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eez, forget about those trash projects. They're useless. Try something stable and verified like AssetMantle. It is an Open-source, community-driven framework with enables a diverse set of NFTs use cases, Decentralized Identities(DIDs) on Blockchain and No-code custom NFT storefront for Interchain NFTs

Join this mates : @AssetMantle Twi

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Shit, this platform seems amazing!!

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True, why haven't I known about it before... Feel like an old slow idiot(

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Then it's just the time to get some tokens :)

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sirs yes. very much so

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damn good! I'm in. Thx OP

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Is minting live??

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Minting is not live now, please wait for the announcement for further clarification

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Cryptocurrency has already helped some people to gain financial freedom, and here it can be obtained for simple actions that we do every day!

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Finally not just a meme coin, but project with usecases and utility!

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Bro, you are doing an awesome job! Props to you

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If I take the first 3 letters of each word. I get assMan. Is this project per chance Indian?

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I just hope we go to the moon soon! Hodling makes me very much profitable without stress, all I need is patience and discipline

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This project is the real deal. Great community, transparent Dev team, and growth. Everything you want in a token.

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Because it's like 3months old and the marketplace isn't online yet and isn't close to being online

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Hope this project gonna moon

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it will list on any cex?

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There are lots of amazing plans put to place

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Love seeing the growth and curiousity that's poured into this recently.
We're not done yet!

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Soon will moon

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Yes we all are here in the right place of investment and getting paid back without stress, am so so happy

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As long as retail leverage trading remains available, you can be sure that the Crypto market will be mostly a wealth transfer game

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Guys, did you see their airdrop?

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Yes, but it is already done, just wait for the next

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Wow, gonna check that

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Actually my financial success depends on it... MNTL my biggest hold and such a solid project, to the moon we go

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I bet everyone Is buying

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Could it become a gem later?

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I am used to bet on this project

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Oh fuck this shit is actually trending. Holy fuck

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You'll be surprised

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Some people are still scared of buying In

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I just hope we go to the moon soon! Hodling makes me very much profitable without stress, all I need is patience and discipline.

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Is mission 5 ready?

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this project is full of niggers

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Not yet

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I hope crypto givings me more money

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Hey guys i’m new to the project! Anyone mind telling me what’s so special about MNTL?

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yeah shove s nigger up your ass you nigger

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calm dn

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looks a whole pack with strong community backing and real usecase. A paradise for holders

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shut the fuck up you slavic nigger scammer
nobody is fooled by your fake telegram
you did all this work to make a scam nobody will buy

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It's moon time guys

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u made a shitty scam
how many hours of work you retard nigger
for zero dollars return
fucking retard nigger
nobody connected their wallet
nigger nigger nigger

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How can i use this project as owner?

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can own the assets minted across these marketplaces and compatible
chains in a singular wallet

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Also can be transacted with minimal gas and a lower
carbon footprint.

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Are you guys ready for flying to the moon and out of space soon?)

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shut the fuck up ranjeet nigger

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You will definitely become rich with crypto if you invest properly

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If you trust this project potential and still think it is undervalued then the best time to buy more is now

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More projects are going to come up and this project will definitely stand up and it will make the market bullish

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Not like everyone is going to participate but I would love the majority to participate. We need to increase market cap

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I missed the launch

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Awesome airdrop, thx MNTL team

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Does they have discord channel?

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Yes, you can check this from web