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love you

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I know, but I don't love you back anon. You're ugly.

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based, my guy. Love you too

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Love you too.

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Some anon said that earlier and some one replied saying they’d fart on his private. It was weird

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Love you too op

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gm ser

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u blowing up his phone after he ghosted u tho

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>my guy

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There are only like 10 people on biz. We are all gonna make it and love each other. Remembe me when this place gets flooded with normies again soon during the next bullrun. I will be thinking of my love for you.

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Imagine loving

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I think a girl loves me but I don't love her back.
I'm not sure I'm capable of love, so maybe I should settle with her.

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How can you tell?

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love you too, bro

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love you too
no homo

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these are definitely signal posts, but i don't know in which direction. If someone went back through all the historical love you/hate you posts they could probablyt figure it out.

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signal for what?
love you too fren no homo

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Read Toxic parents by Susan forward and focus on the part about emotionally absent parents.

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Yo im pretty sure there's a new hot giga sloot next door to where I work and she wears black lipstick a day skirts and has black hair... bro... BRO... I'm like 98% sure she blew a kiss at me yesterday when I was leaving in my truck... I don't know what to do. I'm married

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had a nightmare that I was getting married and literally walking to the altar when I realized I forgot to write my vows! I was in a panic, scrambling to come up with something when-
I woke up.
Phew, back to real life as a kissless handholdless incel

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This is Jamal, if you text my girl ever again I'll rip you apart with my bbc