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How is Cardano not dead yet?

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DAPPS in two weeks sir

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redditors keep buying it, it's the next heckin ethereum

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You didn't know Charles Hoskinson aka the best titan due to his massive penis is a based mega reddit Chad. Ada wins in the end. Same with xrp, they have the HOG David Schwartz. These two have the largest dicks in crypto and it's a well known fact. Hoskinson Dick is actually a bit bigger but less girth. The hog is a bit shorter but it's meaty and heavy with admirable gerth. Buy accordingly.

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it was never alive in the first place
TVL is below EOS and shit like Celo

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Hey Charles, where are the dApps? You said there would be thousands of dApps on the chain by now. Why are there only 580?

Why does Polygon (a much younger chain) have more than 37,000 dApps?
Why are you letting Polygon smoke you like that Charles?

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Find a bigger chad in the crypto space
Protip: you can't

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Had to google just to check if Charles was into hardstyle. It wouldn't have surprised me.

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How is XRP not dead yet?

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It is dead the bagholders just haven't realized it yet.

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cause of academic institutions and/or government funding thanks to retarded boomers in wyoming

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It was never alive. Waiting 5 years for 0.05tps smart contracts and watching the baggies do mental gymnastics to justify it was peak kino.

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Beta cuckoids seething that Charles Hoskinson aka Satoshi Nakamoto fucks their roastie girlfriends for fun every day they come in for work.

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this shitty may may again. nobody gives a shit about thousands of useless NFT and gaming dApps

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Cult of onions personality

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What's the uni, the program that cardano is tied to and the grant?
Please go on and ignore this to show you really are just another tranny.

Literally all he says is "Academic Papers" and not one fucking retard here can connect a simple straight line to a dot.

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Cardano has nothing to do with this fut fuck, he doesnt even code but
>Ouroboros kiled PoW
>Vasil upgrade 2 MORE WEEKS
It will moon and u will miss it niggas

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Ouroboros is still open to long range attacks
all PoS shit is going to 0 long term
but first these scams will pump, that being the case you might as well go with the most hyped scam (eth)

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I didn't go to DefCon last year because they require you to be "vaccinated". It's dead to me.

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Looks like they dropped it this year.
>"Barring a major change in the situation, we will not check proof of vaccination, but we will keep last year's mask requirement in place for DEF CON 30. Protecting the community is our first priority, and we want to make sure that everyone is as safe as we can make them. Everyone includes the healthy, the vulnerable and those who have immune compromised loved ones they need to protect. "

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How is Lank not dead yet
Staking before eotm

Unironically held boaf before moving into api3
Don't look back sers