a compass.

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Nothing and is why Israel needs to open theirs to Africa to let in all the amazing diversity to enrich their society

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As if those desert bandit derived a-holes have any right.

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So you as the viewer rely on the interviewer to argue for you, because you don't understand either. Otherwise you could just take what Vitalik says and the interviewer is just a means to get him talking about things. I think the problem here is you.

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Yeah, I can't stand the insufferable son of a bitch. He talks in that monotone, soft, fake-intellectual nellie voice. I loved that one he did with Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla. That should tell you. He's asking all the tough questions! See, chuds? Safe & Effective.

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amazing that satoshi pre-empted and avoided this

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Agreed. Some kinda of edgy reddit zoomers must watch hours of that crap somehow…at least JRE feom what ive watched is half decent minus the gay MMA shit. The Lex Fridman crap is some of the worst shit ive ver seen desu its borderline torture and hes a Jew Slav

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Russian phenotypes
Dios mio...

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>Vitalik is full globohomo, loves open borders, and shills all the current_year mainstream political topics
So he is a Capitalist?

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>probably pays for whores the few times he's been laid
Hes a billionaire, women literally cant help but get wet and want to be fucked by him, he is a sigma male and can pretty much fuck any women he wants.

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Lol, im not the only one that listens and pays attention.

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he is going to have balding children with molly white


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Norwood 3.5 at birth.

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Shills. Assemble

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Both so omers and boomers don’t know about the coveted >>50875766
Pretty sure you don’t know about the calculator watch either.

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Baby bro, Vitalik is on our side. Our guy, baby bro.

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yea it would've been much better to stay in whatever western shithole he came from get raped out the ass by taxes before eventually having his coin banned

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maybe the cows should have a functioning legal system that prevents carnivores from killing them just a thought

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Yeah the system is called no immigration you nigger
go back niggerfaggot
more like jewish

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vit wears around pink shirts with unicorns on them
i imagine he doesn't quite give a shit much what other people think

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>I somehow doubt he's a pedo even if he looks like one.
Who's got the tweet? Load it.

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>noooo why don't you just hate vitalik like I do he looks ugly and weird and dumb and he's gonna eat all your cookies because he's dumb and mean and also he picks his nose which is gross

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lex fridman is a grifter groomed by Elon Musk to take facials for him, he needs a nerdy looking guy that isn't that much of a social sperg to do podcasts so elon musk doesn't exposed the cringe social retard he is while Lex Fridman dickrides Elon Musk on as many episodes as possible.
Fact: Elon Musk picks Lex Fridman's outfit for him, he needs to look cool and sophisticated all while speaking like a secret agent to maintain the persona hes literally a glorify mit substitute teacher funded by elon musk to speak with all these guests

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Lex Fridman: So what do you think about Elon Musk and his rockets don't you want one up your ass like the submarine he built for the kids in Thailand?
Lex Fridman: We need more heroes, someone to lookup to that wants to help humanity and extend my billion wealth to the stars and mars
Lex Fridman: Elon Musk is incredible he pays me

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Elon Musk teaches Lex how to dress he is force to wear the suit all the time even in the summer sweating like a pig. WIthout the suit he's just another kite with a mic talking shit. Notice the difference, just like Jordan Peterson, London Real and Lex Fridman they all use thier suit as a prop they cannot effectively capture an audience without the suit prop to look sophisticated about the professionalism. Once you factor in the hours it takes to consistently produce podcasts you will realize Lex Fridman doesn't do shit outside of studying his guests and Elon Musk provides the funding for the questions and all Lex has to do is study the topic pretaining the question at a surface level to not look retarded on camera. Which is why hes trained himself to talk very slowly and monotone because thats the only way to project the madeup persona. Hes not retarded he did graduated but hes nothing without the suit. If he didn't wear the suit his views will drop by over 50%. Its always hot as fuck and that faggot kite finally put on a t shirt to fit in with the normals that actually wear t shirts in the summer. And yes Elon Musk told him to wear a black t shirt. He will only wear the t shirt when there is an autistic looking guy like vitalik if its a regular intellectual he needs to wear the suit to project his image. Once you catch him with a t shirt interviewing a scientist its over for his podcast. Suit Fridman

btw Jordan Peterson is also one of Elon Musks shills that go around taking advantage of depress folks that spent too much time on the internet

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Its basically the one up move to put Lex Fridman on a higher level that Vitalik. They have similar outfit but Lex needs to make himself look like the less autistic version of Vitalik his slow monotone voice is to make you believe hes just as smart which is a lie. Typical jew kite behavior, i bet vitalik has a bigger dick than lex and alpha bitches while lex needs to check in with Elon musk on what he should wear and what women to fuck and position

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I honestly can't listen to it, his voice is horrible and he has zero personality.

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>less likely to be a fed

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Get vitalik on ze line