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Pls PLEASE, tell me what coins are going to do a 1000x

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d to the o to the b to the o

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babydoge, once it burned over a few years.

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plebbit ticker pleb.
but be careful, btc is about to crash to 14k

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Why so much shilling of this

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Dogeshrek on Dogechain. Imagine not investing in Dogechain.

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>$607k market cap.
>Will only have $607m market cap after 1000x.
>Make-it stack costs $768.

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TSUKA… Enter the dragon

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BNB because bitches love Binance.
VINU because SHIB/D0B0 fags are seething AND malding.
BTC because it's Bitcoin.

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based bnb chad

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If you're looking for microcaps, that would be 0xMR and DRC. If you're looking for a larger cap that will easily 10x from here, that's ICYp.

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XRP because it's The Standard

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bot spotted. confirm you are not a bot.

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WTF. Where is this optimism coming from, retard? This is unrealistic as it stands, but in the long run, 10-50x is possible if investment is done in the right direction.

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Definitely not RLC do not buy it

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This thread

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What business of yours is it if I want to identify as a bot?

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Niggerfaggot inu

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GME is the only coin you need

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I wonder if any of these threads ever drew out a reply with an actual 1000x.

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Gold1. Check the liquidity and staking protocol

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API3 ...it will kill Chainlink.

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Lol, no, this dont work

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Dogecoin. Nowhere to go but up!

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Asking too but it also has to be tradeable on Robinhood

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Tell me mire, pls

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You sounded like one retard. shilling shit with no value.

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Literally QOM
Do not ask more questions, just start buying now and wait like 3 months or less, maybe eoy, you will make it

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Kek. You gotta love the enthusiasm

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Hi shiller

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Higher or lower?

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WTF retard

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Come on.. there's many fish in the ocean.

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How about some good alts in this thread

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Good alts like Geeq that offers real-life applications to improve our daily transactions without compromising our data security. Vechain for supply management and the same goes to mnw that has something to do with supply chain management. It's all abot doing a tough research.

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truebit. invest in autism.

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Your ID says COWBANG
It's a prophecy. The next 1000x, yet to be released, will be called COWBANG

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Did you know some women want to be treated like cows?

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Data theft has been the issue lately kek

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Kishimoto Inu

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Data stealing has been the issue lately, and Geeq is making sure everything is securedwhile managing the data to avoid problems in the future kek.

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OP is longing for some shit to invest. A pnd.

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It could be. True sustenance lies in solid fundamental projects. This is something the OP should sought for. Like I said, 10-50x is possible, but it could be more.

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Most are complete shit. It is difficult to find one in as much as this is the best time to buy.

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Going for those that have a working product might be the lucky buzz. Personally, I'm betting on Xpress and ren for such, considering what they have underway; a metaverse base bank and an L1 chain, respectively.

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Since you've got taste for based investments you might want to get in on privacy altcoins. The hacks and scams in the space amplifies the need for privacy.

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also csc

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No anon, we all know that's not possible as it is now. OP must be on weed before posting the shit.

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Do you mean artifically inseminated with a metal tube, or milked into a bucket?

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milked and treated like livestock (no responsibility except to be milked and fucked)

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If I'm being completely honest, I've made more money from CryptoMoonShots than this board, a lot more.

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I hope it's possible rather than being sweet on paper

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Privacy is much needed now but more than that imo we need a solution for the quantum threats we are going to face soon which is a quantum-resistant blockchain.

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>Didn't even launched.
>Made by 4chan gentlemans.

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Tsuka and Spiral

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If you take your time to research, you'll understand what I'm referring jerk, and I won't invest if I'm not convinced. It's not just the data alone, but they also support any type of decentralised application kek.

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Tsuka is dead

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It died by hitting a new ath today?

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Too many blockchains lately and cant even provide a better one

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Shib founder

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Let's see how far Geeq can go with their PoH mechanism. There's no need to rush as everything will fall into place.

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>You got a nice spot anon?

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It is chosen

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I can't guarantee it but my last purchase was xpress, vet,icx, and rose tokens. I hope it will bring a better return once the market resumes. X1000 is too much lol

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Not so sure about that bizfag. I think you'd be better off getting in on platforms that bridge Web2 to Web3 cause they would play a major role in the next bull cycle.

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please do not invest your hard earned money in shitcoins and memecoins when a MATIC bull-run is building up, all the recent developments on polygon are indicating that MATIC will be reaching a new all time high very soon

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LAIKA $4m mcap and good distribution. Plenty of shills, ride their waves. Get in before listings

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Most low caps will die this market

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How much did they pay you?

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Actually I do it for free like jannies

The medium article piqued my interest and dropped $100 just like I did with LUNC

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As long as it has products to sustain the bearish market, it's not a problem at all. CryptoXpress has a one-stop service including exchange feature, an nft marketplace, etc. Vechain offers a real solution, but it's already a huge cap. ICX is interconnecting the blockchain. I don't see any reasons to die. I'm accumulating slowly.

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POH? I am so into POR which is a eco-friendly approach to mine the tokens with a mobile phone or with a raspberry pi. Once the mainnet is live its expected to be adopted by most of all blockchains.

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D0b0, unironically.

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What's POR all about? Seems like a new algorithm?

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Proof of Randomness is a combination of both POW and POS as said earlier once the mainnet is live the QANX tokens can be mined with a mobile phone or with a raspberry pi so no worries of electricity bills and it's eco-friendly

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Mining with mobile phones would be a huge relief and I wouldn't mind if other blockchains adopt it but WTF is POR.

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Kek...read the thread I just explained in the last comment. Dyor old fag.

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You're right anon. Only the assets with relevant use case would survive and I see privacy altcoins being one of them. Especially with the coming regulations.

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There will never be a 1000x coin
Max u can hope is 5x if u are early.
All coins will just rug or die or get dumped to shit as soon as they hit 500k mcap. Its legit over

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The only promising altcoin here is XRP. My list would be :

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Price predictions for xrp? Can we see 100 dollars? 500?

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It ain't your shit

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The PoR is a concensus developed to make the platform green, fast yet decentralised. It is obviously a fucking innovation that will give Qanplatform a big edge ahead of other blockchains.

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a dog and a bat
you do the math

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Yeah but not SHIB and ADA

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Fucking shits filling your portfolio. They've got their asses wide to be attacked. Go get your fucking life's investment protected by the quantum resistant's lattice based algorithm that secures the wallets.

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Some folks won't dyor

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You are a cow

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Yeah anon, don't loss your fucking sight on a platform that uses the hybrid blockchain model, which widens the possibilities to fulfill both enterprise and customer-focused use cases.
>Projects building that can use the private blockchain with 97,000 TPS.
>Can decide which data shall be posted from the private blockchain to its public blockchain (MainNet).

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You need something from the lower caps to make such decent runs, check rfox, Sylo or even doge that has gone deep from it's ath>>50881141
My niggar

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fuck off shill not buying your stinky bags jeet

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Probably cause it's about to die completely

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>Data stealing has been the issue lately
More reasons why users should be smart and shield their wallet transactions and balance. Actual security begins with privacy. No way you can get robbed if the motherfuckers can't even see what you've got in your wallet.

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check em

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Btc is clearly going to 30k and eth is going to 3k

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Wtf is this?

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Doge, i know nothing about this shit than using it to gamble

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Holoride may be a good option, it has a play to earn feature where gamers and content creators can earn good yields.

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Just buy some ADA, GRT & GHX.. They have a solid team and promising project

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Fool buy memecoins and get rekted, Dive into QANX get life

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This is kinda correct, as it's difficult to tell where the next great opportunity is, but for my monie, i genuinely think Ethereum is the best at this point in time, thou fluf world will have a great effect on Sylo on the long run.

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I am not very sure about that. Privacy focused coins, irrespective of their market cap will make it.

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Here we go

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Indeed. Many people are not even aware of this, as well as the need for it. It's not difficult to imagine that a time will come when "shield your wallets" will become a requirement.

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NETA . Staking has started with a 50 day lock in and no rewards so supply will go down further

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GRT makes my brain happy, i literally bought more in the dip, and some Ride, that plans to build automobile VR technology on the Blockchain.
few months from now, i should be okay

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CKB because of its unique blockchain
ALBT because of its unique bridge that offers cross messaging protocol.

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GEEQ for sure.

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Pleb (github com/plebbit)
Buy a bag and wait 2-3 years. Devs know how to actually ship working software.
If you are a degen you can play the casino and do 2x 11 times.

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Maybe finding the go-to strategies and finding a token in that area would be nice. Staking is a good option now; getting the utility token of a staking platform might be a good move. Easy peasy kek

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Stake on CEX at your own risk. Get rekt in a minute.

>> No.50896337

I stake on Spool and none of the yield aggregators it's connected to is a CEX. That's why I'm good with them. Kek.

>> No.50896718

Is this a yield aggregator or just some shitty connector?

>> No.50896748

Lol @ virgins discussing sexual activity

>> No.50896765

why grt? can that shit even go to some crazy amount like 50-20 USD?


>> No.50897222

You shouldn't add SHITTY and SPOOL in one sentence. It's middleware that connects investors to an array of yield aggregators.

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I hope you lads didn't forget us. WE'RE STILL ALIVE. THE COIN WHO LIVED.

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The only promising asset that comes to mind is ORE which is the solution to mass blockchain adoption.

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too much money sunk on "stealth" marketing

>> No.50897558

so matic or rose, what do you think? those are what i am debating between

>> No.50897944

AKT in 5 years

>> No.50898264

eth, link, and near.

the best stack of the turndown of this year

>> No.50898615

Getting in on an asset for the long term would be better anon. The top on my list is RAIL and I have high expectations for it as privacy crypto gains more adoption.

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bullshit why

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Unironically, Samurai Legends

>> No.50899935

I can't wait for this. I'm also expecting the ETH merge to change the course of the market. I've seen good development in the sector especially with privacy solutions like Railgun built on it for users to have privacy on transactions.

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unironically SHIB

>> No.50901687

Literally just buy any ISO coin. Any L1 can be ISO, this is just the naming convention to refer to the literally safest and yet highest upside utlity coins.

Buy 100 XRP and hold it for 2 years no matter what, even though the coming crash. If you don't believe me that these are the ones to pick, when everyone is surprised by the crash, buy these and hold them for 2 years no matter what and you will guaranteed be able to retire if you buy at a relative low with at least 100 bucks.

>> No.50901799

PBX is my main LOW cap and I'm investing into that mostly. #1502 on CMC and I shilled it on here when it first came out.

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If you need a 1000x, check the market cap you think a token can get to and divide it by the current market cap. That should tell you how many x you can expect.
Example, QANX is at $30M market cap. It can get to BNB or ETH market cap because it is based layer 1, so that will be 240B / 30M and you have 8000x.


Of course it will take a few years to do this. I need to crosscheck my research.

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Go for privacy altcoins chad. They are likely to add value when the regulations hit the market.

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Lmao, literally dumping as we speak

>> No.50902660

fucking drooling retard, xrp gets dumped billions and billions in the market continuously and you think you can retire with $100 kys nigger jeet

>> No.50902871

Dumped by who when? The token amount is fixed and Jed's wallet is empty.

>> No.50902998

Dont be greedy OP, nothing is gonna do 1000x just invest in a good privacy token with solid tokenomics and you are good.

>> No.50903260

Checked and based, I got in at 0.3c and sold at $4 but currently DCAing my way into a solid hold again.

>> No.50903280

No large cap can easily do 10x only lowcaps have such volatility.

>> No.50903316

I'd say 10-20x max and investment done right currently is most likely investing in web3, asset management, security and NFT support.

>> No.50903385

There's no actual 1000x except PND shitcoins.

>> No.50903399

Here you go

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Sounds solid, seems its quite similar to Ore network a blockchain for identity security and asset management.

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>Shekel (((JEW)))

>> No.50903970

Kek, I think we've gone past the doge era pleb. I'm getting in on privacy altcoins now as they are showing good prospects for the next bull cycle.

>> No.50904187

Yea well only those with a functioning working product with a good number of adoption will most likely scale through and the Privacy niche seems like the perfect place for investment right now for obvious reasons.

>> No.50904315

0xMR when people find out that it is a suitable Tornado Cash alternative.

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OxMR did not even make the list. Go fuck yourself with your shitcoin

>> No.50904756

We will see high/mid caps doing a 10x in the next bull run. That's for sure

>> No.50904780

How do you select CMS picks? There's so much trash

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An alternative would be a privacy solution that doesn't use mixers. ZkSNARKS would be more suitable. It should also be able to integrate with defi and DEXs as well.

>> No.50905680

Well said. Besides Railgun, are there other means to shield wallets and transactions? I know it's based on Ethereum but I'm looking for privacy solutions composable with BSC tokens.

>> No.50907178

I doubt that.

>> No.50907266

Mixers have show to be relatively insecure unlike relayers with more security and its obvious that project that uses relayers are more reliable.

>> No.50907371

>are there other means to shield wallets and transactions?
You can try some security protocol like ORE ID it enables multichain access from a single point and identity management for more control and security.

>> No.50907539

Oh there are. It's just that you need to be in telegram group they are created in day 1 hour 1. If you can find a coin on coingecko it's not going to 1000x because the odds are it already has.

>> No.50907678

I've heard a lot about Pulse anon. Hope it's as good as it sounds. My picks are:

>> No.50907684
File: 450 KB, 3318x1666, 5781F1B9-7A20-4B17-90E5-E3536426EC1D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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>> No.50908285

The merger is almost never gonna happen at this rate of delay, its been long over due but it in no way gonna stop Railgun from offering the best solutions when it comes to privacy.

>> No.50908613

Railgun is actually available on the ethereum, BSC and Polygon network and from the last I read its also being linked to launch on solana, polkadot and NEAR. I hope this helps.

>> No.50908685

You can only see that kind of pump with a low cap. Although, it's very unlikely that you see that kind of move considering how the market is currently. Even if any low cap will pull it off, it's likely to be GMX or ORE

>> No.50908701

Kek, standard for lawsuits

>> No.50908850

I'll give you some fatherly advice instead. Don't take financial advice from strangers and do your own research since it's YOUR MONEY.

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Want to talk about security? then you should start thinking about protocols easing up authorization process and providing users with the utility to manage their assets through a secure identity. Many times, that's the security gap that most users get exploited through

>> No.50908876

Shiba Inu 300% in the next week. Screencap this.

>> No.50908891
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Thank you, dad

>> No.50909017

Rolling for my ID to tell us next x1000

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ORE is not a privacy protocol, anon. It does not shield transactions. It's important for security and control of assets, I agree but it's not an anonymous tool in any way.

>> No.50909436

COWBANG needs to be a real coin
Wait a moment, will this coin be pajeet free or a pajeet magnet?

>> No.50909706

Made gainers list on Bitmart few weeks ago. Worth looking into

>> No.50909749

I hope so Anon, been doing much stacking, and staking most of my bags on the web 3 Sylo wallet. an x10 next bull would be good.

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>> No.50910105

Web3 is the future anon. And as the adoption rate increases users would have to take extra measures to secure their funds. I think web3 platforms that aid asset security would come in handy in the future.

>> No.50910597

Graphene (GFN). CEO sold one of his former companies to Oracle for millions. If they pull off the Scalability they claiming they will do it will be a real game changer.

>> No.50910640

What difference would this made on DEXes? I believe the major issues tacling DEXEs like IL should be prioritized and I commend Alliance Block doing so.

>> No.50910659


>> No.50910742

Couple of projects are building web3 products at the moment and it's quite commendable given the whole crypto space are excited about the possibilities that come with it.

>> No.50910913

>Web3 is the future anon
There's no doubt about this when you consider the immense rate at which projects are building Web3 products, not surprised Alliance Block partnership with Peaq is targeted towards this end.

...given the whole crypto space are excited about the possibilities that come with it.

With more decentralization and more privacy being promised, I don't see a reason why they shouldn't.

>> No.50911009

When it comes to DeFi there are a number of security gaps i must say take a look at what happened with Curve Finance.

>> No.50911103

If you are an holder then it's pajeet infested already since you are one, for quality projects i would rather just keep my eyes glued to what's coming to Fundrs.

>> No.50911476

Having a DEX that enables private trades would lead to adoption from institutions and hedge funds as they don't have to worry about people being able to know the amount of funds they have or copy their trades.

>> No.50912137

Based. Railgun is definitely going places and I can't wait for the mobile app's release so that I can access privacy on the go